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after ejavulating on girls belly' she holdhold semens in hands from dripppling and went to shower and wash belly might use hands to wash vag.prg!%?

A man ejaculated in towel, some sperm got on hands, washed hand w/ soap water and fingered a woman. Does that pose preg risk 5 days before ovulation?

A small drop of my ejaculate fell on my girlfriend's abdomen...she then immediately applied hand sanitizer on the area..could the sperm survive?

After hot tub, girl wiped her vagina with a paper towel with sperm on it, but then cleaned it with a wet paper towel and showered later. Pregnancy?

After i masturbate and wipe my hands clean . Their completly dry , and i touch a item can sperm get on it ?

After washing the semen could there still be sperms left on my skin? when I'm washing my vagina is it possible that the sperm on my skin will enter?

Am tryin to conceive, does washing my genital area after sex about few hours with soap and water kill the sperms?&does washing it before sex kill them

Anyone ever become pregnant from toilet use whether from semen on seat or from semen in toilet water that splashed during use? Or anything like this?

Anything could happen if i get a lot of shampoo/soap inside penis while in shower?

Burned my penis masturbating with a too warm towel. What should I do?

By barely touching sperm , and it drying and hours later cleaning your vagina can you get pregnant ?

Cam sperm mixed with water and soap cause pregnancy? Bf came on my breast and some on hand. Wiped&showered after.Washed my vagina w/feminine wash

Can a girl get pregnant by washing herself with a soap that has perm on it for 7 hours?

Can a girl get pregnant from touching an object that has or had sperm on it? And later masturbates minutes to an hour later after touchin the object

Can a sperm drop on finger exposed to cool air for 10 minutes be alive??

Can a sperm in a soap makes you pregnant?

Can a towel absorb semen fluids instally? If yes, does that make it impossible to get pregnant from whipping a towel with sperm or semen on vagina?

Can a woman become pregnant if she had preejaculate on her hand, washed it off with soap and water then fingered herself shortly afterwards?

Can antibiotic wash off sperm after sex?

Can anyone tell me what can kill sperm in the shower?

Can dry sperm in hands makes girl pregnant? How long can sperm live in finger and in fingernails? Can cloth separate semen from sperm? Please answer.

Can I get pregnant if BF had sperm on his hands, then washed with cold water and soap and then put his condom? Can the sperm still be alive??

Can I get pregnant if he washed his hands that has precum with soap and water before fingering me?

Can i get pregnant if i touched semen. Then i wiped it off until dried. For a few moments later, i washed my vagina along running tap water?

Can i get pregnant if i touched the semen. After a minutes, it exposed to the air and maybe dries out then, i touch my vagina along with running water?

Can I get pregnant if someone masturbated in the shower 5mins before i shower and cluelessly my hand got contaminated with semen and wash my vagina?

Can I possibly get pregnant from rubbing our privates together in the shower while naked and covered in soap for 15 sec?

Can miniscule amount of precum pass through two layers of cloth if one of the layer is slightly wet?

Can peroxide kill sperm. Guy came in me got BV use peroxide water douche will it stop me from getting pregnant?

Can pre ejaculate fluid on the hands still lead to pregnancy after they dried and i washed my hands & touch vagina ,and was fertile. didn't use soap?

Can precum soak through pants and cause a Could it be transferred from an object such as a phone and still be viable?

Can pregnancy happen after i touch my semen and then wipe it with my clothes then hold her hands then she wash her hands with soap and touch herself?

Can pregnancy occur from sperm or semen on objects in the shower and someone touching them during their shower/bath and perhaps touching themselves?

Can regular tap water kill sperm on hands without soap? Will it still cause pregnancy if touched the vagina after washing and hands still wet?

Can rubbing alcohol kill sperm easily? Especially when the alcohol is applied on the clothing where sperm is

Can saliva kill sperm 2 minutes after saliva being rubbed on penis?

Can saliva/water kill sperm?

Can semen survive in warm soapy bath water and get me pregnant if my boyfriend and I were both in the bathtub together?

Can sperm be killed by washing it with hot water (on my stomach and i had pants on) could i get pregnant? Can sperm swin down to the vagina that far?

Can sperm be transferred to surfaces if one washes/rinses hands after masturbating, and could a woman get pregnant if she were to touch said surfaces?

Can sperm get from the stomach to the vagina when it is washed off with hot soapy water? She had pants on while doing this, can she get pregnant?

Can sperm live without seminal fluid?So if a hand previously touched sperm, but was dry once wiped with a dry cloth,could there still be living sperm?

Can sperm on a bar of soap get a girl pregnant?

Can sperm somehow get stuck into pipes if you masturbated into a bathtub faucet? What is its lifespan in there?

Can sperm still be active even after washing with soap and water? (Still wet from washing)

Can sperm still be alive 10 hours later on a towel thats a tiny bit damp?

Can sperm survive 30+ min in a bathtub with running water from a shower?

Can sperm that hasn't dried on a toilet seat cause someone to be pregnant?

Can sperm travel through 2 layers of cottony clothes ?? Can pregnancy occour from dry humping? After that i wiped my self with tissue then wash my self with water&soap i'm very worried about than

Can sperm travel through wet clothes? (The clothes are damp from pool water)

Can sperms be active and able to cause pregnancy if washed with soap and water? (Still wet from washing , drips from upper body to vagina)

Can sperms travel through cloth from male to female? What happen if i rub & keep cloth having male sperms at my vergina for a time of 10 hrs.

Can tap water kill sperm on hands? Can it cause pregnancy if touched the vagina immediately after washing with tap water? (Hands still wet)

Can there still be potent sperm/semen left on hand after 6 hours(showered +washed hand but may have not dried with towel) that could cause pregnancy?

Can u get someone pregnant if u showered after masturbating and they use the shower later? If I touched the handle or shower with my cum on my hand?

Can washing hands with soap and water kill sperm instantly? Will it still cause pregnancy if touch the vagina right after washing(hands still wet)?

Can washing precum soaked hands with just water & wiping them off with tissue before fingering prevent pregnancy?

Can washing vagina wit warm water and salt after having sex wit HBV carrier, protect?

Can washing with soap and water kill all sperms on hands instantly and will it make them inactive to cause a pregnancy?

Can washing your vagina with harsh soap cause you to be less fertile? Could this lower chances of getting pregnant?

Can wiping off semen with cloth then touching your vagina get you pregnant?

Can woman get pregnant from residue sperm on a showerhead after i masturbate and touch showerhead with the same hand i masturbated with.

Can you explain what if water flushed still containing sperm around 7 cm below the toilet seat touches a girl"s vagina?

Can you get a girl pregnant if you ejaculate on a girls stomach then she rubs the sperm down onto vagina with bath water whilst in bath?

Can you get Epididymitis from washing a penis in dirty water?

Can you get HIV from touching a damp bed sheet with sperm on it?

Can you get pregnant by sharing towels? Like if someone ejaculated in a towel and 30 minutes later girl showers and dries herself with towel

Can you get pregnant from dry sperm? My boyfriend ejaculated but wiped it with tissues and numerous items but did not wash his hand and stuck it in me

Can you get pregnant from sperm after it has been in a condom that has been rinsed with water?

Can you get pregnant from washing up with a washcloth that had sperm on it? I used soap and water to wash off in the shower

Can you get pregnant from water splashing on vulva while peeing on toilet if guy masturbated 15 min before and didn't flush??

Can you get pregnant if sperm is in sea water?

Can you get pregnant if you accidentally touch your vagina with semen that has been wet with water and soap?

Can you get pregnant if you ejaculate on a girl stomach but you wash it off with hot water straight away, and she has pants on?Can sperm get to vagina

Can you get pregnant if you ejaculate on a girls stomach, but you wash it off with hot water straight away, and she has pants on?

Can you get pregnant if you have sperm on your hands then washed with soap and water , then shower and washed your vagina with soap and water?

Can you get pregnant if you touch your vagina immediately right after you wash sperm off your hands ? (Still wet from washing)

Can you get pregnant if you wash sperm off your hands with soap and water then fifer yourself immediately after washing? (hands still wet)

Can you get pregnant on 5th day of your period and to semen exposed to water and soap?

Can you please tell me why it'sthat a lot of men don't wash their hands after peeing?

Could semen in a bath cause pregnancy after 40 hrs after drainage and refilling, if a female sat on the remnants of that semen.Or would water kill it?

Could semen on toilet seat, exposed to air about a minute, impregnate a woman? What if a drop somehow got splashed on to the exterior vagina?

Could shampoo kill sperm in the shower?

Could sperm still cause pregnancy after being on hand for 4 hours( washed hand and showered, but not sure if hand was dried with towel)?

Could sperm/semen have any potency if it were on a hand after 6 hours( shower and hand was washed during 6 hours but may have not been dried on towel)?

Do males get BV or carry the BV germs, or are the germs washed away after a shower?

Do sperm die whn on hands and in contact in the air ? Does benzyl alcohol kill sperm? Detol ingredient

Does a heating pad kill sperm inside a females body?

Does alcohol kill sperm? What if i had some sperm on my vagina opening and i wipe it with a wipe thar contains alcohol?

Does cold water and hand soap kill sperm or pre-cum instantly?

Does having a shower after sex push up the sperm?

Does hot water (like shower water) kill sperm when it is ejaculated? And is on a girls stomach (cum)?

Does KY warming jelly kill sperm? Will it keep me from getting pregnant?

Does rubbing alcohol kill dry precum ?

Does sperm die when being washed in the machine in cold water but without detergent? And Are sperm dead even if there is a stain left over?

Does sperm die when trying to wash it off in the shower from back and neck? Or water might facilitate sperm to enter vagina and lead to pregnancy?

Does sperm dies when exposed to water and soap?

Does sperm survive on your hand when it's dry but still sticky 8 minutes after masterbating? Is there any risk of pregnancy if you touched a girls hands while it was dry but sticky?

Does sperm wash off in water?

Does sperm/semen come off of hands with soap and water?