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Lower Back pain and the flu... what are your thoughts?

I have pain in my right hip after sitting down for awhile, goes away after a few steps I also suffer from lower back pain.

Why DO i feel sick and pain IN my back and legs If I have a cyst?

25 year old female with middle back pain hurts really bad when breathing.?

3 Days been having reslly bad lower right back pain and also bad cramps with the pain?

6 weeks pregnant and legs hurt like growing pains along with lower back pain off and on is this normal?

7 almost 8 weeks pregnate and have been having lower back pain and having trouble bending over like im stiff what should i do?

7 weeks of mid back pain. As the day progresses, the pain is almost gone but when I first wake up in the morning the stiffness is terrible. Ideas?

About once a month, I get lower leg pain. Is that ok or bad?

Afraid about my back pain. help me!!?

After masturbate i feel back pain?

Am recovering from a fall in which I have back and hip pain. I have been checked in the ER. I am getting pain while laying down. Can I lay on my side?

Anything i can do for lower back pain, coupled with bad sunburn?

At night when sleeping on back if I have to urinate, I will get a bad lower back ache if I'm laying on back? Is this normal?

Awful lower back pain for 15 year old diabetic. What can help her?

Back and tummy pain why will I get that for?

Back pain and extreme gases it's to much I couldn't get up from bed this morning for the pain :(?

Back pain for 2yrs (upper & or lower)when changing from upright to laying &gets excruciating when I exhale.Pain always stops after a few exhalations??

Back pain from between the bottom of my shoulder blades to my lower back gradually get worse sometimes walking sends sharp pains after work why?

Back pain I am suffering from back pain. My job is totally siting. Pls suggest me. What to do.

Back pain severe what can I do to ease it. So bad cannot walk?

Back pain that is radiating heat in area of the pain, it's really hot. I did exercise yesterday, but pain did not start until the afternoon today.Help?

Back pain that starts in lower back and goes into legs. Pain is worse some days than others. Hurts to lie down unless i'm on my side.

Bad abdominal pain hurts when i press on stomach, lower back hurts too dont know if related. it started yesterday gotten worse steady pain not go away?

Bad back and scrotal pain so can any one help plz?

Bad back pain & strong left side stomach pain goes toward middle too. Hurts to breath normally. Usually have a lot of gas. Sligh fever ?

Bad cough lead to back pain no congestion but a lot of pain in my right leg n lower back?

Bad upper back pain when standing for long periods of time?

Been getting sudden pain in lower back then my legs almost feel numb and today I've had really bad abdominal pain accompanied by the back pain.

Been having back pain and middle and lower back like gas. Feels good when laying down but when I get up it's hurts. Is it anything bad?

Been having lower back pain for almost a year. Pain on constantly then off for 30 mins. Please help? Pain is so bad that Advil (ibuprofen) doesn't work

Been suffering with lower back pain for years but last few months i've been passing out with the pain its like an electric shock from my lower back?

Bout a week before my period my usual upper back, neck and joint pain is unbearable. Is this normal?

Boy 27 mustibute too much and later feel pain in my back plz help ?

Broke ribs 3 weeks ago but last few days my back is really stiff and aches all the time so uncomfortable.

Burning lower back pain goes into hip and ocasionaly makes left leg feel very heavy ?

Can a slightly tight bra cause you to have really bad back pain?

Can breaking wind cause lower back pain?

Can hemeroids give you back ache?

Can ibs be on going every day with lower back ache thanks?

Can lower back pain cause headaches cause I have headaches when my back hurts really badly and thats most of the time daily?

Can lower back pain only felt when laying down at night be from a heart condition.

Can lower back pain suggest something serious or do I just have a bad mattress?

Can severe sinusitis cause upper back neck pain? Unable to sleep or lay down bcause of the burning sensation.

Can stress and anxiety cause lower back ache ?

Can walking make the pain of sarciatica worse? I have a feeling of throbbing in my lower back and pain in my left butt.Could it be solved alone.?

Can you tell me reasons why i constantly have back pain?

Causes of lower back pain which become worse when laying down?

Cay you help me with back pain?

Chronic low back pain that's rt above my butt in one area. It's a deep pain. When I have my son walk on my back, it feels good but then I start to get?

Could a fibromyalgia pain come and go.If I rest I have very little pain but if I do my daily chores I feel some pain in my shoulders&lower back.?

Could this be a pulled muscle or my kidneys my lower back has a tight like feeling no sharp pain or anything.i was doing something then It started?

Diagnosed with mono. Can barely stay awake, very weak. Woke up this am with back pain on lower back part of ribs. Normal?

Diarrhea causing shooting lower back pain. When I get the sudden urge to use the bathroom, I get a sharp pain in lower spine. Cause of back pain?

Doc, im having pain in my lower abdoman and back. This pain dosent let me sleep. What does this mean ?

Doctor, i had pain in the back right below the ribs. This pain sometimes come and gone, when it comes can cause nausea, and upper back back ache ting?

Every day i wake with extreme back pain for about 2 months?

Every month during my period and a week after I get lower back pain and stiffness, only at night time, it wakes me up the pain is that bad. Thanks ?

Every morning i woke up its pain my back feel like soo heavy in my back.What is this ..Why im always experience this pain.?

Every night I wake up due to lower back pain, what can I do? 

Every time i lie down, I have pain in my lower back until I am completely straight. Soon after i feel a constant stiffness in my back what should I do?

Extreme lower and middle back pain, trying to lay down, but can't get comfortable. What can I do to help my back?

Extreme lower back pain and pressure when laying down to bed. What could cause this? Little to no pain during the day.

Extreme lower back pain period almost over and still having cramps. Back pain feels like cracks only laying down flat helps?

For a year I've been having severe cramps like contraction pains where I fall to the floor can't move and in pain for about a hour. Also in my back?

For about a week now I've had lower back pain, shortness of breath , cramps and I've been getting head aches . What could it be?

For past 3 days I have severe back pain. My spine doesn't hurt by back area above right hip hurts bad and the pain usually reaches till my right knee.?

For the 2nd time in 6 weeks I had fever and excruciating lower back pain while in bed at the exact same time Coincidence?? Pain is nerve/ muscular

For the second time in 2 weeks I have mildly seized my lower back after barely bending over. Low-grade pain goes away in 2 days. Should I be concerned?

Gas pressure in my back hurts so bad why?

Getting aches and pains under breasts and back almost like spasms why?

Have a constant pain in the left hip and back and it is constant and very strong.........Never have pain but this is bad.......Male and healthy?

Have had severe upper back pain for months. Worsens while lying on back or after consuming alcohol. Thoughts?

Have radiculitis in neck and possibly lower back as well, in severe pain today. What can I do/take to help? I can barely move it's so bad.

Have really bad should, neck, back and hip pains, have had them for years. What kind of things can I be taking for the pain?

Having a bad pain& buring pain in my rest I hurt it about a month ago and never went to the doctor and it is very weak what could be wrong with it.

Having a lot of pain on my back, is it because of my bed?

Having back pain it moves from back of my shoulder and lower back.I do cycling and walking. I take 2 pegs whiskey everyday is causing pain? Pl advice

Having lower back pain and down legs. Have low grade fever. Does not hurt when moving only with breathes and coughing. Have been urinating more often?

Having severe burning pain in my lower back. I haven't done any physical activity to hurt it. Started when I woke up. What could it be?

Having some pretty bad upper back pain and im also feeling pain in my chest for the past 10 hours should i be concerned or did i just pull a muscle?

Having sudden lower back pain (have had back pain in the past). Took Advil (ibuprofen) with no help. Hurts to sit, stand, lay down.

Heavy pain in left side & across middle of back. The pain in back takes my breath away. Standing puts more pressure on pain than any position.

Hello I am having back pain in the middle of my back when I breathe deep. Whats the cause could be?

Hello, I am 54 and have periods now..On /off..Sometimes stop for 3/4 months..Then back again.I have severe stomach/back/side pain..Also pain in my legs?

Help please. When i wake up having to urinate I have extreme lower back painwhat is wrong?

hi doctors Istarted having weird pain in my back joint pain and popping sound right groin area stomachache nausea headache muscle pain that comes goes

Hi i am having pain in my lower back and headace.feeling cold i am 23 years old female.

Hi i been having stomach pain and lower back pain for awhile now it goes away and comes back awhile.

Hi i just had a baby an im havin chest an back pain what could be causing that?

Hi i usually feel a right loin pain when i sit down a long time and somtime the pain expand to my back but when i lay on my back the pain gone what is this?Please reply thank u

Hi i've got sharp pain in lower back that comes on when moving also electoral shocks it's worse at night. Pain not alway there, is this bulging disk?

Hi there I'm suffering from lower back ache Any advice please?

Hi, I have had a neck and lower back muscle ache for the past 7 days. When i take 2 advils (ibuprofen) it goes away for 5 hours and then it comes back.

Hi. 3 weeks ago my dizziness started to progressively get worse. 2 weeks ago I started experiencing dull aching lower back pain every morning. I worko?

Hi. I've had lower side/back pain for over a month now. It's worse when I breath in and when I lay on my back.

Horrible lower back pain and hip making clicking sound?

Horrible pelvic pain and pressure when walking that it takes my breath away and I have to stop contractions but not consistent and lower back pain?

Horrid lwr r abdominal pain that made me dizzy and trip dwn stairs.Now I have some horrible neck pain, r shouldr pain.What to do? Help?What can it be?

How can I get rid of my lower left back pain?