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Why is it extra important to stay hydrated if I have a bladder infection?

12 year old daughter is becoming self conscious about her weight. Besides the gym, how can she stay active?

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48 years old and have no sex drive what so ever, relative healthy, physically active and watch what i eat.

Advice for a healthy routine for new retiree ?

Along with exercise what are the best foods to eat to maintain a healthy strong long lasting erection for having sex?

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Are there any secrets to stay healthy, I am from india(foods) and i frequently (1 month)will get cold or fever or something?Will good exercises help?

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Bulking up for people who don't get big nutrition?

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Can a person live on nutritional drinks such as ensure for few months while having jaw/teeth surgery? Want to make sure I am getting enough nutrition

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Can I get a full in-depth hygiene and health checklist for women? (daily, monthly, yearly and throughout life - exercise, diet, and personal hygiene)

Can I please have some tips on how to conceive a healthy baby, any certain things I should defiantly be doing? I am 18 years of age for the record.

Can I survive rest off life juicing during the day &eating actual food just at night? Could I have safe pregnancy As long as I keep vitamen levels ok

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Can you tell me how I could keep this hidden from everyone else?

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Could you tell me what are good sports for a teen to do to get healthy?

Dental hygiene advice on the best proper care routine, techniques, and precautions for bulimics. It relapsesapproximately 5-7 days monthly; otherwise has a healthy diet.

Diabetes can be cure eating healthy food and regular physical activity. Diabetes will not stay in the body anymore?

Do my genes determine whether I can maintain a healthy weight all my life?

Do teenagers know how to eat for their bone health?

Docs, im a 19 year old girl, i exercise 3-4 times a week and eat fairly healthy and sleep well, but my skin isn't glowy, what might be the problem?

Doctor, what daily routine should I follow to lead a healthy life?

Does a better environment and lifestyle, sleep routine increase your chances of becoming pregnant?If so, how?

Does anyone have any tips for vocalists/performers on staying healthy?

Does eating oats regularly affect sexual health in adults ?

Does exercise alone keep my arteries clean?

Does full body checkup detects every disease of body? I get tired easily, m overweight despite healthy food habits. Will full bdy chckup be hlpful?

Does having a healthy diet make your vision and hearing better? What are the advantages of being healthy? Does being healthy limit headaches?

Does patient have to be healthy to get chemo?

Does playing sports and eating healthy makes you go through puberty more early?

Don't get as hard as I use to nothing has changed in my life I am healthy?

Eat healthy, no drugs and I excercise allot will good health have affect on sperm quality ?

Eat healthy. Exercise. Avoid smoking. Why did I get maxillary sinus cancer?

For what reasons healthy diet important for people with diabetes?

Haven't exercise in over a year. When I do now i feel nauseous. Is this normal? I am overall healthy and that's what i don't uunderstand.

Hello , i'll be having my exams soon, and i know that nutrition has an important impact on our concentration . What are the foods that could help ?

Hello doctors, another question for you all because I have no life and no friends. Are sardines healthy?

Hello Im a 24 year old Female I keep developing what I think is a genital boil, how ever I have never done anything sexually i am a virgin. I drink water I eat healthy and dont eat junk unless it's a have too. I was born with Autimmune disease as a baby I

Hello, I need to know what I can do to keep my skin extremely healthy, young and glowing? Please revert with some non-expensive and home remedies too. Thanks in advance.

Hello, I'm having trouble falling asleep. I think it might be related to stress at work. I lead a very healthy lifestyle and exercise almost every day and eat fairly healthy. ?

Hi Doc, what vitamins should i take to stay young phiysically and have healthy skin as well ? Thanks

Hi docs, would juice cleansing help me get started on a more healthy lifestyle?

Hi I am 60 years of age as per your opinion how much walk is sufficient for me to keep me healthy.?

Hi i want to do exercise but i can't every time i tried my knees start to shaken i don't know what to do I want to live a good healthy & sexy life.

Hi! aside from blood work how can you keep a check on acutane as far as safety precautions in keeping your body healthy ?

Hi. How can I increase my energy level in order to become more productive (i already sleep enough, do sports 3x a week, and practice healthy diet)?

Hoping you can tell me, is healthy lifestyle a possible way to improve your height?

How can a change in partners help me get healthy?

How can I become more healthy ? I am very slim and my height is very small. What should I do to gain more health and become more healthy ?

How can I better deal with my health anxiety? I have taken to incredibly healthy eating and i was alright for a while, but now its back.

How can I continue to eat healthy if i keep developing new allergies?

How can I ensure I'll have a healthy baby?

How can i get a healthy life??

How can I get my teen to be more healthy?

How can I get the motivation to start exercising and eating healthy as part of my everyday life?

How can I help my over obessed child 9 years to live healthy. He don't like healthy food that I am giving him and is not motivated to any sport. Thx?

How can I keep focused while dieting and not get off track?

How can I keep my child’s bones healthy?

How can I keep myself motivated to stay on a juice cleanse?

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How can I make my life more balanced?

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How can I use diet and lifestyle to get a clear healthy complexion?