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anal sex time condom break sperm go inside .how i clean my ass?

possibility of pregnancy if there was a pinhole sized hole in a condom found after intercourse, the hole was not found near the semen reservoir?

1&2 girls w/no condom & cum in 1 of them & 3&4 girls w/condom breaking both times & cumn in 1 of them & 5 girl no condom & STD free but my balls itch?

2 days after her period ends, we had sex using a condom. It broke midway through for a few seconds. I put a new one on immediately. Pregnancy chances?

2 days ago my bf put his penis in me for less than a minute, we stopped because we had no condom. He didn't come but im still wet?

A condom broke while having sex, how can i be sure a small part of it isnt still in me from when it broke?

A condom was used, he ejaculated into the condom; about 15-20 minutes later he put himself back in (he was dry). Should i worry about getting a plan b?

After sex how to check whether the condom has broken?

After sex I had fluid come out of me. Can this happen? My bf asked if it was his fluids but he wore a condom. A small tear in comdom? Worried. Thanks

After sex noticed that recently purchased condom was expired 4 / 2013. Didn't notice any tears or rips. Did it still protect.

Am i preg? Hi. I am 17 . I had sex with my bf friday night. He used a condom but it was a cheap condom. When he pulled out and saw the condom it was broken but he said that the condom broke as he pulled it off. He didn't cum that much. But saturday night

Am i right that it's no issue to start off sex without a condom, and then midway with a condom?

Anal HPV go through condoms? If I put a hole on cling film, put penis through hole, put condom on penis with bits of cling film in condom. 100% safe?

Applied condom at first the wrong way and then flipped it over. Don't know if precum was their but if it was, what's my chances of causing pregnancy?

Are condoms always effective? What are the chances of them breaking ?

Are condoms more likely to break in certain positions?

Are condoms with spermicide actually bad for my vagina and/or my health?

Are those trojan bareskin condoms completely worthless?

Are ultra thin condoms more likely not break? If not, then wouldn't all condoms be thin? Also, that would also mean thick condoms break just as easy.

Aren't thin condoms more likely to break?

Boyfriend continued to use the same condom after he ejaculated in it. Afterward, the condom was balled up and soaked. Is it possible semen came out? ?

Boyfriend doesn't like condoms what can we do ? He goes limp. And says it isn't the same. Can i go in birthcontrol and no condom ?

Boyfriend pulled out but did not hold condom, then cummed outside, most of condom was out when he pulled out. Im also on birth control. Pregnancy risk?

Bumps all over areola.... But had protected sex on b control plus condum with no ejaculation.. Should it be worried?

But what if the condom split?

Can "special" condoms, such as Fire and Ice, cause the female to be nauseous after sex?

Can a condom help him slide in easier during the first time you have sex?

Can a drop of sperm live on the outside of a spermicidal condom for a few minutes before penetration? After first intercourse, condom was taken off and my hands touched my wet shaft before i put on a spermicidal condom. Is the spermicide on the condom eno

Can a girl get pregnant if the condom falls off while you are pulling out and ejactculating and the open part of the condom was on the outside?

Can a little tear in the condom make you pregnant? How can you know if the condom broke or "popped" during sex?

Can a tiny pin hole in a condom cause pregnancy?

Can I be pregnant if he pulled out and the condom didn't break?

Can i be pregnant if i'm on the pill, my hymen isn't broken, my boyfriend didn't put his penis all the way inside me and he never ejaculated?

Can i be pregnant? My boyfriend and I have had sex and not use a condom at first. Then only a few minutes later he would put one on. He also urniates either before we start to have intercourse, or right before he puts the condom on. My question is what

Can i get pregnant if the condom broke and he pulled it out 30 seconds right after it did broke?

Can i get pregnant if the condom i and my boyfriend used didnt leak at all? Checked the condom nicely by pouring water and touching it completely.

Can I get pregnant if we continued to have sex for 30 sec or so after he ejaculated in condom & there was leakage and condom slipped off half way when he pulled out ?

Can I have sex more than six hours after I put the diaphragm in?

Can mi girlfriend get pregnant if we had sex with a condom and I didn't ejaculate? The thing is that the condom was kinda sliding before I put it in.

Can std be passed when a condom was used during sex and that same condom was later put on a finger and inserted into my anus?

Can u cum inside vagina using condom? Can it break?

Can you get pregnant even if the condom doesn't rip, tear or break in any way?

Can you get pregnant from sperm in the condom in case condom brakes or slips off and you start to ovulate in 2 to 3 days?

Can you have protectiv sex when shes ovulating, or is that to risky if the condom would break?

Can you tell me how could i keep the condom from breaking when having sex?

Can you tell me how to keep the condom from breaking when having sex?

Can you tell me if the condom broke and he pulled out right away could I have gotten chlamydia?

Can your husband cum inside you if your on nuva ring? Does it still offer the maximum protection?

Chance of pregnancy when taking the BCP, using male condom, & pulling out before ejaculation?checked condom after sex with water.No breaks/leaks/tears

Chances of being pregnant with condom used correctly, he came inside &no tears or breakage are slim right? Would you notice the tear if it did break?

Chances of being pregnant, if the condom broke, he withdrew immediately, and replaced it with a new condom.He did not ejaculate before it broke?

Chances of getting pregnant if had no intercourse but 1-2 rubbing with condom but it got accidentally removed in between but no ejaculation till time?

Condom broke 1-2 seconds before ejaculating inside her. Will I get hiv?

Condom broke during anal, 3rd day of period, tampon in , 34 day cycle, replaced condom and kept going. What are the chance of pregnancy?

Condom broke, vcf didnt dissolve (even tho we waited 15minutes), didnt ejaculate inside her but lot of precum was produces. Pregnant?

Condom broke. I pulled out but went back in. I ejaculated minutes after pulling back out. She peed piece of condom hours later. I need answers?

Condom broke. pulled out. went in for minutes. ejaculated minutes after. she peed piece of condome hours later. i need answers?

Condom kept rolling Down, but he finished in A condom . It wasn't ripped or anything. Should I worry ?

Condom slipped off inside me. He didn't finish yet when it happened. Injected spermicide before intercourse. High pregnancy risk?

Condom slipped. I cummed inside then I did some more stokes before pulled out. After pulled, condom slipped but not completely off. Risk getting Preg?

Condom used, didn't break or tear, bf didn't ejaculate even inside the condom, no insertion without condom. Do i need sertain amout for pgn of sperm?

Condoms give me infections - what am I supposed to do?

Condoms hurt her too much. I need some other options?

Could I have sex more than once with a diaphragm in place?

Could you tell me what happens when a grown on condom breaks?

Day 1-4 is my menstruation. Day 11 i had sex using condom properly and before he ejaculate he pull his penis to make sure. Am i fertile that day?

Day 14 of cycle, he ejaculate inside with condom on. But after he remove himself from me, realize white substance around his testicles, condom leaked?

Do latex ultra thin condoms break easily?

Do you think wearing a vaginal condom with your bf in smart?

Does condom prevent pregnancy? My girl is not on birth control, and I am worried about that the condom maybe breaks inside here?

Drunk protected sex with sex worker, I remember I removed condom at the end. Later found blood on my underpants and a cut near top of penis.Test need?

Dry humping without clothes, with a condom. Some of the semen come out of the bottom condom, it didn't break, touched vag.Should i take morning pill?!?

Dry sex, then condom was put on but fell of instantly. Same condom put on then had sex . 4th day of ovovulation. Chance of pregnancy?

During sex you use a condom, but he does 2 strokes without one. As well as he finished inside a condom. Should I be worried?

Everytime I have sex with my boyfiend without condom i bleed afterwards if we use condom i don't why?

F my husband end intercaurse and directly pull out his penis wearing condom and it has is no breakage Is wife safe from gettibg pregnant?

F my husband get away of me as soon as end sex with condom without hold its ring but it still in its place and its dry outside Is that safe from pregn?

Failed sex with new partner, condom on, unable to insert penis, got soft, condom fell off onto bed, no ejaculate. Risk of pregnancy? Need for plan b?

Fluid dripped out of me during intercourse. He was wearing a condom and couldn't find any tears or holes. Should I be worried? Thanks!

Fluid dripped out of my vagina after intercourse. He pulled out and there were no holes in the condom. Was this my own fluid? Should I worry?

Fluid dripped out of my vagina after intercourse. He pulled out and there were no holes in the condom. Was this my own fluid? Should I worry? Thanks!

For what length of time do condoms last before they must be replaced?

Gf took morning after pill the morning after i put penis in her vagina for 5secs. I pulled it out straight away (no condom). Chances of pregnancy?

Good day Good day I need some advice urgently. I had protected sex with my boy friend on the 4th of last month, there was no breaks in condom and nev?

Got nexplanon inserted 2 weeks ago, waited 10 days after to have sex w/o a condom. Am I protected 7 days after insertion?? I can feel the rod in arm.

Had a d&c 2 weeks ago had sex and the condom broke. Now im having pressure in my abdomen what could this be?

Had protect sex with a girl, didn't break.If she had hiv, what chances of me getting it?Tip may have touched or barely enter for 3sec b4 protecting.

Had protected sex but felt my partner ejecaulate threw the condom does this mean that the condom could of had a hole in it?

Had sex 1x. He wore a condom and didn't come. While pulling out condom got stuck halfway inside but was removed fast. How big of a chance of pregnancy

Had sex a few days ago, my BF put condom on wrong but before it went was rolled any further, he fixed it and put it on properly. I don't know if it contained precum and if it did can I be pregnant? I was also ovulating during those days. I'm really freaki

Had sex on the 18th. We used spermicide condoms and I have the nexplanon implant. The condom broke. Could I be pregnsnt? I'm super worried

Had sex using pull out method on day11,13of cycle.he ejaculated outside washed with water,had sex again using pull i need to tk planb?

Had sex w 40 y.o. woman wore condom. Faked ejaculation. Never orgasmed. We had intercourse after that & noticed condom came off. I then pulled out. I checked condom for semen found none. Her app said 1st day NON FERTLE. Not on pill Chances of preggo?

Had sex w/ BC&condom,he ejaculated in the condom pulling out&then stuck finger in me &had solid white discharge? Is that from me? Could I get pregnant

Had sex w/ condom, pinched base tonot ejaculate, kept going, thought I finished no semen, no holes in condom either. Did I have an inner ejaculation?

Had sex with a condom girl on top,after ejaculated I noticed the bottom of the condom rolled up to half of my penis but not off.chances of pregnancy?

Had sex with extra strength condom, pulled out, masturbarted and came inside the condom. Checked it and there were no leaks. Could she be pregnant?

Had sex with my partner with a condom but notice afterwards that the condoms expired in 2012. The condom didn't break but I'm still worried.

Had sex with recently bought condom with exp date of 4/2013. It did not rip or break as far as i know, should I still be ok?

Had sex with sumone who tested 3.90 h hsv2 with condom condom broke immediately stopped put on new had sex everytime with condom what do i do so scare?