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15w3d pregnant hubby has had a fever been taking acetaminophen for it...Can i catch whatever he has if we have sex and just don't kiss on the mouth?

2 week old baby got kissed on the forehead by my aunt who has a cold sore. What are the chances my baby will contract this virus now? Ive never had 1.

A cold sore just sprouted on my lip and i'm monogamous, does that mean my girlfriend of 4 years gave it to me by cheating?

Already having mono once and getting it again, still contagious?

Are we any closer to cure herpes? I just got infected with HSV 1 :/ will i feel sick all the time? And not feel my old self again?

Boyfriend recovered from mono 3 weeks ago. Can i still get it if i licked his neck recently and was around him?

Boyfriend wants to knoww how soon after contracting gonorrhea are you contagious?

Can any one get pregnant by french kissing?

Can I get a stomach infection by kissing my bf?

Can I get mono from kissing babies?

Can i kiss my boyfriend a week after he's had norovirus?

Can I kiss my girlfriend even tho she has had tonsilitis for two days?

Can I kiss my girlfriend I had mono and its been 2 months he checked and didn't see anything in my throat and said I was fine?

Can i safely kiss my bf with infected tonsils?

Can i still hold/hug my girlfriend even with mono?

Can my boyfriend be a carrier for mono? Could i get infected with this virus and what are the symptoms

Can my boyfriend get thrush from me?

Can one get typhoid through sex or kissing?

Can one take a z pack after doing a little meth to get rid of any bacterial or any other kind of virus one may have contracted after sex?

Can someone get EBV without immune condition? And can I get EBV from giving my girlfriend oral sex?

Can there be a hundred percent chance of getting mono if you kiss someone who had it?

Can tonsil lymphoma get infected if you get the flu?Can it infect someone else if you kiss them?

Can u get hep c from someone hugging you or kissing you on the cheek,just found out from of family has it n worried bad ?

Can you get glandular fever from kissing?

Can you get HPV if you touch, hug, or kiss someone with it? I'm kinda scared to get it that's why. Thanks.

Can you get influenza by kissing?

Can you get mono even with out kissing anyone?

Can you get mono from sharing a bottle?

Can you get mono or kissing disease from someone who's clean and doesn't have it? Just wondering

Can you get sick w/ mono by kissing or having sex with someone with it?

Can you get typhoid from kissing?

Can you tell me if i could kiss my boyfriend when my fever blister it's gone?

Can you tell me if i kiss my girlfriend who has had measles for weeks already, would i get measles?

Could i spread a stomach infection by kissing my bf?

Could these be symptoms of chlamydia? I don't know what to do. I gave my boyfriend oral sex over two months ago. He just told me a week ago he has chlamydia. I have been getting sick a lot lately, i had strep throat a week ago and have been getting sick(c

Does having Epstein Barr virus in past reduce the chance of getting herpes being passed via unprotected blowjob?

Does one get mono from sharing a blanket?

Exposed to mono. Could I have it? My girlfriend is hospitalized with mono. She showed symptoms saturday, but friday night we kissed more than once. Since it was the night before the symptoms occured, could I have it? The night we kissed, she only had a he

Extremely scared that I might have herpes and that I'm not active but I have done things with a guy and I'm scared because I have cold sores ?

Fever of 100 can it be anything but herpes if so should I be worried ?

Fiancée takes epilepsy liquid medicine I kiss her a lot and when kissing her a lot worried about reisdue in her mouth can I get sick?

French kissed random guy at party. He did not have any cold sores or cuts. What are my chances of have gotten oral herpes?

French kissed random guy. Can i get herpes? If so how soon will it show up in bloodwork?

Friend argues that because she never gave it to anyone else before, shes not contagious. But isn't herpes contagious no matter what?

Getting herpes a few hours after recent kissing. What should I do?

Girlfriend has swollen lips after kissing and making out. Anything wrong?

Had hsv1 since a child. Gave oral 2 my gf, no visible sign, felt no symptoms of a coldsore niether. 2 days later got a cold sore. Does she posb have it?

Had mono I think almost 2 months ago can I kiss my Gf I went to doc he check throat said I was fine so I guess its Ok to kiss her?

Hello I have herpes and my gf doesn't i want more kids but don't know if its possible. Is it?

Hello, I am 16 and my girlfriend just got strep throat, i don't necessarily have it yet but what are some things i can do to prevent/help the chances?

Help! I kissed my cousin hello on the cheek, and then he tells me he just tested positive for strep! Can I get this just from a kiss on the cheek?

Hey my boyfriend has a rash on his arms, and I don't want to catch it. How can you tell if it's contagious?

Hey two questions, I have Tonsillitis and my boyfriend wants to know that if I kiss him will he get it? He has the flu shot.

Hi my boyfriend has autism can i get it from kissing and is it contagious and can it be passed on from sex?. Just curious can your baby get it also.?

How can I know if i know who gave me herpes should I confront her ?

How can I prevent getting sick after kissing my boyfriend who has the flu?

How come I got really sick from an STD but my boyfriend didn't?

How come I got really sick from an STD but my girlfriend didn't?

How could my girlfriend have caught mono?

How likely is it for a guy to get an HIV from a girl by french kissing?

How likely is it to get herpes if I have an early coldsore and my partner kissed me lightly then gave me oral?

How long should I wait to kiss my bf after getting glandular fever?

How long should I wait to kiss my husband after having norovirus?

How much time do I wait to kiss my boyfriend after he had mono?

How soon after getting a cold it it safe to kiss your spouse?

How to know if I have mono since my boyfriend got it?

How to tell if I have gotten mono from my boyfriend?

How to tell my fiancee I may have givien her herpes?

I always get fever blisters even when i'm not sick and i haven't kissed any guys recently what could this be?

I am 19 and I am worried I have herpes, how can I prevent giving it to my girlfriend?

I am just wondering when do you get ars after hiv infection had oral sex on March 13 went down on a guy and got sick with a cold June 12 am I at risk?

I am just wondering when do you get ars after hiv infection had oral sex on March 13 went down on a guy and got sick with a cold June 12 am I ok ?

I am just wondering when do you get ars after hiv infection I had oral sex March 13 went down on a guy and got sick with a cold June 12 am I at risk. ?

I ate my own semen. Now my throat is sore. I have never had sex with another person. Is it possible I have contracted an std?

I don't know much about hpv, my boyfriend has it and i'm scared to kiss him, is HPV contagious?

I dont have sex or even kiss a guy before but I stay with one of my friend who have herpes and after a few days I got one too at side of my mouth?

I found out my girlfriend has mono, what can I do to avoid contracting it?

I french kissed a girl for about 10 seconds. I think she gets around alot. Should I get a throat swab?

I french kissed with the masseuse from a massage parlour.What are my chances of std?When should I get checked?.scared!phlemy throat after 3hrs of kiss

I gave molluscum to my girlfriend, but can she give it back to me?

I gave my bf head while i had a coldsore. Could I have passed it on?

I gave my bf oral before I found out about my HPV do I have to worry about when my little nephew gives me kisses now?

I get coldsore 1x a year. Never kiss my bf 1week before until 3week after outbreak. Its been 4 year and he show no sign. Is he in risk of coldsore?

I got a cold sore the day after I had kissed my boyfriend, is he infected?

I got herpes and my girlfriend does not i haave not been with anybody else?

I got mononeuculosis when i was 12. My boyfriend has just got it for the first time in his life and is sick. Can his virus reactivate my virus?

I had a canker sore and i kissed a boy we didn't have blood at all should I get tested for HIV i'm worried :(?

I had my tonsils out on the 11th of March. Can I kiss my boyfriend again?

I have a cut on the side of my lip. Can I still kiss my gf if I don't have any STDs or anything. Can I still kiss my gf or do I have to wait for it?

I have a question about hiv. I kissed a female nipple. Not sucking just a kiss and now I'm worried about getting hiv from that kiss on the nipple.

I have herpes 1 (oral) And my girlfriend doesn't have it. I want to kiss her but I'm scared I will give it to her. She knows I have it. Does anti viral medication help so she can't get it from? And how much does it help?

I have herpes 1 and I want kiss and makeout with my girlfriend without giving to her. What should I do? Is ther me a medication I can take?

I have herpes and all my syptoms went away after treatment. Can I get blowjobs and have sex still without spreading it?

I have HFMD&had sex will I get bumps down there?Or will my Bf get bumps down there?I'm the only one with HFMD so far&had it for 3 days now

I have it sex with fingers .... And he kiss me in my vagina ..we kiss each other I have sore throat now I'm very worried if I get HIV .

I have kissed someone who just found out he has mono what are the chances I have it? What symptoms should I look for?

I have mono and have only been experiencing symptoms for a week so far. Can i kiss my boyfriend on the neck or cheek? When can we actually kiss?

I have mono lm trying to figure out how l contacted it. is kissing the way you get it or is there another way like eatn at a buffet & getting it?

I have mono right now , and I was wondering after I get rid of mono and no longer have it how long would I have to wait to kiss my bf , ?

I have mono, what are the chances of my boyfriend getting it? He's never had it before and we have been kissing before I knew I had it.