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my boyfriend is taking anabolic steroids, every time we have sex and he ejaculates inside me I get a burning sensation after sex. Why is this?

Period 4 days late what could it be? No sexual intercourse or direct genital contact. Only dry hump with clothes. Headache only, sore boobs went away

10 days after unprotected oral/protected sex. 2 days ago I noticed a rash mimicking a stretch mark between my leg and balls. Herpes? Or yeast?

10weeks after unprotected sex with my ex I developed tiny, itchy pimples on my back. They lasted 2/3days. Could they be a HIV symptom? Or a heat rash?

17 yr old. Vaginal pain after oral sex and foreplay w/bf (only sex partner). Little dryness. Stinging pain. Not rough. Tested for stds. What is it? :/

1min vaginal sex,CSW (she on top) with condom on limp penis, On withdrawal condom not on penis,no ejaculation. Sore throat so far till 35th day.HIV ?

2 hours after sex it doesn't hurt when i pee, but have itchness or a reaction to an unprotected penis?

20 yr recently had unprotected sex with 2 women in passed month. Mouth has sores and bottom lip is swollen and there are 4 small blisters on penis?

21 year old girl,sexually active.I have unsafe sex with the same partner.On my inner labia appeared a little mole that don't change,is it dangerous?

3 months no sex & 4 days ago I had oral/sexual intercourse,condom used & for the past 3 days my clitoris has an itchy/irritated/swollen. What's wrong?

3 weeks ago, I had unprotected anal sex with my girlfriend and she defecated on my penis. This weekend it started burning when I urinate. Thoughts?

6/18 sex with guy w/ a condom 7/5 sex with a guy w/o a condom and oral sex was preformed on me 7/12 feels burning on vagina 7/15 notices little bumps?

9 days ago I had protected sex and unprotected oral. I just noticed an area of two red line-like rashes on my underwear line next to testes. Herpes?

A day after having sex with a partner that said they were clean I developed an itching sensation in my lady area. I can't tell if it's bumps or raw. ?

A raw pink area on vaginal lips sore to touch just appeared in last twenty four hours .No sexual activity in over a week pre menstrual 47year b fema?

A slight pain in the penis after unprotected oral sex with a prostitute. Should i be worried?

A small tear in the vagina from sex.(no STD).been there for 2months already.what can I do for it to heal faster? (intercourse gets painful).

A week or so i had sex and well it was anal and my throat has been stinging is it senem or whatg??

Active woman; exercises a lot. White discharge around entrance to vagina which burns a bit when wiping. Unprotected oral sex w/one partner 5m back.

After having intercourse with my boyfriend my labia was swollen and im not sure how to fix it?

After having protected sex, is it normal to feel itching when urinating?

After having sex the opening of my vagina and lips feel irritated and sore. It's been about 5 hours since I had intercourse. Could it be lack of lube?

After having sex with my boyfriend. My vagina has swollen and it also stings. Could this be thrush or something else ?

After having sex with my partner my inner lips of my vagine seem to began to peal. Why is this? It hasnt happened with other partners.

After my boyfriend fingered me..It was rough..My vagina has been very itchy morning and night..What could this be?And need natural treatment please

After my husband & I have sex i burn really bad at entrance. We have tried condoms & no condoms & many different lubes. No STDs or infections. Help?

After sex i have intense burning. The condoms are lubricated. He is worried I may be allergic to latex, I am worried I have more cysts. No STD's?

After sex my clitoris got sored and red. This is the first time it happened. What should I do?

After sex the area between my vagina and anus is sore and painful after i pee is it an STD and are there any home remedies?

After sex with my bf my vagina became very dry and a little itchy and sore we have no other sex partners.This happens occasionly after sex sumtimes?

After usein condoms bottom of vagina opening get sore for a couple days i can't touch it. Lube wasn't a problem at all. Can i be allergic to condoms ?

Apprx 2 months ago, I had unprotected oral sex, now, I am starting to have parasthesia around my pubic, upper & inner thigh, could it be HSV2?

Bf's precum itches my throat. Does he have an sti?

Boyfriend has pain middle of shaft to anal 24 hrs after sex! says I have STD when i get tested i don't? What would cause this pain for him? He's 46

Brown growths around vaginal entrance, sore, painful, itchy, never had sex except self pleasing with sex toys, what could this be, pretty sure not moles?

Bump on top of the inner lip of my vagina. Virgin, but have given and received oral sex. Last time was 4 months ago. What can this be?

Bump on vagina it stings and burns i don't have sex and has low risk HPV two years ago can warts come back or something else?

Bumps on areolas and breast pain and gas.. Had sex on antibiotics, birth control, w condum no ejaculation, should I be concerned with the bumps?

Bumps on vagina after sex. They come up soon after sex in the lower area. Is it from dryness or too rough? They don't hurt and both partners are STD free and haven't had other partners in a long time.

Burning only during and a little after sex, I am well self lubricated, had chlimidia in the past and both my bf and i were treated, what's wrong?

Burning rash on abdomen after bf cums on it?

Burning sensation on my face and scalp with rash. What std could cause this feeling and unprotected oral sex two months ago. Please help!

Can a faint red mark on a Penis shaft 4 days after receiving unprotected oral sex be a sign of an STD?

Can having rough sex lead to bumps on lower vagina?

Can having sex make your groin Lymph nodes hurt if so what is it from. our sex is unprotected with my new Mrs for over a month now .

Can having sex make your groin Lymph nodes hurt if so what is it from. our sex is unprotected with my new Mrs thank you.

Can hsv-1 cause small tears in the vagina? Is it possible hsv-1 outbreaks would only hurt during and after sex, but would not be felt before sex?

Can i get a pimple in my vagina because of oral sex?

Can really rough sex cause blisters and sores on vagina?

Can rough sex irritate your penis? Unprotected at first then i used a condom girl was STD free so i don't think it an std. Just a slight irritation.

Can rough sex lead to some irritation? boyfriend and i used condom and had rough sex and now vagina feels slightly irritated

Can sex with different partners bring pimples to face?

Can u get blisters in your vagina from having rough sex two nights in a row?

Can you strain your penis? After anal sex with my wife 2 days later I noticed my erections were sore. 2 wks later still sore, but I havent let it rest

Could I have genital herpes? I am 68. For the first time in 7 years i had sex a couple of months ago.It was oral sex. A week or so later i developed severe pain inside my vagina. My doctor found what she described as a "blister" but decided it was a yeas

Could jock itch harm my girlfriend if we have intercourse or oral sex?

Could my sore be an std? Sometimes when my husband and I have sex, i get a sore on my vagina. It is never more than one. It looks like a pimple or an ingrown hair. It does not happen every time, but it seems to happen more often after oral sex. Could this

Could sex cause an outbreak....And if so..Only developed cuts the next day after sex. Tears or herpes?

Do I have a std, morning after unprotected sex my balls started aching and been for 4 days?

Dry and itchy down there (female) near anus red with dry skin..Havent had intercourse could it still be an STD from oral?

Every time my boyfriend and I have sex, the next morning he breakouts in his face. He does have eczema, what could be the cause?

Fever blisters on my upper/lower lips. I didn't realize this until after gave my boyfriend Oral sex this morning. Worried he will get on penis???

For about two weeks my vagina has been tender and stings when i have sex with my husband what does this mean?

For yrs i been have a bump or lymp node on the my vagina.My STDs test are clear.I thought i had herpes or genital warts.But my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex over a yr he don't have no bump.Help.

Forgot I had used Monistat 1 (tioconazole) a few days ago and it got on boyfriends penis during sex. Made penis sting/warm. What can he do for stinging?

Gave girl oral sex, got small lump on edge of lip next day. Gone now after a week. She has no herpes, we're each other's only sex partner.Just pimple?

Gave oral sex to a girl 7 hours ago..just noticed a reddish area on tongue..hurts a bit when rubbed. Could this be from oral sex? Or maybe rough kiss

Gave unprotected oral sex 2guy with hiv. No ejaculate, but mbe precum. Small cluster cankersoars upper lip next day. Got worse this week. Hiv?

Girl gave me oral without condom. Then had sex with condom. Would i get herpes symptoms on my face? My face never came in contact with her.

Girlfriend has psoriasis and gets a reaction to semen inside her, treatment?

Giving bf a bj, he touched his penis for a slight second then spread my inner butt cheeks & gave me oral. Never touched my vagina, pregnancy possible?

Good morning, i had sex on saturday without a condom. My vagina has been very sore very since. Also when i go to wash it burns? What's wrong with me?

Got oral and had unprotected sex also was getting a cold sore now my vagina is itching and burning and has a sore from scratching. What's wrong?

GYN told me there was slight raised skin in labia that may clear itself. What to do in the meantime? Can I still have sex? Partner and I use condoms.

Had 2 pimples on vaginal area. Boyfriend gave me oral sex and now he has pimple on lip. He's my only sexual partner. We have unprotected sex. Herpes?!

Had oral and vaginal sex with my girlfriend about an hour after she cut herself shaving dating six months no STDs anything I need to worry about?

Had protected sex (fri) used trojan warm/cool condom, slipped off but changed it right away. Burning feeling and reddish on inner lip of vag. herpes?

had protected sex w/partner this past Sun. Both performed oral sex. Yesterday, began 2 have lightly swollen tonsils. chlamydia?how long 2 contract it?

Had protected sex with an escrot. I took the condom off and started to masturbate, notices a small red spot on my penis next morning worried of HIV?

Had protected sex& unprotected oral 7 days ago. Now I have a red line rash on my underwear line between testes and leg. Herpes? Or rash? Or yeast?

Had sex 2 dys ago with my bf of 3yrs, used a condom (a warming one), now my inner lips of my vagina are sore,red & itch every now & then? Whats wrong?

Had sex 3 days ago pain while urinating small bumps inside vagina pain started day after sex std free but now I'm not sure ?

Had sex five days ago, during sex became dry but continued & burned immediately after. Since, vagina has burned/itched w/abnormal discharge. Normal?

Had sex with a prostitute in jan. Been developing pus-filled pimples around my shaft and groin area since. Took clindamycin but they still persist. ?

Had sex with a unknown girl without condom and also had oral sex , after 50 days i got tested -ve for HIV and std.Have red spots on penis after 60days

Had sex with girlfriend twice in 3 days and now I have soreness and red bumps due to it. I'm uncircumcised as well. First time this has happened ?

Had sex with my bf 2 weeks ago and it was rougher and longer than usual, now everytime we have sex the inside feels raw and burns during sex. No std.

Had sex with my girlfriend unprotected she don't have STD before we had sex i tried putting the condom the next day I have a rash itches & have cheese?

Had Unpro sex with Bf. After had Yeast I.. that included bumps, Treated it with OC clotrimazole, away in 2days. but Bf has Rash 2 Could it be STD ?

Had unprotected oral sex. Next day tingling, burning sensation in my mouth/vaginal area. One week later big purple bump with fluid on pubic. Std?

Had unprotected sex 3 weeks ago, he ejaculated in my vagina and mouth; I am just now starting to have a sore throat, is this an early sign of HIV? STD

Had unprotected sex about five weeks ago, and got itchy rash on my penis. What did she give me?

Had unprotected sex with my girlfriend and my penis got swelled up and a day later i got a white painful pump on my penis . Why is this happening ?

Had unprotected sex, bump on shaft a day and a half later, too early for hpv?

Had unprotected vaginal sex the next morning noticed a sore that was leaking the sore was on my penis frenulum then i became sick with flu like sympto?

Have an itch for 5 days in lady area; started a day after I had sex with new partner. A condom was used; and just finished antibiotic? Small bumps

Have an IUD for a month. Last couple of weeks I've been getting very sore after sex. I also have been itchy. Already been tested for STDs-clear ?

Have had a pimple on the lower part of my shaft for over 2 months now haven't had any unprotected sex and my partner has been tested due to pregnancy?

Have red swollen vagina lips inside. Sore throat. Havent started my period. Can it be an std. Had unprotected sex with one partner since months ago. ?

Hello ; I recently had sex but I used a condom and I feel sore in the vaginal area. I don't have any type of burning sensation when I urinate or anything. But I just want to know if it's from the condom or I have some type of sti. ?