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Upper back pain for a few months, nothing helping, progressive worsening, suddenly too painful to sleep laying down and wakes me up, what should I do?

29 weeks pregnant and my back teeth hurt only on one side mostly when I wake up what could be causing this?

2nd time this has happened in last 3 months.I wake up in the middle of the night with a severe headache and have to take pain meds to go back to sleep?

3 weeks Of mid back pain only after sleeping for 4-5 hours, once awake walking around about 30 min goes away. Any ideas?

30 yr old female, mother of a 22 and 3 months old with right side groin-vaginal area pain ONLY after laying down to fall asleep that will WAKE me. ?

After a hotel bed, back hurts laying in bed/am. Side sleeper sometimes on back. I can feel bones crack if I stretch. Cant sleep, home now not better?

After a night of sleep, I wake up due to pain in my pubic area (mainly on the right side) but goes away during day but very bad when laying down. Why?

After a rynoplasty I have insomnia, I do beleive something physical, right now every time i sleep on my right side i wake up shocking on my saiiva?

After fall, dx severe lower back internal bruises.Can only sleep on back but it's hurting nxt day.Could this make it worse? Cant sleep side,2 painful.

After lying down to sleep i wake up with a sinus pressure headache with lower back and neck stiffness.

Always when im go to sleep I have a headache at the right back side I can't sleep because of it what could be it?

Am 34week pregnant and I can't sleep on my left side because of pain, what should I do since sleeping on the left is the best posture?

Am having slite pains in my tommy when i wake in the morning.What can cause it.

Am i squishing the baby sleeping on the side while fat and pregnant? Sometimes i feel pain on the side after sleeping or back pain.

Any tips on how to prevent shoulder pain during sleep?

Any tips on how to prevent shoulder pain from sleeping on it wrong?

Are there any sleeping positions to cope with chronic stomach pain?

As a massage therapist who gets many people that sleep on their side and are in severe pain in shoulder and neck. How do you change their sleep habit?

As i get up in morning i feel some pain in my testicles.It has been there for some time now.Is it because of my sleeping posture?

Aside from previous question. I have shooting pain through my back upon inspiration. Feels like the middle part. I Sleep on tummy. Did I sleep wrong

At night when i'm sleeping I have to toss to different sides cause my hips start hurting what is it?

Baby 7 months old&for the past month or so he moans&goes back&forth from his side to back when sleeping&this sometimes wakes him up. Teething symptom?

Back ache, between shoulder blades, not constant, bad sleep position and or workouts seem to bring it on. Its tolerable?

Bad arm pain while sleeping and not so bad when awake. Why and what could this be?

Before sleep in bed, why does middle back have spasms lasting 3 or 4/minutes 1 or 2 times/weekly?

Best sleep position(s) to alleviate or avoid waking up with achy neck and back?

Best way to sleep with low back pain?

Both of my hips hurts I can't sleep on either side. Who can help me with this?

Both of my thighs are aching and throbbing horribly. I can't sleep. Nothing I do, nor changing positions relieves the pain.

Both side of my hip hurts when sleeping ?

Can bad posture while sleeping cause chest pain?

Can going to bed with wet hair cause back muscle pain?

Can i be allergic to my retainer? I wake up with stomach pains and nausea when i sleep with them on. I also felt it when i had braces.

Can I lay on my back while sleeping I'm seven n a half months pregnant?

Can I sleep on my side after a total knee replacement? I'm 6 days post-op and laying on my back is getting very uncomfortable

Can it be hypersomnia. I am sleeping most of the times and mostly feel tired. My legs pain much most of the time.

Can sleeping facedown hurt my goiter? I've had pain there the past few weeks; i sleep on my back now but the pain persists. Could I have injured it?

Can sleeping in a humid environment cause headaches and back pains?

Can sleeping in a recliner at night for over a year cause or contribute to back pain?

Can sleeping in a recliner for over a year at night cause back pain?

Can sleeping on a couch cause you to have chest pain?

Can sleeping on my back and snoring cause chest pain?

Can sleeping on the stomach cause lower back problems?

Can sleeping on your side cause shoulder problems?

Can sleeping wrong give you a headache? I've had head pain a few days. I think its from sleeping wrong (been sleeping on couch). Tylenol (acetaminophen) doesn't help.

Can someone tell me what I should do? My leg aches when i try to sleep?

Can you please recommend some effective sleeping positions to help a sore lower back?

Can you please tell me the best possible way to sleep for your back?

Can you please tell me the best possible way to sleep with back pain?

Can you tell me how i can sleep with a freaking sore back ?

Can you tell me reasons why i continuously awaken with pain in my buttocks?

Can you tell me what is the best positon to sleep when you have a stomach ache?

Chronic back pain and stiffness wakes me up in the middle ot the night and cant sleep. I have had it for a few years and I have a new mattress?

Chronic frozen shoulder , after seeing gp i'm on naproxen which are not helping, why does the pain intensify when i'm laying down in bed ? Can't sleep

Clicking back, no pain , no problems sleeping. Should i leave it alone?

Constant burping at night before sleeping, lower back pain to the left upon waking up?

Could pain in my shoulders when i try laying on them when i sleep cause my fingertips to go numb?

Dear I have problem in my all leg when i sleeping in night there start my pain and i can.T sleep then it so hard?

Do sleepin positions cause breast pain?

Do you think I should be worried about not waking up from sleeping with chest pains?

Does the position i sleep in affect my back? I usually awaken with back discomfort? What position is best to prevent back aches?

Dull Knee pain that wakes me up at night and hard to go back to sleep?

Ear pain after sleeping on side? Is it the foam plugs i wear?

Every morning when I wake up my back hurts does this mean I am having seizures in my sleep?

Every time I lay down to sleep my chest gets tighter but no wheezing but struggle to breath but I can't sleep sitting up due to chronic back pain what else can I do as it's keeping me up every night?

Everyday I wake up from a 6 to 9 hour sleep feeling as if I had no rest and my entire body aches. More specifically: my legs feel extremely weak, my neck, back and hips are in pain and all over aching. I've tried sleeping more or naping or sleeping less,

Everyday I wake up with severe backache. And if I oversleep, the pain is so much that I can't even stand up.Sleeping on the same mattress. Nothing new?

Everytime i go to bed i develope a saw pulling pain in my lower head and wake up with a head ACE on one side could this be the way I am sleeping ?

Eye pain that goes away when I sleep what could this be?

Fatigue and powerless at day duty not night . Left buttock pain when getting up after sleep?

Fell on a large rock when thrown off a horse. Keep getting lower back pains when keeping back straight .Painful when sleeping ,must sleep curled up.

For what reasons i feel pain in my heels even when I am sleeping?

From sleeping I wake up with sharp chest pains that last all day, is this bad for me and if so what is it?

Has anyone experience pain in hips while sleeping on their back?

Have a hard time getting back to a normal sleeping pattern please help?

Have pain in neck/shoulder over last 2 weeks.Began after weeks of poor sleep pattern. Now pain radiating through whole arm. Cant sleep due to pain now?

Having really bad neck and sholder pain last few nights out of no where, same sleeping positions. 5 weeks pregnant...any ideas?

Having serious pain in neck keeping me from sleeping?

Having trouble sleeping and always have head ache?

Headaches back & side pain & always very tired to the point where I have to force myself to stay awake. Could I be pregnant or is this something else?

Hello. Should i sleep with or without a bra on for less back pain?

Hi can anyone tell me why i feel a lower back pain when i weakup from sleep or when i keep standing for long time?

Hi my dad is suffering for terrible aches and pains in his arms and legs and some days he can barely get out of bed or walk and has problems sleeping?

Hi, for the past 3 months or so I've been having rib cage pain in the back that wakes me up after 5-6 hours of sleep.Matress changes haven't helped?

Hi, I have pains in the back of my head, on the right side, during sleep. Can it be only from sleeping position? I sleep on the right side usually.

Hi, my breast hurts when i sleep for a fews hours on one side?

Hi, my neck has been hurting for 5 days and its worse when i lay down at night and hurts for the first few hours after i wake up, shoulders too?

Hip pain when sleeping on side. I'm not pregnant and I sleep on my side often. It's just in my hip no where else. I'm 21

Horrible pains in both legs only at the front , it's like a deep ache that keeps me from sleeping ?

How bad is it sleep on my back if i'm going through menopause?

How can I get back into a good sleeping pattern again?

How can I get back to a normal sleeping pattern?

How can I get to sleep with back pain?

How can I sleep better without my back hurting?

How can I sleep with a freaking sore back ?

How can I sleep with shoulder discomfort on a cot?

How can sleeping with a pillow between your legs relieve back pain?

How can you relieve stomach pain that prevents you from sleeping at night? Please answer quickly because im very tired and sleepy right now!

How come i get body pain when i sleep or lay down?

How come I suddenly had this very bad pain in one leg while sleeping?