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I lost 12% weight and so far in first place.The person who is trying to beat me has lost 8%.Can they beat me by eating 800 cal a day for last week?

13 year old girl (1.59 m tall 86 to 87 lbs) is perfectionist and gets stressed easily. She's been losing some weight, is this caused by stress?

20 month old that weights 21lbs, would this be concerning, family talk has been blowing it off.

32yo girl, bmi=32. Need 2lose weight quickly & maintain- not 4 looks, but 4 heart&general health! is it safe 2 go below 1200cals/day for this purpose?

5'2 weigh 224 lbs have 3 kids dealing with a lot if back pain, no energy, best way to lose weight fast so i can enjoy my kids?

5'2, 19 & 141 lbs but I run & workout A LOT. I feel healthy &look fit, but in high school my doc said I had to stay at 125, do i need to lose weight?

5'8 female at 140 lbs but need to get down to 125. How and how fast can I accomplish this?

All my life i was obese. Six months ago i lost a total of 209 lbswith diet alone (no surgery). I can not recognize myself in the mirror. Its normal?

Am 55 kg now almost lost 15 kilos and I am still not satisfied and i find myself fat and ugly on daily basis! am i sick?

Am a 19yr old 6'8 and 78kg male student athlete wanting to gain weight but I have no personal doctor or trainer to advice me on what diet plan to take?

Am going for gym for 2 years, but now am losing my weight and mass from face.Can you help me to revolve the problem.Am eating standardly.5.8 h.63 weigh?

Am I an anorexic category? 5'3" and 78lbs? I purge 3 times a day also and laxatives. If I went to the dr. Would I qualify for my "issue"

And I am now 128. I'm not sure whether I am ready to give up bulimia or not. Will i gain my weight back if i stop my bulimia? What should I do?

Any good way to stay patient and happy with myself while trying to drop some weight?

Anybody have any serious tips for weight gain for guys?

Anyone know what is a reasonable height to set my crutches?

Anything specific one can do to lose weight from acthar other than the obvious? I eat paleo. Off steroids 2 mo. Active, non desk job. Not lost any.

Are breasts the first thing to go when losing a fair amount of weigh?

Are kids gaining weight because the pe programs were dropped in schools?

Army recruiter i need to loose 1% body fat before i can even enlist. Any help would be greatly appreciated?

Assuming general good health. One man is obese, the other is muscular and lean-5-7% bf%. No access to food or water in a desert, who would die 1st? Y?

At physical they always note my bmi. It is always over 30 plus. I argue with doc why he puts it in my chart. I am under 10% body fat bodybuilder ?

B-12 shots? What are the health benefits to b-12 injections, and is this something i can give myself? My wife and i are trying to lose weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise, but we have two young daughters and are full time students. We are

Being, a cancer and a hepatitis patient.And im underweight , can I go to gym for little workout and to gain weight.Is there any problem ?

Best weight loss program for 5 foot tall 220 lb person, that is pretty solid, blood type a+, good stamina when working out, but just can't drop weight?

BMI =16.8. Dr says gain, so I have been trying. I agree I am way too low. Wat underweight BMI is close enough to be healthy as I am naturally light ?

Both parents 5'9, but i'm only 5'5 at age 22...Any chance of getting taller? I eat healthy and lift weights.

Can 7 months of methadone treatment for heroin addiction cause a LARGE weight gain? Eating reasonably. Swelling in hands & feet.

Can a person loose her mind as a result of having triplets.?

Can a person with one kidney (was born like that , right kidney) lift weights & exercise ?? I've lived 19 healthy years thank god :)

Can i go to an oa meeting if i'm not too overweight?

Can i lift weights (body builder) and be piles free after hemorrhoidectomy. I'm going to be a p.E teacher and love/wanna stay active. 22 yrs old?

Can someone tell me if losing 30 pounds in 4-5 months is reasonable and achievable ?

Can u lose ur sight if u don't treat diebies right away jw?

Can you be both anorexic and bulimic at the same time? My daughter is a little underweight her daughter is not concern. He says she is in excellent health both mentally and physically. She eats a lot and loves food, but does not gain weight. My mom and da

Can you give any suggestions to help this 21 year old stay at home mommy, full-time student, daycare owner to lose weight?

Can you guys tell me how big of a difference does weight make in diabetes?

Can you tell me how to talk to people, when I weigh this much?

Can you weigh in on whether resperate (to naturally lower hbp) is proven or not in the medical field?

Constant fear if being fat and criticize myself numerous times daily. I weigh myself multiple times a day. Friends note my fat comments on self. Wdid?

Could a person reshape aftet 14 years of obesity?

Could weight loss for dance have made me have late puberty?

Could you tell me what are good questions to ask about obesity and a healthy lifestyle to a nurse?

Could you tell me what's the best way to determine if you're at a healthy weight?

Currently undergoing ivf. Not overweight but put on 4lbs over xmas. Will IVF outcome be compromised if i lose a few lbs by dieting and exercise?

Do all anorexics believe they aren't skinny? Under treatment, do they suddenly realize they're skinny?

Do I need to gain weight? Im 5'2 and 90 pounds. I look average sized and eat a lot. I have sle.

Do oncology nurses lose their hair at faster rates than other nurses?

Do really small high school athletes typically end up gaining weight after they get their first period?

Do we put on weight as the age increases, if so can you provide the age & weight relations chart or details. Thanks in advance.

Do you lose sensitivity after boob job?

Doctor can I grow some more hight,I don't know whether it is possible but I will try hard by doing exercises and hanging,I'm 22 but anyone increased?

Does being under weight put you at risk of cardiac complications? I don't mean a bmi of 12 I mean model thin.

Does being vegetarian is better for people with a+ blood group because some people told me it helps in losing weight faster?

Does genetic testing actually help people with weight loss? If so who should use it? Should I use it since I'm morbidly obese?

Does it help to send a child to fat camp for his fatness?

Em over weight. I had stop eating al d things which is not good for health. before 1 yr. Em doing exercise also. But still Em d same. Wt 60kg, Ht 5ft

Even if i rid my sleep apnea with weight loss, i won't be able to join the us marines? This is my lifetime goal. Is there any way?

Everyone says losing a pound a day is unhealthy for the body. But my question is, why?

Everyones calling me anorexic and i'm not even thin. Is it just me?

First like to say this doctors etc are Great here thanks my question is I'm 40 and Skinny want to no why how put on weight I'm tall to 186cm 70kg ?

For elderly males with something like dementia, how many calories daily are needed to maintain weight?

For what kind of person would lap-band surgery by appropriate? #nqlu are there any specific weight limits/bmi that it is ideal for?

Good afternoon sir,am final year student....what should i do for losing my weight?????

Good day , i'm decided to live a healthy life but extremely hard for me to gain weight, I have an addiction of wanking since the age of 12! need advice?

Greetings, im a 26 y/o guy. 5'8 & 140lbs. I decided to go down to 134lbs...will it still be healthy?

Greetings...... I just want to ask what is the normal weight for a 26 y/o 5'8 man? Thanks

Guy with some weight issues needs help!?

Has anyone lost a huge amount of weight with a home delivery meal plan without spending a lot of money?

Have permanently harmed my body? I'm 30 and had smoked 10years. I was slightly over weight but now am smoke free and physically fit

Have some really important pictures to take in two weeks, does anyone know of any ways to lose weight in my arms?

Haven't been to the doctors in 5 years & as for my height & so underweight. Is that a serious problem ? I hate how skinny i am. Help me please !

Hello ' dr. I m 21 years old and look like a 16 years school student .. I wanna gain my weight without steroids 'medicine .Plz tell me how i can gai?

Hello doc! I am an underweight person having less growth.I also don't feel a good hunger.How can I get a healthy & fit body? Height 5'6"&weight53kg.

Hello doctor by professional I am a software engineer recently facing a severe problem with backache I am 28 years old male 5 5 height 77kgs weight do?

Hello I am 18 y/o 87 lbs and female. What's the best health guide to gain weight possibly a month or 3-4 months. I want gain up to 15 pounds. Thank yo?

Hello I was wondering if you prescribe phentermine I am 23 years old 5' 6" tall weigh 230lb and I just need it for extra help my girlfriend received it from her doctor after her and I kept going to the gym and counting calories but no results I ended up

Hello sir my height is 5'8" inches wieght is 87 kg i feel tired a lot sir suggest me medicine and diet to control my weight ?

Hello, I am searching for an appropriate plan to gain wieght . Please advise on this . I am 21 year old male.. Thank you.

Hello, i m now 24 yrs now. I never eat vegetables. Now my health still ok. What kind of medicine should I take? I'm girl. 69kg n 5'3" tall.

Hello, I'm 16 years old either 5'4 or 5'5 weigh 186. I want to gain muscle but also lose some weight. What should I do for the fastest results?Thanks!

Hello! I'm 31, 5'5 and I weigh 206 lbs. How can I get rid of this weight to be a healthier me? Is it possible to get down to 155 by April 10th?

Hello. My daughter would like to know what a healthy weight for a 15 year old who measures 5"2 is. Thank you.

Hello.Is there a doctor that could i get me a personal diet for weight loss?Thank you in advance! dan

Hey doc how can I gain big muscles? I'm working out from the last 1 year and I'm gaining weight but not getting the desired result due to my stressful job I'm an software engineer

Hey Doc. I'm 16. my Height is 5.7 and weight around 88 pounds. Which is severely underweight. I'm tremendously worry about it because I eat normally. I'm not anorexic or having an eating disorder. What should I do? I scared If keep losing weight and it wo

Hey doctors i wonder what is the best weight for a 15 years old ?! which she is 5'6"?!

Hey there! just wondering, what is the normal weight for someone my age? I'm 22 years old and i'm 5'1"

Hey! I want to lose weight. I'm 19, 5'8 tall, 86 kgs. Ready to workout(except gym pls) and diet as much as possible. Can u prepare a routine? Thanks!!

Hi am a sickle cell patient sc and am 31 years old . I wanted to know if it's advisable to take weight gainers like hyperbolic mass or fast grow anabo?

Hi doc, want to ask a question…… can I exercise or life heavy weights on my ovulation day ? I think it might create difficulties in concieving.

Hi doctor I am male of 23 years age my BMI shows that i m underweight i dontget healthy whenever i started to gain weight suddenly again i become thin?

Hi doctors, iwant to have the perfect body ever.I want to know what is the best nutrition plan and exercises that would make "ryan raynolds" out of me?

Hi dose minoxidel is ththbest solution to fight heir lose?

Hi dr, i visited food advisor and she told me i am 5 kg under my weight. My medical result is normal.i look very skinny. Plz advice for an appetizer.

Hi dr.20 yo boy.i had 20 kg weight lost during 9 month empowered to achieve fitness but my skin losses largely. What should i do?please help me.

Hi I am like 5ft 4inches and weigh about 140. Could losing 20 pounds be great for me?

Hi i want to loose my weight about 86 kg and I have two child by C-section please guide me.Thanx?

Hi i'm 34 wks pregnant and am aiming for a water birth, everyone is telling me to not have one is this unrealistic to achieve at 17 ?

Hi im 22 yo, 50kg, 5'8'', i'm working as a call center agent from 8:30pm -5:00am. Do you have some exact diet and exercise tips for me to gain weight?