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After I ejaculated I wipe all of the come out of my penis tIp. And I went back in is there a chance she is pregnant from pre-cum?

can i get pregnant if he ejaculated inside the condom but stayed in me, plus it was one of my high fertility days ?

I had a sex with my husband but hav the prob cuming inside so when he came i took the wet sperm in hand shoved it into my vagina will i get pregnant ?

So me and a friend had sex then he came on my vagina If I inserted it right after inside me can i get pregnant ? Even just a little?

. When I have sex with my fiance there is always semen that comed out when i clean myself after. But now nothing came out. Is it normal?

17 weeks pregnant and i had oral sex my bf just took a breath and i felt air on the outside of my vagina. Not sure if it went inside? How do I know?

19 days ago fingered my gf.Din get orgasm but finger slightly touched my penis tip.And now she has breasts tenderness suddenly.Any chance of pregnency?

1st&3rd fertile days had unprotected sex pulled out..I put the sperm back into my vagina manually right away.. it was alot both times.. please help..

28 years old girl. Dont get wet during sex. Hardly get wet for 3 days after my periods.Want a cure?

3 days after period had anal sex came inside later pulled out close to vag. Some sperm may reached the opening but later cleaned can she get pregnant?

3days after period. 21 yr old virgin had anal sex came inside 5-10s later pulled out close to vag. Cleaned everything. Can she get pregnant?

6 weeks postnatal and believe I'm ovulating. had sex last night, husband pulled out. chances of getting pregnant? Semen on legs/possible vagina.

A bit of an usual question... Is there a good chance I could be pregnant if i inserted semen into my vagina using fingers after he's ejaculated on my stomache?

A couple weeks ago i was with my boyfriend and we did not have sex but his penis might have touched the side or back of my vagina, could i be pregnant?

A girl masterbated me for ten minutes but I didn't ejaculate. She then masterbated herself with same hand straight away. Is there chance of pregnancy?

A guy ejaculated outside of me, waited for it to dry on the lower thigh by my knee, then went back in. Could there still been cum on his penis?

A guy finger me w/precum on his finger. 2 days later had sex w/my bf. Says he came but no semen drain out. Now pregnant. Any chance it's from the 1st?

A guy fingers a girl with a small amount of semen on his fingers, but the girl is on birth control. What are the chances of pregnancy?

A guy gave me a massage with semen on his fingers and inserted them into my vagina six days before my period. Could I be pregnant because of this?

A sperm in a hand then wipe it off then fingered a girl, can the girl get pregnant?

A week ago my bf inserted his penis 1inch,for like 15 sec.It is dry,no ejaculate.And he is Barren.Can I get pregnant,I'm scared?

About 6 years ago I had unprotected sex with a guy and it was anal but he did not cum inside me but he did cum on my stomach. I did develope a rash on my stomach and I got an antibiotics and it went away. Now I sometimes feel fatigued and I break out

After ejaculating to get her pregnant, should the man remain inside?

After having protected sex i went to the bathroom and felt in my vagina and it felt dry does that mean no cum got out the condom?

After intercourse..Why the sperm is coming out...Is this a problem i'm unable to get pregnant?

After sex we fell asleep leaving his penis inside of me.When I stood up the sperm came out of the condom and went down my leg. Can I have gotten preg?

After sex, is it possible that Plan B will make sure you won't get pregnant even with a massive amount of accidental semen inside?

After sex, notice sperm seems leaked at the bottom(root of my penis).Does it mean it leaked?And thus likely to get pregnant?

Alot of diff answers on here on if anal sex could get u pregnant. Could it get u pregnant if ur on lolo bc? If it drips could they actually swim up u?

Am 6 weeks pregnant and feel something in vagina if I put finger.Is it normal?

Am 8th week getting wet dreams from last 2 nights .is it normal and safe?

Am i able to get pregnant anytime semen is injected into me? Or only when i'm ovulating? And does it matter how much gets inside me?

Am i able to get pregnant if my boyfriend sperm is sterile yes or no and i never had sex at all. And if i wanted to what can i do to get the baby?

Am I pregnant if he used two fingers and touched my mons pubis?no penetration.i think there was no fluid,but if it were,what's chances?

Am i pregnant? I had sexual intercourse while on birthcontrol, but i was on an antibiotic and i know i can get pregnant that way. But i told my partner to pull out, but he got some seamen on the outside of my vagina. I also heard of a thing called "pre-ej

Am i pregnant? Me and my boyfriend recently tried to have sex. He didn't get his penis inside of me, but he still ejaculated. He used a condom, but when he rolled off from on top of me, the condom slipped off and the semen got on my inner thigh and spille

Any chance of getting pregnant by sitting on the toilet seat with semen on whether I'm on the pill or not?

Are there chances I am pregnant on 6th day of my cycle when its over if my bf fingers me and he may have some semen on his finger?

Are you more likely to get pregnant by pre *** and him pulling out or him actually releasing in you?

Before I have preginated my girlfriend i want to know my sperm health so which test should I make?

Bellybutton itching?  during intercourse with another man I had multiple loads of "cum" on my chest/stomach. I'm worried some may have dried inside

Bf and I had sex bout 45 mins ago, if flipped inside out where semen is and shoved in my vagina can I get pregnant?

Bf came inside me while wearing a condom correctly.We filled with water afterwards, nothing leaked but i'm still scared. Pregnant? Should i get Plan B

Bf pulled out 1/2 way through ejaculation. I took the sperm on my stomach & put it inside me. If i did it quick could that sperm still have a chance?

Bf washed both hands right after getting some cum on them. Touched my vag opening and barely penetrated it. Is it possible/likely I am pregnant?

Boyfriend and I fooled around never let reproductivery parts touch. Can I be pregnant?

Boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive, however the last two times before we had sex my vagina was super tight and it took a while to get in why?

Boyfriend came on my hand and stomache in shower. I rinsed off right away. How likely is it to leak to vagina? On birth control

Boyfriend came, clean hmslf, urinated. Did stuff but it didn't go in, precum on side/lip and top of vag. Could i be preg? Didn't go in just on outside

Boyfriend ejaculated on my chest. I wiped it off and took a shower right after. Some of the water went inside of me. Could i become pregnant?

Boyfriend ejaculated, semen on hands. Rinsed off with water and dried. Then proceeded to insert his fingers into my vagina. Can i get pregnant?

Boyfriend fingred me.i gave him a handjob.i had precum on my hands.he wantd to fingr again,so washed his hands.and again fingrd..can i be pregnant?

Boyfriend is 31 years old I am 21 he has never had a kid he was my first. And i lost my virginity in january of this year. How likely can I get prego?

By touchin a girls vagina with pre cum on hands can she get pregnant?

Can a blow job get a girl pregnant?

Can a boy get a girl get pregnant if they both have clothes on and they have like sex but with clothes on ? If yes what is the chance?

Can a doctor tell if you have had sex? If so how do they do it? Do they stick something inside of you or?

Can a dried sperm get tranferred from one finger to other n be alive? I touchef finger wid dried sperm on my foreskin cn i be pregnant?

Can a dry precum on finger(wiped by tissue or another finger) cause pregnancy if that finger inserted into woman during her fertile days?

Can a dry wiped precum on finger cause pregnancy if inserted into woman during fertile days?

Can a female get pregnant from sitting in a hot tub with men that may have ejaculated in it?

Can a female get pregnant if you erect in any hole?

Can a girl be pregnant with a fingering with sperm finger. After 5 days when her periods stop.

Can a girl get herself pregnant from semen in her mouth spit out and rubbed in?

Can a girl get HIV if a guy fingers her in the vagina?

Can a girl get pregnant by sperm falling near her thighs with no penetration?

Can a girl get pregnant from a blow job ?

Can a girl get pregnant from a small amount of pre cum(a drop) on fingers but the guy didn't went inside?Can a girl get pregnant from this

Can a girl get pregnant from pre cum a guy has on his finger but he didn't inserted inside the vagina ?

Can a girl get pregnant from recieving oral pleasure? Are there any possibilities at all?

Can a girl get pregnant from sperm in a hot tub?

Can a girl get pregnant from touching an object that has or had sperm on it? And later touches herself

Can a girl get pregnant if a i had pre-ejaculate fluid on my hand then touched a girls vagina?

Can a girl get pregnant if a boy fingers her but does not ejaculate but takes out his penis himself out of his underwear?

Can a girl get pregnant if a boy first touches his penis, have some semen on his hand and then touch a girl's vagina with the same hand?

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy ejaculates in sweats and then twenty mintues later pokes my vagina lightly only once with the sweats still on?

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy fingers her with cum on his fingers a week before her period ? Can pcos effect that in any way ? I had pcos at 15

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy has semen on his hands and fingers a girl right after?

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy has very little amount of pre cum on his hands and fingers a girl right after?

Can a girl get pregnant if a i had pre-ejaculate fluid on my hand then touched a girls vagina?

Can a girl get pregnant if i had pre-ejaculate on my hand then touched her clit shortly after? I had ejaculated the night before and had since shower

Can a girl get pregnant if the guy gets cum on his fingers, washes his hands, then fingers a girl?

Can a girl get pregnant if the guys sperms lands right on top of her vigina ?

Can a girl get pregnant if you accidentally ejaculate on the vaginal lips but wipe it off right away?

Can a girl get pregnant if you finger her after you wiped off sperm from your hand?

Can a girl get pregnant if you get ejaculate on the vaginal lips but wipe it off right away and she showers and urinates? And what are the odds

Can a girl get pregnant if you have not ejaculated in 5 days and precum touches the outside of her vagina? Is Plan B worth it? Or an overreaction

Can a girl still get pregnant if she doesn't orgasm during sex and once a guy cums in you what's that left over stuff coming outta me when I stand up?

Can a girl still get pregnant if she have unprotected sex and then get in the tub and see the stuff coming out?

Can a guy get me pregnant if he touches me without fingering me? There might be a slight chance he had pre-ejaculation in his hand.

Can a man have sex if. One of his balls went up inside him ?

Can a penis with some precum at the tip get a girl pregnant even though it only went in about an inch?And does peeing before help prevent pregnancy?

Can a person become pregnant by getting fingered with semen on the fingers?

Can a woman get infection if been fingered by her husband after working on his laptop?

Can a woman get pregnant if her and her partner were participating in dry sex both in their underwear and he ejaculated? Na

Can a woman get pregnant if the guy comes inside the anus? I've done research but it is confusing is it possible to get pregnant?

Can a woman get pregnant if you cum on her chest? I did not touch her vagina. Not even with my hands, nor did she? I am paranoid for no reason?

Can a women have a baby if she puts a skinny bottle with sperm in it and put it deep in her vigina and squeeze it in her can she get pregnant ?

Can any girl get pregnant when i ejaculate sperms on my hand and then cleaned hand by cloth and inserted my one finger in vagina then?

Can anyone get pregnant through rubbing against each other with jeans on them?