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if a gym person so master butting in a month...then it harmful or not?

ave umps rowing nder y kin hat ould t e bicwsmuglhI?

15 years old female volleyball player, practices 3 times a week for 3 hours, runs or swim on other nights, 14o lb, 5'9" please recommend suitable diet?

17 years old, weight 55 kgs, 5.6 foots i want to increase my height to about 6 foots.. Do i join swimmin club or gym something?

172 lb, 5'3", Age- 23, female. If I walk at 2 mph for 4 hrs on flat ground, how many calories do i burn? All calculators give different results!

19-yr old collegiate swimmer developed dbl pneumonia in nov - still cannot compete/train at prior level. How long until he returns to prior ability?

1Wut field of medicine do you specialize in 2 Opinions on GMO 3 Was there training u had to do to become a doctor? 4 Wut r ur duties 5 Healthy eating?

28yo man. 164cm, 85 kg. I do gym 3times a week (bodybuilding).Why I have a problem with my heart when suddenly trying to do easy stuff as stand up?

30 yr old female. Trying to conceive. Will participating in a gym boot camp (high intensity) class affect my ability to conceive?

5'3 19yrs female 266lbs. I Want to join the military but I need to lose 120 lbs in the next 6 to 10 months. How often I should exercise a week?

5yo kid slightly overweight, weight 24 kg, height 120 cm. recently joined to dance classes, doing simple yoga, aerobics dance at home, will it help?

65-yr-old female. Diet and exercised my way from 230 to 165 lbs. (5'51/2"). Ready for tummy tuck. What should I expect in terms of recovery time?

A competitive athlete i was injected with corticosteroids once-made a 120% effort feel like nothing- but month later-lost muscle tone/heart probs?

À quel âge l'enfant peut commencer faire du sport?

Activity(in percentage)- 10rapid, 20modorate, 15slow, 5slugish is this right for fertilization?

Adult fitness boot camp question - are they safe or might you get overworked and injured?

After years of being overweight, if i got fit and strong will my stamina ever be on the same level of atheltes or is the damage already done.

Age: 17 Sex: Male Question for Nutritionist: I run 4 miles daily how many calories do I require? I also do strength train every other day. HT: 5'4

Am 22 is it possible that i can still grow in height? Maybe 3cm? If so what recommendations? Am working out for senior yr in football

Any doctors out there who have tried sleep/activity/etc. Tracking devices and services (e.G., jawbone's up, fitbit, nike+ fuelband)? Thoughts?

Any suggestions, concerned grandparent have a 16 yo g-son weighing approx 365lbs, 6'1", (autism spectrum disorder, add, etc) does mixed martial arts w/wrestling m-w-f equalling 5 hours wkly, also plays soccer t-thu with warm up excerise plays game for app

Any tips that will help me successfully complete my first 10k road race?

Any truth to online ads claiming meds, vitamins, exercise/stretching can increase height in adults? How about @ almost 40 YO? Some say massage does it

Are there any potential dangers of starting a 12 year old boy on light weight training if he is properly trained and instructed?

Are there special dietary requirements for prepubescent gymnasts?

As a prehypertensive, I'm considering starting to wear a fitness watch. If worn comfortably, would wearing a watch most of the day negatively impact blood pressure?

At 34 can aerobics, specifically Zumba, increase height by noticable amounts or is it too late to happen at this stage of life?

At 60 are women more likely to work out for prevention of osteo, self defense, aesthetics, fitness?

Australian school camp in 4 weeks for 10 days, it includes a 10km walk around Uluru, a 6km hike and 500 step climb. Can I get fit enough in 4 weeks?

Been in sports all my life.19 and fit. I haven't done much cardio or sports much in the last year (graduated HS). Heart rate was 45 a few times,bad?

Best thing for a teen boy to eat before and after a non equipment home workout?

Bodybuilding is a sport in which you cannot win without taking steroids. I am very much interested in bodybuilding n really want to compete I am havng a well built physique as well but in order to reach that level of competition I will have to take stero

By April/June I would like to lose ~30-40 lbs. I would like to know ways to do this in a healthy manner but also fast. I am a busy high school student?

Can a 15 y/o boy , who doesn't smoke, drink, or family history of aaa(aneurysm), have it? He only did strenous exercise to excel in badminton.

Can a 15 y/o boy , who doesn't smoke, drink, or family history of aaa(aneurysm), have it? He only did strenous exercise to excel in badminton.

Can a BAD belly smack from a swim team diving block cause costochondritis in a pre-teen boy?

Can an athlete do anything to make themself more resistant of concusions?

Can anyone help? To explain why a 25yr old 8yr endurance athlete lost endurance or glycogen storage adaptation after ssri or corticosteroid overdose?

Can doing jumping jacks and excessive crying create a miscarriage 7 days post ovulation?

Can i begin a fitness career having sinus bradycardia?

Can I do a botox course whilst i'm in uni training to be a nurse, how can I know?

Can i participate in p.E. Class if I have a plantar wart?

Can I safely participate in martial arts with a dilated ascending aorta of 4.2 cm?

Can my son six years old take some Advil (ibuprofen) after sustained a minor head injustries with larcesion with two stiches he was @ scholl playing power rangers with his school mates but accidential ran into a tree

Can playing laser tag everyday count as the 30 min of exercise a day. Laser tag involves running jumping and hiding ?

Can we suggest trademil running age of43?

Can you help with my senior pullup rash?

Can you live a normal active life with spondylosis? Like triathlons and other activities?

Can you tell me how I could get a pub closed for illegal activities?

Can you tell me how to prepare my self for the la asics marathon on march 9th ?

Can you tell me in canada, can you be forced into rehab if you're eighteen?

Can you tell me is my dad allowed to force me to have acupuncture?

Cardiac event monitor if not covered vs buying a fit bit/ which is better?

Carried or pulled 80 lb plus work backpack for nearly a mile. Young and lean but wondered if wise?

Collegiate track. Corticosteroids for 6 months have made me tired. Dr said i will recover hpa axis for normal fx but not for racing. Agree?

Competed in a bodybuilding (sports model) comp, have been on an extreme diet and exercise routine. Havent had my period in 6 weeks-had unprotected sex?

Correlation between exercise mountain bike amd gimn vs general health benefits is scientifily supported?Benefits of movement?Work eight hours sitted..

Could it be possible a young healthy man to develope the endurance to backpack 100 road miles without sleep.?

Could me 18 year old boyfriend die in 2 years because of acute asthma. He is a professional tennis player, lives in boarding school taking drugs there, he was accepted in college, he says wphe will die 100% because his percentage went down from 40 to 13%

Could people with essential tremors do periodic exercises? like gym, martial arts, soccer... What the influence of the bad alimentation on et?

Could u help me with setting a realistic-goal? 76kg 1,90m

Current 33 y/o, 125 lbs and 67 inches tall - i had legg calve perthes when >9 y/o, advisable to train for triathlon or will this ruin my hip?

D I had a stroke two years ago and today is clear that it was caused by patent foramen ovale. Can I keep doing sports like swimming, running, fitness?

Daughter is athlete,lean,great physical shape.she has been fatigued,tired walking up stairs&exercise.rhr90.blood norm.bring to pediatric card? Shes18

Did the economy have an effect on kids involvement in sports and then that have ripple effect on obesity?

Do I have asperger's if I can stay seated for 6hr when online?

Do the slim, highly toned, muscular people at your gym provide an incentive or a distraction?

Do you have a physiological do's / don'ts for recovering from intentionally hitting your VO2 max via exercise? The brief SOB aspect. Dr has ro bad

Do you think I should skip certain aspects of gym class because of my lymphedema?

Do you think tiger woods' hyper-sexuality could be tied to his collegiate activities?

Do your guys doctor give people note to be cleared for sports or no ?

Docs told BSE is not recommended. So a bad lump would be felt in daily activities such as showering or dressing? Not by rigorous BSE?

Does 5-9 hours gymnastics stunted children growth? My children loves gymnastics but I am afraid to send them to more intensive training. They currently do 1-2 hours/week only.

Does Amino Burst 3000 have any steroids in it that will alter my football Career?

Does exercising between 85 and 100% max heart rate for extended periods of time during competitive sport pose long term cardiac health consequences?

Does it ever happen that a muscular 7 ft guy sits easily in airplane economy class?

Does it mean i'm out of shapeif I have trouble keeping my hr in an aerobic zone?127. Even when i'm going 2.5 mph on the elliptical my hris at 150.

Does military boot camp make serious changes to people's physical strength?

Does stretching help to increase your height at 14.My cousin, she wants to be model but she's only 5'2 does stretching help? And yoga?

Dr. Told me I have mix of internal and external piles. Said can't band, is this true? I take fiber, drink water etc. I play football and need 2 lift

Entered triathlon. Had bad bike accident and concussion. Wife doesn’t want me to try again. Training without problems. What should I do?

From the body building and power lifting world, do steroids or groth haremone cause cancer?

Graduated with a bachelors in it(may 2012).Job is quite stressful, I am in the overweight category(5'3", 165 pounds)and have some unhealthy habits-no breakfast, little exercise, ice chewing-advice, help?

Gud evening sir .. Sir I have pain at backbone .I m a sports man...My event is archery standing game...

H is marathon runner. Initial sa showed 16.5mil/60%/9%. How can we improve his sperm count & morph w/o cutting back on running? Supplements? Diet?

H/R has been 54-58bpm at rest for awhile, I'm 33 6"2 188 pounds, I don't exercise regular sum what active being I am in the coast guard, concerns?

Had a lap appendectomy 5 1/2 weeks ago. When can I go back to my high intensity interval training? I'm in good health. Not over weight, I feel lazy.

Hair thinning, 24 yo active female, very dry palms, inability to sweat as much as before, heat rash after exercise i'm a very active 24 year old. I teach aerobics and dance on average about 6 times a week. A year ago i had an emergency apendectomy, and a

Have rollator and stationary walkers. Now considering combo. What are the name of it and best brands or features to get for 92 yo with strength issues

Heard about a program that was on the TV program the Doctor's about donatinwg testicals for $30,000 a testical because they don't have enough for rese?

Height stop growing..he is into roller skating 2hr daily.does skating the reason?coach planing to put him on ankle weight during or not?

Hello i am phd student in sport physiology. I work on aerobic training on melatonin response. I need more article. Would please help me. Thank you?

Hello doctor, I am a physiotherapist of handball team. The coach asked me to find propar food or meales form the players. What you recommend for them?

Hello from Puerto Rico. I know this kid who is 13 with Osgood Schlatter. The kid is Puerto Rico's Traditional Taekwon-do champion. He would like to keep practicing but the pain is a lot. What do you recommend? He is a little depressed.

Hello, i`m a student and i want to choose my major i ask you to give me a short information about being a doctor(specially a surger)i ?

Hello, my regular heart record is 115, and i never did sports, how am i supposed to regulate a lower record? And doing sports harmful ?

Heyi am a 20y old young student. I have played sports at high level my whole life but i quit since two years. I am experiencing heartskips. Any help?

Hi docs, can you tell me if some martial arts are better than others in terms of staying in shape?

Hi I am a tennis player and I haven't had my periods in a while is this a cause for concern and is this unhealthy? thanks!

Hi, I am a mother of 11 children, BMI 38 161cm, on CPAP, fluoxetine 20mg daily ,OA. codeine phos, walking on a hilly track, I was so sobe?I am worried