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during karate training I received a couple of good punches in the stomach is it normal for me to feel like throwing up and my stomach to hurt?

18mo old been crying hard like he is in pain. Been doing this off and on since 6:30p. His breath stinks, is this a stomach ache? What could it be?

2 days ago I was crocheting on my bed and when I got up I had a pain below my ribs going down to my stomache in the middle.  It hurts to get up?

26 weeks pregnant and having pain below my belly, feels like something is torn? It hurts so bad when im laying down and i go to roll over on my side.

29weeks pregnant and I was walking for like 10mins and I started getting a pain on my side of my stomach. Why is this? Its like I couldnt walk.

30wks pregnant stomach pains everyday over a month, like bad belly ache.I'm on a progesterone shot once a week..Hurts after wake up until i go to slee?

3days w pain on left under rib side.Stomach hurts too and lil appetite. If i take one bite of food i feel really full wen i haven't ate. What wrong?

4 days ago I vomited so bad it was like it exploded out and burned so bad and ive never felt pain so bad .now I have saver pain in chest stomack throat cant eat can barley drink water?

5 yr old says head hurts and stomach scramps then she vomits. Then she feels better. Now her lungs are hurting her after this episode.

6 year old is throwing up, has upset belly, eyes hurting, what can I give him?

7.5 months preg every time I sneeze I feel,like I am breaking my chest bones is this normal for it to hurt so,bad?

A part of my stomach is swollen, what is happening?

About once to twice per week my stomach (under sternum) and back will hurt so badly that I am doubled over crying. Then i throw up & am exhausted help?

After I was done eating dinner, felt like I just had an intense run. I started to have stomach cramps, chest hurt, was a little harder to breathe?

After throwing up all night i woke up to having realllly sore legs? Why could this be happening?

Almost everytime i take ibuprofen my stomach hurts why? It's a achy feeling or sharp. Never happened before its new

Am I pregnant I been getting sick alot lately my back and right side hurts and I'm always tired?

At times I feel like I got punched in the stomach and feel like throwing up I get chest pain not pain but I feel like I can't breath properly?

Azithromycin have my stomach hurting really bad?

Bad diarrhea just like water right side of stomach hurting and feeling like I need to throw up what could this be ?

Been having worst sharp pain upper left stomach. In my back. Worst when I eat and super bad poop oily and smelly. Should I be worried? Has been worst?

Bloated/bloody mucus in stool.Stomach is sensitive.Laid down on back too fast/felt like stomach pulled.Hurt pretty bad. Pulled muscle? Or hurt myself?

Can you tell me why when i stick my stomach out, the bottom of my stomach starts hurting really bad as if something is pulled?

Cant seem to sleep on bk stomach or sides aftewards i get a pain when laying in these position when lay on stomach after feel like throwing up?

Constant stomach ache .. Cant hold down food , back and neck hurt all of the time . Whats wrong with me?

Could i be pregnant? Lately I have been very tired. My eyes, back and head are constantly hurting. Whenever i lay on my stomach or my side my stomach starts to hurt. I have been having weird cravings, but sometimes i don't want to eat at all. I have becom

Could I have endometriosis as I have terrible pain during sex it feels like my stomach is gonna explode and it really hurts. I've had 4 children.?

Dizzy while laying down, sides of head hurts, body hurts, stomach feels scrambled, I'm 24 years, and very healthy don't get sick. What can i have?

Does ic hurt or make whole stomach sore?

Dr. gave me Prilosec it helped a lot but some days still my stomach hurts so bad I can hardly walk. Is it normal to feel this bad from to much acid?

Drank jack 2days ago but stomach still hurts still nauseas urge to vomit and left kidney area hurts extremely, should I see a doctor?

Every morning my stomach hurts me. Its been like this since I was probably 15 and I'm 19 now. I just felt like I always had weird stomach pains.

Every morning when i wake up my back hurt i can't lay on stomach cause its uncomfortable and I have to da da do and also I am a big gitl too please help?

Every time I sneeze I feel pain down my legs and I feel like I'm going to pass out. it hurts pretty bad and it really scares me. What is it?

Every time i urine it burn/tickles it has been going on for a week now today when i woke up my stomach was hurt and my stomach hurt to urine?

Everytime i bend over my stomach starts hurting and it feels like I have to throw up but it's not coming up?

Everytime i eat i cant get full.i always feel like theres a burp deep in my throat after. And my stomach jumps on the left side at the bottom. help?

Everytime i go to the bathroom and pee and poop my one side in the middle hurts really bad . but then after i go i feel fine but only during pain.

Everytime i sleep on my back for even 10min i feel terrible pain in the center of my stomach to the extent that i can't breathe so I should stand up?

Feels like im having cramps, had it for an hour or more so far and when i put pressure on bottom stomache Above hip it hurts and when i laugh .

Fell down on my knee and the pain is making me feel nauseous?

For 6 days I've had pain in my bellybutton with diaherra. The pain comes and goes , bt it gets so bad that i can't move it hurts too bad.

For the last couple days my middle stomache has been hurting but mostly at night really bad around my mussels. What could this be?

Getting bad pain in right side of jaw when drinking and sometimes eating cold stuff kinda like it's locking up should I be worried and what does this?

Got chest pain when i eat drink and swollow and it hurts?

Gotta bad headache and my stomach is in knots feels like mini contractions and im not pregnant thats jus to sum up how my stomach feels?

Had a colnoscopy yesterday an now I have a massive migrane an my eyes hurt really bad an i feel like like im going to throw up an my neck is stiff?

Had my gallbladder out n 2010 4 yrs ago . But i keep having like a severe 3 min stomach spasm. It feels like it squeeze n releases hurts help?

Had the stomach bug few weeks ago and got really bad stomach pains. Ever since i get pains and my stomach hurts from a little pressure. Bit worried?

Have right lower stomach pain since yesterday felt a little better overnight but getting bad again could it be appendix?feel tired no appetite

Head hurts, nausea, stomach hurts along with not wanting to move my body. Stomach flu?

Head hurts, stomach hurts, shin hurts, bloody nose, tired, restless, what wrong with me?

Headache.Stomach hurts.pancreas area gets hard&makes me want to vomit. Happened at night, should I be worried?

Hello I wake up in the morning my stomach have the worse pain til it goes down to my pelvic area. it hurts so bad..rubbing my stomach dont always help?

Hello, I'm actually in real pain right now. It started about 3 hours after the thanksgiving dinner where I started to feel pain in my butt. It wasn't bad at first. But now I literally can't move because when I do I feel so much pain in my butthole. I don'

Help me sharp pains thru top of stomache it happens off and on and when it does it hurts bad makes me feel like imma vomit and i can't sleep this has been goin on for bout year it hurts bad sometimes makes me want to cry is it something I should be worrie

Hey just wondering what does it mean wine your stomach hurts and you have to pee alot and the pains is in your right side?

Hey lately I've been havin these feelings in my lower back below my ribs by kidneys. It doesnt hurt that bad it just feels like a slight version of getting the wind knocked out of me. I've felt them before but I just haven't paid much attention to them ?

Hey. My stomach hurts so i took a pain pill and it didn't work. It bothers mr when i lay on it plus the sides hurt too what could it be, day 2 of it?

Hi i am a 34yr old woman with 4 kids. Lately the very bottom of my stomach has been hurting really bad and it hurts bad when i have sex.

Hi I have fever all my body hurts head hurts a lot eyes hurt I get dizzy my stomach hurts a lot and I have nauseous and diarrhea what is wrong?

Hi if im laying on my stomach and i feel my knee seems like it want to pop is it a good idea to lay that way im scared to turn over?

Hi there I've been having bad stomach pains feels like my stomach is in a knot , I & been getting headaches. What can be wrong with me?

Hi. One of my K9s randomly started hurting, and it feels loose. What should I do?

How badly can it hurt to get a tattoo on the side of your stomach?

How come everytime i eat or drink something i feel like im going to throw up and also everytime i sneeze my abdominal hurts below the belly button?

How come my stomach hurt like this?

How come my stomach keeps hurting?

How do i stop the pain in my stomach on the left side and how do i stop making it feel like a ball inside me?

Hurt my head and vomit is that good or bad?

Hurting thru my back radiatingaround to the front. Been throwing up but haven't ate anything just stomach acid coming up.Hurts so bad thru kidneys.

Hurts to pee and getting some stomach pains as well. What is going on?

Husband woke w/ tummy pain. Took Tums (calcium carbonate) not help. Feel like he been punched center of tummy. Hurts to breathe deep.?

I am 12 weeks pregnant. Why am i still sick and my back hurts?

I am 21 7 week pregnant and i fell up the stairs and I've hurt my stomach what problems my I have caused im in pain i didn't actually land on my stomach.

I am 27 weeks pregnant, almost 28, and lately whenever i eat my stomach hurts so bad, what could this be?

I am having nasty fart like burps that cause me to throw up but my belly doesn't hurt. What could this be?

I am on flucluxicillin and getting really bad stomach pains anf cant sit up or stand up i have been going toilet as usual us this a side effect?

I am sick I have been throwing up coughing I am light headed my stomach back hurt I can barely walk is there something going on?

I been having bad pains on my left side of stomach what can it be? I also get dizzy a lot it hurts on everything i do!

I can't sleep on my back or stomach.My ribs start to hurt and i get nauseous?

I drank chamomile tea for the 1st time yesterday, and a little while after, my stomach hurt really bad and it caused nausea. Still feel like this?

I eat and like no sooner than 5 minutes later i have to poop and my stomache growls and my ribs and back hurts?

I feel I have to go but blocked up.My stomach hurts haven't gone in 3 days?

I feel like i need to vomit but i'm terrified of vomiting! i'm holding it back but my belly is aching foo hard and needs to vomit what should I do?

I feel like iam having a baby really bad sharp pains down there . Hurts everytime i move?

I feel so sick. Body hurts chest hurts. Cant breath well. Havent eaten thrown up. Head feel so sharp dry lips. Diarrhea. 1 wk now. What do I do?

I felt hurt on my right stomach and happen continously, it get worst when i feel tired, what causes that?

I get a random pain below my right rib randomly, I also randomly almost throw up or barely throw up in my mouth a little after I eat?

I get a terrible pain in the left side of my stomach that makes me vomit. What is wrong?

I get food stuck on top of my stomach hurts really bad tell it go into my stomach?

I get heartburn so bad my chest n thoart hurt like someone cut it what cud this be and what kind of doctor do I go to?

I got beat up this week an walked away with a bloody nose an by night felt ribs hurt so bad I couldn't move or lay down an by the third day I started feeling head rush /ache every time I stand up why am I OK will it go away what's it from what's going on?

I had a baby on december 19, 2013 and my breast and stomach hurts and i be having headaches and still be dizzle and weak what's going on with me?

I had an IUD put in in october and now i can't feel the strings should I be worried assuming my stomach really hurts? My stomach and back really hurt the last 4 days

I had bad cough , it got so bad that wen i was putting force in my stomach i felt like something popped i feel a lil ball moving around what could it be?

I had belly pain so I put my finger in my mouth and vomit once. Now my belly hurts a lot thrird day and no more vomit or diarhea?

I had coffee this morning with milk and sugar. And now my stomach is hurting, I have diaherra, I feel like theres a lump in the left side of my throat?

I had gastric bypass about three months ago i feel horrible. My legs hurt like if hit by a car, upper abdomen hurts but not my stomach for 3 days help?

I had my appendix taken out years back but now my left side of my stomach hurts and feels like a knot is there. I wanna know whats wrong?