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doctor i was drunked.i in bar.i had a first time little vaginal and anal sex.she did oral sex with condom, i am virgin.i can get stds ?

oralsex without condoms and viginalsex with comdoms on but after the intercourse flipped condom for few test nonreactive at 6 mon&2.5 yrworry?

13 days ago I had sex with sex worker with two condoms I don't know the condoms are broke or not. . Please tell me what are the chances of getting hiv?

2 virgins. Woman's got an iud. Risk of std/i's if not using condoms?

26 year old male here and I am worried about having protected sex with four prostitutes and two times with no condom with random girls. Std possible?

6 days w/o symptoms. I had protected sex & unprotected oral. I Heard after 10 days I'm good. Chance of having herpes? I heard it is a 1 in 2000 chance

6/18 I had sex with a guy with a condom 7/5 I had sex with a guy w/o a condom there was oral sex involved Who most likely spread the herpes infection?

A call girl gave protected oral sex to me. Before wearing condom she wiped my precum from penis with her bare fingers. Do i get std, STI or hiv?

About 10 months ago i had sexual intercourse with a condom but it split i wiped straight away chances of catching hiv? I haven't been ill since.

About 3 month ago, i having a protected sex with a prostitute and i release inside the condom then i thrust for few times more, did i exposure to hiv?

Am alway thinking that have got STD even thou my partner wears condom?

Am i at risk of acute HIV syndrome? About two weeks ago i had protected sex with a man i'm newly dating (this was the first time we had sex). We used a condom but he didn't come. Last night, i had a fever but it broke by the morning. I have some other mil

And am still a virgin. And i always use condoms for oral. So i can't get a VD can i?

Any HIV risk during vaginal oral sex (condom used) with sex worker? Test needed?

Are condoms a hundred percent effective against chlamydia?

Are condoms a hundred percent effective against gonorrhea?

Are condoms a hundred percent effective against syphilis?

Are female condoms recommended? Which one is the best?

Are there any cons to wearing a condom, health wise?

Are there things i can do to protect my girlfriend from stds?

Are ultra thin condoms are more risky than regular condoms? Are they less effective and more likely to catch a std?

Are utis contagious through sex? Can you get it if don't wear a condom and wife has one?

Been having oral sex with my bf. as well as sex with a condom for over a year and a half. could i get hiv or aids? If so would it show up by now???

Best way to protect myself from stds? Any tips?

Bf had unprotected sex with ex gf 3 years ago. Was tested for hiv in 2014 and was clean. Has used condoms with all other partners since. Are we good?

Boyfriend and I have both been tested for stds, so we don't wear condoms. Should i be worried about pregnancy?

Boyfriend has gc - how long will he be contagious? Will condom prevent transmission?

Boyfriend has hpv, how can I prevent myself from catching it?

Can HIV be transmitted by a used a condom? If a condom was used by someone who was positive then used by someone else is there a risk? Or does it die?

Can HPV be transmitted to a partner even with the use of protection?

Can I contract a std if I drink sperms from a condom? Side note: the sperms was in the condom for about 6 hours.

Can i get an STD when i change a condom and put a new one on? Chances?

Can i get HIV by just rubbing the body and will my risk to get HIV decreased if I am wearing 2 condoms when intercourse?Thanks for your answer.

Can i get infected using protection but not exchanging fluids during sexual intercourse?

Can I get STD from fingering someone before sex? Then possible putting on the condom and masterbating with the same hand I perform the first act?

Can I receive HIV from unprotected oral sex and protected regular sex. I also licked the condom after penetrating on accident. please help meĀ ?

Can I still catch a STD even if I use a condom?

Can i take tenofovir+efavirenz even if i'm not infected? Motivation just to protect myself from the virus or incase I have unprotected sex.

Can lifestyke skyn condoms help against hiv?

Can my HPV infected girlfriend gave me a hj, bj or have sex with condom? All her Genital warts have disappeared since her treatment.

Can my partner receive an STD if I used saliva as a lubricate for a condom..?

Can someone still get herpes if you were a condom to protect yourself?

Can testicle cancer spread by un protected sex ?

Can there be any STD risk in receiving oral sex with a trojan condom on?

Can there be any STDs that condoms do not protect people from?

Can there be still a point in using a condom to protect against HPV when having sex a lot?

Can two "clean" sexually active partners develop an std? If my boyfriend and I have unprotected sex, and neither of us have any stds, can we develop one by not using a condom?

Can u get a STD when using a comdom ?

Can u get an STD if your parent does not have it or has never had it and if you use protection (condom all the time during sex) ?

Can u get HIV if I weared a condom for both oral and vaginal sex, same comdom, with a very sexually active girl?

Can using the same condom twice while having sex cause hiv?

Can we infected with HIV virus on sex intercourse with multiple partners who are non-hiv infected even using condoms/taking other preventive measures.

Can you catch an STD from using another person's lube?

Can you get aids from having sex without a condom, and he did not ejaculate?

Can you get an STD even if both partners are clean and you use a condom?

Can you get chlamydia even if you use a condom?

Can you get chlamydia even when u use condom?

Can you get HIV from getting a blowjob? Last Monday I meant an escort and she performed oral sex on me. I wore condom for most of it n did not cum.

Can you get HIV from getting a blowjob? Last Monday I meant an escort and she performed oral sex on me. I wore condom for most of it n did not cum.

Can you get HIV from stepping a condom?

Can you get pregnant if your on the pill and use a condom? What are the chances with one? In a monogamous relationship. Not worried about STDs

Can you get pregnant with herpes? How do I protect my partner?

Can you get std if you have sex with different people but use a condom ?

Can you get syphilis If you are clean and you have unprotected sex with someone else who is also clean?

Can you have an STD if you only have sex with 1 person & they were a virgin? We only didn't use protection one time

Can you pass HPV if using a condom?

Can you tell me if I have herpes but not any symptoms and we don't use a condom can my partner still get it?

Can you tell me if my boyfriend and i are both virgins, and we used a condom, can we still catch STDs or HIV or any of those bad stuff?

Can you tell me what you suggest if both couple are clean, but always do anal sex without condom, until get an u.T.I. Can both of them get hiv?

Chance of catching HIV from an escort in UK? Used condom, but drunk and can't remember it all. Chlamydia test negative. Now my partner has neck rash?

Chance of HIV infection through single, brief, and protected vaginal intercourse with new partner with unknown status? Condom didn't break or slip

Chances hiv&std. Protected receiving and giving of penile oral. Checked and no condom break but not sure if the person I was giving bj had latexcondom?

Condom broke during sex and i was unprotected for 5 minutes before noticing. What are the chances I've caught an STD or sti? Its been six months now

Condoms does prevent HIV transmission if inserted in the vagina just for 2minutes since rubbing is less?

Contraceptives for newly weds other than condom?Both are std's free and virgin

Could condoms protect against hiv?

Could i become pregnant or get std's if i wear a condom?

Could my partner need to wear a condom if i want to get pregnant, how to know?

Dear Doctor sometimes I swallow my precum. Is it safe for me? I have no any STD.

Dear doctori had protected sex (by condom) with a sex-worker woman, 20 days ago. I don't know any thing about her health. I am worried about hiv. Is it possible that i might have contractedit?

Do I have an std? I think i do. I'm really scared. I've been having sex with the same one guy for 6 months. We don't use protection. Help?

Do I have to use female condom and my partner his condom all the time since I have HPV?? Doesn't condoms cause rash/itchiness/skin irritation? Help

Do you know the HIV risk when having sex with a too-small condom?

Doc is there any chance of getting infected even u used a condom.Having flu like sympyoms just aftet 2 3 days of sex .

Doc, I always had sex with multiple partners with condoms safely used. It's been a year. Chances of getting hiv? No breakage or leak.

Docs, wanted to know if I can get STDs & HIV from siliva from oral sex & from guy giving a bj?

Doctor please i want to know wether if it is possible for a man to contact HIV aids even though if he is using condom during the act?

Does anyone report to have contracted HIV even after using condoms everytime?

Does having sex without condom with more than 3 girls who dosnt hav aids cause aids ?

Does wearing a condom decrease the chance of getting an STD? if so by how much?

Does wearing a male/female condom help prevent transmission of HSV when not having an outbreak? How to prevent it from transmitting?How to protect me?

During intercourse with someone the condom broke. Could you please tell me chanceof catching an STI he did not ejaculate in me far as i know.

During intercourse, the condom tore. It had only been torn for maybe 10 seconds before realizing it. How great of a risk is it that I have an STD?

Even if my boyfriend has only ever been with me, should I still use a condom for oral to protect against stds?

Extremely concerned. I had sex with a man that is known to be with prostitutes. We used a condom and he didn't ejaculate. On depo shot. Odds???

Gave & received protected oral. Did water check & condom was intact. Do not know if the person whom I gave bj had latex. Hiv chance in both scenario?

Girlfriend's ex boyfriend was tested for STI's & was clean. We're having sex without a condom. She's only done that with her ex who was tested. Safe?

Got oral from a lady with hsv2 had protect sex She orgasm fluids around my protect penis Should I b worried of getting a std? what odd of oral Sex std

Had anal sex , condom broke , he took out and didn't finish . He didn't even get it all in me . What are the risk of getting Hiv? (he said he is clean

Had only protected vaginal sex with all 8 prostitutes over the year. No anal, no oral. Strokes last hardly 1 minute. No condom breakage. Hiv?