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How to educate someone with bad personal hygienes? What information can I share to help promote good hygienes?

How would help my daughter to avoid problems filling a prescription for me?

I am 16 i eat a balenced diet and exercise every day i don't smoke i seem to be prone to infections is there any way to prevent them in future?

I am 21 years old and I use to be masturbating almost 4 times a week but now I am having problem erecting.Do I need specific food type to retain back?

I am a very active, fit, nutrition/health conscious 41 y/o. But I'm "pre-diabetic" despite no family history. What could be causing this?

I am a very clumsy person but I try my best to be careful. How can I improve so I don't break a bone?

I am developing baldness. How to avoid it? Which doctor should I consult?

I am now pregnant, so must stop avoiding doctors. How can I best organize what i know about my health issues to be understood and taken seriously?

I am probably silly to lose sleep over this, but I don't want to have the same problems as my ancestors. How can I prevent atherosclerosis?

I am programmer my most of time i used to sit on computer due to which I am getting fatty what to do to maintain my health?

I am smoke to much ,how can prevent my self?

I am worried about my children. Are there good ways to raise them so they will avoid addiction?

I blush alot, it is starting to ruin my life as i am avoiding as much social confrontation as possible. Is ETS surgery a good path to take? Thanks

I can't control my bladder and have narrowly avoided some very embarrassing situations. I drink water steadily all day as i always have. I need help?

I can't sit still but tested negatively for add. What could it be?

I constantly battle canadian yeast problems. How can I avoid it. Help me? I figured this out.

I don't seem to be able to stop flares of rheumatic illness. I rest, limit stress, eat properly and I have 2-3 flares a mth. Anything else i can do?

I feel a strong libido and I don't want to self-stimulate (to build control).Is there something I can do or take (natural) avoid this distraction?

I forget easily. Is there any way to stop or manage it? Suggested foods will be appreciated.

I got so manic I cut my long hair short, I didn't want to but the urge was so strong. Now I'm so upset. How to prevent future episode of self destruct?

I had hand surgery what kind of drug i need to use as antibiotics and what physical activity I should have to avoid?

I have a cell on my person 90% of the day. Even near me while i'mto music. Is this bad for my health?

I have a history of breast infection, is there anything I can do to try to avoid it?

I have a job that involves going into homes. If i am prone to infections, should i avoid this type of job?

I have a problem controlling what i eat and therefore i usually am unable to keep a diet for kore than two weeks. Help!

I have a problem where i keep on dwelling on insults, what can I do?

I have an addictive personality. How can I avoid falling into any traps?

I have heard recommendations as to how much of daily exercise is adequate. How much is really adequate? I presume it is dependent on person's age.

I have reason to believe I have ibs. What is the best diet I should follow to discover my triggers and avoid the painful consequences?

I have recently developed strong almost uncontrollable facial twitching. I am a healthy person, don't drink or do drugs and exercise regularly.?

I have some discolorations and tans that refuses to go away after months and years. Is there a nutrient or something i'm lacking that can speed things?

I have to take antihistamines/vasoconstrictors regularly to maintain rosacea but I'm worried about my organs handling meds, what to be mindful of?

I have toxoplasmosis infection in both eyes. Now ok. In future to avoid or to minimise the cause and effect what should i keep in my mind and do?

I have tried all method yet there is still chronic badbreath, especially people around me use to close their nose when am sitting close to them?

I have two problems the 1st one is I am doing musturbation and now I want to avoid this bad habit and get healthy. The 2nd is that I have weak memory?

I have very high mypoia 10 &11.Should i avoid going to gym as it can produce jerk accidently which can harm my eyes?What other things should I avoid?

I keep making excuses, like it will help me study, for abusing amphetamines. What are some ways to help me get through the urges?(diet,support,etc.)

I know about foods, exercise and travel, but how soon after tonsil removal surgery is it safe to drink alcohol? And also to be kissing/intimate?

I like to maintain my youth & are there any safe natural pills that mainly focuses on the skin?

I lose erection during intercourse, don't drink or smoke, no history of any disease too maybe some stress but is over so what should i do ?

I love to swim three times a week but also struggle with recurrent utis. Do I have to quit swimming?

I m type 2 diabetic and also suffer from ocd and depression and eating sweets helps me feel better. It's a catch 22 situation. What to do? Tried controlling sweets many times but failed.

I smoke 4cigarettes a day... What is the tendency of me getting cancer..? And i also have many physical activities and i consume proper water daily.

I stay confused , stressed in studing .A dr recommended me low doses of regimen , wats that I have no knowledge of it, respect dr and their advice?

I stimulate myself with my shower hose. Is this bad for me? Will it cause any sort of infertility in the future?

I typically try to stay low on sodium. 2, 000 or less per day. Today i splurged and had 6-7, 000 mg of sodium. Should i be concerned about a stroke?

I use to wear 1 tampon for a whole day, I was horrible about changing it for years. I want to know if that could lead to ttc issues and ability?

I used to eat lot of sweets daily but i'm feeling perfectly ok. Will it pose any threat on long term? I'm 25 years old and fit.I don't exercise much.

I used to worry a LOT. Then i started to avoid my problems by not thinking about them. It's like my brain blocks them. Is it normal or even healthy?

I want to ask a question for a person of about 56 year and is a heart patient. Is there any better option easy to do instead of intaking feurosimide.

I want to make a vid about self mutliation, how do I avoid triggers?

I was a drug addict while being a teenager now I feel this need to always cobsume everything food alcohol buying things etc.. How can I treat this?

I was told staying on 5 mg prenisone is not harmful especially if it is helping?

I was wondering how i could heal my pancreas, break bad habits, and prevent diabetes?

I would like to have twins , are they any sex styles or things I should do to acquire this goal, without using any medical procedures?

I would like to know what physicians feel are the biggest barriers to providing regular, quality care to populations such as sex workers.

I would like to try being vegetarian. What are some risks i need to consider?

I'm a maintainance engineer in a private company where I have to work in a dusty area. Please do suggest some precautions I should be taking to avoid long term effects on my health.?

I'm age 35 and trying to get second child but try several months still can't success. It's related to my dairy food or my career?

I'm curious as to why is good plaque control important?

I'm transgendered. How can I avoid chest binder problems?

I've been a self-harmer for a while, mostly cutting, on the wrists. Is there any Heath risks to that?

If doctors did their job properly they would understand that a womans body does not work like a mans at all, therefore medications should be adjusted.

If I improve my child's hygiene can I prevent pinworm?

If sedentary lifestyle increases risk of health problems, how can paralyzed people avoid this? Or are they screwed on this one?

Im 24/f my hair has been falling off a lot sense I was 16 I live in a streess inviroment but is their any shapoo that can help me&over the counter med.?

Im a professional trainer and i have dry throat while talking in the classroom. I manage to complete with several sips of water.

In simple terms, what is a t-score? Nothing to add but it's making me.

Into diy and taking steps to avoid injury. What problems do boomers develop from house fixups?

Is a vulval swabbing indicated/absolutely necessary in otherwise healthy 8yo?

Is ADHD caused by environmental factors? Do kids get ADHD because of how or where they live, or certain foods? How can we avoid it? .

Is becoming aware of and controlling one's breathing normal? Sometimes i become aware that I am automatically breathing and then try to control it.

Is cross dressing a religiiously wrong thing to do ?

Is cutting down to one pop a day good for you ? Better then excessive intake of pop for 19 years of my life?

Is douching bad for u or good for you. Im trying to win an arguement and i don't like unnatural treatments?

Is drinking creatine-powdered drinks very helpful in promoting muscle growth? A med school friend said it wasn't worth possible damage to kidneys.

Is is best just to take your like after trauma, losses and abuse throughout your life once getting to 50 years than to keep seeking help?

Is it important control your rest time when you are sick? If it is, when you suggested?

Is it important to drink dairy for preventing of getting oesteo prosis?

Is it possible for a poor eye-sight person to regain 20/20 I he's changed to 20/40 already?

Is it possible for ADHD to make someone prone to living in solitude and wanting to avoid human contact?

Is it possible to avoid putting on weight when on a course of steroids for Crohn's disease?

Is it possible to incorporate some form of dance movement therapy into my healthy living?

Is it possible to reduce abuse by promoting choice and rights?

Is it risky to keep mobile phone in pocket near heart? Many people avoid to keep it there.

Is it true that cabin crew is an unhealthy job? What would you recommend to avoid "losing" your health with this job? Thank you

Is their any apps designed especially for diabetes?

Is there a covered prescription nutritional drink, other than the possibility of Ensure, that can help a person with diabetes?

Is there a good reason why well informed and highly educated people continue smoking tobacco?

Is there a health risk if i keep abusing diphenhydramine?

Is there a legal alternative to steroids in the pursuit of extra muscle growth? . (i also already understand the importance of a healthy diet)

Is there a particular form of meditation that's better than others for controlling pain?

Is there a recommended food or drink to reduce cigarette cravings when quitting? What else can I do to assure a successful attempt? Thanks

Is there a relationship between tobacco use and tendonitis recovery?

Is there any evidence for wearing a helmet to prevent a problem if an elderly person falls?

Is there any exercise, vegetables and medicines that can make mind fresh and strong?Also tell me respectable drs abour eye vision strongness, strength

Is there any lifestyle change my daughter should adopt to avoid her asthma getting worse? Now it acts up only in winter months when she gets a cold.

Is there any truth behind "fit for life's" theory of proper food combinations?

Is there anything odd or developmentally problematic with a teenager using a pacifier instead of drugs or alcohol as coping with problem?

Is washing my eczema ridden hands in hot water reason enough to get psychological help? its a habit. self harm history. i have to do it 1x a day help