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49 yo healthy active woman (vigorous yoga, healthy diet) Are there any physical concerns with vaporizing small amounts of marijuana once a day?

57 year old Asian woman with osteoporosis. Any studies that show that diet & exercise alone can maintain health, i.e., drugs aren't necessary?

Also will proper diet and exercise help in maintaining a healty and strong heart rate, how much of a roll does it play?

Any good websites to pinpoint perfect amount of nutrition and types of exercise to optimize self confidence, energy and ability?

Any suggestions, dietary or excersize, to help with fibromyalgia?

Anyone know what is a successful diet and exercise regime?

Are diet/slimming patches safe to use by a teenager? If used carefully, along with a balanced diet and exercise?

Are the effects of saturated fat on health lessened by exercise and why?

Are there any medicines that can increase metabolic rates in obese? Some doctors claim there are! What are they? Can they help with diet & exercise?

Are there different kinds of e.D., some that can be reversed (by eating healthier, exercising, etc…)?

Are there exercises I can do to ensure an easy birth?

As someone who practices intuitive eating, how can I be sure that I am getting adequate nutrients? With a history of eating disorders, I would prefer to not track calories and such due to triggers?

Aside from having bad diet/exercise habits, are there any other ways to get heart damage?

At 22, why would normally regular periods be irregular besides stress,changes in weight/diet/exerice/etc., & not being on any meds or b.c.?

At what age does a woman's metabolism start slowing down (aside from factors like physical activity, diet, etc.)?

Besides diet and exercise and expensive things what can i do to have a tighter vagina?

Besides heat and caloric intake, what would cause someone to continue to faint during rigorous exercise? Could it be i'm just out of shape?

Besides reducing salt intake, exercise, and massage, what pharmacological treatments other than diuretics, may be helpful for facial edema?

Best diet for 13 year old athlete (very active) who lives like a pro? If any is there any supplements he should take? How much sleep do you recommend.

Best food for muscles in addition to the exercises?

Bp 104/76. Is this healthy for a 30yr old female? How do I lower the 76? Diet and exercise?

Can 1 year of not exercising, a yo-yo lifestyle, & inconsistent healthy eating habits have any long term effects, ie; cancer risks, or something else?

Can deep breathing reduce your weight and also maintain a person's health?

Can diet and more exercise eliminate bad breath for good?

Can eating healthier and exercise help with headaches/migraines?

Can heavy diet during gym days result in gerd?

Can I cure my prehypertension by exercising, eating healthy diet and losing weight on a regular basis ? Positive answer will relieve me from anxiety.

Can I have androgenetic alopecia in mid-20s even if my blood work is normal, eat healthy diet, exercise, etc. and no family history?

Can i take sugar as i like if do exercise regularly?

Can inactivity cause formation of blood clots? I'm pretty much healthy but i'm sedentary, although I try to do at least 20min of exercise every day.

Can masturbation cause constipation ? I have been having this problem for a month now, i exercise and have a very healthy diet.

Can people with nose cancer eat a regular diet, with no restrictions?

Can regular weight training/excercise deplete the body storage of B12 (If not compensated adequately through diet afterwards) ?

Can thyroid function be influenced by exercise and diet? I was told no. I find that difficult to believe. What is the truth?

Can you get siimilar results of liposuction through diet and exercise if you work hard enough?

Can you lower your chances of developing diabetes by maintaining an appropriate weight, eating a healthful diet, and being physically active?

Can you make a diet to improve my hieght.I am 5feet and I am of 16.

Can you please describe the healthiest long term diet program for obese people?

Can you please explain why diet and exercise are important for children?

Can you reverse atherosclerosis by diet and/or is it even possible to keep from getting more once you have it?

Can you tell me diet and exercise to eliminate toxin and bad breath?

Can you tell me healthy to use alcohol as a means of releasing stress. And yes exercise is the best way to do it. But what kind?

Can you tell me how to diet and exercise with illnesses that prevent me from doing so?

Can you tell me if a healthy diet and exercise regiment is enforced, will diabetes continue to be a problem?

Can't stop habit from exercise instructor of using mouth for breathing out. What is healthiest?

Concerning peronies, are there any meds, supplements, exercises that might work?

Could caffeine use exacerbate osgood schlatter's in teenage boy/and or poor diet?

Could exercise alone with a bad diet make a difference?

Could exercising more and changing to a healthy diet improve my circulation?

Could having a healthy diet and the right amount of exercise affect the growth and development of a person ?

Could you suggest a detailed, healthy, plan to eat smart and maximize the most out of my tight schedule for exercise?

Could you tell me what are principles to keep in mind when trying to reduce sugar intake?

Could you tell me what is the recommended diet and excercise plan for a positive blood type?

Dad is fat, has poor diet, never exercises.But poops 3 times daily.Im younger, in good shape, exercise 4-5 times weekly, eat better. Why do I poop less?

Despite eating healthy and exercising regularly my heart health condition is worsening..what could be the problem..i have hypertension?

Despite exercising I have a bulgy tummy. What should I do to maintain it. I have even controlled my diet. Any medication that can help it decrease?

Diet and exercise not enough? What's the usual first cholesterol drug people try?

Diet improvements to improve flexibility What might be missing from an active young sportswomens diet that results in poor flexibility ?

Do diet sodas contribute to acne? This is my only vice. 23yrs old, eat healthy and exercise regularly, been on erythromycin 2/52.

Do you believe that diet and exercise can cure anxiety?

Doc said to start both diet modification and smoking cessation is it really possible?

Does anyone know any quick/simple exercises I can do to decrease my stress level?

Does anyone know of a good diet and exercise plan for younger kids?

Does diet affect acne? No over-the-counter medications work for me, so should I start eating very healthy? I'm a teen.

Does diet and exercise affect the length of time THC is in your saliva?

Does exercise helps in burning fat or diet control does it better?

Does exercise or good diet keep adhesions from forming after surgery?

Does regular exercise reduce the effects of premenstrual syndrome?

Does regular workouts help decrease pcos? Or is it more beneficial to focus on the right food?

Dont need to lose weight, just want to prevent future health issues in general. want to change my diet, what food groups should i mainly focus on?

Eat healthy. Exercise. Avoid smoking. Why did I get basilar artery migraine?

Eat healthy. Exercise. Avoid smoking. Why did I get blood clots?

Eat healthy. Exercise. Avoid smoking. Why did I get cushing’s syndrome?

Eat healthy. Exercise. Avoid smoking. Why did I get lactation problems?

Exercises to combat cellulite, any recommendations?

Feel so 'fat'. What exercises will be suitable for me, bearing in mind my age and that I have limited mobility, what to do?

Had a MRI was told there was changes in my sinuses was told to eat healthy and exercise i already do what next?

Has exercising with friends been shown to be healthier than exercising alone? E.G., is it better to run with friends or alone?

Have you ever heard of any endurance athletes with diabetes insipidus? Were they able to manage their hydration and electrolyte balance?

Having vigorous hair fall. Could u suggest some medication or diet to avoid the same.

Hello I have poor digestive power . My age is 17 .Kindly consult me some methods to improve it .Also tell me some good diet plans and habits.

Hello doctor, I have lots of stress at my work and i heard about meditation but i also heard that meditation slow down your metabolism. Is it safe ?

Hello sir, I am 21 year old. I get anxieted very easily and can't focus on my work. Please suggest me a proper method , medicine or diet which help me!

Hello, ways to increase appetite and heart rate, at the same time? Drugs or any other practices to get someone to eat would be great. Thank you!

Help, what type of balance does taichi exercises offer?

Hey will exercise, off set my sweets addiction?

HI Doc, due to modern life style and junk i have gained some extra pounds. now i have started a good exercise schedule and started on reasonably good?

Hi i would like to know, how long does it usually take for a healthier immune system if I have a balanced diet, proper excersice, and 8 hours of sleep?

Hi, I was diagnosed with MS in Feb, 2015. I want to know what lifestyle changes should i adopt. How much Vitamin D and fish oil should i take on a daily basis? Which exercises can i do other than yoga ? Will too much exercise flare up my symptoms?

How can a bodybuilder manage if he has hemorrihoids?, are there any exercises to avoid?is it ok to continue bodybuilding ?advise please

How can I beat POTS syndrome. -Exercise. hydration. Vitamins. Stockings for the legs. Diet and juicing. Bb med.... what else can I do? Suffering here.

How can I deal with removing caffeine from my diet?

How can I include exercise in daily life naturally?

How can I use an exercise app to prevent cravings?

How can one increase his/her emotional stability? What medications?What foods?Excersice, meditation? What else? Any studien on this that you recommend?

How did i gain 3 pounds in a week when diet stays the same and even added power yoga.

How do I get out of my current depressed mood, using diet, exercise, and what else?

How do I improve my overall hair health . I exercise regularly n take whey protein?

How do I lower my cholesterol? Currently 6.5 and i'm 32. Shall i reduce salt intake and stop chewing nicotine gum? Does exercise help?

How do I maintain an 80 lbs loss? Other than the generic advice 'eat right/ exercise'. Are there any resources you would give a pt?