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2 x 1.9 cm's equals how many inches?

5"5 108 pounds is this a healthy amount to weigh for someone 18 years old?

According to current thinking, is one 81 mg. Aspirin advised over two 81 mg. Aspirins to maintain heart health in the "average" healthy person?

According to the doctor what is the amount/type of exersize that a 14 year old female should be getting?

After CABG are there any restrictions on drinking water ?? how many cc per day maximum?

An average healthy human pass how much flatus a day?

Approximately how much water should a person with a BMI of 43 drink daily?

Are 7-8 hours of sleep per night enough sometimes I get 9 I'm an adult. Is that a healthy amount or do I need 10-12?

At 3 months what is the average amount a baby should be drinking and between what time frame?

Average calories required in a human diet ?

Can coke zero have any calories in it no matter what quantity you have?

Can consuming some ensure drinks as a child affect he or she in any way, such as his/her growth, or anything?

Can humans digest their own blood? providing that the person is healthy and the amount they'll be consuming is under a pint.

Can there be a maximum number of cavities you can have?

Can you let me know how many glasses of water is the average human suppose to intake?

Can you let me know how many grams of protein should be in the average persons breakfast?

Can you please explain why everyone is recommended the same amount of cholesterol?

Can you please list an average person's basic nutritional requirements?

Can you tell me what number of grams of sugar should a 15 year old boy take in a day?

Could 1 litre of vodka 40% alcohol volume be lethal for an average size man?

Could you tell me what is the minimum requirement of sodium (mg) for an endurance athlete?

Could you tell me what is the minimum requirement of sodium for an athlete?

Could you tell me what is the optimal amount of sleep per day for a mid 20s male?

Daily water intake amount for a adult man in South Asia?

Daily water intake for a adult man?

Do all kinds of sports provide the same amount of work out or does it vary?

Do i need to consume more protein to meet daily requirements of body, then an average female of my height, if I have bronchiectasis? Thanks

Do recommended dietary allowances (rda) account for people of different sizes and weights?

Do you know the highest that blood sugar should reach for a person wanting to be in optimal health?

Do you think that 90 days is a reasonable amount of time to loose 45 pounds?

Does 32 weeks equal 8 months?

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Does coffee consumption count towards the recommended 8-eight cups of water needed for basic daily hydration?

Does men consuming large quantities of sugar tend to run into malformed sperms ? What is the relationship

Does regular consumption of extra animal protein by a healthy vegetarian teenager change his adult height?

Example: Two men of same age and high both weighing 160kg. One is full of fat and other is strong. Does both of them carry same health risks?

For a person without diabetes, is it safe to consume 400 calories throughout one hour?

For teens under 18 how much sugar should they have per day and what's the max amt?

For what length of time can an adult human being survive without food, but with unlimted water?

Four month old boy weight's 7.8kg height 67cm Everyone says he is fat He is on combination feeding. Amount of Formula milk given to him is16oz a day.

Help please? What is the recommended portion size of every meal?

How can I calculate my total amount of myopia?

How come boys have higher dietary fiber intake than girls?

How long can a fat, obese person live without food compared to a regular size person?

How many calories should a averaged sized teenager be taking in?

How many cups of water should an adult 30s male have a day?

How many grams of protein is a healthy adult male supposed to intake everyday?

How much amount is approximately needed for heart transplant in india?

How much calories does a normal mestaburate of an average man consumes?

How much extra calcium intake should be consumed by a person who is breast feeding?

How much fiber should the average person consume in a day?

How much is 200 milliliters in ounces?

How much protein should be eaten in a day by a person weighing 242 lbs and has CKD..Please advise. Thanks?

How much sodium can the average adult consume daily?

How much sodium does the average american consume?

How much sodium fluoride should the average person get each day?

How much water, 1 or 2 or ? Liters water is necessary a day(excl or incl other beverages) for an average size adult?

How to take regular dosage of spirulina for adult and 17+ child for obseity and gaining weight.?

I am 18 and female. What is the recommended calorie intake per day?

I consume 7pints of water per day and have an average type body with about average activity levels, is it safe for me to have 2oz of bourbon in a day?

I consume 6-8pints of water per day and have an average type body with about average activity levels, is it safe for me to have 2oz of bourbon a day?

I don't always get all the additional calories needed during my pregnancy (22w) every day. Is it okay if i aim to an average for the week?

I have a kidney transplant and i would like to know what is the ideal amount of protein I should take on a daily basis, with respect to exercise?

I usually eat between 500 and 800 calories per day. I know closer to 1200 would be optimal, but is it really dangerous? What's the risk?

I want to donate blood at my school this year, but I didn't weigh enough. How come there's a weight limit?

I weigh 360, what's the highest amount of omega 3s should I be taking?

I weigh 72kg and height is 5'8, what is is the recommended amount of water I should drink daily and what are all the potential benefits of doing so?

I'm aged 28. I want to add 2 inches to my Penis. How can I achieve?

I've discovered the staggering amount of carbs in name brand cold cereals? I'm 64 with a normal sugar count. Thin & taut physique. Limit above intake?

If a child eats adequate protein but total energy intake is below that needed by the body, what will follow?

In the past three decades, have carbohydrates in this country comprised a larger % of our caloric intake?

Is a hour a day of high intensity exercise for 7 days a week the correct amount for a 20 year old female?

Is an hba1c of 27 mmol/mol too low? What is the minimum amount for a healthy person?

Is it natural for hr to increase after a meal? And if so how much of an increase is appropriate and for how long?

Is it okay to drink a two glasses of whole milk a day and have cholesterol higher than average, could there be a link between the two?

Is it possible for 1 litre of vodka 40% alcohol volume to be lethal for an average size man?

Is strength training with weights safe if the heart and body are healthy enough according to a physical exam or always considered unsafe?

Is the consumption of power bars considered appropriate for non-athletes?

Is there a difference between exercising, the same total amount, sporadically throughout the day and all in one session?

Is there a standard for "maximum amount of fluoro time" during a cardiovascular procedure?

My son is 16 and half years old , his length is 170 , is there any exercise can help to increase his length and is drinking milk can help?

Nutrition: What would be a reasonable amount of carbs in mgs. be for the day for a healthy adult without over doing it?

Please advise! how much (maximum)amount of sugar should I take in a day?

Please tell how much cholesterol should the average person allow in their diet a day?

Please tell me what amount of hemoglobin must be necessary for healthy body?

Roughly how many calories does an average sedentary man burn per hour while he's awake?

Should a diabetic patient consume whisky and if yes then in what quantity?

Should a person be drinking eight 8 oz glasses a day? Shouldn't this be determined by body weight instead?

Should ca-125 be within normal range (<35) for a healthy person or should it be zero?

Should teens worry about xs carbohydrate intake?

The monster energy ultra which has zero sugar zero calories would it kill a child for example a 11 to 12 year old?

Want to decrease the "coke bottle" effect. What do I do and how much more does high index cost?

What ahppens when someone loses over 100lb?

What amount fat and salt dose a person with lymphedema need daily?

What amount medication does an average HIV sufferer take on average per week?

What amount of a healthy amount of gluten should a person consume?

What amount of calories should a female 14 year old ingest per day?

What amount of sodium are adults allowed to have everyday?

What amount of sodium is recommended daily for a person who has chf?

What amount of whisky is allowed to a diabtic person?