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vaginal infection test negative, but uti test positive. I have no urgency to "go" and the only symptom I have is my vaginal walls are swollen.

(Female) Urethra discharge, all STD DNA test negative, blood check normal. Should I go to an ID specialist or urologist?

17 y.o rarely sexually active girl w/ all symptoms of yeast infection except smell. Diagnosed with BV but no BV symptoms. Recurrent for past 3 months.

18 female tested pos. 4herpes&1year later my blood work tested as neg.for hivs.I have ecoli infection&have bumps around vagina.heavyBloodClots?

2 months ago I was diagnosed with chlamydia. My symptoms never went away and it burns extremely bad when I pee. My geno check for UTI BV yeast all neg?

2 vaginal cultures a month apart were pos for BV. Took Flagyl, no help. Why would it not cure it? Also, does BV cause urethra pain? That's my symptom.

31wks pregnant, and the whole pregnancy anytime I have sex or pelvic exams it burns like acid. I've been tested for utis, bv, stds, etc, nothing found?

62 yr old female with recurring bladder infections over past 2 years. Married...Could inflections result from cunilingus? Citobacter korsosii

A clear discharge from my penis. No burning when i pee/no lesions either. I've been tested for chlamyd/gono and it came back negative suggestions?

A pelvic infection but neg results on STD panel. What could cause infection?

A Vag culture i had done came back with numerous coliform moderate enterococcus species how r those foynd in my vagina? Cause intense itching?!

After 9+ years of the pill I stopped. Negative for all STDs, yeast, bacteria & cancer but I have itching & irritation on genitals & internally. Ideas?

After culturing discharge from my girl she has candida albians does it mean I have it.Because I have always treat myself for gonorrhea but no changes?

After treatment of culture growth of staph (sti) i still have some discharge, ..Is this normal? Am scared i just want to know if anything else is wrong

After treatment yeast infection i had pain during intercourse with slight bleeding.Tests for bacteria, yeast, gonorrhea, and chlamydia are negative.?

All stds neg. Have chronic prostatitis. Each time after sex with wife week later I get uti, joint pain, etc.did I give her std? Trich? Flagyl helps

All tests came back negative for yeast, bacteria, trich, and stds but vagina still itches pretty badly. 7 days of diflucan didn't help. What can it be?

Annual exam showed bacterial infection. Given metro gel. Is this BV or could it be an STD? Would they test the culture after seeing it's abnormal?

Are "moderate" pmns and "few" bacteria indicative of a trich or yeast infection even though trich and yeast both show "none seen"?

Are reoccurring boils a positive sign of a std?

Are the symptoms same for all types of chlamydia or do you need to have vaginal sex with a woman to contract it where it will show up in your urine?

Are there strains of E.coli that are present in the vagina? Swab test came back as positive for ecoli, and I have thick yellow discharge with odour.

Are there ulcers and blisters of the vagina other than herpes. Cultures/ blood neg. And other std's neg. What could it be? Did atransvaginal?

Are vag swabs i.E for thrush, chlamydia etc the same test u have when having a smear test? I'm due smear but just had swabs taken. Do i need go back?

Bartholin gland cysts Drained and swab and the culture came back fine does that mean I am also chalmdyia and other STD free?

Bc for 8 yrs&sexually active.yearly pelvic exam.recurring yeast infections after period.Is it more than a yeast infection?Would dr see std in exam$

Biospy says vulvar folliculitus. Culture shows negative for bac/yeast but feel vulva/vag yeast type symptoms. What could this be?

Burning and swelling after sex. Free of std. Vaginitis treated. I need answers.

Burning foreskin and tip of penis I been tested for herpes chlamydia gonerea and all my STD tests came back neg not sure what to do?

Burning sensation in lower/outer vagina. All STD tests said neg. No UTI or yeast either. Could this be hep b? My estrogen is also critically low.

Burning sensations when urinating. Urine Analysis & Gyne check up and pap smear tested all clear. So what could it be please(asking for someone)?

Can STDs be mistaken as a UTI? I was tested for a UTI a few weeks ago but it isn't going away.Could it be a STD instead?If so which ones could it be?

Can a persistent vaginal yeast infection mean you have hiv? I have tested six times at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 months. One exposure . Partner neg at 6 months

Can a probiotic cause smelly vagina and tingling ? I have already been tested for clamydia and flora cultures and all came back fine

Can a UTI medication also help clear up an STD like chlamydia?

Can a yeast infection cause frequent need to urinate? I have itching and burning around my vagina also but tested negative on home UTI test?

Can all std's be diagnosed in both men and women by just having their blood and urine samples?Without taking pap smear or swabs from them?

Can any type of urine test diagnose an STD if no penis discharge is present?

Can being on period when you have a swab test for BV cause flora to be slightly off?

Can chlamydia or ghonneria be missed in a STI swab if an antifungal cream was recently administered?

Can exercising cause vaginal irritation? I have tested negative for any infections.

Can gynecologist tell if you have gonorrhea by looking?

Can having a slight gum disease cause BV in my partner?

Can i still be able to donate blood if I have bacterial vaginosis?I might not even have it, and i've never had sex before.

Can Monistat give a false positive on a pH paper for leakage of membranes?

Can my abnormal pap test be the result of an untreated yeast infection or uti?

Can my gyno tell difference between BV and chlamydia under microscope?

Can my obgyn tell if u have chlamydia by looking internally?

Can ORAL gonorrhea show up in a urine test or you must do the oral swab test? Also are there other symptoms? My tongue is a yellow white color.

Can syphilis be detected from vaginal disharge.

Can the nurse test for bacterial vaginosis?

Can there be cross contamination when using a speculum for vaginal swab? Since i got swab two days ago, I have been having discharge. I'm pregnant

Can trichomoniasis be detected 8 days after exposure? Went to the Dr she checked for all STDs includ trich... NEGATIVE. I've had it trich d4 and I'm having the same symptoms

Can u get PID without havin a std? Dr said was caused by germs my bf has no sympto waitin 4 results of STD tests. Can it be non specific vaginosis?

Can u sho me what vaginal discharge of chlamydia looks like? Pap smear results came back (+) 4 chlamydia. I always use condoms & I have had no symptoms

Can ureaplasma cause BV and does it show clue cells like BV under microscope dr said they don't treat so just treated BV scared ill get it back?

Can using clotrimazole affect gonorrhea and chlamydia test ?

Can yeast infection be symptomless? My swab test came out yeast positive but I've not had itches, only a slight pelvic pressure.

Can your vagina breakout with hives and what causes that I been tested negative for std and hsv1,2 can it be bacteria vaginosis been treated but burns?

Cervicitis tested negative for gonnerhea and chlamydia no bv no yeast. Positive white blood cells uncomfortable with burning itching thin discharge?

Constant yeast/discharge. is there a treatment? Diflucan (fluconazole) works for 3-4 days but it returns. Hiv test is negative. Help! Maybe a yeast culture test?

Could both me and husband have NSU?I have chronic BV(constant itchy/soreness-cause unknown with NO flora at all-ever approx 6 month). husband has prostatitis.STI test NEG.I had ureaplasma/mycroplasma test too - NEG. What is happening to us?Any ideas?

Could I hav infection in fallopian tubes even if cervical swabs are negative?

Could i test for oral gonorrhea using pee samples?

Could my gyno tell if i had chlamydia by looking at sample under microscope? She said it looked like bv, but did all tests for sti's.

Did Std test doctor used a swab and told me to milk out discharge but never put swab inside urethral only swabbed the outside of opening?this accurate

Difference between STD and uti?

Discharge and itchiness but not a yeast infection or std, my resluts came back negative for any STDs and negative for yeast. What could it be?

Do std's like gonorrhea and chlamydia cause vaginal pH levels to increase, even if a person is asymptomatic for both diseases? What is normal pH levl?

Do you have to have a STD in order to have a pelvic infection?

Do you pass a discharge through the penis and rectum when taking antibiotics for gonorrhea?

Do you treat lactobacillus on a genital culture for a female with vaginal discharge with no other positive STD results?

Doc do we need to specify infection name(eg trichomons,chaldmya) when giving vaginal swab test?Or we will get the result as what infection we having??

Does a pap smear accurately show trichamonas vaginalis.. My doctor said I have it but my partner does not. How is this possible?

Does a speculum have to be used in order to test for yeast infection, BV, etc.? If one is a virgin is there other ways to test without using that?

Does a URINALYSIS, AUTO, W/O SCOPE test for STDs? I went to a Urologist for possible epididymitis after on Doxy. Doc said it tested normal

Does at home screening kit for vag infection called vagasil work? Its $12

Does ngu cause prostatitis. Received oral sex 6 months ago. Told I had ngu 3 weeks after. all std tests neg. all urethral swabs since have been clear?

Does the test 'semen for culture and sensitivity' can find chlamydia infection or any infection in semen?

Does treatment for yeast infection and BV interfere with STI swab test? When can I get tested for it to be accurate?

Does trich in wet mount usually indicate infection of the cervix plus vagina?

Does yeast infection affect the accuracy of hpv DNA test (vaginal swab)?

Dr almost all time fluid from vagina have bad smell, we did a culture test including bactrl, fungl, alisa test and reslt came as no infection to me.

Dr did a wet mount, been itchy. Found bv, gave prescription. Sent a culture as well to the lab. What does a culture look for? Is BV bad to have?

Dr what does it mean if my vag swab result is lactobacili-abnormal?

DX ngu from oral sex from unknown female. All std neg inc MG. doxycycline taken by me & wife. I still have symptoms but neg swab. Should I be concern?

Dx ngu from oral sex. Never discharge or pain uranarion but v/slight urethral irritation 1swab 7wbc. Rx Zpack 1g Wife doxy. All swab since neg. worry?

DX PID in Er. Had US and Pap. Pap normal, negative for std/sti. Confused about other possible causes, or was this incorrect dx? No hx endometriosis

DX with ngu from oral sex.All std tests neg. doxycycline and aizthrimycin did not cure. Worried that it won't go away. Had for 3 months. swab <5wbc ?

Endocrine dysfunction cause green vaginal discharge? been tested for all infections related to vagina but all are negative. taken many antibiotics.

Enterococcus found in vaginal swab. Can this be passed on to my husband through sex?

Enterococcus species found on vaginal swab, what should I do? I am 16 weeks pregnant and having lots of white discharge.

Experiencing chunky white discharge, had negative culture for yeast , bv, & trich. . Had routine neg pap also. Freq UTI in past 6 mos. Neg kidney u/s.

Female vaginal swab test for ureaplasma was negative after treatment with azithromycin and moxifloxacin. But can it possibly still be in my urethra?

For 1 yr, left vaginal lip swollen and sore, vaginal opening also sore. No discharge. Std, bacteria, yeast negative. Cnii treated now pap smear normal?

For 5yrs my sister is having burning in vaginal area & heavy discharge.Several tests have been done from STDs to infections, no respite for her.Help.

For STD genital swab test for chlamydia and gonnorhea,my doctor told me not to urinate for 2 hrs.i waited for an 1 1/2 hrs. Is this enough time?

Freq. urination with slight pain. Herpes neg. chlamydia neg. gonnorhea neg. UTI neg. BV Neg. Urine Culture Neg. yeast neg. What else could it be?

Freq. Urination, burning not when pee and lil itch. No syphilis chlam/ghonnor hiv. Doc saw yeast 3 diflucan (fluconazole) hasn't helped. No UTI and urine looks good?

Frequent urination. Abdominal pain. Vaginal burning. Yeast neg. Trich neg. clue cell neg. chlamydia/ghonnarea neg.