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Doctor I seen put me on all kinds of meditation and told me to lose weight I was wondering if it had anything to do with pergency I want a baby ?

I gained 15 pounds & I'm actually crying.I can't seem to stick to a good diet so I need somethin else. is garcinia cambogia helpful?I need to lose it

. I purge every night multiple times, but I fast all day. I also use laxatives. I'm currently 5'3" and 80lbs. Is this an anorexic weight? How severe?

1: would like medical Supervision to loose 45lbs.

2 months ago I started logging my food to lose weight (rate of 1lb/wk). It's working, but I get mild headaches every couple of days. Is that bad?

23 year old. H 175 CM w 55 kg. I tried eating very much then i used carbonhydrade powder. I couldnot take any weight. What do I have to do?

27 & still struggle with acne. Eat well, not overweight and exercise. Anything else i can do? Always seems to come back after antibiotics and cream.

4 month old bf needs to gain weight, her doctor told me , to start solids, like oatmeal 3 x a day is this true? Will this help ?What else can I give her?

After a thyroidectomy, my weight is going up even though my blood results are normal. I eat very healthily and go to the gym 4 days a week?

Always had trouble gaining weight..I'm 32 and weigh 143...Trying to at least get to 165 before the summer...HELP?

Am I better off going on diet before or after facelift?

Am i gonna lose any weight if i eat from 8am stop at 4pm and do this all the way until summer? With no exercise?

Am I losing weight because of my acid reflux? And if I take my medication will I get my weight back?

Am trying to loose 8kg but living in Ethiopia makes it hard.can't track the calories, no gym.I really need to loose it fast wich I don't know

Any other option for reduce weight instead of exercises to get better results?

Are the hCG shots effective or is the doctor at this weight loss clinic just trying to get rich?

Been a diet pill user for years. would like to quit completely. Need effective health plan to keep weight off and energy up naturally.

Besides working out and eating 6x a day bc I already do that there any procedure I can do to get more body fat?

Can a12 year old take diet pills she dosent have a heart condision she had ashama as a kid but not any more she dosent have serious problemsshe is just over weight

Can antibiotics make you gain weight ? I have been on a course of doxycycline in January as well as August for the same condition. I have noticed that I hold onto weight easier and it's harder to lose. is there a correlation ?

Can hpylori make your metabolism faster? Since i've had it (9months now) my weight won't go back to what it used to be i'm too skinny now BMI 17

Can I purposely get hypothyroidism? It seems like the only way to gain weight in my situation

Can i stop wellbutrin (bupropion) cold turkey been on it for 3 months- i hate it. Also how does using Metamucil help weight gain? Doc says my small intestines move way too quick regimen-ensure, Metamucil every day

Can quitting caffeine make you gain weight? I find i'm always hungry sense i stopped drinking coffee .Or maybe is it the Depo-Provera shot?

Can steroids kick in a thyroid in to let me gain wait I have tried everything

Can tizanadine cause you to lose your balance ? It happens to me a lot

Can tylenol (acetaminophen) make you gain weight? I've lost since i quit taking it, or was it cause it was making me retain fluids?

Can watching tv and running in place during commercials gonna make me loose weight?

Can wearing ankle/wrist 1lb weights all day make me get used to more weight and make me faster/stronger or will it have consequences?

Can you get small nettle-rash from weight loss (it was on a diet 3 year ago but the nettle-rash is till now).From that time I gained about15kg muscles

Can you please tell me why going through menopause makes you put weight on your tummy?

Can you tell me how could i keep dieting and working out when i want to quit?

Can you tell me how i could get buff without weights like in jail?

Can you tell me how to keep dieting and working out when i want to quit?

Can you tell me if there are any weight loss products or weird teas and stuff that has actually worked for anyone?

Can you tell me what to do if i want to lose a few pounds i'm hardly going to use Lipozene mabe only for a week.. Is it safe?

Can't lose weight easy on pcos. Never feel full and get bad sugar junk cravings. Any medication i can take control this?

Can't stop gaining weight while on depo. I'm 5 '5 and weigh 200lbs. I'm taking african mango, also green coffee , hydroxy cut recently.I cut out soda?

Could abusing pills like meth make your body have extreme weight changes?

Could eggs help get strong and put on weight?

Could i go to the dr and get a prescription for weight loss pills?

Could I use diuretic supplement to shed 15lbs quickly to wiegh in and get this job overseas?

Could propecia (finasteride) be hindering my chances to get a six pack? I have been training hard and can't lose my last couple pounds of belly fat. Any suggest?

Could testosterone pills make my gynecomastia go away and make me gain muscle?

Could you please help i would like to lose 40 lbs, anybody have ideas that worked well for them?

Dad is alcoholic.His Sugar and BP are off the charts but not able to control his habit.I heard of some powder which can stop this habit.Is this safe?

Desperate for the Atkins diet! how do I get started?

Diet and exicerise while Depo-Provera shot is good. Anything else i can do or take to suppress my appetite. Naturally like fiber pills. I need tips!

Do anti imflammatories make you gain water weight? i stopped them a month ago cause it was hurting my stomach and now ive lost about almost 10 lbs.

Do any of those drug store weight lose methods work, I want to jump start my diet and drop ten lbs as quick as?

Do steroids make you lose your appite?

Does deca 300 make you pick up weight?

Does Gabapentin 600 mg 3 times a day. make you gain weight. i take it for headaches but it ain't working anymore. i wanna get off it.

Does Latuda (lurasidone) start working fast? ALso I took it with just a bannana the first time and then a sandwich the 2nd time, was that a waste/mydocsaidworksfas

Does oxypro elite, the old version work? I am thinking about getting it as a supplement to lose extra weight while i go to the gym.

Does RA get worse with aging, even if ur taking ur med and doing sports and eating healthy?

Does slim fast work to help lose weight? I always see before and after photos of people who use them in TV commercials. Are those fake results?

Does the contraception injection make you hungry and want to eat more or just put weight on you regardless?

Does using laxitives really help you lose weight? I know people who take laxatives right after or during eating, but i don't know if it helps you...

Dr gave me 1000mg for 3 days oral steriod for my ms flare. Am I going to gain weight and get moonface? Know the benefits. Want to be prepared though

Eating well and i just thought of maybe using spanx for men to help me lose those extra pounds?

Ever since I've started my 2nd job I've gained weight. Im always on the go cause i clean at both. Is there something i can do or take to make me lose?

Friend lost alot weight on diet called "shape reclaimed". she takes drops every day in water. they will not tell u what's in drops. hv u heard of it?

Gained 2-3 lbs after stopping spironolactone for acne. Could this be water weight? What can I do to get rid of this? Already drinking 90 oz of water.

Gastric bypass 4 yrs out and gaining weight and seem unable to lose it, like before the surgery. How do I get back on track?

Getting put on Paxil (paroxetine) 10mg, if i eat right and exercise will it still make me gain weight anyway because if something in the pill? Tyvm

Have eating d/o hx. Am 250lbs & trying to lose wt. Watching diet, working w/a trainer- my PsyMD &PsyD are aware. Lately finding myself counting calories. With my hx, should I be concerned? Is this something that could mean things are going downhill?

Have lost around 10 pounds since getting a puppy 6 months ago and taking her on daily walks. Is 10 pounds a safe amount to lose in 6 months' time?

Have not been physically active in a couple years what is the best way to start out slow i don't overdo myselfi'm only 22 but i'm 30 pounds overweight?

Hcg - is it ok to give to a 10 yr old boy weighs 115* we have tried exercise and diet and the weight just doesn't seem to come off and my son feels that he's never going to lose the weight self esteem is very low. So is it ok to try this product.Pros and

Hello im trying to loose around 25 pounds and it is very very hard for me to control my eating issue do you think you can help me?

Hello, i would like to learn the best and right way to lose weight stay fit and healthy. also, i want to stop being so stressed all the time.

Hello, im looking to loose up to 40 pounds in about 3weeks or a little more because im going on vacation, what is the fastest way to loose weight?

Hello,I need to lose weight immediately ,like 10 kg in a week or two can I do it ? Please tell me a diet that will help me .Dont say I cant

Hello..I'm a 19 year old guy ..I am a skinny person..I have been doing workout and taking proper diet past few months but that's not working at all...

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes lymphedema and is it due to the lose of lymphnodes?

Hey I would like to know if it's ok to use action lab super fat burners while nursing my daughter I'm having a hard time loosing weight please help. ?

Hey I'm having a hard time loosing weight i've tried every thing I know about including eating healthy nothing works can u advice me what to do or use?

Hi I'm raven I'm 21 I have an amazing boyfriend that supports me in everything Like the fact I want to lose as much weight as possible in 5 months?

Hi doc I've been size 26/27 for 8years now & want to know what I can do to gain weight I've tried everything & also how can I improve pregnancy chance?

Hi doc, how can i lose wieght and get super fit and what excircise do you recommend i shall i use?

Hi doctor my daughter Is 16 years old an weighs 14 stones and we're going on a holiday soon as she wanted to loose her weight so I bought her the t25 ?

Hi doctors, I am 46 years old. 5"8' i weigh about 190 lbs. I've tried everything from kick boxing pills powders etc.Just to loose weight and can't?

Hi dr. Is there any chance to get cancer (any) if i take super slim pomegrante diet pill? Thanks wendy

Hi I am 18 years old I am 85kg summer is almost here could you give me a diet plan to remove weight fast please (-20kg) and how long will it take me ?

Hi I am 18 years old would like to start taking pills to remove my present fat while eating healthy and exercising , do you recommend i take such pill?

Hi i m trying so hard to loose weight but my scales r not going down is this cause of hormone imbalance ? how can i make hormones normal ???

Hi I'm Living with pcos and wanted to ask how I can lose weight though diet and exercise and permanently get rid of my facial hair and start my period?

Hi ive been trying to loose weight for years ive tried dieting exercise and nothing im a nursing mom so theres certain weight loss products i cant us?

Hi my friend took this diet pill stackers 3 and lose 40 in 2 gonna be taking it soon but will i lose my breasts? if so can i prevent it

Hi, I started exercising after a long time and had hard time. Does it get easier with time where i wont lose my breath as much. Thank you.

Hi, I am 21 and am taking quest vitamins super once a day. I lift weights 3-4 times a week, is it ok to keep taking these on a regular basis(daily)?

Hi, i'm 35 and i've tried exercise, eating right, pills .. Ect. To lose weight and nothing is working. Is there an underlying reason possibly?

Hi, my next fight is 2 more weeks, and I am 2kg overweight from my class, how to control my diet and stay energic? What I should and shouldnt eat? Thx

Hi, trying to lose weight. But with office and other freelancing projects i hardly have any time for working out. So is there an appetit suppressant ?

How can I control my HbA1c better. I already have a good diet and take Metformin. I am getting a little frustrated, I do not think I am overweight.

How can i get a doctor to take me seriously about thyroid issues? not showing up on bloodwork but was gaining weight fast until i took kelp regularly.

How can I get my metabolism jump started? I'm twenty years old and weigh 315. I'm stuck at 315 I can't lose or gain and I don't know what's wrong

How can I get prescription diet pills from a doctor? I have tried everything to lose weight exercise , eating right ect nothing works i don't plan on stopping the healthy way of doing things i just need something that will boost up the process or make me

How can I get rid of fat ......I go for dieting a month or 2 after that i again gain same weight. Is there any medicine without side effects.