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4 wks ago I started logging food to lose weight (mostly limiting sugar/alcohol). Stools have become loose, small and frequent (3x/day). Is that bad?

i have hp able to control it with reducing salt exercise 30 min a day lost 10 pounds eating veggies only BP 115/71/77 do i still need to take pill?

Iv been a diet iv not been drinking soda and iv been watching what i eat i lost weight fast n t now im at a plato what can i do to Continue?

18 years old.. near 5 foot 4 inch 69 kg.. daily walk with mediated speed since 2 years... better body than before... little fatty.. but weight is inc.

18yroldgirl. I always eat way over the reference intake with healthy food but am slim. I exercise 45 mins every other day. At risk of heart attacketc?

20, f, 147lb 174cm gained weight on 3,000kl. Would 2000kl/day be enough to maintain weight? I do high intensity workout 2x/ week 30 minutes each time

20lbs weight loss 3mo post cholecystectomy no fried or fatty foods also I used to drink a lot of milk and eat pb regularly now I do not 6'4" 180lbs?

25 m , daily 8 hrs sitting, brisk walk daily for 20 mins. Is honey & warm water good in morning?As suggested by online blogs to un necessaryreduce fats

2mo old with acid reflux barely eats 1-2oz every 2-3 hrs sometimes longer doesn't wake up to eat can't hold more than 2oz even after 4-5 hrs gainer?

2mo will eat between 1-3 oz every 2-3 hours gaining slow hasn't list weight but 7lbs at birth 2mo 15 days 10 lbs 6oz acid reflux don't like eating?

33.4weks pregnant, can i start walking as an exercise?.. if i take non fat milk will it contribute to my carbs ntake?got big tumy for a 33wek doc said

35 years old- 20 weeks pregnant and have gained 20lbs so far. Is that too much? No energy to exercise but eat relatively healthy. Occasional ice cream

36 M with 22.3 bmi non smoke and no fam his. Racquetball 2 hrs/week. Eat healthy. 7000 steps/day. Is this enough for cardio? Resting HR is 56.

44F. Works out with trainer 2x/week for 1 hour x 2 months . Feel better but haven't lost a pound . Eat fairly well. Don't know what else to do . ?

46 yo diabetic ex 7 days half aero half weight eat 1700 cal day. 272ilbs 28% fat - sugar circa 200 should i take in more or less cal always tired?

47 yr old black... Occasional heart twitches and migraines.. Fairly discipline with my eating and body weight is average with a height of 6ft2"?

5'1 130 lbs 20yrs old . Health food nut server and regular runner . I have not been able to lose a single lb . What gives ?

50, female. Enjoy 2 vodka martini every other night. Is this ok for my health? I exercise , eat right and take many vitamins

50: f, walk for 1 hr. Every day, eat very healthy, 5'4, 170 lbs. So I am 20, lbs. Overweight. Used to b slim help!

50%protein 40%carbs 10% fat.(3300cal)clean no junk. I workout 6 days per week 3 high intensity cardio.Will this cause problems to liver nd kidney.

5ft 9in, 148 lb am I healthy and do I exercise enough?

6'2" and 15 stone 12. Lost 4lbs in 1 week with very little exercise and eating 1700 calories a day. Is this normal?

6ft 2, 245lbs. 22. Cut calories to around 1400 per day and walk 4 miles per day, no other exercise. Lost 7lbs in 9 days. Should I get this checked?

6ft1 woman 23yrs and 372lbs, i started a diet of 1700 calories a day plan to up it to 2000 after i begin exercizing, is this enough calories for me?

6mths ago i was 119kg. Lose 16kg by just avoiding junks n soda beverage etc shifted to healthy diet. How to control morning hrs hunger. Rest day is ok?

7w baby ate last night at 9pm and fell asleep at ~11pm. Didn't "ask" for food until 4:30am. She's gaining weight healthily. Should I wake up next time?

About how many calories does it take to equal a pound just roughly im 5'4" started out at 270 pounds im down to 250 been riding exercise bike daily for 1 to 2 hours and at times 4 hours per day burning around 800 to 900 calories per day and at time more t

After finishing my run and workout (60-80%) my hr comes down to 70 after 5min rest is it normal? 20 y old. Rhr 50. Eat healthy sometimes junk food...

After starting a low calorie diet and moderate exercise plan a few days ago, i'm needing to urinate almost constantly. How long will this go on?

Age-20, wgt- 60kg, i go to gym daily , I have taken protein daily 3times in a day, i take heavy diet like eggs, banans etc but still i fail to gain wgt.

Age17 weight133 BMI 21.5 1 hour of cardio2-3 times a week, P90X ab workout 3-4 times a week, healthy eating, lots of water. How long until I have abs?

Age24,fem.I have lost alot of weight by reducing calories and eating husk fiber.Now i eat right and take husk regulry for over ayear now.Is it safe?

Are all these new "craft beers" adding to my belly fat moreso than regular beers?

Are there new recommendations on how many grams fats, carbs, protein and calories should be consumed daily, for post gastric bypass patients? I'm 9 years out and want to start tracking my intake again. I've gained nearly 30 pounds back. I'm female, 53 yea

Are you supposed to eat back the calories you have burned off? (e.G) : if i eat around 1000-1300 a day and burn 700 am i supposed to eat some back? I have been wondering this because of the so called "starvation mode" i just want to make sure im not har

As I get older, 69, my labs show me inching toward unsafe sugar levels. I exercise daily and eat healthy and clean. What should I include in my di ?

Been eating lower/healthier carb diet, but last 2 nights I had a fair share of bad carbs. 1-2 hrs after dining HR was 90bpm (I'm usually ~55). Causal?

Been on low carb diet for 6mo, lost 50 lbs. Occasionally I'd treat myself to whatever carb I want. Now if I eat carbs I get horrible chest pains. Why?

Been stuck at the 35 lbs lost for 7 mnths.Carbs account for no more than 35-40% of cals.Not a lot of cardio just because i don't have an easy way to.

Bipolar or something else? 4hr daily showers, always late (1 hr+), lose track of time , hours shopping, carb cravings, overeating, not functioning!

Blood pressure is 166 over 100. I am 6 foot tall and 95kg no smoke or alcohol and play a little sport regular. I mostly watch my diet. Should i worry?

Can a human survive a healthy life if he eats and sleeps evry day, but by doing speed pill almost every day (speed = ampamphetamine / methamphetamin)?

Can free hanging from a bar add an inch or 2 to your frame if done regularly? Ihave actually seen some adding at least inch, by doing it for 2 months.

Can Hiatal Hernia resolve on own? if I lose weight (5'3) and 150 lbs, and if I eat better? I cant stand the pressure it gives me .

Can I do push-ups everyday? I'm 16. I do 336 push-ups 250 sit-ups every other day. And diary is my protein source. Should I be doing this everyday?

Can I gain muscle by eating diary and stay within a cal. Budget of 2200? I'm 16 and male

Can i take green tea to loose weight while bf my 6month baby? I walk for 25 min daily and exercise for 10 min.

Can medications cause degeneration of discs? I live healthily, do not smoke or drink and eat nutritiously and exercised until ops & med for1mm of bc

Can release of hormones from fat cells cause hair loss and heart palpitations? I've lost 42 pounds, but i eat high protein and at least 1200 cals/day

Can someone please explain this? I'm still confused about this 14g fiber for every 1, 000 cals. For example, if i consumed 2, 205 cals in a day and 28g fiber, is that not enough then? I don't get it

Can switching from carbs to smart carbs cause stomach pain?

Can walking 3 days a week for 1-2 hours be as beneficial as 30 minutes daily for weight loss along with a healthy diet?

Can you build muscle if your sleeping between 5-6 hours, excersie and diet perfectly?

Can you please recommend some effective post workout foods that digest quickly after weight-lifting.?

Can you tell me if i ate around 700-1000 calories a day, thats without exercise.. (i'd probably do 200-300 worth of exercise) would this help me loose weight?

Can't lose weight no matter how hard I try. I eat 1340 calories a day and workout twice a day for 30 minutes. I have thyroid test and all. Any suges?

Consistent BP of 170/80 and fastng sugar of 7.2 even after excercising weight control and eating healthy? Age 56.what not to eat?

Correct me if I am wrong .I am 50 yrs and a runner run 7 k a day . I am fit and keeo the same weight . I don't smoke or drink alkohol . My question ' can I eat any food I like as far as I keep the same weight or the age affects . Pls I need your advise

Could being a couch potato and staying at home all day with no exercise lower your testosterone?

Could losing weight a few lbs a week and low resting heart rate 40 be signs of danger? I started to eat vegan style and exercise moderately recently.

Could my body go into starvation mode if i start doing loads of cardio based training & lower my overall calories to 2000 from about 3000?

Cut way back on calories for 1 week. Stuck to salads & protein. Scale hasn't budged. Walk/jog avg 2.5 mi/day. Eat more or wait longer to see results?

Diagnosed with high calorie burning, exercises i can do at home?

Did i really gain five pounds in one week? I am in college and i eat very healthily and weigh 122 pounds. I am currently training for a marathon and work out every day. Last week i went home for spring break and i went out to dinner a lot and ate more tha

Diet recommendation to a 14 year old male who gets at least 1.5 hours of weightlifting and 1 hour of cardio a day?

Directly after lifting weights i drink a protein shake, how long after this should consume a meal to obtain maximum results during the window?

Do I have an active, moderately active or mildly sedentary lifestyle? I bike daily 30-100 minutes a day

Do treadmills provide an accurate account of calories, carbs, and distance? I burn 150-200 within an hour every other day but can I rely on that?

Do you have to eat a little more calories than your maintenance level when you're injured so that you can recover faster?

Do you think i could get a 6-pack in 2 months? It's my summer goal. I already have a healthy BMI and low fat, and i exercise daily. If i bump it up and kill it every day.. Is it attainable?

Docs can you explain what is a daily meal plan with 2500 calories for a high schooler?

Does arasys actually replace a real workout? I recently started doing regular exercise and eating healthier to lose weight. The doctor keeps telling me it is very important because I have diabetes and high blood pressure. I want to buy an arasys device to

Does weight training in the gym immediately or within 1 to 2 hours of food cause sperm deficiency or infertility or any other health problems?

Does your body stop burning calories during nighttime hours? I am a 48 year old female who works 11:30pm to 7:30am and am concerned about maintaining my weight loss. I was told to eat my meals throughout the day as i had before, regardless that i would b

During the month of ramadan we fast from dawn to sunset what tips you can give and how much water i should take remember iam also in a w.loss process?

During workout my triceps lock up (cramp) i drink litres of water a day and eat bananas. How can i remedy this? My muscular fitness is also poor. Tnks

Eat between 1000-1200cal a day and drink tons of water, with fast pace treadmill 6days a wk...& i gained 2lbs in a wk! why?!?!

Eating healthy, incr activity w/ pedometer. Journaling food. Calorie deficits. Gaining weight! what am I missing? Thyroid tests were normal in past.

Eating more exercising much more 90 minutes intense exercise /week. I'm 8 stone and i used to be 1/2 stone heavier. I'm 16 and 5ft8 why the weightloss?

F/30's/starting wgt: 265lbs/light activity level... If consuming the req.minimum of 1200-1300 kcals per day, how long would it take to lose 125 lbs?

Fat loss, any real difference between fasted cardio first thing in the morning or afternoon cardio? Thank you for your time doctors!

Female 22, 5^2, about 200pounds/goal 130. Starting a water fast today. Thinking about starting with 1week.How much water should I drink? advice?

For 2months i've be doing protein shakes for breakfast and lunch then eat a sensible supper run on treadmill for 45 min everyday and can't lose weight?

For me hight 5'5 weight is 165ish and age 24 I'm kinda Active but not EVERY DAY.. But at least 3/4 Xs wk how many cal should I eat to lose 2lbs wk?

Had foot surgery + will be resting for 2 weeks. How many calories a day should I reduce to avoid weight gain? I eat 2,300 now. I have semi-active job

Had hernia surgery almost a year ago. Nite get increased boating after eating. No matter what I eat. Any suggestions? I take Meralax 2x a day still th

Hav prediabetes & need to lose ~42lbs to go from 45% fat to 25% (fit 31 year old), is losing 0.5 lbs/week too slow? If so, what rate should I aim for?

Have GDM.does it harm baby to not meet minimum carb requirement a day and get low readgins post meals and snacks(70-90)?i walk alot after meals

Having one boiled egg per day - for 5 days a week > will it increase my cholesterol in the long run? (*I do regular 45+ mins exercise in the evening)

Hello a regular gym goer..with height 1.73m and weight stomach is regular...but am unable to get good results..

Hello doctors..I do bodybuilding for two days and on the third day I fast (no food or water) from dawn to sunset, does that effect my muscle growth?

Hello my age is 19 year and my BMI 17.9. and i am skinny so is it good for me to eat snack after 2 hours? your assistance will be help full for me

Hello sir .M ajay 19 year old i wnt to bult my body .But the problem is that i don't know about diet ..And what to eat befor workout or after workout?

Hello, I'm a 26, fit, and a healthy female. I eat clean & exercise 5 days a week. Lately, my heart rate increases after a meal. Why is this? Thanks!

Hello, i had a quick question or two. I have worked out with weights my whole life im 35 and always been fit (six pack abs, watched what i eat etc)?

Help, hinder, or wash? I eat a 5-8 dark chocolate covered espresso beans 15 min prior to 90 min of cardio/strength training. Good bad or indifferent?

Hi i had a question, i used to be 380 pounds and i've lost about 150 pounds through dieting and moderate exercise over a course i tried eating very small meals (only one meal a day) with an hour of walking on the treadmill to see if i could tighten or loo

Hi I used to weight 220 pounds six months after I weight 180 I just exercise and drink lots of water and eats less im trying to reach 170 my regular ?

Hi i'm 17 years old , I mesure 180cm and my weight is 60kg my bone is very thin yet I consume dairy products well what should i do ?

Hi my body visceral fat lvl is high for the past two years. I lift 5 days a week, sleep 7 hours daily and have balanced diet. Why? I'm worry. Pls hlp