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I have had right hip pain for about 4 months now, at times extreme. For the past 3 days it has moved to the middle of my back and is very severe?

1 year ago pain in my right side jaw started.Then after several months it disappeared. Then weeks ago the pain returns, but now, on left side jaw. Why?

12 year old had throbbing, pain, and discomfort on the left side of neck for 2 weeks. Doctor than found 2 thyroid nodules. What caused the pain??

2 weeks ago I was in the ER with a severe migraine now next to my breast I'm having pains that now shoot up into the right side of my neck & lower jaw?

20 yr old female on novantrone for MS exp. dull left side chest pain for 3 days. pain is pretty mild, reaching only a 3 on the pain scale. concerning?

23 f with sudden sharp pain in lower right pelvic area throughout right arm that lasts for 5 to 10 seconds. Pain is extremely severe and random.?

23 y/o f. For about a week i've had mild chest pain on and off on left side. Jaw started hurting a few days ago, and headache. Could it be serious?

24 weeks pregnant with pain in lower back and right side. What issues are these associated with?

32 yr old female, experienced very sharp pain on right side. Why?

41 yr old female with bad pains in lower right side. Close to public bone and radiates to back. Nausea and extreme fatigue, and feel feverish too?

7 years post whipple and am experiencing pain on my right side. Should I be concerned?

89 yr old with right side of back itching, is it anxiety?

A have had abdominal pain for 2 days, feels like someone is twisting my insides. It is more severe on left side. What could it be?

A marina i u d and i want to know what are the side effects i'm having chest pain lower back spasms and spotting?

A pain under both sides of ribs for weeks now, not severe just annoying. What could this be? Ibs maybe?

After eating, I experience left side abdominal pain, left side back pain, and severe headches. Any ideas of the cause?

After taking tramadol i somtimes get deep pain in my lower right side of my chest and adominal pain is this normal?

All my life my jaw (left side) clicks but recently it has been giving me sharp pain there is only pain in the left side of my jaw what could this be?

Are random pains on the left side of your brain serious ?

Back pain on the left side, near shoulder blade. It started since i had cold and i cough often. The pain sometimes extend to the right side and left breast. Is it normal?

Been having a dull ache for a while in the right side of my back around the middle, no other symptoms an pain is bearable. Could this be lung cancer?

Been having low back pain on the left side and low abdominal pain on the left side this has been consistent should I worry about this.?

Bloated full feeling pain in left side thru to back pain and tightness in left leg fatigue are symptoms of what?

Burning in throat, difficulty breathing through nose, pain i all upper abdomen, chest pain left side pain in right lower back, leg and testicle ideas?

Burning pain just above pubic bone on the left hand side, nausea and a headache.

Can anyone please tell me what bowel spasms are please , gp said my daughter 6 is having these she has pain in left side /slight at back more at side ?

Can clindamycin cause abdominal pain on right and left side? I just started taking it and am having these pains.

Can heart pain present on the right side?

Can left side pain be a sign of pancreatitis?

Can see artery pulsating on left side of neck when standing straight. Not seen before. Mild discomfort of left side too..

Can thyroid cancer couse swelling and pain in the neck on the left side,back of the head pain on the left side, dizziness and vomiting,menses irregul?

Can u experience pain in the upper right side of your back when u have a water infection .?

Can you please discuss cause of severe chest pain on left side?

Can you tell me exactly when is a pain in the left side serious?

Cause of severe right side and right lower back pain? Very sharp, some swelling. Kidney? Recently had pancreatitis- related?

Cause of severe sharp intermittent pain on right side of chest that has lasted all day? Each 'episode' is only 10-15 seconds long but very severe.

Chronic chest pain, usually a throbbing pressure but sometimes a sharp, stabbing pain that lasts about 10-30s. Affects both sides of chest. What is it?

Chronic low right side back pain. What should I do?

Chronic middle back pain on both sides, but worse this past week on left side; mid upper abdominal pain and left upper abdominal pain that comes and goes; chest tightness; difficulty sleeping this past week due to symptoms. Should I be seen today?

Close friend has strong left side pains. Is there anything to help eliminate most or all the pain at home?

Constant headaches for a month used to be left side now mostly on right side along by ear pain when lying down. Also have tonsilitis on left side?

Constant severe abdominal pain, left side. Worse with movement. Any ideas?

Continous pain at the upper left side of the right knee for more than 8 months , even with resting , 24/7 pain what's the solution , normal mri?

Continues nausea weakness and dizziness along with upper back pain and pain just under my ribs on the left and right side of my abdomin?

Coughing causing severe pain, left side of vulva?

Could a side effect be severe abdominal pain only at night and only while laying down?

Diverticular problems, pain in left side?

Dull ache right hand side waist area some tingling and burning aware of pressure when laying on right side. Some sharp pain not lasting long.S?

Dull episodic/recurring (since a few weeks) back pain on left side, spreads to abdomen. Pain worsens when walking. Should i be concerned?

Experience sharp abdominal pain in left side for 20 min, right above hip. Have had aching in both sides for about a week. Related? Cause? Doc visit ?

Experienced very sharp pain ( a 10) on my right side all of a sudden. Not even pain meds helped. What could be the reason?

Experiencing Back pain from epidural 13 weeks ago and now experiencing left leg pain and left chest pain. Related or a blood clot?

Experiencing intense pain like precordial catch syndrome on left side for days and alsoconstant dull ache in left rib, shoulder, side and back. Ideas?

Experiencing lower middle chest pain. Should I have any concerns?

Experiencing pain on right side, back, above kidney. Started several weeks ago as slight discomfort. This morning and all day long strong pain.

Extream stinging throbbing pain in lower back mostly left side.still sore but often is severe. What can it be?

Extreme pain in my right side and dizziness?

Extreme pain just below sternum and on left side, is it a sign of pregnancy?

Extremely sharp pain when swallowing on left side, could this be caused by ulcers?

Fatigue, body aches, sore throat, headache, mild nausea, pain in upper left hand side under rib cage ranging from dull to sharp pain. Mono? See a doc?

Female 21 Chrohn's experiencing dull intermittent ache in the right buttock. History of perianal abcesses on left side, this feels different. Thanks?

Female, early 20s, pain in lower back of skull on the right side, radiating down to the shoulder blade, causing constant headache for 3 days now.

Fluroxtine side effects - sharp pains from left side of head right down to left hip. Shoulder/neck pain. Nausea. Feeling Drugged up today. 3rd week ?

For past 2wks only in the evening I've had pain left side chest that has now radiated to back side under shoulder blade PAIN IS SEVERE & BURNING?

For past three days I am experiencing a lot of left side back pain. But i don't have any problem in urinating. Why is it happening please suggest?

For the past day or 2 I've had lower back pain on my right side, along with a headache and diarrhea.

For the past few days, I've had abdominal pains in the lower right hand side. It's getting worse throughout the days. ?

For the past four weeks I have had abdominal pain in one spot on my left side with a fever 103 when the pain is really bad.

For the past week I have been experiencing a vibration on the left side of my lower abdomen and I am curious as to what could be causing this.

For what reasons I am experiencing pain in the right side of the lungs?

Had a sharp sudden pain on the right side of my neck that didn't last long..What could be the problem?

Had a sudden severe pain on the upper side on the left part of the stomach, never had this before. On the 7th month of pregnancy now. Is the normal.

Had growing left abdominal pain throughout yesterday. Was excruciating last night to the point of exhaustion. Now there is pain on the right side.

Have a severe pain on mr right side from under my rib cage to lower back for 2 wks, can't move w/o pain & can only sleep 2 hrs before pain wakes me up?

Have been having ringing in my ears and pain in left side of my neck. All tests have been negative. Also pain in my lower legs?

Have had a pain right side back bottom of ribs started a heavy stabbing pain, I managed to sleep but irritable now it's more of a stinging pain?

Have had pain in the lower Rt side of back/flank for 2-3 wks. Ranges from dull to sharp, worse w/pressure but always there. Is it cause for concern?

Have had right side head pain, swelling, and foot numbness past week. Now have throbbing back pain on same side. Should i see my neuro or rheum dr?

Have joint pain allover, massive headache. right side hurts around to lower back and around to left side. also stomach pains/cramping. ?

Have occasional shooting pains up the back of my neck to base of my ear-left side. Recent onset. No other symptoms.

Have pain and tightness on left side of center of throat, pain in upper L side of Chest and ear pain. Could this be thyroid related?

Having abdominal pain & pain in back & sides Now having a shooting pain up left side of chest?

Having bouts of sudden severe pain/paralysis in my right arm. What could this be?

Having flank pain not constant and no other symptoms, could this be kidney related? I feel fine other than the occasional discomfort on right side

Having slight chest pain should I be worried, been under the weather for 4 days now was having abdominal pain on my left side an back pain?

Having stomach pain. Rt shoulder pain. And lower rt back pain. Is this normal. Can i b prescribed meds for pain?

He just had a triple bypass and now he is having severe pains I the left side?

Hello, I have been having abdominal cramps for a week mostly on the left side and now persistent burning/aching pain under left shoulder blade. ?

Hello, I have had a pain which started in my sides and now I have pain in the sides, lower back, abdomen along with mildly painful urination, fatigue?

Hello, I just recently started having a mainly persistent achy pain with intermittent sharp pain in my abdomen region. From lower left to lower right at about the waist line. It was suddenly onset. No acute trauma. I am just curious as to what it could po

Hello.. Is this really a doctor I'm talking to? I have sudden pain on my left side under my ribs.. It is intermittent.

Help! i just have sudden onset right side abdominal and back pain?

Hi - my 12 year old son has been experiencing abdominal pain on the right side every time he pees. He describes it as being very sharp and last the?

Hi I have had pain in my right side of neck for about 4 weeks its worse pain i had can you tell me.What it can be please thank you?

Hi i have pain in my lower back right side dont have burning when urinating or any other symptoms what could be causing it ?

Hi I'm 21 years old and I rarely ever drink. But when I do I get a severe soreness in my lower left side of my back.Can you tell me why or what it is?

Hi im 27 experiemcig on and off for afew months Dull pain under my arm and along ribs and sometimes stabbong pain under jaw mainly on left side. Thx?

Hi IV been experiencing a dull ache to the right side of my occipital nerve , could you explain why i could be experiencing this please . Thanks?

Hi my daughter is 13 and she is having severe pains in only the right side of her throat, she has been complaining about it for a few days.

Hi there, i'am 25 years old.I have been experiencing pain in my left side and also feeling sick.