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I have tenderness pain In upper Inner left thIgh.Seems to be a little lumpy along bone. Sore to touch. I had varIcose veIn surgery 5 months ago ?

I have severe LB/glute pain primarily on left side.l I noticed a (fluid like) lump on sacrum bilaterally but larger on left. What could this be?

1 year ago I had a white soft lump on my leg (lower, front, right side, right leg).told it was excess tissue. It is now sore and looks bruised.

1.5 inch lump at the bottom of left shoulder blade, beside spine. Not painful to squeeze but painful with no contact. Pain goes down to lower back/leg?

16+2 preg. Age 31. Throbbing intermittent pain in right elbow. Little bit tender to touch. Had for several weeks. What could it be?

2 days, lump on my back. Middle region, right side directly next to spine. No pain during movement, but painful to the touch, no injuries?

2 inch scar-like indentation on the back of my leg behind knee. Mild inflammation/pain feeling. What could this be?

2 months post vasectomy. Sharp pain in left testicle comes and goes not sore to touch no lumps other than scar tissue ideas?

2 weks ago pain in front neck with feeling of large thyroid.slight swelling to the right.pain from front towards tonsils .glucophage 750.side efect?

21y/o female have unilateral upper outer left breast lump near axilla only felt when laying down,when pushed it moves to other direction .WORRIED?

22 yr old female. Painful lump in right under arm with what looks like a hard vein connected to it pain radiates into elbow when stretching arm?

3 lumps deep in thigh for 5 years. Hurts when pressed. Deep as cellulite and can be seen and felt. My doc just shrugged his shoulders. What can it be?

55 year old female, constantly very painful between shoulders, slightly to right of spine, also painful when swallowing food?

62 year old male, in great shape with severe pain in left nipple. Has been 3 weeks, pain to the touch. Now the area hurts when jumping up and down?

7 days ago large red patch on right forearm, 3 days ago constant pain in top left shoulder, moved to neck then over ear since then. Blood clot?

8 days after shoulder arthroscopy,hard lump next to main incision,tender to touch,burning pain even without touch.Normal?What is it? Should I worry?

A golf ball size lump showed suddenly on the inner part of my right knee slightly toward back. No pain at all. What could it be?

A hard lump on the lower right part of back of skull. It sometimes has a dull pain and doesn't grow. I've had it for a long while now. What is it?

A large soft spot on the back of the right knee ?

A lump about 2-3 fingers long, around 2-3 fingers down from the left collarbone. A slight ache when pressed hard. Could it be a muscle strain?

A quarter sized area of pain on the under side of my upper arm halfway between my arm pit and elbow. Pain comes and goes slightly tender to touch?

A small portion of my jaw on my right hand side hurts. What could be causing the pain?

A swelling, inthe size of a grape, at left part of my lower jaw, only at the time of eating and it is visible for 3 or 5minits,no pain,no other proble?

A tiny area of my back is tender, almost pinching pain.Over this area my partner noticed what seemed like one of my ribs protruding. What could it be?

A week ago i noticed a lump that's 2.5 to 3 inches wide on my right hip. No pain but sticks out. I can feel something under the skin. See a doctor?

A week that I've had minor pain when i touch along the medial malleolus from inner left ankle; little swelling comes and goes..Worried its cancerous?

Abdominal myomectomy 2 wks4 days ago.Still lots of pain.I can feel a ball size knot right above my scar where numb.Rest of skin hurts 2 touch on belly?

About a month ago, I noticed a curved indent in the mid outer area of my right breast. It has persisted through 2 cycyes. No pain. What do i do?

Achy pain in my upper outer thigh and there is a hard lump there about the size of my palm? Tender/uncomfortable with touch and/or pressure

Acute pain in calf muscle at a specific spot. I can feel a slight bulge when I touch the spot. The condition exists from several years.

After working in the gym 4d ago I have small dull pain in left testicle, no swelling, bulges, redness or lumps. Should i just rest or see the doc?

Anxiety! I have inner thigh pain only upon pushing the area. There is no swelling or redness and feels a little lumpy inthe sore area. I have spider veins on the left side of knee. Could it be a clot?

Are liposarcoma tumors always fixed and immobile? I have a lump, maybe two above my upper right ribs under the skin. They can be moved around. It feels like bruises when I touch it. Some pain and itchiness in area, but I mess with it a lot.

Area behind my left knee seems "puffier" than that of my right, both in depth and width. No palpable lump or mass. Also strange feeling inside knee.

At 16 i had shingles. Three years later i still have stinging pain in one area in my lower back. I can also feel a small lump. Is it just muscle spams?

Back pain under right shoulder in one spot. Present for months . But only hurts after I have been sitting for a while. Does this sound like cancer?

Been having pain in the epigastric region with palpable lumps deep, not just under skin like lipomas, starting to have chest pain with it for 3 month?

Both either sides of my back hurt. Spots are in the exact same spot just on either side of my spine. Could it be my kidneys?

Bruised feeling on left top of breastbone for over a week. Pain is not changing in severity when pressed as time goes on. No bruise on skin. No injury?

Burning, painful r arm, slight bruising, and swelling in places, small lumps come and go, line indentation upper, can't straighten, hurts 2 touch!, ?

Can constipation cause swelling on the left side jus under breast area with minor pain?

Can hemorrhoids cause referred pain? When ever I get one that side of my buttocks is tender to touch and into my privates a lil and my leg.

Can trigger points in teres major or minor cause arm to ache and maybe swell slightly? Pain feels like it's coming from teres area. Not sure if swolle

Can you advise for painful knots in upper back! fibromyalgia knots?

Can you give me suggestions with painful knots in upper back! fibromyalgia knots?

Can your muscle feel like a lump? I feel a small lump on my upper left side thigh. It is painful to the touch. No trama. Recent weight and muscle loss

Cause pain (but not constant) around an asymmetrical mole?

Causes for a hard Mass right side between ribs and hip? i dont feel pain in area of mass but at times feels sore inflamed in back and around to side.

Causes of lower back pain right side above around bum area.. More painful when walking standing doing dishes... When pressing area i can feel bumps?

Chest swelling on one side, toward Manubrium (in between breast). Occasionally pops, and when I can't get it to pop it hurts. Female 16....

Constant pain for week about 2 inchs above the pubic hair area on right hand side ? Can't feels lumps & not tender when pressing . No other symptoms

Could getting a picc line hurt, does it cause soreness, disconfort?

Could i get help with painful knots in upper back! are they fibromyalgia knots?

Could sciatica cause right side swelling it's feels like my hip area is and it's hard to get comfortable?

Could the painful left butt be a sign of other than sarciatica .Plz advise.?

Deep pain in my right ovary. Painful uncomfortable, sml vsible bump& hard to the touch. Sometimes pain in both sides of my ovaries. What could it be?

Diagnosed with costochondritis week ago under collarbone pain subsided but area is still a bit swollen get sharp pain near chest when I twist normal?

Does an artery run bk to front @ bottom, on rt side of the neck? What would cause that area to swell & feel a bit of pressure when I noticed it? Tks!

During massage, she found a tender spot on my back just below my ribs. When pressing on that spot, it caused discomfort in my jugular notch. Why?

Elbow pain after my side popped, should I be concerned?

Every so often i get a sharp painful pressure/spasm in one specific area (half dollar size) on the top right side of my head. What could be the cause?

Experiencing pelvic discomfort and sore back pain during period (2 days now). Felt small, hard pea-sized lump in groin area. What could it be?

Experiencing some minor issues&Not sure what to do.He punched my clavicle area, bump shows now pain when I raise my arm?

Fatty feeling lump at bottom of back above right buttocks... Feels reasonably movable? What could this be? No pain?

Fell Aug, severe internal back bruising.Xray nothing broken.Now front bottom left ribcage area is sticking out like lump.No pain but hard sleep side.

For 2 weeks have upper left thigh swollen bulge in constant pain hard knot inside no other symptoms no redness Had no injury what causing this. ?

For the past week I have a sharp pain in the left side of my chest when i lay flat on the ground...I also have a lump in my armpit that my dr said was not a lymph node and could be a ligament...I have a 1 year old son who is very heavy that i carry around

Found a hard lump on left side of the neck between the trapezium and S-C-M that can be moved pushed around by about 1-2 cm. No pain?

Found a soft lump on low spine. Can feel numbness radiating from that spot when we press on it and now w/o pressing. Gets pain when sitting for long?

Groin pain, left side only. Tender like bruise, not deep, not visibly unusual. Movement doesn't hurt. No genital pain.?

Had a solid movable lump at the back of the body in dorsum area and experience back pain on that area?

Had a UID fitted year ago was painful during and after fitting so had it removed which was also difficult. Still pain in right side year later. ?cause

Had an ultrasound scan for lump and pain in groin on left hand side , told its bruised muscle and to see my gp. What can be the problem its not hernia?

Had appendectomy 3 weeks ago. Now having upper outer thigh pain. Two painful lumps. Ultrasound was done. Doc said lipoma. Is sudden pain A symptom?

Had Flu Jab 2 days ago and my front of the shoulder at injection site hurts which is to be expected but my arm pit also hurts. no lumps found any idea?

Had lipoma removed ten years ago below shoulder blade. Now there is pain in the same area. Could it be coming back without the lump being visible?

Had localized pain in upper back. Massaged it pretty hard and now there is a pocket of fluid or air there? It has slightly went away. Should i worry?

Had mastectomy with back tram flap n 2001. Last 2 days, area under my arm into back where scar is is hurting badly. Sharp n burning pain like pulled?

Had pain in shoulder for a few months. Hurt to teach up or out & now have pain in bicep with a small lump thats sensitive to touch. What could this be?

Hard and swollen cord/rope-like veins along my right leg. What can this be? I'm very scared! A bit pain/discomfort but that might be psychosomatic..

Hard lump in neck immovable, causing pain in chest and neck have to push to feel it feels like bone, but don't have it on other side burning itch ?

Hard lump on left occipital bone, no/very dull pain and increased discomfort when pressure is applied. One on right side but smaller, not symmetrical?

Hard lump on lower back size of a quarter under skin. Bad pulling in arms, shoulders, back, and legs. Feel most pain when I lie down for a while. ?

Hard painful bluish lump on arm( inner side, 4 inch above wrist). Neck, shoulder, arm, back pain. Doctor said can't understand, unusual n doubt phlebitis?

Hard painful lumps on both sides of my uteris also swallon pelvic area and severe pain when urinating?

Have a softball size lump on right side mid back. Last 2 weeks it's been getting worse. I do have back problems, what could this be? It's very painful

Have a sore/tender spot on the middle/upper portion of my spine. It hurts when I press on it but I feel no abnormalities at the area.

Have a swokloen slightly painful lump underneath left armpit extremeskin itching kower back and chest pains when i breathe night sweats what is this?

Have history of cellulitis in breast.Large hard painful lump for a month pain in armpit.What do I do ? Been icing and using pain reliever.Help

Have pain like a pulled muscle behind left breast. did not do anything to injury myself but pain can be felt in my back same spot.

Have something protruding from my vagina and it burns along with back pain and a burning in my left side. I can push the lump up but it falls right ba?

Have tender left trapezius on my upper back, no visible symptoms with occasional tingling in feet, I used to play cricket, so why does it hurt ontouch?

Have this bee stinging feeling off and on Nside the left collarbone area between the neck and collarbone. Soreness and painful.

Have upper back pain, left side, started small area, now spreading some, hurts with soft touches and tshirt on, no brushing , didn't fall or hit myself?

Having a dull ache around my tailbone area, feels like I've banged it but I haven't, what could this be? Worried it's bone cancer I'm 28 female. :)

Having pain under cheek bone and maybe felt a knot on both sides. What do this means?

Having throbbing above pubic bone. Yesterday all day pain had moved to right of navel. Currently pulsating is back above pubic bone and hurts?

He has a lump on the back of his neck, it is almost 15 years old, it was a silent pea sized lump with no pain. But he is feeling pain in it sin?

Hello, i have a bump on my right groin area the size of a pea and it cause me pain when i press on it and it feels like the pain shoots up as well.?

Hello, I have a hernia (l5).I usually feel pain in my left leg..But lately im feeling some small pinches in my right leg..Is it also hernia?