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I diagnosed myself with a YI from similar experiences on 16th used monistat 3 and it worked can I rule out std? Or will monist clear std symptoms?

treated for chlamydia after 2-3years had no symptom, would I have had PID without knowing as well? Would it been detectable?

2 weeks ago my ex partner had symptoms for chlamydia and has been treated. I was screened in june and was negative, but could I have given it to him?

Abx for clymidia 5 days cani get infected again from partner untreated for it or am i safe cause of antibiotics?

After a condom accident, I suffer from urethritis (without discharge). 2 cures of 3 weeks with doxycycline did not solve. What bacteria can that be ?

After being treated for chlamydia I asked my doctor if it can affect my fertility she said I only had a small case what does she mean?

After how many days from end of treatment with antibiotics for chlamydia should I get retested to see if it's gone for good?

After I got treated for chlamydia my doctor said I had a small case and would be able to conceive in the future should I still be worried?

After treating recurrent pelvic infection due to chlamydia, infection till not clear because I have had chlamydia 18 years.Shall i cure in future?

After you've been treated for gonorrhea, how long does it take for the infection to be completely gone? Dont want girlfriend to know.

Aftet how many hours are you less contagious of gonorrhea after receiving treatment?

Appt friday but i think i have a BV but im gettin STD check to b safe, symptoms been for about 1 month.... is there a time frame that PID can occur ?

Both me and my partner have been treated for gonorrhea twice in the past month. I am concerned that the treatment doesn't work. How can I be sure. ?

Boyfriend gave me chronic endometritis. How do I treat this?

Can bacterial vaginosis wait to be treated? I am in military training until November and not sure what to do. I am not sexually active either

Can chlamydia come back even after both of us have been treated?

Can chlyamidia go undiagnosed for 11 years ?

Can doctors treat you for an STD if you've been exposed to one ? Like chlyamedia?

Can faithful partners either unknowingly have chlamydia (months/years) suddenly one of them (usually the male) start to have symptoms of the disease?

Can gonorrhea or chlymydia affect the throat and if so, what does it look like?

Can I get into trouble for not seeing a gynecologist every year when I use to have a STD but already got treated?

Can i get treated again for chlamydia the next day after taking the antibiotics if i had contact again ?

Can i get urethral stricture 10 yrs after i had a untreated STD that went away by its own sense im STD free rightnow already got tested?

Can i kiss my boyfriend if im being treated for H. pylori? Once treated for this bacteria can it come back?

Can i let my spouse finger me while getting treated with trich?

Can I masturbate while being treated for chlamydia? I took the two pills same time treatment. (Azithromycin) two days ago and symptoms aren't visible

Can someone get chlamydia from getting bit? Also how does chlamydia manifest during pregnancy? What are the complications? Only slept w/her husband.

Can symptoms continue after treatmrnt for chlamidia?

Can the doctor know how "old" my chlamydia is, approx since when I was infected?

Can the leftover discard that hiding behind vagina labia reinfect me after my 7 days chlamydia/gono treatment finish? Im not cleaning it properly :(

Can trich be misdiagnosed? My girlfriend was recently treated for trich. She was treated for bacterial vaginosis a little over a month ago

Can trich go away on its own?

Can trichomoniasis be treated w/o a dr. Office visit?

Can u get infected w/ Trichomoniasis w/o having sex and what are the symptoms of trichomoniasis?

Can veetid cure these uti, gonorrhea, clap? Had pain in testicles after anal sex. Took 9 pills symptoms cleared up. I ran out of meds & symptom return

Can you be treated for trichomoniasis and still be infected though symptoms go away. But return later without sex with an infected person.

Can you become re-infected with the same std, after already getting it treated?

Can you drink after being treated for an std?

Can you get treated for chlamydia without a test?

Can you tell me if ypu have chlamydia and don't get cured from it can it turn into gonorrhea?

Caught Lyme early on doxy how will i feel?

Chlamydia retest - why the 4-6 week wait time? Why not 7 days after end of treatment?

Constant burning of penis was diagnosed with chlamydia two weeks ago with positive test did my first treatment of azithromycin and then that a second treatment because of persistence at the timesdid a second test after 10 days of first treatment and it c

Could a 16 year old get tested and treated for a yeast infection without parental consent?

Diagnosed with mono today. Is it ok to take Flagyl for trichemonas? And is it possible to have mono for a year?

Diagnosed with mycoplasma hominis, was given both azithromycin&doxycycline neither of which have got rid of this infection? what can i do to sort it?

Diagnosed+treated for Chlamydia. Treatment over, I feel better. Want to get re-tested for future sexual partners. How many weeks should I wait?

Do i get a script for microbid if you have hiv?

Do I need parent supervision to get treated and tested for a pelvic infection?

Do lots of people get ureaplasma urealyticum infection, or is it unusual?

Do you get healed totally after you have been treated from chlamydia?

Doctor. I have had c.Trachcomatis 16 yrs and recently diagnose but doctor not agree this complicated chlamydia treatment.What should I do?Pls help.

Does treating chlamydia mean that a previous bartholian cyst will not reoccur the next time I have sex?

Following being treated for trichomoniasis i got my period. Is that a good thing?

Found out bf has trich. Had oral sec, now swollen throat. Does trich live in the throat, stomach? Being treated already but still curious

Friend has had chlamydia for three years has told doctors and hasn't been treated for it is there any way i would get it from her ? Like sharing food?

Gonorrhea and chlamydia came back, I am now wondering if the antibiotic treatments have failed or if I have something else?

Got treated for chlamydia last fall. I performed oral sex on my partner recently a few times & I'm seein brown spots like last time. Do I have it agai?

Got treatmeant for chlamydia(4 azithromycin tabs) after 6 days discharge continues is it possible its a yeast infection rather than a resistant strand?

Had a chlamydia infection about 2 years ago. Got treated and am now fine. Any chances this infection can cause health problems in the future or no?

Had a yeast infection... didnt get it treated but symptoms went away after a couple days, can they cure themselves?

Had chlamydia for 2 months, noticed no symptoms, treated and cured. Do I have to worry about any complications or PID even though I got it treated?

Had IUD +chlamydia, treated. Clean results @ checkup then got pid. Am i + partner at risk for anything?Monogamous. Together after clean, before pid

Had what looked like chlamydia or gonorrhea symptoms (pain, discharge) so got checked out. Given meds in case. Tests negative before&after meds. What?

Have BV, 2 rounds Flagyl didn't cure it, now might try Doxy for 2 wks. Can I have sex w husband? Why would condoms be needed? Does he need treatment?

Have epididymitis given 10 days levofloxcin no cure then tested later for sti clear but pain persists testicles after 2wks doxycycline? Help

Have general told her piece for two years and I just recently got diagnosed with chlamydia taking antibiotics wanted to know can chlamydia trigger general told herpes symptoms virus as well?

Have genital herpies and recently diagnosed with clymidia took azitromycin 6 days ago when diagnosed with chlamydia I had no symptoms after taking medication a couple of days ago have burning sensation of the penis my question is can chlamydia trigger the

Have genital herps n have clmidia take azitromycin 6 days ago 1 dose when I was diagnosed with chlamydia I had no symptoms six days later I have burning sensation on my penis I wanted to know can chlamydia trigger the genital herpes virus or is this sente

Having marital problems. Husband giving me silent treatment for one month. Recently diagnosed wirh chylmadia. I have been faithful?

Hello , I was wondering if gonorrhea can cause bumps on vagina? I have symptoms of either chlamydia or gonorrhea then these sores occurred I'm scared

Hi there. I'm here today because for about the last month I've been having a lot of symptoms that have led me to believe I may have Bacterial Vaginosis. However, I have been treated for chlamydia before and I'm worried if I may have contracted it again. I

Hi, a friend came to me yesterday telling me that i may have contracted chlamyida. She tested positived and advised that i do the same, where can i go to easily get the medicine to treat it?

Hi, i had sex a few months back . I think I have trichomoniasis . Can i just go to the pharmacy and get metronidazole without seeing a doctor ? Help..

Hi, i have ureaplasma parvin. Just got the results but have had the symptoms for 3.5 weeks. My wife is 9 week pregnant. Whats the best way to treat? I read we should wait with antibiotics until the end of theirs trimester... True? and if treated is there

Hi, so I was infected with chlamydia and gonnorhea 3months ago. I was cured a week after. Now I had itchy vulva ever since. What could it be?

Hi. I recently found out I have chlamydia. I had no signs or symptoms and wouldn't have known if not for my last partner telling me she tested positive. She got prescriptions for antibiotics from the doctor she saw and gave one for me take. I took the med

How about clymadia?What symptom to to female and how to make sure for cure from it?Thanks

How can BV be treated without going to a doctor?

How can I clear up chlamydia without seeing a doctor?

How can I findout how long I had gonhorrea if me are my boyfriend has no symptoms?

How can I know if.I'm no longer infected with trich? I finished the treatment today

How can I treat my boyfriend for trichomoniasis without him knowing?

How do doctors test for Chlamydia in the gut? And how is it treated?

How do you treat reoccurring bv? I have been battling it for 2 years. I have been treated w/ antibiotics, tested 4 std- negative. Have type 2 diabetes

How effective is azithromycin when treating chlamydia? I have never had an std before and caught this one within 3 weeks of getting it.

How likely r u to get syphilis from someone Who's had the antibiotics and has no lesions? Plus used a Condom

How long does untreated chlymedia/gonnorea symtoms like discharge last?

How long after being treated for chlamydia can you try to get pregnant?

How long after being treated for chlymadia should you wait to get retested to make sure it's gone?

How long after chlamydia treatment should i re test to make sure is gone?

How long after finishing my treatment for chlamydia until the symtoms go away?

How long do gonnorhea last after getting treated?

How long do I have to wait to test for chlamydia after i hot treated?

How long does it take for the treatment to cure it 100% and how long do we have to wait to have sex again ? Ok my girlfriend was told that she had an early case of chlamydia, and her doctor gave her the antibiotics to get treated. She took them last wedne

How long should we wait to be sexually active after being treated for chlamydia? My partner and myself were given to different types of antibotics

How soon after being exposed to trichomonas and chlamydia can I start treatment? The exposure happened last night.

How soon after being infected with m. Hominis would you start to have symptoms?

How soon can I get pregnant after finishing my treatment for BV.

How soon can I have sex after taking Monistat-7 for a yeast infection? All symptoms are already gone and the treatment is almost done