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I have 18cm hands, 24.5cm feet, height 176cm and age 15.And a slight pigeon chest. I am an Asian Chinese, would like to know if i have Acromegaly.thx?

i am fat boy and my heightis 5.2 .i want to became taller and also want to lose wheight.and a I am also not so active. ?

If I have a buried penis from being obese and I lose weight can that issue go away and also can I see some more length in my penis please respond ?

16 124 LBS 5'4 1/4 HT. At my age what's the easiest way to lose a pinch full of fat? I have chest arm and stomach fat. I.e my profile pic

18y/o male 5.9 broad w/ larger torso than legs, fairly broad & exercise 4-6 days a week for between 1&2 hours 162lbs. Wut wood my helthiest weight b?

19 year old male that is underweight and short, what foods can help me out quickly in both areas?

20 yr old female, 5'8" and 12 stone. Is this fat or just slightly overweight?

21 male athletic built with a normal muscular body.In the morning I measure179.5cm and after running in the evening its177cm.I want to grow 181cm.Help?

24 male, slightly over weight not much, diet not been great for 6 years, whats chances of my coronaries been blocked a little?

25y/o female.very thin and fit.has back of thigh cellulite.she eats unhealthy food though, but is very active in walking and jogging.wut is solution?

26 yrs old female my height is 5'4 my BMI has now gone down to 15.5 is that a bad weight? X

28yrs. Old and 4 kids later. Im trying to lose the big belly on my small frame. 100 situ po s and or either 100cruches. Help not working. Any advice?

33 yr old female, have had three kids, 5foot5inches and 128 pounds. Is that too heavy? I exercise and eat right but cannot lose any weight.

38 male, 130/90 bp, 90 kg weight and 6ft tall with 7 uric acid. Please suggest a post workout diet without compromising kidney & ripped body.

46 female having problems losing muffin top,I'm a runner and do hot yoga 3x week . Eat well, don't like my waist.

5 foot 4 and 145lbs. 14 years old Broad shouldered and muscular. About 2 inches of showing body fat on the she overweight?

5ft 6"female. How much should I weigh?I measured my wrist trying to figure out my body frame size..& I am small framed. 120-133?

A 22 year old female, with height of 5ft 5in and 175 could realistically and in a healthy way loose 45lbs in a matter of how long? -healthy tips

A friend I haven't seen in 2 years said I look bigger. I haven't gained weight. Maybe meant height but I'm approaching 40. Could that have happened?

After losing 99pounds by eating right and exercising, my skin will never get tight again? I have been overwieght for @26 years, and am 52 years old.

After shot meth for 2weeks arms start getn skinny you can tell a difference in the size before after from bend down very skinny.What could cause this?

Age 21, weight 52 kg, height 5ft6in. I am a skinny boy with sunken eyes and cheeks. Any tip or advice to gain wt. , ht. And eyes n cheeks remedy.

Aggregation of a fat around hip in girl, what is the reason for that?

Although i thinner than my friend, but why my thigh bigger than her? Mine 52 kg, hers 57kg. Thanks

Am a 58 female only 5ft tall weight 7stone 81b I have a large tummy people ask all the time am i ok or i look pregnant what wrong with me .

Am I at risk of becoming obese? I am a male and I weigh 95kg and I am 5'2 tall. My stomach is really big and my things are very big and fat. I can't run for 1km without running out of breath. When I jump my whole body jiggles for more than 3 seconds.

Am i overweight thighs are big 5ft 2 and 120 lb is under 12

AM I SHRINKING! I'm 16 and a GUY I went on a diet of 1702 calories to lose 10 pounds, I lost 5 now I'm 136LBS I went from 5'4 3/4 to now 5'4 in weeks?

Am obese.34 yr old female.weight,215 lbs.Height= 4'10''.looks like my stomach is bigger than norm?How can I tell if my tummy is bigger than my normal.

Are the dimples behind my knees a sign that i may be overweight? Im 5'3 and i weigh 145. HW

At 12 yrs old 158cm, 47kg. At 18 yrs, 183cm, 53kg.Started puberty 3 yrs behind average. Same fat%, before & after.Limbs stretched became twigs. Cause?

At what age womans body is completely developed?I am 22 years old.My lower waist is not fully developed lik a woman tills now.I weigh 45 kg.Height 5'2

At what BMI does a panniculus start to form?

At what waist size is a female considered to have abdominal obesity?

At what weight will i be too thin to have general anesthesia for a surgery. I'm female, 5'7" & weigh 120lbs, have lost 13lb due to gallbldder disease.

Been obese since highschool. I'm for sure not a big eater,even smaller portion than a small-sized lady.But I still have BMI over 35.What's wrong?

Btw I am obese. My BMI is 33. However i feel fatter even though my weight stayed the same. My waist has gotten bigger. Is this possible?

Can a slightly obese 13 year old girl living in any part of the world have too much belly fat which may look as if she is pregnant?

Can a slightly obese indian teenage girl inherit big belly from her father or is it the fast foods she eats that determines her belly fat?

Can belly fat accumulate in different proportions among sisters , i know a family where obese younger girl has more belly fat than her old obese sister?

Can find out my weigh without weighing myself with my height the sizes of paints it wear.. Im 5' 7 and i wear a size 11

Can girls inherit obese bodyshape and big fat belly from their father as well?

Can I get rid of my bruit through exercise? Because when I was smaller I heard no noise in comparison to being 42lbs overweight now.

Can someone still loose weight after reaching a plateau or is this the maximum weight i can loose cinsidering my large body frame. I'm stuck @ 117 p?

Can you explain if it's possible to be morbidly obese/very fat with a small frame and an under developed amount of muscle mass?

Can you tell me if a girl was about 11-12 what should the average weight be, is 78 kg too much or too less i'm a bit worried for her?

Can you tell me in my late 20's. my BMI is 16.8. I'm rather short and weigh just 90 pounds. the scale says 92-ish rightt know what to do. will I die?

Can you tell me is 34 inches standing bad for a waist size?

Chest=49"bicep=25"Waist=38"Height=178cmWeight=107kg.Body Fat=11%.BMI=34 but athlete bodybuilder.Why am I considered obese?Is bodybuilding bad?BMI lie?

Correction 8mth old 15 1/2lbs 2ft1/2 inches head cirm is 45cent. Am i overreacting to his weight size at 8mths? Great eater but slow weight gain

Could getting taller reduce bodyfat percentage?

Could having broad shoulders make you weigh more than a normal girl?

Could I have proportional dwarfism? I am an 18 yr old female. All of me is small so i look proportionate but i ama little over 4'9"?

Could losing around 40lbs in weight, have caused my myrena coil to move upwards and embed into my myametrium?

Dad who is diabetic & weighs 110 kgs (242 lbs) is on cefuroxime 100o mg/day.Is the antib for his weight okay for his wound and skin rash to heal.Help?

Daughter is very active & eats properly. Continues to gain weight & size, new stretch marks daily. PCP says blood work ok. What q's should we be askin?

Dear doc, let me introduce myself.. Im a girl 25yo.. I have anytrouble with my body...My height is 143cm and 40kg only... Is it too thin or abnormal?

Dear doctor i am 20 years old, my height is 6 ft 3inc and my weight is 105kg, the matter is my penis is smaller. What is the reason for this.

Diagnosed small hiatus hernia. Not even a bit of heartburn, gerd ect. Will my HH grow if I lift weights at gym ? 23yo slim 134lbs. Thank you

Do I have a pear shaped body? I'm 16 and a BOY, My waist is about 32 inches my hips 34 inches

Do you think the BMI chart for women in America is too lenient? Is it okay to go lower than the 18.5 BMI if I still have excess body fat?

Do you think the trend "waist training" with waist cinchers are effective and mostly is it healthy?

Doctor I am 34year old my weight is 91kg please advise me how to larg or fat my penis size is it possible to grow now?

Doctor nice to meet you im very fat 85 klg?

Does an enlarge liver make you obese or have a big belly iam 5'4 weight 130 iam 28 my waist line is fat and iam slim?

Does being real tall affect urine volume? They say < 2L a day is normal but I put out atleast 3-5 in a day. Is this because I'm 6'8" and just larger

Does height and weight have an effect on testicle size how big should they be 5'7" 130lbs?

Does it harm to a 16 years old boy if he lift 330 pounds every day?

Does staying hydrated help clear oxycoden out of your system? If not what may help? I'm 5ft 3inches tall and weigh 135lbs.

Dose bein overweight have something to do with ur private parts.

Dr I'm a slim boy , I'm 20yrs old I wanna add a little body size and weight. Can u help me?

Every week i get fever and now cold.. I'm very thin my BMI is underweight.

Female, 22yrs, 37kgs, 4'9 height. Problem : Flat chest. I want to increase my breast size. Suggest some diet, cream or exsrcise to help me grow them?

Fifteen years old, chubby, can't reach past my knees?

For a 54 year old woman who's 52kg or 115lbs, what weight is suitable for neck traction and what weight for lumbar traction?

For a small framed 5'6 18 year old female how badly over weight is 145?

Good evening everyone !i would like to know which is the normal weight for a 37 year female 1, 65 CM height.

Good health 18 year old girl can I corset train to because a waist size 26 like is it dangerous ?

Hai gd evening . am 23 yrs old girl but am looks like 10 th class student my weight is 38 kg i would like increase my body weight will you pls help?

Hello doctor i'm 19 yrs old, studying in college bt my weight was only 41 kgs, am just looking a small boy so please give any tips for body development..?

Hello doctor, I am Toor Khan age is 26.My height is very small.How to gain.

Hello i'm very fat around 260 if i lose weigh will my penis grow ? I'm only 19 and was curious

Hello, I am 45 y.o., 5''8, 210lbs (bulky build but too much fat over muscles) at present. Would a good weight be 180, 185 max w my body type. Thanks?

Hello, i am 23 yr old female and weigh 112lbs, height 5'1 how can i get rid of chubby cheeks and have high cheekbones without a surgery, please help!

Hello, i am 23 yr old female and weigh 112lbs, how can i get rid of chubby cheeks and have high cheekbones without a surgery, please help!

Hello! My child weighs 62 pounds ( she is eleven ) She is also very short. Is 62 pounds healthy for my little girl?

Hello. Doctor i am 22 year old female, weight 37kgs,height 4'9. I have a flat chest. I heard Estrogen level helps to grow breast size. What shall i do?

Hello.. I want to drop my body fat to the percent that i would see my muscle defintion.. Am 141 pounds and 160cm height. My age is 17. Please help!

Help my face is kinda chubby and i only weigh 105 pounds. What can I do to slim it down?

Hey i'm a 18 year old female and i'm 5'4, whats the average weight for a person like me?? (Im really curvy)

Hi . Im 16 years old 5.8 ft 76, kg. My problem is my jump. How can i increase my vertical jump even if im big/fat.

Hi doc male with 220 lbs 6ft height have insicional hernia below belly button from 5yrs, not painful .What exercise should I take to loose weight :-)?

Hi docs iam male 17 iam thin and tall I go to gym everyday and I eat meat fish chicken and iam still tall skinny thin plz tell me why and show me tips?

Hi doctors, please write that what is lateral pelvic tilt and its remedy?And how it affects loosing weigh and hairs.Caz i lost half of hair and weigh

Hi doctors..I'm 21 years old my height is 160cm and weight is 42 kg is that too risky or nearly normal and what the risks if there were...Thanks alot?

Hi I am 19 year old.But my body weight is very low.It is only 53.I am 5feet 10 inch tall.So i seems vry thin.Pls help.

Hi I am 19 year old.My weight is very low.It is only 53.I am 5 feet 10inch tall.So i seems very thin.Please help.

Hi I am 21 years old female and weigh 96ish pounds and have a small frame. Is that a normal weight? Should I be concerned?

Hi I am ravi from india. Age about 29 years. Looking like 22yrs old. Facing height growth, height about 5 feet 3 inch. Weight about 60 kg. Pale face.

Hi i'm 18 and i think i'm short so my height is 167 CM and now i like to know is there any way like tablet, exercise, ampul, or... To growing me up?