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I am 20, having erection issues and hair loss.Libido is not low.Ejacuation is easy.Do get erections if i don't mastutbate for few days.What is wrong?

I am 20.My erections were weak.I quit masturbating for 2 weeks.Noticed improvement.Is it ED , low testosterone?Ejacuation is easy.Erection is the prob.

I am 23 and cannot maintain an erection. I did not have intercourse in 2 years but with my girlfriend I cannot get erection. What can be wrong? Treat?

I am 24 and have problems maintaining erection during sex...I can masturbate and i get morning erections..Remedy?

I am 25 years old and I am not waking up with an erection for about two years, is that a sign I will have ED? How can I solve this?

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I am experiencing unable to obtain or maintain erection.

I am experiencing unable to obtain or maintain erection.

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I am getting more erections than before which include morning erections as well as during the day! I am doing weight loss! can there be a connection?

I am having erectile disfungtion only half erection any remady?

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I don't have morning erections and i'm still young, is this normal?

I ejactulate to fast and lose my erection what can I do to fix this?

I had an ejaculation without an erection and it has been 3 days, and until now I've had problems having a normal erection, what might have happened ?

I have a soreness if erection for a long time. What can I do about it?

I have morning erections when i sleep.But unable to maintain erected penis while sex.I know this is related to mind.How to oveecome I have been trying?

I have nocturnal emissions without proper erection.why is that? I took imipramine for 15 days a month back.what should I do now?

I have not had sexual intercourse for 2 years and am unable to sustain an erection. What should I do?

I have penile erection but fail to maintain it for longer time i.E it is not much hard.What can I do to maintain it hard and stiffen during erection?

I have problems achieving and maintaining an erection. What should I do? Do I have ed?

I have to many! I have a lot of erections, if i even think of something for about 10 seconds, I have an erection. Even when i'm not even thinking about anything i get one out of nowhere, is this normal?Is there a way to decrease the amount of erections

I have trouble getting an erection because of Avodart (dutasteride) which I have taken for over four years. How long must I stop it before my erection returns?

I haven't any libido or erections from 5 months till now after i failed in my first sexual experience will i be ok will my libido and erections back?

I keep having non-stop erections...Help please?

I lose an erection after putting on a condom; is this ed?

I think I can't get 100% erected from porn. Am I losing my libido? And how do I cure this?

I use Viagra (sildenafil) now and then for Ed but it doesn't seem to help my erection , still a soft erection that last only a short time . What can help ?

I used to have nocturnal emissions with erections but not anymore with proper erection but I do have an erection while masterbating.why is that?

I want the doctors to advice me on how to stop mastubation and recomend to me any medicine for weak erection and quick ejaculation?

I'm 19 years old and my erection weakened. I had a really strong erection and i've been sexually active for 4 years. Can it be too much sex?

I'm 28yrs old and have been having difficulty when it comes to sex. I have been unable to maintain an erection during intercourse. I can achieve one q?

I'm 35 y/o male and I can maintain an erection and climax quickly when I masturbate but I can't when I'm with my partner. Why is this?

I'm 40, and it's tough for me to maintain an erection more than once every few days. Is this normal?

I'm a 25 year old boy,i have a very weak erection it doesn't last 5 mins.. I masturbate frequently 5 time a week Plz help me for the treatment?

I'm unable to maintain erection for longer time.....and my testicals are small...

I've been experiencing ED for 5 years now. I'm 54yrs old. I can achieve an erection masturbating but, cannot get motivated with my partner. ?

Iam 23y/o afew months ago lost libido and spontaneous erections, dificulties maintaining erections in masturbating, testosterone1.7/ml what is problem?

Iam 26, I have impotence (very low libido, not erection) . Since 10year ago I do over masturbation, does O.M really cause venous leakage?

Im 100 kgs if i do liposuction will my erection improve?

Im 56 year old male I have hard time reaching orgasm i can maintain an erection but do not climax always during intercourse cam meds effect this what?

Im experiencing that my erection are weaker and shorter and my ejaculation is getting sooner and my desire is lesser what is it , psychological or ?

Im in good health 70 kg but i have weaker erection?? Could any one help?

Is a person able to attain an erection if he has lost elasticity of his penile tissue? If so, how?

Is is it possible that depression causes nocturnal erections?

Is it erectile dysfunction if my boyfriend loses his erection the 2nd or 3rd time we are having sex in a row?

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Is it normal to have an erection in the morning?

Is it normal to have an erection when waking up in the morning?

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Is masturbation harmful to a guy and does it weaken erectile strength over time? My erection is weaker than it used to be so i stop mastubation.

Is there a medication to prevent erections for a 22 yr old male?

Is there any cindition.In which a man.Gets erection only if he thinks if one particular girl? And difficult to maintain erection.If.With other girls.

Is there any medical reason for not being able to achieve an erection.?

Is there any rol or suport of testis in erection?

Is there anything out there that can help maintain a strong erection in liquid or cream forum?

Is there something wrong with me? I could have erection when with my wife but when wanting to do it with others, no erection at all.

L have diabetes and I haven't had an erection in over 5yrs. What can I do to achieve an erection again?

Lately I have a decreased libido and cannot keep erection?

Lately it hard to maintain an erection?

Lose erection in middle of sex. Why is this? It doesn't feel psychological. Will Viagra (sildenafil) at my age be ok to use? Happened twice to me now.

Loss of male sex drive and erection. Will ssri's make erections worse?

M 20. Had weak erections earlier.Now from last 1 month erections were great.But again erections are weak now.Can it be due to masturbating too much?

Male 18 unable to keep an erection during sexual intercourse normal?

Male 20.Weak erection if masturbate daily and perfect erections if masturbate after 4-5 days.What can be the reason and what should I do.Take no drugs?

Masturbation has messed up my erections strength. Why so?

My boyfriend sometimes can not keep an erection, sometimes difficult to achieve an erection. he's only 23, what could this be?

My erection used to be 5.4 inches when i was 18 but now my erection is only 5 inches! i can still orgasm well and maintain the erection. Y did i shrnk?

My husband loses his erection upon insertion. Why is that?

My penal implant does non give good erection what to do?

Nerve damage at 18 unable to maintain an erection/erection problems any solution ? Or does it requires operation..

New partner having difficulty achieving erection, what can I do to help him?

No morning erection since 2 years, and a little weak erections when aroused but glans stays soft. Loss of libido too and very less ejaculate. Ideas?

No morning erection weak erection while mastubating but good erection whole sex as compared Ro mastubating testestorene TSH prolactin normal wt cud ca?

Once I stop taking Phentermine, will I be able to get and maintain an erection? I've been having issues maintaining an erection.

Over masturbation cause low sex drive and weak erections? What can I do to fix it please

Please help! what is the benefit of taking gensing for your erection?

Previously I have strong erection but from 6-7 months erection not harder and not upto it limits ?

Recently had problems with maintaining erection or getting one. Now having dreams about anxiety of maintaining erection. How to fix?