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Is washing your face after being exposed to gadgets (especially at night time) contribute to poor eyesight??

It looks like i will be getting an adult circumcision, will it decrease my sensitivity, increase it, no change? Many things online are conflicting

It was recommended by my therapist that, because I've had disordered eating and had purged in various methods (laxative misuse, overexercise) that I see my doctor to do a check up. What tests, etc. might that entail?

Limits or special precaution when giving a gentle massage to a pregnant woman ? Especially related to certain body area or using cream / oil for it.

Mom has BV Frontotemporal dementia, gets btw. 3-6 UTIs a yr. because of poor hygiene practice. How will this affect her kidneys and overall health?

My 4m old baby tends to sleep longer when sleeps on his belly.Can this pose any health problem 4 him in future.If yes pls guide how to change it?

My brother is having chemotherapy and I am with him about 7\24. Meantime i can't sleep, study for finals and eat more, how can I reduce my stress level?

My doctor says I have cystic acne and believes my diet makes it worse. He was vague about what to avoid, can anyone tell me what to stay away from?

My family has history of hemorrhoids how do I do some damage control? A little prevention would be great but since i can't avoid this .. What can I do?

My father has been wetting himself unknowingly. I have tried many different tactics to help him and he refuses to wear diapers full time. Any ideas? He is 70 years old with various health issues.

My father is in an assisted living home and is addicted to tums (calcium carbonate). He is constantly chewing on them? I am his guardian should I keep getting them or no?

My friend has been diagnose with ovary cancer , does alcohol consumption making her situation much more worse ?

My husband has developed a rash all over his body without changing his personal hygiene routine or diet. What could this be?

My med for ADHD works great for impulsivity,mood, etc.Night time however, I am left to my own devices.How can I control these to prevent harmful acts.

My parents did not set a healthy example for us as kids. They had lots of problems. One that my siblings now have also is brain tumor. How can I avoid getting it also?

My partner found out she has HPV16.Do I have it too?If so, then what should I do about it wrt my health?Can our bodies heal if we take certain steps?

My son freaks out if something is different in our daily routine. It ruins the whole day. Also he is very OCD about being clean. Is this normal?

My water is very hard and it actually affects faucets,etc.Is this safe to drink, etc?Is it going to damage teeth or cause developmental dental issues?

My working time is a grave yard shift..Can I ask if what is the possible vitamins I can intake to support my body and stay alert?

Need a quick & easy way to measure improvement in circulation. I'm planning my motivation strategy for stopping smoking.

People need a certain amount of sleep to function properly the next day in society?

Please somebody answer, I have a major drink problem which is spiralling out of control. Do you have any tips to offer? can I deal with it.....I mean the things which harmful that should i avoid and the things which participate to healing it?

Setting aside the cause, what can an otherwise healthy person do to safely induce a period naturally (no meds)?

Should i avoid certain activities I do in my bedroom besides sleeping?

Should I exercise if I have a UTI or should I rest to prevent immune distress?

Should I use medical height growth product like step up or etc...? R they rly effective or not? They have any harm for our body?

Silly question. If on restricted diet how long does it take for blood chemistry to change and become a problem ?

Skitzophrenia runs in my family, how can I avoid this from starting in myself? And what are the main triggers to avoid?

Some old rockers seem daffy. Is it from the drugs, tobacco, lifestyle, what?

Someone suggested that people might develop lung cancer if they swim regularly in the indoor pool especially in the morning. Does it have any truth?

Supposing your child has eczema, what would be the daily routine to keep it under control?

Tapering Zoloft has drastically affected my behavior. Example: I've quitted the things I used to do like clubs, hobbies, college..etc. is this normal?

To support my wife I am thinking about following her diabetic diet with her - is there any reason not to?

Trouble maintaining his erection in order to penetrate. Require a lot of time lubricant like baby oil. What is next for me? Type 1 dm, 29

Trying to avoid trauma again- renal ultrasound- need some advice?

Two days ago i had my tonsils taken out and I am a chew addict so it safe to chew tobacco now or wait a few more days im 18 years old, 5'8, 165 pounds and an extremely healthy kid besides the fact that i chew, lifting four times a week and running the oth

Was informed that masturbation can cause an increase to love handles due to hormonal balance, is this true? And what's the easiest way to loose them?

What amount of the Gerson therapy would you recommend for severe allergies? Also, any advice on how to stay clean enough?

What are main precautions I need to be aware of after a adult circumcision?, best way to prevent wound from opening ? Is cleaning once a day enough ?

What are possible causes of chronic throat clearing in an otherwise seemingly healthy 30 year-old? Could dietary habits play a role?

What are some fun sobriety tips to make continued abstinence more likely?

What are some lifestyle decisions I should make to avoid heart problems?

What are some migraine medications that begin with s? I'm filling out a health form and can't remember the name

What are some possible physical damages that can happen to your teeth when having an unhealthy diet?

What are some tips to help older people avoid getting hurt at their home due to poor home safety?

What are some tips to help prepare your body for major surgery when you are a hard stick for IV placement besides increasing your water intake?

What are some tips to safely practice BDSM? I want to make sure I'm not putting my health at risk.

What are some ways I can gain energy? I am a type 1 diabetic working 50 hours a week. With add and depression. I also have newborn with health issues.

What are the best lifestyle choices in terms of nutrition and clothing to keep tinea versicolor from recurring?

What are the consequences to diabetics who make poor food choices?

What are the health effects of excessive use of laptop, cell phone, etc.? Especially in young people?

What are the kinds of things you can do to avoid hypogonadism?

What are the things a person should do to combat /eliminate the impact of intense greif ie; 4 example when someone says something nasty to you?

What can cause often occurance of caries (once in 6 months) despite following all hygiene and washing teeth regularly and abstain from sweets?

What can I do now to avoid dowagers hump in 20-25 years like my mom has?

What changes should be made to improve adolescent health and avoid teen sex?

What could potentially cause slow or poor coordination in an otherwise healthy and bright child?

What damage can antihistamines cause to 12 year old if giving without proper cause?

What diet should I adopt as a college student? I have a job that takes up a lot of my time m. I smoke a lot of maryJ, not a drinker. Also my sleep is probably poor as well. I masturbated a lot 14-18

What do I do when I over-eat and then tell myself "I've already screwed up, might as well enjoy the rest of the day."? It leads to binge-eating. Help!

What do i need to do to minimize or avoid accumulating things/conditions/reasons that can affect my sexual performance overtime? how can i improve it?

What doctor specializes in autoimmune conditions? I apparently have at least two now, and I've changed diet and am still very ill. Need direction.

What does anyone know about "melting" forpain & tendon hydration among other things?

What evidence is there that cutting back on salt will make a meaningful difference in health?

What exercises can I do to increase my mind focus? I used to smoke marijuana at a young age, would you recommend getting an evaluation done?

What is vasoconstriction? What is the real cause of it and how to avoid from getting it?

What is 4 important take-a-way points I should remember to treat my eczema?

What is medication adherence? Is that the same thing as compliance with what the doctor orders?

What is the best strategy to avoid startin gback smoking?

What is the best way of handling depression and at the same time handling aggravations from being trapped by getting over brain surgery. ?

What is the best way to avoid needing a nursing home besides the obvious? Im 60 and do not want to live like my parent.

What is the initial intake process like when a person just gets to a drug rehabilitation program for the first time ever?

What is the most difficult part of encouraging patients to try things to increase their independence?

What is the proper / most effective way to discipline a 4 year old? I do not want to be too harsh.

What is the proper thing to do when giving oneself a shot for type 1 diabetes when at a restaurant?

What is the schedule that a person after a car accident should follow ? ( type of fruit, water per day , sleeping time and extra .... ?

What kind of cane must I use if poor balance?

What kind of measures i must take to before doing exercise like boxing as a diabetic person?

What kind of medications or supplements can i take in order to have healthy joint? I run frequently outdoors in parks. I have no joint problem now.

What kind of things should I keep in mind when taking care of an 88 year old female with a fractured femur?

What lifestyle choices can I make to reduce gas?

What medications may help with reducing/eliminating compulsive grazing -- (formed after having been anorexic and get in the way of other activities)?

What personal. Hygiene should be done dail?

What should a person with epilepsy know 2 do 2 take care of theirselves? I know what 2 avoid 2 not trigger it. Is there anything else I should know?

What should I start using now on my face & body, to prolong aging besides eating healthy & exercise to say looking young I'm 25. ?

What special nutritional concerns do the elderly face?

What steps should I take to become a certified eating disorder specialist in nutrition?

What superfoods can an elderly person on prolonged powerful antibiotics take to maintain their health?

What surgery has best results for acid reflux.having trouble maintaining that bland diet birthday parties my family cooks .cant break old ladies heart?

What thing that i'd must avoid for being pregnant?

What things other than sports can I use to reduce sexual desire? I can't exhaust everyday or I'll get fatigued..

What to do if I have coprophilia, have done for years. should I embrace it and not worry about it, or try to eliminate it?

What to do if I have problem with new personal lubricant?

What type of mattress is best for minimizing the impact of a person's movements on their bed partner?

What will make adolescents think excessive drinking isnt worth the risk?

What would be the three most important points to include in a public nutrition program that is directed toward the 21st century?

What're some health problems caused by kids not having proper clothing and no shoes?

What're ways and foods I can eat to prevent my risk of future heart problems?

When we use treats to motivate children to eat healthily, what types of treats are appropriate?