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1 side of neck and shoulder blade or upper back on one side feels stiff.Think I slept wrong.No pain,just discomfort.What to do?

18 years old, ear fullness right side, stiff and swollen neck mostly on right side, headache, jaw pain. What could it be? Related to what?

20 year old male pain in top of left shoulder by the neck runs up to my left ear ?

4 months i have earache &pain left neck vein that last 3 days or more& pain in the front part of left neck.dizziness when lower head and vomiting. is?

4 weeks of burning pain on right side of head and face. Throbbing gums on right side. Sore neck and shoulder blade all on right side. Nothing relieves?

52 yr old female with a lot of stress for 4 yrs and having tightning pain in back of neck on left side under skull since 1 week ago and getting more painful radiating behind left ear and cheekbone. Most pain from neck under skull?

A few days ago I felt a sharp pain on the back side of my head and above my ear. This morning I had tingling from my ear down my neck on the same side?

A few days ago I woke up &could barely turn my neck to the right.It's painful from my neck down & curving along my shoulder blade to the side.Serious?

A lot of headaches, pain in the front left side of my neck, like someone is stabbing my jugular.It also causes a burning sensation.Is this muscle strain?

A lump on the back of my neck right on my hairline Is causing me headaches.

Ache in upper right chest, as well as up right side of neck and down right arm ending before elbow. Hurt more with breathing.

After exercise I have pain down left side of neck and when i lift my left arm I have pain in left side of heart is it pulled muscle?

All of a sudden one side of my neck is swollen, what could be the cause?

Along with yesterdays symptoms I woke up this morning with pain in my neck on the left back side. It's been stiff and sore all day.Can they be related?

Been having achy pain in the front on my neck, by my thyroid, worse in the morning or when I wake up. Sometimes swelling. Mostly on the left side.

Been having dull pain back right side neck near skull. Now causes pain in ear...?

Before menstruation, my lymph node behind right ear always swells; upper back & neck muscle spasms (right side); & endless headaches. Any idea why?

Bulge, back left side neck in splenius cap muscle area. Only felt when head tilted. Causes dull ache. Not noticable on right side. Doctors don't know.

Burning severe Pain radiating in right side...neck, head, jaw, shoulder and down arm. Woke me up from a dead sleep...what's wrong?

Can a pinch nerve in your neck cause bad headaches? I have been getting them a lot lately on the back left side and front side above my left eye.

Can anyone tell me what causes the left front big muscle/vein on your neck to be larger than the right plus muscle tightness and slight pain on left side of neck ?

Can my thyroid gland be acting up do to pain on the left side of my neck?

Can stress cause pain in left temple and left side of my neck, what do you recommend?

Chest pain left side,pain left shoulder and neck,tingling left side of head,dizzy,shaky,nausea?

Constant headaches every day for 2-3 months temple area alternates between left & right side(temple) neck pain (tightening) in top right back of neck?

Coughing and hurting on right side of neck?

Could stress cause pain in left temple and left side of my neck?

Crack my neck alot. Turned head to left side to crack, intense sharp shooting pain down side of neck to upper back.Could I have injured something?

Discomfort in right side of neck and ear, when i tilt my head back the very bottom of my right side of neck feels larger than the left?

Dizzy white spots in throat pain from back of neck into face on left side. What could this be?

Don't know what happening or what it is I've had two years of neck pain Day and night Rigidity Trouble moving left to right Pain up and down my neck. ?

Dull neck pain on right side of neck and behind right shoulder, what could be the cause?

Dull neck pain on right side where neck & shoulder meet. Feels sharp when swallowing.

Dull, burning, tingling pain on top of n around right clavicle plus down right side of neck going towards shoulder. What is causing this?

Every few weeks have been experiencing right side body numbness/tingling w pain in rt shoulderblade & rt side upper neck last days what could it be?

Feel sore on the left side of neck, pain radiates to head and I feel pressure in my left ear. Why could this be?

For about 2 weeks, I have been having pain on the left side of my neck. When i turn my head or strain to move something, the pain worsens. Any ideas?

For about two consecutive days every month I have a pain on the left side of my upper neck / base of my skull. Any idea what could cause this?

For days now both my upper arms ache and my left shoulder aches. Also upper left chest muscles are sore and down left side of neck feels stiff.

For the past 4 or 5 days, my best friend has been experiencing stabbing pains at the right side of the neck where the lymph node is. What is this?

Front left side neck hurts runs down to my chest. Do we have muscle there front neck can it be painful? What r the symptoms of muscle front left side

Had a migraine on the left side for the 1st time(usually on right) and it has left a lump on the left side of the back of my neck.

Had a stiff neck last few weeks first on one side then the other. Woke up today with no neck pain but when i coughed a sharp pain shot down left arm. ?

Had cervical epidurals for pain on left side of neck going down the back. why would the right side hurt now ?

Had neck and head pain for 2 weeks. Usually on the right side. What would be a reason for this?

Had pain down the left hand side of neck and tops of my shoulders for two years now but it only hurts when I touch it could this be bone tumours ?

Had pain in left side of throat for 6days now and has move to include left neck and shoulder in last 3?

Hard immovable lump in neck...Causing pain in neck and chest.Left lower part of neck, have to push hard to feel it not on other side of neck ?

Hard knot on left bottom side of head, headaches as neck stiffness. ?

Have a short managable pain at the intersection of the back of the neck and the head on the right side from yesterday morning?

Have feeling of something in throat and neck pain on right side. What could cause this?

Have muscle spasm on my neck lump on the right side?

Have spasms and pain on right side of neck everytime I swallow. I have swelling in my sternoclemastoid for months. Head even not tilted. Dystonia?

Have stiff neck on left side for about a week what can be the cause of it?

Have tension in back/neck small knots just under the skin of the right front side of neck when touched they move around=sharp pains in right arm ?

Having left side head ache and eye pain. pain travels down left side of face neck shoulder arm and hand?

Having Sharp pain on the back of my neck comes and goes spreads top both sides of my neck?

Having the front and right side of thyroid removed due to lumps, I have pain shooting up the side of neck into ear, it's a sharp pain is it the lumps?

Head numbness on the right side and it's there when I get up and neck pain what shall I do? Doctors are not doing anything

Head pain lower left side about even with ear. Randomly comes on. Could it be result of neck strain?

Hello ! I have a sharp sudden pain on my right side of the neck behind the ear , the pain goes from the neck to the occipit ..For seconds ..Pls help!?

Help i woke up this morning n i can't move my neck mainly to the left. Is this whiplash?

Her shoulder continuously up to the base of her neck on her left side. should I take her to the ER?

Hi . Can't sleep . Right side of neck hurts all the way up to right side back of head . Then when I touch the pain radiates down the neck. (Have neck & back problems for a while..) ?

Hi doctor on my right side of my neck it is always painful there is no swelling but my neck crackles and snapping slight noise when i turn side wards?

Hi i have back and left chest pain until left neck and there is small bump or lump in my lower left collar bone .i feel severe chest and neck pain?

Hi I have this pain in my right side of neck especially wen I breath in an u can fell it in the side of face ,ear and shoulder aswell !

Hi there I have a soreness to the touch on my left side fron neck area. What can cause this?

Hi, i have a tight neck, jaw and ear on my left side?

Hi, i've got pain in my left ear left side of my throat , swollen left gland .Pain in the back of my neck that shoots to my shoulders , and voice box?

Hi. ache in left side upper back of neck . When I move arm , neck aches. I can move neck but spot on left side will ache too. Ideas? & how to treat?

How can I deal with this pain in the left side of my jaw?

How come it hurts when I twist my neck front to back, side to side?

How did i fixed a strained neck. It's on my left side and it gives me excruciating muscle spasms. I can't go to a doctor.?

How to deal with neck pain when moving side to side?

I am 19. I've been having horrible pains going from my left arm to my left shoulder and left side of my jaw for weeks is this ok? I've been worried.

I am 38 and about 4 days ago had a really odd pain at the base of my skull into my neck, now I have a vein on the right side of neck the feels swollen?

I am experiencing difficulty swallowing. Pain tearing feeling in left and right side of my neck muscles?

I am experiencing neck pain and neck strain. It's been iver a year. It's only on the left side, my neck and that part if my head.

I am experiencing neck pain at the back of my neck on the MY right side only, it hurts to look up and right but not when I look down or left. ?

I am experiencing neck swelling, neck pain and difficulty swallowing. I have had these symptoms for a few days. It is the back of my neck, right side only.

I am experiencing pain on my lower neck. The right and left side. It hurts when I move my muscles in the neck area. ?

I am experiencing some tightness and tingling in the sides and back of my head. I also have some stiffness on the left side of my neck.?

I am feeling severe pain in left side of neck, head, shoulder and arm. The vein above and behind left ear in brain is stretched, head pulled to left.?

I am getting bad neck pain on the back right side and down through the front into my collarbone area the day after drinking, what should I do?

I am having bad pain and tightness on the right side of my neck.

I am having left upper side, right shoulder front has a lump or something on it and a cough and cold will not go away. Please help me?

I am having neck pain, back pain and my arm feels like a weight is on it when i lift it. This is all on my left side. What could this be.

I am having pain for 3 days in neck and shoulders. This pain keeps moving, like in the morning it is on the right side then in evening its on left.

I am having pain in the back on my head on the right side running downinto my neck?

I am having pain/tingling in right side of neck and head, right side of lymph node swollen, right ear and sinus pain. Any ideas?

I am having severe upper left side pain under rib cage now for over two months, also now swollen left gland in neck. Should I goto the hospital?

I am having sharp pains where my neck meets my jaw on the side, what could be the cause?

I ave pinched nerve on the left side of my neck but now I have sometimes burning pain in the front of my neck on the right side.

I cannot get the left side sternocleidomastoid and trapezius to relax. I had this for years and now my face on that side is hurting too. What to do?

I cannot move my neck to the right without extreme pain. What do you suggest?

I cant turn or tilt head to the left due to pain/swelling in left side of neck that radiates to left scapula that also has pain/swelling. What do I do?

I cracked the right side of my neck this morning by forcefully tilting it to the left. Now I can't tilt my neck to the right without feeling pain.

I experience burning in right shoulder that goes up the right side of my neck?

I feel pain in my left side of neck, like if a vein is swollen, left collar bone pain everyday, left ear, left jaw, left shoulder, left varicocele?