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About what percent of the adult population present with severe essential hypertension?

According to my 23andme I have elevated risk for type 2 diabetes. However, based on style of life's questionnaires, my risk is very low. What to do?

Alcoholics are considered to have a disease, but smokers, for example, are just addicted. Is there a double standard?

Anybody know the annual incidence rate for rubella in the u.S.?

Anybody know the death rate for rubella in pregnancy?

Are cancer rates higher for people who live near a nuclear reactor? Does living there increase the risk of cancer?

Are cancer rates increasing in our country?

Are caucasian people more at-risk for alzheimer's?

Are mortality rates high with cysticercosis of the nervous system?

Are people that have cvid at a higher risk if cancer?

Are there differences in STD incidence in religious teens versus non-secular teens?

Are there higher incidences of chd in manual workers?

Are there racial disparities with sepsis?

Can people file for disability with a high risk pregnancy?

Can people with asperger's have a high suicide rate?

Can single men have higher risk for suicide?

Can the differences between younger and older adults with CHF be grouped into categories, such as increased number or severity of complications?

Can the risk of legionnaires' disease be determined by geographical location?

Can we extrapolate estimated radiation risks from epidemiologic data to the clinical setting?

Can you explain the term neonatal mortality rates?

Can you please explain how and why with aspergers syndrome have a higher divorce rate?

Can you tell me about the rate at which anthrax kills a population?

Can you tell me how I could be a supercentenarian?

Can you tell me if there are genetic diseases that would prevent a person from developing an average level of intelligence?

Can you tell me, are people at a higher risk for pandemics today than 100 years ago?

Could I please be told what the overall mortality rate for sepsis is in US hospitals? Approximate percentages would be good enough.

Could people with asperger's have a high suicide rate?

Could there be a higher risk of suicide with people with bipolar 2?

Curious as to why are people at a higher risk for pandemics today than 100 years ago?

Do adopted children have a higher rate of ptsd?

Do all STDs have equal incidence in the us?

Do birth and death rates in the family bible have value to genetic counselors?

Do certain races have higher incidence of syphilis?

Do people who fly a lot like flight attendants have a higher rate of development of cancer?

Do physicians have an extraordinary lower incidence of cancer, as compared general population, since they are experts in maintaining a healthy body?

Do the stresses of life in the u.S. Have net zero effect on a person's rate of aging?

Do you know if there are/have their been any recorded incidences of death from ankylosing spondilitis?

Do you know what disease has the lowest recovery rate in the world?

Does a link exist between high altitudes and longevity?

Does a person with osteoporosis have a higher incidence of dental problems than the general population?

Does anybody know the fatality rate or percentage of tuberous sclerosis?

Does anyone know the percent of the u.S. Population affected with phenylketonuria (pku)?

Does diabetic ketoacidosis have a high mortality rate? Or are most people saved?

Does diphtheria have a high mortality rate?

Does disautonomia or pots patients have a higher risk of any kind of heart attack than the general public?

Does pulmonary hypertension affect men and women at similar rates?

Does the rate of bladder cancer vary by state?

Epidemiology: health statistics and demographic statistics?

Every website states that in peyriones disease 10-20% of the time it just resolves on its own. Would this percentage be higher with younger+ healthy?

For what reason are people at a higher risk for pandemics today than 100 years ago?

H1n1 influenza -- who is at highest risk!?

Have high hiv/aids infections contributed to lower economic growth rates?

Have vaccines reduced the number of deaths attributed to viruses?

How can I increase my apathy as my country descends into recession?

How come children have a higher survival rate for hodgkin's disease?

How common is cvd in the elderly?

How common is diabetes in the u.S. Teen population now?

How does colorectal cancer affect the united states population?

How does france have a low obesity rate?

How exactly is infant mortality rate calculated?

How frequent is my vasculitis in the general population?

How has the percentage of people diagnosed with cancer in the united states changed over time?

How high is the percentage of illnesses and death is linked to our dietary habits?

How high is the percentage of major medical organizations are for circumcision?

How high is the percentage of the world's population is obese?

How is it that low income nations and citites have a higher hiv/aids rate?

How many deaths does obesity cause on average in the u.S.?

How much of a difference is there in remission rates between 120mg/kg cumulatively and 150mg/kg?

How to compute the prevalence of hypercholesterolemia?

How typical is it in the general population?

I don't know how far along it is. Generally what is the mortality rate for patients with stomach cancer?

I don't think it's a stereotype but i was just wondering why low income nations and cities have a higher hiv/aids rate?

I found out that persons with autism is at the highest risk of flu is this true?

I have read that disease free survival rate for chromophobe is very good. Is this true?

I heard that pneumonectomy has one of the highest in-hospital mortality rates. Is this true?

I'm wondering why are cancer rates higher in developed industrial nations?

I'm wondering why are there higher rates of depression with people who have a higher iq?

I've heard there is a link between kids who are very tall/fast-growing for their age and increased cancer risk. Is this true?

If dangerous risks are found, will we know the likely survival rate?

In general, would a professional athlete have the same chance of getting one of the hundreds of cancers as compared to the general population?

In terms of epidemiology: what is the difference between health statistics and demographic statistics?

Is a certain population at a higher risk of inheriting angelman?

Is ideal BMI range dependent on person's race for diabetes/heart disease risk reduction? Why?

Is it possible that sugar consumption is the cause of the high rate of cancer in western civilization?

Is it possible to have a disease with an incidence rate and no prevalence rate?

Is it true that ESR increases in all type of leprosy?

Is it true that people working in construction industry are at a higher risk for kidney diseases?

Is it true that smaller people have higher heart rate?

Is the prevalence of a given genetic disease revealed by a census?

Is there a high mortality rate for streptococcal infections?

Is there data showing saturated fat increases congenital heart disease mortality?

Is there more or less correlation between symptoms and laboratory data in younger versus older adults with chf?

Mortality rate for severe emphysema?

Other than hygiene, what are the reasons for the low death rate from infectious diseases in modern hospitals?

People who live within 5km of chemical plant have higher incidence of lung disease than those who live outside. True?

Phenylketonuria: what's the morbidity and mortality of people who have the disease?

Please advise what is the importance to progeria?

Please describe the mortality rate for h1n1 influenza?

Please explain why people of ethnic backgrounds have higher risk of diabetes?

Please help! what is the infant mortality rate of neurofibromatosis 1?