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Almost 12 years i've been a half deaf person due to nerve damage. Can it be cured?

Any advice? I have never done cocaine and i never will. I'm just asking in general; doesn't it do permanent mind damage or something?

Any Ayurvedic way to reverse liver damage due to old alcohol habit?

Any thoughts on damage that can be done by possibly being addicted to cough drops?

Any way to stop osteonercrosis from damaging quickly for 17 year old?

Are damages to heart caused by the daily use of polysorbate 80 for many years(present in lotion for hair)irreversible?

Are irreversible damages caused by taking nicotinic acid (more than 1000 mg per day) for years? or if the intake is blocked, is the damage eliminated?

Are there certain things that are more indicative of alcohol damage vs. Aspirin/tylenol damage?

Blackouts: alcohol induced low glucose (never before did this) - does it cause permanent damage? Should I be seen?

Caffeine overdose lead to renal damage?

Can a binge drinking session cause permanent brain damage?

Can a chest infection cause permanent damage?

Can a fetus develope any kind of damage by someone shaking your stomach? Or am i just being over protective?

Can a midodrine overdose cause any permanent damage?

Can a minimal exposure to cigarette smoke cause any permanent damage?

Can a UTI do damage to your body if you've had one for awhile but haven't known?

Can a vitamin B12 deficiency cause permanent nerve damage?

Can alcohol damage a retainer?

Can alcohol use at a young age damage your brain more than as an adult?

Can alcoholic drink or physical damage, damage the cerebellum?

Can amphetamines damage or cause problems to your ovaries?

Can an overdose of antibiotic damage any organ in a 10 days old baby?

Can and will Suboxone damage my teeth? And what kind of damage?

Can aspirin overdose or to much aspirin use lead to organ damage or damage to certain parts of the body?

Can basketball nose injury cause permanent damage?

Can bleach cause physical damage in my stomach?

Can chronic hyperventilation cause long term damage to brain ?

Can chronic psychogenic polydipsia cause irreversible kidney damage ? Any specific type of damage ? Will fluid restrictions resolve damage ?

Can drug-induced lupus cause long-term damage before it's cured?

Can Excessive pop drinking cause organ damage and if so how are they effected?

Can excessive thyroxine cause permanent damage to your body?

Can gamma rays cause genetic damage?

Can having heart burn 10+ times a day cause any kind of damage?

Can heart damage resulting in bradycardia be repaired permanently?

Can heart inflammation occur with rheumatic fever and not leave permanent damage?

Can holding urine for very long time (4-5 hours) and doing it for a week lead to urinary retention or nerve damage?If so is it permanent or temporary?

Can i already have permanent alcohol related nerve damage, how can I know?

Can I nebulize gluthtione to reverse damage from smoking?

Can i repair damage from smoking for over a decade?

Can kidney damage from anorexia and overdoseing be fixed? If so what can I do to fix it

Can marijuana worsen symptoms of nerve damage from B12 deficiency if so can it be reversed so i can smoke again? Don't tell me its bad for me etc..

Can minimal exposure to cigarette smoke cause permanent brain damage?

Can my bf suffer permanent damage after landing on his testicles?

Can not eating for 17 hours cause permanent damage or permanent change to your body?

Can overdosing on 1000mg of caffeine pills cause any permanent damage?

Can oxidative stress on skin be cured or reversed?

Can permanent damage to oesophagus be caused by anaesthesia while undergoing surgery for pituitary using eea . Think i may have acidity since then.

Can poison ivy cause any kind of permanent damage? Has poison ivy ever caused anyone permanent damage? .

Can popping your neck and back as a young person cause permanent life long damage or lead to surgery ?

Can psychiatric meds cause permanent physical damage?

Can rough-play or rough-housing cause harm or brain damage in a 12 week fetus?

Can salbutamol cause damage?

Can smoking cannabis damage your brain functions permanently?

Can someone tell me how long will it take for a cocaine user to show brain and nose tissue damage?

Can steady exposure of mold cause nerve damage ?

Can street mdma lead to tooth rot?

Can sulfites damage the heart?

Can the damage of smoking on ovaries be reversed?

Can weed damage the nervous system forever or it will be damaged for a few days like ghost high?

Can you cause long term damage by holding urine in every day and what could the damage be?

Can you let me know how many months until bulimia causes damage like ulcers and throat damage?

Can you reverse brain damage caused by cocaine use in teenagers?

Could coughing a lot cause permanent damage?

Could huffing cause permanent damage or is that a lie?

Could over-masturbation damage your body?

Could trying coke once have a permanent damage on your body?

Could you potentially have permanent heart damage from caffeine?

Diagnosed with osteoporosis @ 28! Can my bones be replenished and it reversed or is the damage permanent? What can i do? Im way too young!

Do ca+2 channel blockers protect against acute cocain use-induced vasoconstrive damage?

Docs, could a one time cocaine overdose cause permanent heart problems?

Does a stroke cause damage right away or does it take months to years for damage to show?

Does abusing dextromethorphan cough syrup create some permanent brain damage?

Does alcohol cause any permanent damage? Please list all possibilities

Does binge drinking twice a week damage memory permanently?

Does brain damage from inhalants get worse after stopping sniffing?

Does damaging the brachial plexus mean permanent damage or will it help eventually?

Does folic acid deficiency cause irreversible nervous system damage?

Does food poisoning cause permanent damage? I heard in a study that it causes kidney damage, diabetes, and high blood pressure later on.

Does having vertigo for a long time do damage?

Does it cause perminant damage to make yourself throw up just once?

Does masturbation weakens/damage the nervous system if done regularly once a day..

Does metabolic damage really exist or is it just a gimmick?

Does neuron damage occur during stimulant use or can it happen months after stopping?

Does past cocaine lead to irreversible nose damage?

Does past cocaine use lead to irreversible nose damage?

Does pericarditis cause permanent damage to the heart? Please, need some answers?

Does rubbing alcohol on your penis damage it?

Does thorozine cause damage to your central nervous system and if so is there anything to possibly reverse the damage done? My brother is very shaky.

Does vita d def of 6mon cause permanent damage?

For what length of time can the heart stop without damage?

Glaucoma 30percent nerve damage w/31 pressure. 58 yrs. Old. How likely is it that medication will decrease and sustain pressure below damage threshold?

Have 30 percent optic nerve damage due to open angle glaucoma. How many years would it take to incur this amount of damage?

Have been binging every morning and night. What damage can this do to me?

Hdl at 35, what can I do to higher it? 22/f 5'5"167lbs.Started exercising everyday.Any permanent damage?Can damage be reversed?

Hello docs. I was wondering can too much pyridoxine cayse damage?

Hi! can the brain recover from drug and alcohol use, or is the damage permament?

How long can you do intentional vomitting before you damage your *teeth*?

How can atherosclerosis and pollutants cause damage of dopamine fibers ?

How can I quit smoking n recovr the damage it caused from the last few years?

How can I reverse the damage from cavities?