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I have twitching on my top right side of my chest. No pain, but it has been going on about every 15-30 mins. since yesterday. Should I be concerned?

I woke up in the middle of the night with an excruciating headache right above the eyebrows.It got way worse when I walked or layed down or bend over?

.After a long walk my right side starts hurting. Its kind of by the ending. Of my rib.This started happening way before ihad my son.

"i woke up feeling really nauseated and dizzy when i stood up. Last week i went to the ER for sever back pain. Left side. Inflammation in intestines?

16 yrs old - 2 extremely painful lumps on back left side of neck. Almost passed out, and giving me unbearable headaches. Started 2 days ago; help???

2 days ago doctor treated me with a flu. I had a pain on the right side of my back that lasted all night and It felt like it was my lung hurting?

20 yrs old I woke with come n go severe sharp pains behind my ear but it spreads alik up my head on that side. It last for 3-5 minutes hurts thoe. Help?

24M, travel daily 3hours n give badminton coaching after that.mid left of back suddenly got stiff like muscle pain can't move left right freely.

25 weeks. woke up with lower backache. Took paracetamol and did some back rub with deep heat. Today woke up painless but tonight the pain is back.

26 weeks pregnant & fell twice yesterday. I woke up with a lot of back pain should I go in?

28 year old female just started today with pain left mid breast only when strtching or moving suddenly I have a cold so not sure if related?

2days ago I started getting these sharp shooting pains on the right side of my head that last a couple of seconds.Is this normal?I feel it 2x a day.

4 days ago I got real bad sharp pain in upper abdo. For a couple hours. Moving hurt more, staying still hurt more. It passed but now it's back. Cause?

41yo male.woke up with swollen right ankle, in a lot of pain, it's been five days and not getting better. Hasn't banged, felt poorly then woke up ?

7mnths ago while lifting a heavy object, a pain shot to the left side of my head. Since then the pain comes off & on few times a day. What going on ?

A couple of days ago I was getting into bed I laid down slowly and all of the sudden I got a shooting pain in the lower right hand side of my bad. It's a constant pain that sometimes travels into my leg. It hurts the most when i'm laying down. When my fri

A couple of years ago I passed out and busted my head open ever since I have pain in my whole right leg ?

A couple weeks ago I had a excruciating shooting pain in my head that lasted about 10 seconds. Since then I have been getting head pain. What is it?

A cpl of mths ago my jaw clicked on the r side & it hurt since then ive had dull aches but this morning i cant close my mouth dur to pain.

A cpl of mths ago my jaw clicked on the r side & it hurt since then ive had dull aches but this morning i cant close my mouth dur to pain. Lips r numb?

A CT Showed I Have A badly Bruised Sternum And Left side. My Pain Is Worse And I'm Throwing Up And Intense Burning Should I Go Back To The ER?

A few days ago i felt a sharp pain behind the middle of my spine, then it got worse and i found it difficult to breathe or move? It hasnt got better..

A middle aged man is having pain in the back of his head when he lays down on it. Feels like it is deep inside. Tonight became more severe, and the pain radiated into his jaw. Any ideas?

A pain suddenly started in My leg and hurts me alot and started to get cold , what should i do ?

A small pain comes and goes in seconds inside the head near left ear. Started frm yesterday. Had some ten times per day and still continuing the same.

A sudden pain near my left temple, it came out of no where i'm really worried. What could it be? I was just laying there then it happened. Help please

About 4 weeks ago i took a heavy knock to the left testicle and it still gives out a slight ache that comes and goes what could it be or any treatment?

Above my left ear throbs with pain every few min. Been happening since yesterday?

Accidentally poked both temples two week apart pain pretty much gone sometimes get sharp pain lasts seconds in temple, been squintung hard a lot, why?

After a couple of days, I went jogging today and few hours later, I noticed that while breathing I am feeling pain on the right back side. What's this?

After an accident where should I go and which doctor should I see? Monday i was in a car accident the next day i start having pain in my right back shoulder and a little bite in the right side of my neck.

After i woke up i felt sharp pain in my right temple i continued laying down, when i got out of bed i was very, very dizzy & have ringing ears?

After weight lifting I became quite dizzy. The next day I started having intermittent sharp pains at the top of my head. Lasted 4 days. Diagnosis?

All day today I need to know why arm hurt since this morning and the pain has it gotten away it feels swollen specially the pain is in my right arm?

All most 37 weeks pregnant woke up two days ago with bad leg pain in left calf an its still there should I be worried?

All of a sudden my left eye got a sharp pain through it. Now it has been hurting for 5+ hours and hurts more when I close my eyes. Nothing is in it.

Am 18weeks pregnant and got forcefully pushed on the side of my stomach by a big dog. Now experiencing slight pain on left hand side. Should it be ok?

An intermittent stabbing pain in right arm started yesterday. It is right wear they would take blood inside elbow. Was helping husband lift dock?

As I was flying earlier today, I got a really sharp pain in my left year and it has been persistent since. Is this cause for concern or not really?

As I was getting off work today, I got this weird chest pain on the right side of my chest. The pain kind of felt like it was pulsating. It lasted about 10 mins. Is this something to be concerned about?

As of lately I've been getting these sharp pains that shoot up my chest right over my heart.Yesterday it lasted all day and woke me up at night ?

At 10 pm yesterday, i began experiencing sudden jaw pain on the right side. It seemed to be getting worse all day today.There has been no trauma but its very painful. What should ido?

At the very top of my left bicep, a localized throbbing pain occured for a few minutes.Andmy shoulder and hand started hurting.Im scared/freaked out ):?

Back pain around the shoulder blades for a week. Headaches around top back right since Saturday. Wide spread toothaches top & bottom since Monday AM?

Bad pain in my upper right abdomen. It woke me up very sudden, burn like, sharp. It lasted 10 secs, after it was gone, when touching skin, felt tender?

Bad tightness/pain in my upper back, came on suddenly yesterday. I was not moving when it started. Heat/cold/rest don't help. Inhaling/moving hurts.

Been having pain in right temple for days comes and goes. Should i be worried? Reg strength ibu helps. I work outside it's been very cold lately

Been having right shoulder and radiating right arm pain since Friday. Started after scrubbing floors. Any clue as to what I may have done?

Been on antibiotics since yesterday. Woke up with a feeling of slight pressure on whole right side of face. Infection is on left side. Freaking out. ?

Been sick for over 2 weeks now. Still congested and yesterday had a few sharp pains in my left side of back when breathed in. Should i get treatment?

Bhad a very deep an sharp ain in my left shoulder yesterday morning it came an went! Now i see dark blue vains in my chest an breast! Whatvis wrong?

Both my butt cheeks hurt. Started randomly during the night. Pain centred in the middle of each cheek and is continuous. Did I pull a muscle inmysleep?

Can a picc line cause arm pain and lil headaches that come n go I had it on the eigth and it was taken out on the ninth. But I get shooting pains arms?

Can a picc line cause arm pain and lil headaches that come n go I had it on the eigth and it was taken out on the ninth. But I get shooting pains arms?

Can a picc line cause arm pain and lil headaches that come n go I had it on the eigth and it was taken out on the ninth. But I get shooting pains arms?

Can you advise I came on a peroid Saturday on the Sunday been getting pains in left side of stomach an the bottom of shoulder blade on the left ?

Chest pain on left side with movement and deep breathing started in shoulder took ibuprofen pain went away and got better with more movement?

Chest pain was on the right side and lasted for a week then went away when I took Pepcid for 10 days as doctor prescribed on the last day pain came back on left side age 20 after I finished lifting my game system and monitor to car what is this pain rela

Chest pain was on the right side and lasted for a week then went away when I took Pepcid for 10 days as doctor prescribed on the last day pain came back on left side age 20 after I finished lifting my game system and monitor to car what is this pain relat

Chest pains why it started earlier this morning when i caughed or bent over now it hurts just to sit.?

Constant heavy pain in left arm for 3 weeks. Went away for a week completely, and now is back and seems worse. Doc gave no answer. What could it be?

Coughing then get a pulsating feeling along with sharp pain in the back roght side of my head has happend twice now over the last couple days should I be worried?

Couple times ive had throbbing pain sensation in my getting scared. Can someone tell me what may be goin on?

Dancing & my right side of neck was a bit tense already , I sat down & ache went down to right side , mid back , now that's sore? Ideas?

Dr Im having a new set of issues started today around noon and hasn't changed a bit I'm having stabbing shooting pains in my clitoris?

Dull ache in left side of stomach. not constant. lasts less than a minute, comes at irregular intervals. felt it 2 days ago, ystrday nthing again 2day?

Dull ache in Upper abdomen(right)that come n go n last for a few sec.Started yesterday,have period today(still have ache)Doesn't hurt when press.

Dull pain comes n goes for 2 weeks in left side private hair area hurts like a bruise when i press there too. Any ideas? Got app booked this wed

During my1st labor i had an epidural, it seemed to wear off on one side. I could feel pain on my left & my left thigh was on fire. 13 years later, my menstral cramps feel that way. Why?

Earlier in the morning today I coughed and my lower right side(right under the rib). My mom says it might be pneumonia. Also I had a FB game Friday.

Earlier my back upper left ribs started hurting in the car. After the car jerked, my bak started hurtin n was stiff. Stopped.The rib pain isnt new. Y?

Eating dinner 2 nights ago my entire right leg went numb when I finished my lower right face went numb it lasted for 2 days I'm now in severe leg pain?

Ever since I got hit in the shoulder it has ached when I run and just today it had sharp pain when I threw a ball but it is not my throwing arm?

Ever since i had gotten low back pain my left arm, left ear and in my head plus rectum mostly has cold sensations what can I do im really worried.

Ever since i was little i had these sharp pain at/around my joints at random times that last for a couple mins. Should i be worried or know something?

Ever since we got back from overseas I've been getting really sick and lately I've been having trouble breathing, coughing and this really sharp pain in my lower right side.

Every week or two for the past year or so for brief periods, I've felt this extremely slight throbbing pain in bottom back right corner of my head.

Everytime I have had sex recently right when I am almost finishing i get this sever pain in the lover right part of my head. Its happen the last 3 or 4 times I have had sex... Its excruciatiang and dulls down but hasn't gone away

Experiencing horrific arm pain after moving it today and yesterday?

Experiencing small sharp pinching pain in middle of calf for 2 days. Tonight felt larger sharp pinching pain behind knee that came and went. On birth control. Have recently been exercising more. DVT?

Filling fell out 7 months pain but have startedto get slight pain above right eye?

Five days ago my 75 pound dog came running at me and jump on my lower right abdomen. Instantly i had sever pain that went away. But since that day I have had a constant trobbing. What could it be?

For 6months my penis has swell upon the right side under the head.Only happens when woke up in the morin gose away as soon I use restroom no pain ?

For the last teo days I have had pain in my chest on the right side. Today its in my arm too. Should i get looked at?

For the past couple of days i've been getting sharp chest pains & it hurts a lot but only for a little while. What can that mean ?

For the past day in a half I have had a constant cramp in my left calf. Should I be worried?

For the past hour, i've had sharp pain in my left rib cage... I didn't bang it on anything... It hurt for a bit yesterday too ... ?

For the past two days my throat has randomly had shooting pains from the bottom and up. I'm just wondering what it could be.

For the past two days, I have noticed that my upper left thigh starts to cramp in the middle of my workout. What are possible causes of this?

For the past week i've been getting a cramp in my upper middle right thigh hurts bad what could this be?

For the past wk my lower jaw has been hurting on both sides.Yesterday i found a lump, then this morning i woke up and my jaw was swollen.Spreading now?

For today and yesterday evening time I began with severe, excruciating stabbing pain. Seated right up on the right hand side in my vagina.Am 71yrs?

Getting over acute brochitis. Got checked by doctor yesterday. Today, I've developed a sharp stabbing pain between my ribs on my back when coughing.

Getting sharp random pains on top right forehead recently went on diet and i workout and run a lot does this have anything to do with it?

Got chest pain today, currently hurts around the left side when breathing in. I did also exercise hard early today, I ran till it hurt. Serious?

Got hit by my liver/rib area by accident a few hours ago and it hurts a little,im experiencing slight pain by navel\center abdomen,sound serious?

Got hurt in my breast by door knob three months back, physician gave ibuprofen.i exp intermittent pain sometimes sharp pain sometimes no pain at all.

Got in a car accident a few days ago and my upper left back and left arm are killing me. They ache and there is a painful stinging feeling in my back?

Got into a car accident on tuesday but was not hurt. Been having a cramping/dull ache in my left forearm. Had EKG a few weeks ago came back good.

Got kicked in the balls. How do I stop this unbearable pain?