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A healthy friend claims she cannot whistle. Is there any reason this could be true, or is it just a matter of learning how to whistle? Thank you.

A lot of people say that marijuana lowers your IQ and makes you less intelligent, is this true? Has it been proven?

Amfetamin used as pain killer some truth in that was a paramedic in the army years ago long time :-) mean i heard that ?

Any advice? I have heard that type 1 diabetics cannot be a paramedic/firefighter or a cop is this true ?

Any obvious difference btwn chloracne and true acne?

Anyone ever heard of ards? Treatments?

Anyone heard any negatives about lipozap?

Anyone heard of dysgraphia?

Anyone heard of glands swelling with no flu?

Anyone heard of hymen surgery or know anything about it?

Anyone who has heard of adalimumab!?

Apparently certain types of tea are actually corrosive to the kidneys. Is this true?

Are all those lawsuit commercials true that ondansetron is bad to take when you're pregnant!? I. Curious.

Are genital warts for life ? I heard that HPV isn't forever. But have also heard it is, which is true?

Are pvcs dangerous I think i'm having some heard some conflicting things?

Are the events that happen in the tv shows like grays anatomy, true or false?

Aspartame, is it safe to consume or not? A lot of controversy regarding this ingredient. Very interested to hear what a doctor has to say about this ?

Can anyone tell me about nootropics ??

Can i get any opinions on immunizations for kids? I've heard good and bad things but not sure what to believe andi have heard of babies dying from them.

Can i watch scary movies while pregnant, i've heard it's not recommended. I'm currently 24 weeks?

Can sex in any way aid cervical dilation weeks before delivery? As against my belief, local popular theory claims so; true or false?

Can someone tell me what exactly is a colonic irrigation , how it's done and why people do it. I was wondering if there are some benefits to it

Can surprising somebody be harmful ?

Can you tell me exactly when is it safe to be around people after having mumps?

Can you tell me how true is the saying an apple a day, keeps the doctor away?

Confused?I have read from many different sources and some claim that hpv goes away in 2-3years and others say that it won't go away.What is the truth?

Could creatine really work the way people say it does?

Currently taking doxycycline but it's not improving.Heard many conflicting success stories & horror stories of Accutane.Are the side-effects true?

Do allegry shots really work? I heard some people say it does and some people say it doesn't.

Do true keloids form on nose at all? Have you ever had any case where there was true keloid formed? I heard they do not form there at all. Thank you.

Do true keloids form on nose at all? Have you heard about such cases? I know that hypertrophic can, and they do, but keloid is different case.Thanks.

Does anyone believe healing with leeches can work?

Does anyone know about antiphospholipid antibodies or ever heard of it?

Does anyone know anything about ototoxicity causes?

Does anyone know who/what masaoka is?

Does pre-cumm contain actual semen? I have herd different stories.

Does the claim that smoking stunt the growth by 1 inch even true? Is there any proof of that or is it just myth created to make teens not smoke?

Ghost really exists? If there is god then also ghosts!! True?

Gram stain can find the result for clamaydia. True?

Has any one heard of histiocytosis?

Has anybody ever heard of an omentum ?

Has anyone ever heard about hemifacialmicrosomice?

Has anyone ever heard of "serum sickness"?

Has anyone ever heard of being diagnosed with crps after a baby?

Has anyone ever heard of conversion disorder and what exactly is and is something you could grow out of answers asap?

Has anyone ever heard of drug-induced autoimmune hepatitis?

Has anyone ever heard of raynard's 'phenomenon'?

Has anyone ever heard of this after delivery got drop foot?

Has anyone heard of achalasia?

Has anyone heard of christmas disease?

Has anyone heard of dyspraxia?

Has anyone heard of injection of the conjunctiva?

Has anyone heard of or suffered from burning mouth?

Has anyone heard of the condition atonia?

Has anyone heard of the female condition called vestibulitis?

Has anyone heard of the product called "recovery" for joints?

Has anyone heard of white brain disease? What can you tell me about this?

Have you heard about shaklee and if it is yes, what do you think about it?

Have you heard of a "wide mediastinum" ?

Have you heard of choleslo?

Have you heard of Diatomaceous earth? If so would u recommend my brother thinks it's amiracle drug. he wants us all to get some and it makes me nervos

Have you heard of isagenix and what is your opinion of it?

Have you heard of plexus slim and the accelerator and what do you think of it?

Heard decision-making problems may be caused by a rare brain condition - does anyone know about this?

Heard h1n1 is back in the us. Why?

Heard I will live to old age hypotension?

Heard some of the chinese gymnasts had bone-bending treatments when young. True?

Heard someething about HIV medicine benefits for non-infected people?

Heard that a lot of french women have toxo. Why is that?

Heard that doing lots of jumping and jogging makes women incontinent. Is that true or is leaking just noticeable?

Heard that people with dementia do better if they have a purpose in life. True?

Heard that someone died for 35 minutes, is this even possible?

Heard that watermelon is good for your penis, is this true?

Hello doctor, I have heard about dr. Shettle theory of conceive on ovulation day result in baby boy is it true. Please help ?

Hello l want to find out is it true when am 10 weeks the baby is starting to grow the toes fingers and is it true that the heart and liver is there.

Hello, I am a 21 years old girl and i was thinking of having a cat however i heard that it is harmful for the woman's eggs and blood...Is this true?

Hello, I have IBS and I've heard tons of miracle stories when it comes to CBD for it. I wanted to know if most doctors would approve the use of CBD.

Help docs, is giving bone marrow really painful? I've heard some bad stories about it.

Help? I believe I have thush. How woud i know?

Help? I have heard there's a long process in order to be prescribed accutane. Is this true?

Hi , I want to know what would happen if my 13 yr old niece consumed aguaje on a daily basis ? Like would it harm her in anyway ? Pleasee be specific.

Hi have you ever heard of fertilaid and what's your opinion?

Hi have you heard of juice plus capsules ? Apparently it's good for health and you feel good. True?

Hi i like to know it's true that some people believe that boys growing taller until 20 thanks?

Hi, I heard that it isn't good to have cold food or drinks during periods. is that true or is it a myth?

Hi! I heard ketamine use below anastethic doses can cause brain damage and olneys lesions after only one use, is this true? Sounds like a myth to me

Hi. I heard that grapefruit juice can be a problem with my artovastin pills. Is that true? Thanks

How dangerous is pokeweed actually to humans? I heard it was. What does it look like?

How many of u have heard of ihss?

How many years does it take for stomach cancer to develop? I have read it takes many years. True or false?

How you hear about percritption overdoses all the time and you never heard of a weed od how is it bad for you ?Just askin

Hr is 146 i think its a girl true or not?

I am a 34 year old who has had HIV for 21yrs. I've heard that 22 years is like, the max for us? Is this true? What is the best medication for advanced

I am a writer with a hypothetical question: can excessive amounts of spice cause damage to the throat? I've heard of it happening with sugar+soda etc.

I am not talking about natural waste secretion. I heard people saying actual crystals are coming through. Is this possible?

I decided to take propolis tincture for sinusitis, some people say it fixes everything but i'm very skeptic. Is it actually doing something ?

I get confused, many say there is a definite risk from giving oral, and others say it's theoretical and there's no documented case. Which is true?

I had heard leaving a swim suit on too long may cause yeast infections in women. True or false?

I had heard that you can't give children under 1 years old chocolate. Is there any medical truth to this? Or just just a wives tail?

I have 3 snakes and a leopard gecko, people are telling me I am going to get salmonella and kill my unborn child. Is this true? I am 26 weeks pregnant