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my son is 1 year old and he has a cough for 3 day what medcne should i give and how much dosage.his weight is 10.2kl.thnkyou.i need ur response plz?

Would like to loose weight but im to layzy i am a 14 year old girl curinntly 228 pounds plzz help.

17wks prego n have lost 7lbs I'm not overweight so is this normal ?

25 yr old male underwent gynecomastia reduction srgry 4 mnts back,glandremoval n fat removd.weight72 kg n height 174cm.nw fat deposition reccuring??

26 f n my weight is 84 n height is 5.1 my weight is fine or should I reduce. .

3 yo son has been failure to thrive since he was 1..Many test done..All normal..Hes 25lbs slow weight gain.. Wat could b wrong?

30yr working married lady(healthy diet, BMI 24) frm India having severe hair fall?

3hrs walking a day is safe? I am 60kg n 5.7 ft tall.i want to reduc e to 3 hrs walking a day enough to lose 3kg.i consume 1500cal/ day.pls hlp

5"1 120lb F.VERY healthy diet bt weight just doesnt drop especially abdomen.Just got 3lb hula hoop for exercise.1/2hr per day, how long till results​?

6 month old daughter has running nose frm 3 months and does not gain weight, has taken medicine didn't help please tell me what to do?

Advise me proper medicine and how to use it , diet plan to reduce the weight , as my wt - 90 & height 6 ft , age-36 , stomach is big , hard and round?

After 2 yrs, i slowly began eating meat again. I got c difficile colitis, gained 47 lbs, &hve been vry constipated? Should i cut it bck out of my diet

After my operation of tonels .My menses disturbed a lot. After every 1 or 2 weeks bleeding starts again.I hv eaten medicn bt all in vain.Help wt i ?

Am 20 yrs old. Am a college goer...Am controlled n my diet. Am going to get married soon.Am 58 now.Help me to reduce my weight.

Am 25years old, height 5'4", weight 80kg. I have belly stomach.Pl suggest for how to reduce. I will be married within few months. Help?

Am african 5'5-6 snd now 80kg.Whats my bmi.Am i overweight?If yes what do I do to reduce to a size 12 without starving myself

Am vinay from india.I had my gallblaer removed 4yrs ago am 20 now. Since then i look very peel n thin. Wt kind of food i need 2 take 2 gain weight?

Are there any diet pills that work well with hypothyroidism? Bc i've tried everything n nothing works along w diet n excersize i want to loose 20 ty

Are those pills slime line soft gel riski to take or they realy do work for loosing weight. I'm mother of two one handicap boy realy wana loose weight?

At 12 I was avg. wgt (45kg). Over next few years I got very skinny, still had fat tho, just no muscle development. Had very very late puberty?? 18 now

Been centrally obese for 6/7years. Walk briskly 30mins a day. Try to eat well but struggle. Lost some cm but gained some back. 92cm now. prev 93.5cm?

Brth wt of my son 5lb13.9oz, curnt wt 7lb3.5oz.Born 35.3weeker on oct11.Curently taking 50mlx8tims a day of xpresd breastmilk.Is this enuf r need more?

Can i loose 10kgs in 6 mnths by walking on d tredmill fr 30minutes thrice a day? My age 20 female. My current weight is 70. .

Can i loose 10kgs in six mnths by walking on d tredmill thrice a day i hv very flabby arms shall I use dumbells ?Wil it giv me muscles? M female.

Can IBS make u go a lot n sometimes not go as mutch n gain weight n lose weight ?

Can laxatives, like nuez de la india interfiere with Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone)? I have gain so much weight with Depo-Provera I really need to loose some now, thanks

Can somebody tell me how much carbs n protein n fat n fiber we take in wieght watchers diet n how much calories we take with it tell thanx :) ?

Can u give me sme feedbacks abt Universal Nutrition - "Milk & egg"? Can it be usd as a weight gainer? Confusd abt bromelain & papain?

Cervicular MRI disc protrusion c6/7 .. Dr. Adviced its tiny and prescribed nsaid & b-vit also advised can excercise .. Wt shall avoid in excerc.?

Cn u lose weight if ur thyroid is extrmly low evry thng i've read says u gain bt i jst found out tht mine is extrmly low and i've lost abt 20lbs 1mnth?

Continually losing weght unintentionally..Trying 2 focre myself to eat more n' more but between livin in chronic pain everday! plus stress, gettin sic?

D.pls hlp me out to gain jus one o two cup sizes i lost it due to weight loss i v becom very concius cos of the change please hlp me doc pills creams?

Dear doc, how can I lose weigth fast, im a chef on star cruise ship...Im getting married soon my height is 175cm and weigth 94kg..Please help me , tq?

Dear doctor, i want to loose my wait. My particular is as under: age 26, weight 71kg, newly married, height 5 feet and 4 inch. Kindly help me. Thanks?

Dear doctor, what shd i do, if want to increase my weight? Am 29 yrs old but my weight just 64 only and i looks so lean. Thanks for ur suggestion.

Dear sir, kindly suggest how to gain waight, i am 24 ys unmarried student, weight 49 kgs i am thin & bony, i am trying hard to get some weight & fat b?

Depo shot for the 1st time 2 1/2wks ago. I have already put on 5#s. What can I do? Is this water weight?

Do u sugest me to use hCG diet drops, because am overweight, and i want to loose weight fast in may be 1mnth, am 88kg and i want to reduce almost 30kgs.

Doc, what all things should i knoñw to conceive as fast as i can. Iam 25 years old. Weighs 70kg n height 162cm?

Doctor , other doctors told me i don't hve energy in my body i guess dis is because of my masturbating activities .And m vry skinny i want gain weight?

Doctor I am about to take protein shakes for my self .. But i don't know which one is gud please help i want to gro muscles n my weight is 89 kg height5.11?

Does hydroxychloroquine cause weight gain what the heck are these ansrs my doctor gave th is to me for pain give me a straight answer please ?

Don't hve cancer that i know of. Fatty liver in feb diet and exercised lost 60 l got scared and went bk to reg diet in oct no wt loss since. Cancer?

Dr,how can I gain weight fast.though am a mother of 2 mns weight aftr delivery is slim n like to get a litl fat.pls kindly gv an answr?

Drs i wana ask abt the compositions and dosage of each for lipotropic injections?

Ever since i moved from india i have been gaining weight. Back in india i was always lean. please suggest on this. Also, i am trying to quit smoking. ?

Feeling weak & stamina low fr last 2 years aftr typhoid, nw typhoid, thyroid & sugar reports r normal,can't do any physical exercise,even masturbating?

Female,33,hadSSRI for anxietyndepression&gained32lb,hv pcos,once reduced12lb but gained again. CanI ever return to normal? Is theSSRIdcoz

Friend lost lot weight/ diet.sdI try it? she takes drops 3 x day. In drops hs Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Placenta & many more ingred. wht u think? thx

Frm last 1 mth i m drinking lukewarm water along with cardio exc 4 weight loss bt a friend of mine suggested me dt lukewarm water is NT gd 4 such prog?

Frm last 1 mth i m drinking lukewarm water along with cardio exc 4 weight loss bt a friend of mine suggested me dt lukewarm water is NT gd 4 such prog?

Got all my test including colon endoscopy I was confirmed wit ibs I had weigh gaining prob now wight loss have lost 2kg in week is it due to ibs. tnx?

Had CABG 2yrs back iam over weight 85 on med want lose ido ex . 45 min cycling 15 to 20 min on diet but still able to lose please advise?

Hai doctor i need to loose my weight what should I do? Csn u please suggest a diet am from india

Halo I exercise n I loose just s small potion n I gain it back, n I can't stay away from food, what can I take to help with the food intake ?

Hav a prob of pcos, I do daily wrkout, but pace of my weight reduction is very very slow, what can b done so dat my weight reduction increases a bit?

Hav been hitting the gym since 3months,i have started using musltech mass gainer for wieght gain, but i am getting lots of indigestion problems,?

Have been losing 2 kg each week since a month with the help of cardio..7days a week.Should i continue(wt:77kg ht;169cm)?

Hb is 14 and eating enough but still loosing weight.....Does i hv parasites or what.....? I hv high eosinophils.

Hello .. Em hannan .. Em 18 looks like 14 .. My weight is 40 nd i want to get some weight !! ?

Hello question is I want to build up my body n whats the best diet for me...and which meal should I take?

Hello dr. I' m fat n weigh 95kg. I want to loose weight n burn the fats off my system but becos of tight work schedules i can't exercise. What do I do?

Hello I'm 16yrs old and still didn't get my periods yet I'm scared I weight 39kg and I'm 159 tall . Plz help me and tell me what can I do natural? Thx

Hello my weight is 180pounds n im too obese n now i want to be 130pounds so please suggest me full diet n exercise plan?

Help asap plz! im 16 yrs & 2day i tried fat burner sample contained 200mg caffien i was abt to faint in gym cdnt contiue, now my hb raises quickly?

Hepc n ciroh, feeling weak..No ascietes or edema.Eating 4 to 5 times small portions of fruit n veg, how 2 improve energy level.Pl advice?

Hey dctr give me some fine description of diet after act upon I can looss my fats...?

Hey doc am a footballer and i want to gain weight m 22years old m 70killos and 1m71 so what should I eat please nd thank you?

Hey doc, what do you suggest for someone with a thyroid problem? My gf says she's gaining weight coz of this

Hi , my age us 26 and my weight is 85 kgs. Just wanted to know what can be done to reduce the tummy.?

Hi . I jst started taking twin lab amino fuel liquid. I want to loose weight n look slim. Can dis product help me without any side effect?

Hi doc iam very slim iam 24 yrs how can I become a little fat?

Hi doc. Need to reduce 25kgs. Married since 2 yrs. Planning for pregnancy now. Unable to do exercises. Pls help me to reduce weight. Am a vegetarian?

Hi doc..I ws 63kg back in august bt nw suddnly my weight increaed to 70..I m duin my best to loose wght exersce and diet evrythn.But um NT able to?

Hi Doctor ! gud morning im 28yrs old & weight 160lbs & height 5.6. Im eating almost healthy bt my face is keep getting fatty it looks im 40yrs old :(?

Hi Doctor... I'm Rusul wight 59... How I can save my wight and don't have incresa ?? I wish to get answer for my question ... Thanx

Hi I am dan, 17 years old, vegetarian and became slim when i came abroad for studies. I need to gain again.What i need to take for a healthydiet, growfat?

Hi iam 16 male Iam tall n skinny I go to gym and I eat also protein is that harmful or not can I stop my highet growth because iam too tall?

Hi iam in 6 week of pregenancy what sport I do and what food helpfull for me?

Hi ive been taking my blood pressure at home for the last 4 days and im getting anything from 168/103 to 145/98 im 40 weigh 65kgs height 165cm.

Hi m muslim 21 years old n facing problem of hairloss n period after every 15 days in a month wt is the main cause? wt can I do ? n my weight approx5

Hi sir, sir please tell me how can I loose my hip weight . It has become very large and i m much worried about this..Pleas and giv me healthy tips exercs?

Hi suffrn frm TB so askin u when i finish this course how do I know m cured and also tel me i feel i gain some weight pound per month but diet is same?

Hi thanx for ur replies i just want to ask that with pcos..can i become pregnant natrually..plz suggest me proper diet..

Hi there recently been diagnosed with pcos and was wondering if there was anything I could get or do to help me loose weight? Thanks in advance

Hi, 6months back I had a virginal delivery it was my 2nd pregency I am 25years old my weight 78kg I want to loose 25kgs which was my pre pregency weight. Please advice me wen can I start exercising running jogging jumping ?

Hi, doc I am 29 and my weight is 92. I have very rough schedule due to which not getting time for exercise. Kindly sugget what to do in this situatin?

Hi, iam 24years old and am underweight. My weight is around 41-42kgs. Please advice me the best. Plz tell if any test required with full information.

Hi, my age is 5"4 and age is 32 years and weight 70 kg...On medicine Ayurveda to cure pcos since rwo years..Need to loose weight atleast ten kg ...

Hi,dr I hope u ll fine, actually I want to ask u how I can increase my dick becuse that is 3.5inch bt I want to more can u help me do u have any exerc?

Hi. is it OK if I eat any meat bcoz I have ovarian surgery 4months ago.thank you?

Hi.. my husband's sperm count is low and v r adviced to exersise and's been 1 1/2 months after exersing and v r on trying will this help us?

Hi..I need to know in 8th month of pregancy, bababys weight is only 1.7kg. And she is diabetic also.Any complications for tht.

Hi..i would like to reduce my weight upto 10kgs but in a short period of time i.e.,1 month so help me in diet plan to reduce 10kgs fastly?

Hii im a female 33 yrs after my two sessiors delievery i put on weight a lot on tummy how to reduce that?

Hii sir, myself hemant yadav From india!!! I am Facing many prblms bcoz of my less weight !!! My height is 6feet3inch and my current weight is 53kg!!!

Hii.i want to reduce my weight. Please advise me.awaiting your poistive reply?

Hiii doctor my age is 22 and my weight is about 50kg and i look weak i used multivitamins for months but it doesnt work?

How can I increase my body weight? I eat a lot then too its stuck at 55kgs since 3yrs.

How can I loose my over weight? My weight is 110kg n my age is 21yrs n my hight is 5'4