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16 yr old male, sometimes get a pulsing head pain after standing up in the right side of head. Standing is all that causes this. Leaves in seconds.

16yr old male, occasional headaches near the front right side of head. Am nearsighted. No other symptoms. Cause?

22 female. Recently been having left side headaches. Felt in temple, ear, back of head. Aneurysm? Recently moved to ny, school is stressful. Serious?

23 y.O. Female with left side headache (just started) mild left eye pressure felt in ear, jaw and back left side of neck. Aneurysm? I'm scared.

24 weeks pregnant. BP is normal or sometimes on the low side. Always wake up with a headache on the left side. Normal?

24 years old pressure in head left temple, slight earache left side and left leg always feels fatigued. Could this be a tumor or brain related?

29yr old migraines 10yrs, 4-5/yr, slight left&right on the top in the middle of head, vomiting, blackouts, can't move, has had blows to skull?

3 months ago i started to have a headache that hits me like a thunder. It's on my left temple n left forehead. Lasts for seconds & it's frequent?

3 weeks old baby always keeps her head facing right side. She doesn't feel comfortable keeping head turned left side. Is that a concern?

3 yr old normal speech until tonight. When talking her jaw moves left and right not up and down and she had a slight head/neck jerk. Is this bad?

33 healthy f not headache but head pain intermittently on left side of head come and goes and only lasts seconds what is it? 3 weeks now

39 weeks pregnant and have a head ache in the right side of my head won't go away have had it for 3 days?

47 yo f. I got to where i keep a headache every day pretty much all day the front and sides of my head plus the back and sides of my neck hurt.

9w pregnant headache and swollen nodes in ear on right side and in hair line on left side. Been like, this 2-3 days. Headache on & off. Am I ok?

A baseball hit my right eye & I hv been havin on and off headaches on my right side brain.When I walked into the sun,my right side brain hurts too. Y?

A come of weeks ago I had one of my migraines,left side, & when better had sore feeling on left temple,lasted a few days,better now,is this bad?

After a one week cold, i still have a headache. Its mostly on the top of my head near the back on the left side. Going on for a week. ?

After birth to my second child the left side of my head has been tingling, dizziness, headache, pressure on the left side also, puffiness on left side?

After clenching body during sex I have pain behind left ear and left side of head, 3 days now, dangerous? what happened?

All of a sudden woke up with a severe headache that still here going on three days was on my right side now my whole head . Hurts tried everything?

Are cluster headaches dangerous? I'm 21 and i think I got a cluster headache because my left eye and side of my face hurt, specifically at night

Are there muscles located on the sides of head behind the ears. I been having crazy spasms there for a month, wakes me up in the mornings, both sides?

Been have on and off again migraines for the past 2 days with pressure on left side with stiffness in the neck no other symptoms, should I be worried?

Been having a stabbing pain in the right side temple and has had a headache for the last 3 days, says it's hard to rapidly focus...possible reasons?

Been having twitching, right side of head above ear, been noticing it everyday, cause for concern?

Bp is 142/89 and small random headaches on the left side of my head. Should I be worried?

Brain aneurysm in mid 20's? Left side ear ache that travels to back of head and shoulders. Slight blurry vision in left eye (comes and goes). Scared!

Brain fog and Headache back right side and top of head with occasional tingling on top of head during day for 4 weeks. Told it was due to anxiet. Ok?

Can a blocked sinus cause a sudden bad headache around right eye and right side of forehead and down side of nose and right temple? Numb tingly after

Can a right blocked sinus cause a feeling of heartbeat in right side front part of head?

Can a sinus issue cause front part of one side of head to be tingly and numb?

Can an unruptured brain aneurysm cause numb tingly feeling on one side of forehead and all on right side of head?

Can anyone read my MRI of head for pressure on right side and ringing in right ear?

Can half of your head shrink? Right side of head is smaller than left. Almost certain i would have noticed before recently.

Can migraines be a sign of something neurologically wrong? Left side one day, right side the next. Nothing but sleep helps. Stress or something more?

Can napping on my right side help migraines go away?

Can you feel an aneurysm before it bursts? What does it feel like? Persistent migraines on left side of head and cold sensation on top of left head...

Cannot get rid of headache on left side of head?

Cold  feeling back of head on the right side  could it be an aneurysm coming ?

Constant headaches (dull, pressure like, stabbing) on right side of head (started with the eye but has expanded) for months. Also left side body weake?

Continuous feeling pressure on both sides of head with no much pain? what is the reason

Could I have a tumor on the right side of my? Would that be why it hurts its not like a head ache though its so much different.

Day 2 on Zenatane and sharp headaches are setting in on the left side of my head. Off and on. What to do?

Dizziness when i lay down and turn to left side only?

Dizziness when turning side to side and looking up?

Dizzy, jerky feeling eyes, heaviness right side of head, on and off 1 week and solid now 6 hours. World tilts right occasionally.

Do brain tumor headaches come and go? I have pain in left side of head, left ear feels clogged, left eye seems bigger, left nose stuffy? Tumor? 19 y/o

Do i have a brain tumor? I randomly have throbbing pain on my left and right temple sometimes in the back of both sides nd one side of my scalp is red

Doc, i frequently experience headache but its on one side of my head, only on the right top of my head and i observe that it was connected on my jaw?

Does it matter whether your headache is on right or left side?

Does pituitary tumors cause throbbing on the right side naer the top of the head?

Ear ache and neck right side light headed?

Every 2 weeks I get woken up around 6-7am with headaches that cause me to vomit. Started about 3 months ago and in the right side of my head. ?

Every once in a while I have a dull ache at the right back side of my head. This has been for a few days. Possible causes? Worried bout brain tumor

Feeling imbalance on left side and dizziness..What could it be?

Feels like muscle spasms on left side of head, happened once or twice before, it's lasted all day on/off. Been very tired. Temporal arteritis?

Female 25 Been having throbbing pulse in the left side of my head can't lay on left side No pain but I can feel it w/o touching it BP 189/70 last week?

For 3 days now, on & off, I've been having a headache on the right side of my face, like a burning sensation near my ear, when I lie down it goes away?

For a while now I've been having achy headaches on and off on the left side of my head around my temple and a few inches higher. Should I worry?

For days I have had temple pressure, twitching and numbness on top of my head right side that numbs my face. What is wrong? How can I make it stop?

For over a month now, the right side of my head has been twitching and i get medium headaches here and there. What does that mean?

For several months I've had nasal pressure only on right side. Today it moved deeper and also on right side of head - not top - tingling too.Intense!

For the last 3 to 4 weeks i have been waking up in the night and the right side of my head is completely last about 20 mins?

For the last couple of days I've been getting these weird headaches mostly on my right side of head and pressure on my forehead im worried its a tumor?

For the past 24 hours I've had a bad headache but ONLY when I lay down, and it's worse when I lay on my right side. Right side of the head is worse.

For the past 24 hrs I've had pulsating sensation behind top of my right ear. almost like a muscle twitch. couldn't sleep on that side due to "noise"?

For the second night in a row a burning sensation in my left temple has woken me from my sleep. incidentally, I was leaning on that side when I woke.

Found a tick on left side of head head was sore for a week high liver enzymes now left pupil bigger than right one pressure in head problems thinking ?

Frequent headache on left side of head, sometimes on the top side or back side, done a MRI 2 months ago, doc say no issues, but still have pain, ?

Front left side of my head hurts, I have trouble breathing through the nose and also light-sound-smell sensitivity. Migrains or something else?

Funny feeling in the left side of head only for few minutes at 3.00am in morning I do have mirgranes put it was not the same the pain was not bad ?

Had bells palsy for 10 months. My head is buzzing &the left side ear/head has been painful from start. Going to nuerologist next week. Help welcome?

Had headache for 3 months. It just started one day above my eyes and the headache stays with me all day. Left side of face feels numb2 on and off?

Had mri in April, now I've been having pressure on the right side of my head, and have been more forgetful. Anxiety or something else possibly?

Had sudden headache all around right eye couple days ago, lasted about 1.5 hours, now head feels tingly and numb,pressure.right side neck burning?

Hair loss on one side of head, the temple and side. It looks very weird and has been slowly getting worse for 1 year. Slight loss on the other side.

Have a cold and occipital neuralgia on right side. Woke up with headache on left side, hurts when shake head or cough, also eyes sore wen look around?

Have a headache for 3days can't sleep or even close my eyes w/out hurting pain is going down into my neck left side?

Have a sevre head ache left side right above and in left eye. Happens same time but then no head aches for a few days then they start again ?

Have been having pressure in right side of head behind ear for 2 months with dizziness and stiff neck on that side. Ct w/o contast?

Have had a headache on right side front of head near eyebrow area, for 3 weeks. Comes and goes throughout the day and only stays for about 20-30 minut?

Have had head pains for 10 years. Now i get head pains when i turn my head left and right for too long. Could it be a brain tumour? :(

Have had moments of confusion, extrem vertigo, right side is stif and hard to move, pressure rg side if head (ice helps) labs show no infection. ?

Have had multiple episodes of dizziness when going to lay down on back with head tilted to left side. Coincidence or problem?

Have pain in right side but more at the back , going round middle of back to ride side , down abdomen and effecting both my legs last few weeks.. This last week bad headache in temples and dif parts of my head.. Pressure?

Have severe headache only on left side and hard to focus my left eye. Should I go to er?

Have terrible headaches localized on the right side of head and to painful to move around during, what it causing it and how do I treat it?

Have this pulsating feeling on right side of my head "temple" like a strange heart beat on the side of my head, no pain. Since Lastnight . Been stress?

Having headaches everyday, not bad then have sharp & stabbing on one side or other. Face on that side will hurt. Do I need to be checked for brain tumor?

Having pressure in upper left side of head at top , feeling sleepy at times during day, could that be serious?

Having right side headaches, left eye twitching, no energy, and very dizzy.

Having severe headache, mainly on the left back of the head. Been having these for about 2 days. Havent taken anything.

Head was hurting on the rihgt side temper area?

Head ache alternating from side to side in and just behind temples for about 2 weeks accurs 6-7 times a day and last about 10 minutes ? Alternates sides

Head and left side of face from top teeth up hurts. I often get migraines on the left side with intensity and frequency up over the last 3 mo. Bad?

Headache for 3 days. Throbs and right side near temple. I am nauseated and if I stand up or move the pain increases. Tynenol/ motrin doesnt help ?

Headache for almost 24 hours. Mostly dull ache but throbs when I leave my bed and squat down. Mainly on left side near front. Possible causes? Concern

Headache in left side and always the same side with increased eye pressure. Recently happening too often and lasts for three days. No painkiller works

Headache on left side of my head, it's lasted 4 days now & my vision sometimes goes a little blurry. What could it be?

Headache on right side of head around eye, feels harder than left side. Sight sensitive on right eye. Feels like constant pressure?