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I was practicing some needle play and accidently lost one under the skin is there something I can do to make a strong enough anesthetic to avoid er?

A number of my friends engage in detoxification periodically. Is this necessary?

About to begin ssri treatment. Are there certain things somebody can do to lessen the chance of side effects? Like eating healthy, exercise, or...?

Adoption opportunity. Birthmother is 43, healthy, no drug or alcohol use, no smoking. Should we go forward or shy away?

Advice for vocal health? As a singer, i was wondering what sort of advice there is concerning vocal health; are there foods I should avoid, activities I should try to limit, or habits to get into?

After a long duration of weight training like 4-5 years, if someone stops exercising, what are the ill effects, if any - mental, physical, etc.? Thnx

After conceptiob should one avoid tea (caffinated), soaps with parabens etc to lessen environmetal contributery factors of birth defects?

All my adult life I have tried to stay fit and avoid having problems like my parents and aunts and uncles. What other steps can I take to avoid overuse syndrome?

An otherwise healthy person has a non-life threatening tachycardia. What would be the better prescription (no need for ablation) to use to decrease this event?

Any natural ways to increase sperm motility? assume we don't smoke, drink, no exposure environmental toxins or tight fitting. Have good diet already.

Any nutritional tips for seborrheic dermatitis, or other lifestyle suggestions (sleep, stress, etc)?

Are most cancers the result of poor lifestyle choices or bad luck ?

Are some allergies psychological, at least to an extent? I want to use mint for aroma therapy, but I feel slightly allergic.

Are there any 'unknown' important tips on feminine hygiene? Just to prevent infections and keep an overall clean.

Are there any procedures or habits I can adopt if I need to fly and I have some GI problems?

Are there important dietary concerns for people with lymphedema?

As a newly trained fitness instructor, what is important for me to do or take (vitamin)to avoid over straining my body & how do I best look after it?

Been drinking 1-2 glasses of red win per day because of suggestive health benefits. But can this habit put me at risk of developing diabetes?

Beneficial for digestion + skin problems to fast/ go on detox diet for a few days regularly? Every week/ month? For teenagers and adults - different?

Besides being deaf, what effects did hard rockers lifestyle have on them?

Best shoes and care for a senior male who has diabetes? Seems to be controlling levels and working out but what are ways to prevent major conditions?

Best shoes for a male who works in a factory & is standing for over 8 hours.. Also, what is some advice to staying healthy&strong working at factories?

Both of my parents are type 1 diabetics what steps can I take to prevent myself from facing the same problems?

Can alcoholism make me sterile?

Can anyone please help me out so I can stop my cross dressing?

Can anyone tell me what food must be prevented after splenectomy?

Can chostocondrotis keep reoccuring in an individual with a gap of few months to a year or so?

Can fast sex shaken up or harm the developing fetus...cause any problems? Brain, etc? Sexual positions, speed, intensity are factors?

Can i improve kidney health for better . ( by alternatives and healthy food )especially if the problem due to accident with epileptic seizures.

Can I prevent meningitis by adopting better hygiene?

Can something systemic cause an increase the amount of cavities I get? major increase in cavities the last year but haven't changed any oral habits.

Can there be any medical condition which requires people to eat salt regularly?

Can you advise me if getting induced to avoid c-section?

Can you please discuss the practical ways to avoid severe conditions of hypoglycemia?

Can you please discuss the really intense weightloss methods people should avoid?

Can you plz help us by increasing the capacity of queation box.We cant explain our problem in a proper way.Have to delete important symptoms to acco!.

Can you tell me bad habits that decrease you sex potential?

Can you tell me can I buy diazepan online. I've just had a bit of a relationship trauma and over indulged in alcohol for a good few days. To make the?

Could you tell me what happens if you constantly violate food safety guidelines?

Could you tell me what household medication leads to deep sleep that is safe for children?

Dear Doctors , My college schedule is tight . i usually wake up very early in the morning.which suggestion for me to live fit,healthy & stress free?tx

Diabetes is out of control , i take my meds faithfully, exercise , eat correctly, do not drink , iwork as a social worker& am a widow with three kid?

Diabetic 2.How can I keep my sexual abilities not to destroyed or getting worse?

Diagnosed with Pericarditis and I have to rest for about 6-8 weeks avoiding any phisical activity (Can't even get out of my room). Can I masturbate?

Do some people get c-diff after stopping antibiotics due to not practicing hygiene/handwashing etc.- not realizing they're still at risk for while?

Does accupressure and meditation help peoples health? I am a big fan of doing things naturally but i will accept meds as needed. My mom doesn't like how i read everything on pill bottles. But can this really help? I know many uses for accupressure and i w

Does alcohol make you a poor wrestler?

Does anyone have any personal experience using garlic to reduce cholesterol?

Does getting mad frequently puts you in a health risk?

Does swimming help people with asthma prevent it from recurring in their lives again?

Does the taking of amoxicillin after a periodontal operation predispose a person to sunlight hypersentivitity at the hot beach, in most situations?

Doggy is good or not. Certain sources said that doggy style harmful......

Dr my age is 23 and height 5'7 i am diabetic ..what precautions should i take to avoid any sexual problem?

Even with the use of modern treatments etc. What adverse impacts will having HIV likely have on my life? Is it possible to avoid or eliminate these?

Excess of thinking is my problem. I neither think positive nor negative but i think what i like.Always, while eating, walking, bathing etc.

Flossing is beneficial, but it's also a real chore. How to make flossing more fun?

Floxtin 20r40 stop or maintain habits like washimg hands negative thoughts (ocd) in life?

Greeting doctor...Could you please tell all the necessary and important precautions regarding the changing weather?

Hands always much colder than others. I exercise and am pretty fit. Is this troubling? Could it be a poor cardiovascular situation?

Has anyone had a child with chronic ear infections and tried a milk-free diet to prevent them?

Has anyone seen any improvement in a child after changing from regular to organic foods?

Have high deductible over the next 3 years (till 65, medicare). Should I spend on healthy food and minimize doctor visits or vice versa?

Hello doctor :) I don't know flaw of garlic because I trying to eating it everyday I want get my brain and my heart better (I usually forget,delirous?

Hello Sir, whatever i am eating after that it is compulsory to go to at least 2 times for motion. i am very irritated with this problem. my age is 30?

Help, what to do to avoid future foot problems?

Hi respected all I'm have been total vegetarian all my life. I get irritated when somebody besides me is chewing loudly. I lose my control. Help?

Hi...I have gas trouble at times. It affects my personal life vrry much. How can I get a permenant solution for this?

How beneficial are visits to a dementia patient, what should frequency be and any reason to limit visits to the "occasional"?

How can I avoid an ulcer? I'm a student studying under a lot of stress, but i'm worried that i could get an ulcer. What can I do to minimize the chance of an ulcer?

How can I avoid being scared of changing and future?

How can I avoid phonic tics through self medications? I meant of less expenses in hospital check ups

How can I improve my relationship with my child? He wants to eat junk and not study. And when I try to enforce , he thinks I'm too strict.

How can I improve the healing of my broken forearm? Anything I should procure eating or avoiding? I'm already following docs instructions on the care

How can I prevent over eating on weekends when i'm home alone and surrounded by munchies?

How can I prevent some of the social consequences of getting dentures?

How can I systematize my 2yr. Old girl in daily life activities specially for eating properly?

How can others hurt my chances of success when trying to make lifestyle changes?

How can we work on controlling impulsivity (especially keeping hands to oneself) in a child with ADHD (not medicated)?

How can you avoid developing poor sleep habits if you travel internationally a lot?

How can you convince people to make choices to reduce their chances of getting heart disease?

How do docs keep up with new drugs and learn new things, considered many hours they work? Does it matter to use young doc or seasoned doc?

How do I avoid developing nystagmus?

How do I best prepare for a right hemicolectomy? Are pre-operative nutrition drinks and antibacterial showers recommended ?

How do I convince household members to improve their oral care habits or diet in reaction to having a cavity?

How do I make my 11yr old diabetic realize he needs to be careful in his lifestyle choices?

How do u help a person that's trying to break a alcohol addition?

How do you best reduce work related stress, from a high demanding job covering several ppl,working too many hrs,if you don't have the luxury to quit?

How does exercise keep the respiratory and circulatory systems healthy instead of breaking them down from overuse?

How does standing, shopping, cooking and cleaning affect postpartum recovery?

How long should young adults avoid exercise after a course of Levofloxacin? I'm an active person, and afraid of the antibiotic's risk of tendonitis.

How long will it take to get 2 blunts out of my system I have 15 days to get clean, foods, drinks, exercise recommendations are greatly appreciated?

How many hours would you recommend to relax after eating before sleeping and can water therapy cure cancer and diseases.

How many nightmares do toddlers usually have on average? 2 y/o with normal active life with no known stresses she does watch age appropriate tv

How many pegs of scotch is adviceable in regular evenings ? &how to avoid health issues ?

How much progress can a non-specifically ill patient make with functional/alternative medicine things (like food intolerance, custom vitamins, etc)? Or, do non-specifically ill patients have things wrong with them outside scope of any 2016 medicine?

How often can I allow myself a treat? No health issues, love my chocolate or nuts daily

How should I approach limiting the amount of internet time my son has?

How to avoid and prevent split ends?

How to avoid constipation..Wish to have some efficient way in my daily life...Thanks?

How to avoid getting a disease while working as an intern?