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4 month old wellness checkup was yesterday and she only weighs 11 pounds a month ago she weighed 10.6 nurse said her weight dropped a little bit, doctor said to give her oatmeal cereal w BM and pedialyte. I'm concerned she's not gaining accordingly.

12 yr daughter ht:4ft 8in, wt:64lbs;under weight and height, very bad eater. Any supplements for height? My ht:5ft 3 in; spouse 5ft 8in; spirulina?

22year old girl 4"10 normally 95lbs gained 18lbs.... Is there something wrong? Symptom of something. Help please

3.5 mo old with mspi on elecare. Weight has dropped from 25th percentile to 15th percentile. What can I do? Anything to add to formula to up calories?

3.5yr old boy @ 27lbs and a 5% for height. 3pediasures/day, struggles but eats & sleeps fairly well . Small parents: mom5'1" & dad 5'6". Is he ok?

4 1/2 year old daughter is 55lbs 44" tall. Ped. Fairly active & fair diet but always hungry. Ped. Says no reason for investigation? We are concerned

9-month-old granddaughter has always been at 50th percentile for ht & wt but, at 9-mo check-up, fell to 5th for ht & wt. How common is this?

A teen (13yrs) became a vegetarian 01/01/13. Now shes lost 6 pounds to the day. She has never been overweight. What does one do? Starting to worry!

A year ago my doctor said I have an ajustmentDisorder. They said that if it exceeds 6months it's not that anymore. I have been cutting for2years?

Baby was born at 7.1lbs. She is now 14w 5d, 11.15lbs and 24.7" long. Is she growing properly? Is she underweight? She won't double birth weight by 4m

Before i got pregnant, i was 135lbs. I gained 50lbs during my pregnancy & now that my son is one, i still weigh 188lbs. Please help me.

Can HGH help my 12-year-old daughter?

Can i food my daughter with 4.5 months and she weight 5.300 kg?

Can i give my9 months old son threptin diskett, if so how can i give.

Concerned bout my grandsons weight. He's 9 mo. & is 17 lbs.Is breast fed but my daughter is flat chested & skin & bones. Is 17 lbs. Average? He's tiny

Daughter is 12 years old, 5'1 and weighs 98 pounds. Would you say shes overweight?

Daughter's 7yo, overweight. Since baby 95-97centile weight&height. Gained 7cm (2 3/4 in)/1 year, but droped 2 cent in height. Is it a growth spurt?

Dr I have a son who is 11years and he weigh 60kg please what help or advice can you give me thxs?

For my daughters 12 month checkup her doctor said she is slightly underweight and to catch her up.. how do I do that without over feeding her.?

Forgot to ask my dr about % tile. I'm 36w4d and baby weighs 5 lbs 12 oz. Roughly, what is that percentile?

Friend's baby is 14mths, hasnt grown in 6mths.Only weighs 16lbs (dk height).Is extremely skinny but eats well what could this be? Docs dont know why..

Hai doctor, my sister is 22 years old & she is very week, very slim. Please tell me what I do for her.

Hello I Am 53 yo male in exc. health Weight 80kilos, height 5 ft 11. Yesterday I Passed a live 3.5 inch thin brown worm in urime. Should I worry?

Hello dr. I want to ask about my daughter's condition she was born premature at 28 weeks weight 1000 gm, and stayed on ventilator for 28 days she got ?

Hello, I'm 6'1 and still growing. I'm 19 and last time I checked I was 5'11.5 now 7 months on I've remeasured at 186cm. It really has got me down. As a female it's not easy being so tall. Is there anything I could do to lose a few inches? Even very slig

Helo doctor .my 18month old son is 9.6 kg n 81cm in height .which percntile he is consider to b???your comment about his weight n height?

Help my friend hasn't had her first period! her mom was 15 when she has hers, she is 12. She is 5"1 and weighs 95lbs. She hit puberty about 2 years.

Hi , my sisters son has club foot nd he is not gainning any weight we weighs at 28 pounds 1 yrs old , he eats a lot what could this be any answers ?

Hi doc my son is 12 month his hight is 75cm is that normal?

Hi doctors my son is12 month and his length is 75cm is that normal?

Hi I'm just asking for my daughter. She's 14 and she weighs about 68kilos. She wants to lose 20kilos and she is wondering if she will get loose skin?

Hi im inly 23 and my weight is 125lbs 5`1 in height is it normal for my age i have two daughters also.

Hi mam good morning, mam my wife name usha, age 26, mother of 4 year old boy, her height is 168cm weight 62kg complained that two time mensis in one m?

Hi my son is now 20 month old and his hight 32 inch is that fine for his age thanks?

Hi there..My son is 19 months old..He is 96 CM height and weights 15.3 kgs..Doctors keep on telling me that he is overweight.So what do you think?

Hi, my eighteen year old son has ADHD and recently gained a lot of weight. He had shoulder surgery 2-3 months ago because of a football injury. He has very little exercise. It's been over a year since he took Adderall. But since he weighs 272 lbs the ADD

Hi, this is laura's mom. My daughter is 17, weighs 135-140 pounds and is 5 foot 6 inches tall. She intakes 1000 or less calories a day, is this bad?

Hi,I want the reccom. from a specialist as I have a daughter of 22 months old she is very skinny eats everything but her wt doesnt increase wt-8.55kg?

Hight problem in my son he was born in 14 august. 1996?

How can a 13 year old boy that weighs 110lbs and is 5ft 5inches get abs?

How can I help my overweight 12-year-old daughter lose 10 pounds?

How do yo ufind out if your son has add?

How many centimeters should a 4 year boy's be my son's in 47 - and hasn't grown for 3 years?

How much dimetapp can I give my 4yr old son? He weighs 35lbs.

How much omega-3 should I give my autistic 3-year-old daily? He weighs about 15 kg.

How much probiotics are safe for me to give to my 11 month old daughter that weighs about 17lbs?

How much should a 3 1/2 year son weigh?

How much weigh should I have gained between my 6week prenatal appt and my 13th week?

How tall will my son get? He is 5ft 3 and he is 6 and a half stone at the age of 13 and he also had a health balanced diet his mum and i are both 5ft7

How to get from 127lbs to 112 lbs (15lbs) in a month?

I am 19 years old and weigh 110lbs currently. I had normal weight in m younger teenage years up til like two years ago. Should I be worried?

I am worried about my son's growth. We have to take him yearly for a visit. he is 9 and weighs 52.5lbs and is 49.5 in tall. should I be worried?

I can't keep weight on my son but he refuses to see a doctor?

I have 2 children. I always was thin until I had my kids. I am 5 ft tall and always weighed 110 to 115. Now I weigh 170 and I seem to not be able to loose it. Can it be that I will never loose it? What can I do?

I have a 44lb 3foot 10inch 5 year old son who I think is small. Is this a good hight weight combo?

I have twins a boy n girl of12 yrs .In weight n height they r lesser then a normal child. How to improve there health any medicine?

I know of a child just turned 5years old and weighs 90 lbs estimated he has dicolored toenails is this a cause?

I want to track my antenatal growth. Baby's 77mm tall at 13 wks, and 1lb at 20 wks. I want to make sure her percentile is ok. I've not gained lbs yet

I weigh 55kg back then.i gave birth to my 1st &weighed 64kilos &went upto 68.5 yrs after gave birth to my 2nd and weighed back to this normal?

I weighed 52.3 kgs yesterday morning and ate 1200 cals the whole day.This morning i weifhes 53.4kgs. Why?

I went to the doctor today and they said my BMI is in the -1 percentile. Is that even possible?

I would like to know if my daughter is underweight.She is 1.5m tall and weighs 32.5kg.I try to let her eat more but she seems to never gain weight.

I'm 16 and a BOY, I had chest fat since I was 8-9 yrs old started puberty at 11, now I lost 26 pounds I'm about 5'5 139 lbs I still got boobs, why?

I'm 5'5 tall currently weigh 90lbs. in the last mnth I've lost over 30lbs. Not wanting to,I look nasty skinny, what cld cause this,& how to gain bck?

I'm about 133 and my height is 5"5 i would like to loose about 20 lbs before school. What's the best way to do this?

I'm just wondering, if you are a football player, 6'2 and 245lbs, are you considered over weight?

I'm16 yo, i'm overweight in about20kg, tdy i started jogging for 1h, is this healthy for me?And when i started, i suffered from headache what should I do

Iam a 38 yeard old male i weigh 160 lbs i was wondering what dosage for anavar is recomended?

Ideal weight for a 5' 7" 20 year old woman? My daughter is 205 pounds and i'm concerned.

If a baby has nf1, by what age would cals appear? Son has two right now and he's 1 year old. Would he probably have more by now if he had nf1?

If a male child is 4yrs 8mos old, is 42 inches tall, and weighs 36.6lbs, would he be considered to be too skinny or just right?

If my daughter has been a vegetarian since the age of 8 and is now 13, do I need to be concerned aout her diet during puberty?

Im 18,1.86 tall.Havent gained height since 1 year (arround 2cm)Dad is 1.87,mom 1.73.I got a knee pain last 3 months.Think im gettin or will ge taller?

Im 5 foot 10 in. And weigh 145 lbs. I run a lot since i play soccer. Is that a bad weight for my height?

Im a mother of one daughter, im 24 years , my height is 5.4inch.....And my weight is 54kgs...Is this accurate according to height n age..?

Im sorry to ask that question, what i mean to say is the weight of my daughter is 5.9 kilos and what is the maximum of phenobarbital for her?

Instead of gaining the freshman 15 my son lost. Should I be worried?

Is 46 kg a healthy weight for my 12-year-old daughter who is 145 cm tall?

Is 53 kg a healthy weight for my 10-year-old daughter?

Is 64 pounds a lot for a 9 year old? I think my daughter is over weight.

Is 875 mgs of amox-clav twice a day too much for a teenager who weighs 100 lbs.?

Is it healthy for my 8-year-old son to weigh 89 pounds?

Is it possible to be to small to give birth? Im very petite. Im 19 im 5 ft 3 and weigh 80 pounds.

Is it right for a 20 yr old to drink diet pills when shes 5'1 and weighs 139?

Is my 9 y/old daughter underweight if she looks so skinny and is showing her ribs?

My 12 year old daughter is 5, 1 and weighs 200 pounds how over weight is she?

My 17months old is consistently Ill, with chest infections, has gone from 75th centile to 20th centile for his weight Only weighs 22lB eat very well. ?

My 2 yo born 12/14/14 has gone from weighing 27.9lbs to 24.5lbs in a couple months. very active and not a big appetite. should I be concerned?

My 2year olds breathing is very bad. Whats the average BPM for a boy his age?

My 3 yo daughter was born with laryngomalacia and was on honey thick liquids until 2. She doesn't eat very much. Weighs 36 lbs. Should I be concerned?

My 3yr old daughter only weighs 24pounds and is 36in tall, should I be concerned how tiny she is? She isnt much of an eater, very picky

My 4 month old weighs 18+lbs and has measured at the 97th% since 2 months? He just started solids, should we be concerned about his weight?

My 5 year old weighs 80 lbs. Pediatrician won't help me. She says he's a "big boy" and doesn't seem concerned. What can I do? Please help.

My 7 year old daughter weighs 3 stone, what should she weigh?

My 7 year old son weighs 17.2kg is that normal ?

My 8 year old daughter is overweight but my 9 year old daughter isn't. Why does my youngest gain so much weight and yet eats the same food as her sis ?

My 8 year old son weighs 114 pounds? But he's really tall is that consider overweight

My almost 11 year old daughter weighs 145 is that ok?

My baby is 3 months old he weighs6.3 kg n height is 63 cm..His birth weight was 3 kg n height was 49cm..Is he growi.G well?

My baby was 3 kg when he was born n height is 49cm.He is now 3months oldthen what should be the height n weight?