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I felt pain in my left hand i could see the vein bulging out. It 's warm and looks like it is starting to swell up. Should i be concernedShould?

Have water ariud my ankle and knees. The pains hurts real bad. And i to the doctor and give me water pill. But pain wont go away. So what can i do aI?

2 days after hurt my back my right foot started hurting in the arch area really bad its hard to walk im diabetic to an get reg doc check ups ?

2 weeks ago i started feeling strips of heat on left side of foot. It's getting worse and is spreading to whole foot. It's getting more painful too.

22 weeks pregnant with twins , find it hard to get out of bed, up off couch , in and out of bath . My right top leg/groin/pelvis constantly hurting . ?

23yo/m mechanic has lots of red hard painful knots on inside bottom legs, had them for mth not getting better but worse.?

2days ago I woke up with my bottom half of my legs hurting and it continues to much that have to walk slow..whats wrong?

3 middle toes are sore when i walk, feels like they're broken. Feels worse when standing in one spot. Mri, ultrasound and xray normal. ?

33 weeks pregnant. Feel like babies foot or leg was crushed by my ribs after sitting up too fast. Is this possible? It hurt my ribs.

34 weeks pregnant and it's extremely sore and painful when i walk or just something simple as turning over is this normal? If not i'll go to dr

34yr old.New job on my feet all day.Last 2 days pain behind knee down into top of calf.Gets worse as day goes on, better at home.Worry about blood clot?

56 year old male. Feels like collar bone hurts and extends down the arm. Been going on for awhile. Gets worse when doing manual labor or tired.

7 weeks pregnant and it seems like I have a little swelling of the ankle's is this a bad sign?

A 20 year old sweats all the time knees go purple&red when exercise and numb he will sit also and his knees he can't feel. His dad and sister sweat a lot too. Been to a neurologist, nothing wrong though he never seen any one sweat like that in the hour o

A couple days ago I wokre up with a bite on my thigh that has become worse, does anybody know what bit me?

A couple of days ago i fell on my wrist. Now it hurts to move it any way but down. Whats wrong with it? And what should I do to make it feel better

A couple of days ago pain started in the ball of 1 foot mostly below big toe. Now making me limp. Getting over a bad cold. Is cold possible cause?

A dent appeared on my left butt cheek not to long ago..It does hurt ones in a while nd it seems to be getting worse it keeps getting worse?

A year ago I sprained my ankle. I went to another doctor a week ago and he said my ankle looks fine. It gets swollen & hurts & get a warm feeling ?

A year ago my daughter had warts on her leg we dissolved those but now she has another one on her bottom why is she getting these could it be somethin?

About 12 hours ago my left hand middle finger turned red, started getting really hot, moderately swollen and the pain gets worse by the worse. Oh, and it throbs off and on. I'm thinking its a "harmless" maybe ingrown nail infection (there was no hangnail

About seven months ago my or legs started to hurt badly,I am very active was,now ,I do something and have to sit down,take med.Dr. Can't give me help ?

After sitting for a while, i get up and I have bad pain and swelling in both feet. I guess my question is why and should I be concerned?

After sports the outside of my left ankle gets very swollen and makes a big ball that is squishy and seems like there is fluid.Some pain.What is this?

After working 8 hour my feet is hurting so badly Is their any easy way to get rid of the pain?

All week i've had a "visible pulse" just above and medial of my left knee.... No pain, just annoying as all get out. Any ideas to make it stop?

At night my legs get hot to the touch. It seems they are getting worse everyday. To wear I am not sleeping well. What could be causing this?

At night sometimes I get a pain in my thigh that feel like a bee sting when I'm sleep then it's leave? What causes that?

Been having a headache and unsteady on my feet for 5 days. Also my legs seem to hurt alot more now than usual. I just got over a cold. Any ideas?

Both breasts sore underneath.Hurt to touch. Hurt when running/going down stairs etc.Bruised feeling.On marvelon pill. Could it be from bra? Hormones?

Both of my knees are sore to the touch no problem running or walking is this a sign of things to come should I be putting lubricant on them?

Bottom of kneecap hurts really bad after sports a little swollen can't stretch it either Been like this for a good 3 months and gets worse what is it?

Broke wrist a little over a month ago and it still hurts, ought i go see a doctor?

Bruised shoulder very painful got pain killers what can I do. As not able to lift arm as very painful how long til it gets better?

Calf gets sore for no reason for a few days, then goes away, then returns a week later. Hurts to touch and feels like I worked out. Should I worry?

Calf muscle sore heard pop sound as i fell out of bed didn't want to go to the emergency room but hurts when i walk also a small bruise what have i don?

Calves and stomach. When my stomach hurts or get uncomfortable, my calves gets the same. It seems like its linked somehow. Can you please explain?

Can sciatica make you sore?Back of my thigh hurts, didn't do anything to make it sore except stretching, not swollen or red.Could it be a clot?Not sure

Can you get a dent in the side of your knee without realizing, it's left on the outside feel a strain and this be some of reason for discomfort?

Can you tell me how come after i go running my veins, especially on my feet get really enlarged?

Chen frequently gets charley's horses at night in calf (not sure). often i will get them as well. feels like its so tight/torn and really painful..

Circular bruise with raised clear center, above ankle.Leg feels like sciatica.Out of town so is it safe to wait a week to go to dr?No other symptoms.

Cold sensation in right leg towards the bottom closer to getting to my foot just started today 21 no health problems is this bad?

Costocondritus keeps waking me up when I turn over in the night, I seem to get so tender on a night, naproxen isn't touching it, what else can I do?

Could this swelling be just a possible sprain? I was told last night that I have a possible blood clot in my leg and possibly that is why it is so swollen. They checked and there wasnt any. I've tried everything to get it to go down but it hasnt and wont

Couple times a week my right hand will get stiff and shake. It doesn't hurt it just bothers me at times.Opinions? Pregnancy cause it(29w)?

Cut my veins 3 years ago it was kind of deep i want to know if i have to see any docter now because it hurts abit somtimes thank you?

Daughter gets pain in feet and some how cracks them and then feels a lil better. Can this be a sign of some kind of arthritis in a young child?

Difficult to walk and if i press or poke it then pus comes out :( my foot swollen but doesn't look that bad yet, do I need a surgery?

Do Getting a Epridual Hurt ?

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could for for my arm . Today's pain was worse and I'm thinking could be broken idk . ?

Does getting induced hurt?

Ever since i fractured my tailbone 4 yrs ago, my back has been weak. If i walk and/or stand for a decent amount of time, it starts hurting. Even shopping for like 2 hours. Will this ever get better?

Ever since I was little when my knees get a chill they start to hurt very bad why is that?

Every morning I wake up with bruises on my legs and arms, I am starting to worry as I dont know how I am getting them should I see a doctor about it?

Every night I get a really bad left leg cramp that wakes me. When II get up in the morning II can barely put any weight on it.What does this mean?

Every once in awhile my leg will ache all day. Feels kind of like growing pains but I stopped growing 15 years ago. After a night's sleep, it's gone.

Every time I sit down for a bit,I start to get light headed,and get a really bad head ace.,and my stomach starts to hurt. What does that mean?

Everytime i exercise, i notice that afterwards i feel the need to scratch my legs and my fingers tend to swell up as well. Inflamm. Response?

Everytime i walk and either turn around my foots hurts i feel the pain when i turn my body and step down. The the only time i notice the pain so far..

Extremely painful aches in right foot, feels better on my days off from work. After an hour drive home every morning from work I can barely walk Help?

Feeling like I'm. Going to faint it can be anytime of the day comes ang goes especially when I walk my hands get swollen same with my legs what can it?

Fell on tailbone, stairs, 4 days ago, hurts sitting, when stand up, & laugh/cough; no bruising/swelling, heat helps cold doesnt; see Dr or wait? NoPCP

Foot cramps my toes seem to look like there deformed when i get the cramps after cramps they go back to normal?

For 3 yrs on and off I get extremely painful bruises on my outer thighs it typically goes away in 2 weeks and returns maybe 6 monthslaterbnow its spre?

For about 3 weeks I have little pain in my right foot everyday morning when I get up. It gets better later on. What could it be ?

For about a month or so now my left leg and foot has been swelling extremely bad. And it gets extremely bad cramping in it.

For as long as i can remember (at least 7yrs) my back has always been sore to moderate poking, touching or hitting. Feels like a little bruise, normal?

For the past few months when I squat down I can't get back up my knees feel like there gone what can I do?

For two weeks I haven't been able to get out of bed and i'm swollen, aching?

Get a achy and stinging pain in my right elbow later in the day and it hurts to pick stuff up its been doing 4 months what could b making this happen?

Get intermittent water-balloon swelling just above right clavicle. Can feel it coming on when i walk. Makes me lightheaded?

Get them them fairly often, but it's usually in my calf. Last night it was close to back of my knee & much more painful. Still sore today. Normal?

Get vaginal swelling on left side especially after taking a shower. Feel it when I walk. Can a hernia cause this? What cause this be? Had 5yrs

Getting sharp muscle cramp in thigh and groin area. started this morning and cannot seam to get it to go away. tried stretching and walking. keeps coming back and making it hard to walk.

Got a bump on my left hip any remedy because feeling shy to go to a doctor ?

Got cellulitis on lower leg, taking meds n its going away but now feels like there is fluid on top of foot next to toes it don't hurt, feels like jello, ?

had knee problems for a long time went to pt which helped a little but it hurts really bad during softball prefer not to go to doc again need help?

Have a bump on my right achielles and when I run it gets worse , keep stretching but nothing helps?

Have bad bruise from blood thinner injections on stomach getting bigger & worse daily for days now & I have pain. Go in? Dr can't see me until 9th

Have had bruises for almost a year that won't go away. And they still hurt. ALL my bones hurt badly. And appetite goes up and down. Get sick a lot!

Have noticed every time i take prednisone my kidneys hurt me badly especially the right one. What' going on?

Have started getting pain basically from my tailbone since i was pregnant with my daughter and that was 8 years ago. I can't sit on hard surfaces for very long because it starts hurting again. My concern is that after this long having the pain it has gott

Havent been able to go on my tipie toes with my right leg. What can this mean?

Having an problem as to where my legs start getting tight and swollen. Can you tell me why? It only happens when i'm on my bus working 12hrs.

Having bad pains in my shoulder, sometimes it hurts a lot when i try take off or put on my top. Sleeping on it is fine. What could it be?

Heel hurts for a couple months now. There's a time it gets painful out of nowhere. Why is that?

Hello, i been having hot feet for the past week now and i feel like it gets worse as the days go and it doesn't leg me sleep should I worry?

Hello, I got a problem with my scrotal sack as it get swell every time when I go to toilet to have a poo. I get a cold reaction to my glans. My scrotum sack will also get swell like mild every time when I do a normal things like walk around alot, sitting,

Hello, i'm a 18 year old girl and not active constantly. Lately my legs and feet have been very sore for the past couple days. What could this be?

Hey my wrist has been sore for a while after I fell on it. feels like it needs to crack and pain also up my thumb. Am j best to go to a dr or see a ph?

Hi I have swelling in my legs feet and face I have been like this since Thursday of last week I'm unable to get into see a doctor any advice please?

Hi I've wanted to know if it's normal for my left leg to be normally slight swollen and warm? I can't seem to run I get tierd easily and my mind goes

Hi its my feet every now and then i get like burning feeling and get bad shooting pains wher i cant walk?

Hi ive been breaking out on my arms, hands, back, and my legs for sbout 3 months now and it seems as though it's getting worst. Even I go outside it starts to sting?

Hi just wanting to know what would be causing the inside part of my ankles to swell it seems to inly happen sometimes while driving my truck?

Hi my right big toe feels like ot needs to crack but it wont its been like it gor nearly a year now ind im starting to get worried?

Hi, I have problems with my knees. Sometimes it hurts , especially when i get up or sth like that.

Hi! My ankles and sometimes wrists ache (sometimes kinda bad) when it's cold. The catch is I'm only 18 and it's been happening for at least 3 years.

Hi! I have what I thought was a bite on the base of my middle toe, it was slightly irritated when I got it last week but now it is swollen and more painful, instead of getting better it seems to be worse, it this normal progress or should I be concerned?.