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Hello so im 18 and having trouble with my erection. i do not take any medication. I cannot have a full erection neither does it last long.

Hi I am able to get erection and maintain it with physical stimulation but not with mental stimulation. Is this erectile dysfunction and how would I solve this?

Hi, i am 29 male.Not on any medication. First time i did sex but i couldn't maintain erection.Just for few sec. I was NT expecting. Can i try viagra (sildenafil)?

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How common is weak ejaculation and difficulty maintaining an erection with prostatitis? Other than the antibiotic treatment i'm on, what can I do?

How common is weak ejaculation and difficulty maintaining an erection with prostatitis? Other than the antibiotic treatment i'm on, what can I do?

How do I improve erection I have soft erection i can sustain erection but its soft? Any medications that can help? Im 94 kg. please help Im very stressed

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