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I have a marble side lump on the right side of her stomach to the right of her navel and its sore it hurts if she moves or lifts something?

19day headache, moves to left when on my right side, moves to back when face down. What can cause this?

29 weeks pregnant. Should I sleep on my left side or my right? I was told by friends that sleeping on my left side is good, on my right side is not.

9 days and 10 days cycles pain in my left side sometimes right side comes and goes. Do u think is a cysts or anything else?

After tooth felling in both side in 1 month a lump came in right side and then in left side and bone in right side is painning?

All of a sudden one side swells up?

All of sudden i get this pain on the side of my neck all the way down to the side of my breast on the right side when i look to the right?

Appendices move from right to left?

At 9 weeks I'm 3 months right?

Back of the upper left side of my mouth hurts?

Been feeling sick for 2weeks, just noticed my right upper thigh is swollen, a buldge and pain in right back side that goes down to feet right side onl?

Been having very uncomfortable issues under ribcage on left side, like something that should not be there?

Been noticing a slight pain under my ribcage on the left, and when I inhale and turn to the side, my left ribcage sticks out more than right side.Why?

Blisters at side of the right side of abdomen

Both lateral sides of my boobs feel itchy as well as my left side and armpit?

Both left and right side of brain hurt ... What should i do ?

Can diverticulitas be felt on the right side?

Can you tell me what these bumps on my abdomen sides are?

Causes of right side facing swelling?

Could i feel if i had a tumor on my right side, near my hips?

Divriticulities. On the right side?

Doctors call in pleurisy but I'm not to sure started on right side of ribs that went away now on left side ?

Every evening this week the left side of my jaw hurts but it is fine during the day?

Every month I have ovulation pain on the right side. I have never felt this on the left. Is it normal?

Everytime i cough my lower left side hurts really bad, help?

Everytime i coughed my left ovary hurts but is just the left side, what could that be?

Fluttering in left ear when lying down on left side and when bend down, doesn't flutter when standing or laying down on opposite side will it stop?

For a couple of months now the left side of my lower stomach has been bigger than the right side, with a sharp pain going down that side.

For the last 2 nights everytime i lay on my left side i feel a chest pain on the left side?

For the past few days my left side has been hurting from my spine to my side it's the worst at night. What could it be?

For what reasons might the right side of my neck hurt?

Had a kidney u/s today. did the right side while I was on my back, did the left while I was on my right side. Thought I should be on my belly, no?

Had two lymph in my neck on right other in left.left sided is recovered but right sided 9 mm it hurts.could it be due to poking everytime?

Hand swell and pain in chest right side?

Hard time peeing and pain on right side.?

Hello I been having pain on my right side by my right breast It usually hurts more when I put my right arm up or when lifting something up. Help?

Hey doc why do,I feel a pain on d right side of my waise?

Hi . My ear hurts on the right side . it has been hurting . should I see a dr . ?

Hi . My left side of my face hurts and my left ear hurts . what should I do ?

Hi doc, after sleeping one night mostly on my right side. I woke up with a painful right shoulder and I noticed a bump on my lower right neck.

Hi i have a knot on the right side of my stomach. I just noticed it not too long ago. What can it be?

Hi there, last night I woke up to a pain on my side, when I woke up and turned to my other side I noticed that the side that hurt was numb. ?

Hi, at Christmas i had a PE on my right side and now am getting pain in my left side what would you suggest?

Hi. It feels like someone is pressing the bottom of my back to the right side. What might this be?

How come my left side of my chest larger than my right?

How come the whole right side of my pelvis/testicle hurt?

Hurting really bad on left side above my privates.Please tell me what could cause this?

Hurts to breath on left side at the top of my back?

I always seem to feel ovulation on my left side. But I have only my right fallopian tube and its open. Why don't I ever feel twinges on my right side?

I am 17 weeks pregnant and my left and right sides are sore and achy is this normal?

I am 23 weeks pregnant. Why does the right side of my vagina feel swollen? The other side is normal.

I am 24 year old. My penis bend in left side ?

I am 31 weeks and the left side of my vagina is swollen . Is it normal?

I am 6 DPO and I have slight pinches on my right side that last about ten to twenty seconds, what could this be?

I am a 20 and a female with a lump on the lower right side of head. Its been here as long as I can remember. Hurts when I press it.

I am having pain in my left big toenail some nights. The left side of it is darker and the pain is coming from the right side of it. What could it be?

I am having really bad chest pain right above my breast on my right side every time i turn or move my right arm ?

I breastfeed, my right breast and right side of my chest has been hurting randomly, like achy. Is it just my milk or something else? Only right side

I can feel lumps in my pelvic area on my right side that I done feel on my left side what could this be?

I can't lift my right eyebrow up (only the left), and can't grin on my right side (only left side), I also can't see very well on my right eye?

I cant taste as much on the right side?

I do not know what this is but the lower right side of my stomach hurts. It hurts the most when i exersize. What is this?

I feel a ball inside my lower right side of my stomach what can it be?

I feel a lump on the right side of my left breast. What should I do?

I feel lumps at below my chin on left n right side. What to do.

I fell from a ladder. I have a mild pain on my left side below the ribs . It hurts when i stretch to my right side . what could it be ?

I fell on my right side i'm in a lot of pain when i move ?

I felt fluid on the right top side of my head after i injected insulin on the left side of my stomached?

I had chest pain on right side yesterday and now on left side today?

I had shingles from months ago on the left side, could it come again but on right side ?

I have a area under my rib cage on the left side, that's hurts and swelling up the size of my hand And making my left side go numb ?

I have a bruise on the bottom left side of my stomach ?

I have a bump on my left side above ear and it hurts and I cant even lay on that side. Its small.

I have a dent on the right side of my head.When i feel the left side its smooth but when i feel the right side theres a dip.Y do i hav it & any fixes?

I have a lesion on my 9th front rib on my left side it has been there for a while now but now my left side is swollen.. What can it be?

I have a lump in my bottom left side around my teeth that hurts really bad?

I have a lump on the left side of my stomach?

I have a nagging on and off feeling underneath left side of underarm on left side?

I have a numb spot on my left side of my back what could be the cause?

I have a pain in the right side of my back that moves to my right front side. Whats wrong?

I have a pain on my right side above my ribs. It hurts a lot and I can not lay on my left side., when I lay on my left side it hurts really bad?

I have a problrm in my right side ball my right side ball big compare to left side ball and feel some pain...please me some advice what can i do ?

I have a rash that is on my left shoulder going down the left side and going across towards the right side?

I have a soreness about armpit in back area on both sides. Left side extremely painful. Been there for a couple of weeks now. Left side getting worse?

I have a UTI it has been on my right side mainly but today at work my left side started to hurt throb a lot can UTI do that switch sides?

I have an occasional throbbing feeling right above the clavicle on my left side?

I have avery sharp paid on my right side?

I have been getting pain on my left side/back. It hurts really bad when pushed on or when I bend side to side. Any ideas would be appreciated.?

I have been having pain in my right side of my forehead, a lump has recently formed on the right side of my left wrist & now my arm is getting pain?

I have been in discomfort on my right side for a few days, starting by my ribs, and now it's all the way down my right side, what's going on?

I have chest pain. It dosent hurt bad its on the right side.

I have dull pain on my right side that hurts when I press on it and hurts when I lay on my right side. pain getting more consistent.

I have found a lump on the right of my spine'. No pain and it doesn't move. Also my bottom on the right side sometimes hurts . ?

I have had a soreness / hurt in my right side or a couple days what could it be from?

I have had testicle pain for about a month now it kind of comes and goes. it may be the right side for awhile then all of a sudden the left side hurts?

I have has this lump on my left side of my back right below my ribs it doesn't hurt had it for a few years what is it?

I have MS, should that make me numb on my right side?

I have neuropathy but i feel it more on my left side than my right why?

I have numbness on my right side from under my breast around to my back. What could this be ?

I have pain around my kidneys.On my left side i some times feel like i'm being stabed .I'm not sure why . Can some one tell me why ?