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1 sex partner in over a year. 2 days ago, for 1 night and the following morning only I had penile discharge. STD? Why so random if so?

22 days no symptoms after having sex. Do I have any std? I don't know her status. Just vaginal sex. I had diarrhea kinda. And cough.

3 weeks ago went to doc thought was yeast infection.Got tested for std and everything, it was nothing.Had sex and vagina irritated again, what's wrong?

33 weeks pregnant with no.3. Currently on amoxicillin for UTI and had sex with parter and now have a gross fish smell in vagina. NO chance of an std! ?

About a month ago, i had sex and it was immediately followed by a yeast infection. Yesterday, i had sex and it was immediately followed by a uti. Help?

After doing sex my vagina get swealed?What to do in that case?

After having sex with my gf, i had penis pain when i urinated. Should i get some kind of testing done?

After having unprotected sex, i've been having pain while urinating, could this be simply a infection or a std? is the only way to know, waiting?

After hydrocele surgery I didn't bath!Only one time 11 days after without soap.I had sex is there a chance my girlfriend will get an infection?

After sex w/ hubby my vagina smells & urine stinks. Why? we were both cleared by our doctor of any infections/stds & trying for a baby.

Aftet having sex I checked the condom and WHILE i was doing that it popped? Does that mean it was not effective?

Are bladder infections contagious between lesbians? My girlfriend came down with one last week and now I've got one.

Are cysts related to sex and sti's?

Are STDs less likely if i had a hystorectomy?

Are there any other ways to get gonorrhea other than sex, if there are what are they? Can you get it from gyno tools if they weren't cleaned right?

Are there any ways to start seeing STD symptoms not even a day after unprotected sex?

Are yeast infections sexually transmitted? I'm 37weeks pregnant and I feel like my boyfriend gave me it he ejaculates inside of me all the time

At what point during sex does an STD get passed from one to another?

Besides intercourse, how can you get trichonomas vaginitis?

Bleeding during sex already been checked for std's and negative. Also negative for HPV but did have an infection but it is still happening?

Burning sensation in urinating after having sex with my grlfrnd. She is having balantidium coli, is there any prblm. We had unprotected sex.

Burning vagina for weeks come and go after protect sex negative std test , what is this ?

Burns & stings after sex w/partner of 3 years no std, frequent yeast infections pain after sex lasts couple hours lubricant doesn't help what's wrong?

Can a girl get an infection from masturbation?

Can a male be affected or hurt by having unprotected sex with a female who has a yeast infection?

Can a STD make your cum jelly like? Im 16 and only ever had oral sex with one girl & I dont believe she was sexually active before me. STD or puberty?

Can a UTI make you bleed during sex?

Can a woman get UTI every time after sex?

Can an STI or STD cause your menstruation 2 stop?

Can BV make sex painful?

Can BV prevent you from getting pregnant? And can any stds?

Can having unprotected sex with my partner make my HPV worse? I recently got told that it has worsened from the initial check six months ago.

Can HPV cause vagina burning and redness the day after unprotected sex? This has been going on for 6 months. Worried! What else besides a std can it b

Can i get a urine infection from having too much sex ?

Can I get an STD if I have sex in a hot tub?

Can i get HIV symptoms within a week of sex? I had oral and some unprotected sex, then within a few days i got a lot of the symptoms. All but rash.

Can I get interstitial cystitis from having rough sex once?

Can I get std from having unprotected sex even if my partner and I are both virgins? Also I keep getting jock itches. Is there a prevention for it?

Can i get UTI from my boyfriend?

Can I have sex with my girlfriend if she has urinary tract infection? We r exclusive so don't use protection and she's getting treatment for uti.

Can i tell me how i can stop getting utis after intercourse?

Can men get a UTI by unprotected receptive oral sex? I'm worried because I got a UTI earlier in the year (not sure how) and want to avoid another.

Can my boyfriend get a yeast infection from me? We've never cheated on eachother ihave been tested for STDs a couple of times cuz iget yeast he nev

Can my boyfriend get any diseases or infections if he gets period blood on his penis?

Can my gyn give me prescription for husband if I have sti?

Can one obtain gonnorhea from hard sex?

Can sex through the vagina cause a air embolism, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and scared to have sex with my partner incase of problems occuring ?

Can someone explain to me how come my gf getting bladder infections after sex?

Can someone get an std from unprotected oral sex 6 months ago and still any symptoms?

Can sperm have bacteria that could cause a uti? My husband and I have been checked for std's. Only when he goes inside of me is when i get a uti.

Can teen girls who are not having sex get bv? If so, where are they getting the germs from?

Can there be a way where we can avoid getting STD even by performing unprotected sex everytime?

Can u get chlamydia thru oral sex? My partner & I hav sex w/ condoms. I use 2 have chla. but got cleaned. I think I have it again bcuz of weird discha

Can unprotected sex swaping of fluids cause some woman to get infection?

Can you also get chlamydia from not washing your private area after unprotected sex?

Can you easily get a bacterial infection like strep a b through your vagina from having sex that is not an std, or is it rare if its protected sex.

Can you explain if it's possible to get chlamydia fron your ex partner after 4 years of a one time intercourse?

Can you get a kidney infection from your boyfriend fingering you?

Can you get a postpartum infection from anal sex?

Can you get a UTI from sex?

Can you get a vaginal infection while having sex at the end of your period?

Can you get a yeast or BV infection due to your period? Started having symptoms a few days after mine. Have never had vag, anal, or oral sex. Virgin

Can you get an infection from peeing after sex ?

Can you get an STI from nasal sex?

Can you get any STD from having sex with a vigirn if your a vigirn your self. We have never had anyother contact with another human in that way?

Can you get cystitis, or something similar, from having sex?

Can you get klebsiella pneumoniae from having sex ?

Can you get pid without having sex?

Can you give a person a STD if don't you have but yourperiod come down while having sex?

Can you start seeing STD symptoms not even a day after unprotected sex?

Can you still get pregnant with having urethral diverticulum?

Cani pass a UTI to my boyfriend?

Chlamydia is this like a std if you have sex with your spouse regular way and then he wants to have anal then back into your Virgina is this possible?

Cloudy urine after unprotected sex, is this serious?

Could a 10-15 year old girl get a uti?

Could a yeast infection be passed back and forth between the woman and the man during sex?

Could I get a urinary infection after having unprotected sex?

Could I get prostatitis from not having enough sex?

Could I have possibly gotten chlamydia again even though i used a condom?

Could sex right before you get tested for STDs change your results?

Could somebody get ecoli from anal sex?

Could you get a kidney infection from your boyfriend fingering you?

Could you start seeing symptoms of STD the day after oral sex?

Do you have to have sex to get a uti?

Do you have to shower after sex to prevent yeast infections? Whether its sex with/without a condom (lubricated)? Is wiping and peeing after sex enough

Doctor checked cervix,MAYBE hpv warts,on depo injection,been with boyfriend 2 years always had unprotected sex,how do I know if he has got it?

Doctor says that i've got urethritis? But i never had sex? How is this possible?

Does a UTI mean boyfriend is cheating?

Does chlamydia come from urine or other things on the penis? Bf said he was STD free. Could he have passed it to me from something on his penis?

Does having sex without condoms make it more likely that my prostate will get infected?

Does it happen that people get std's by having anal sex?

Does it mean anything if a female gets gas after unprotected sex?

During sex there come lot of pre-cum . Does it cause any infection in prostate ?

Each time my boyfriend and I have intercourse, i get a bladder infection a few days later. What would cause this?

Even with a condom, how does this happen im getting std's or discharge?

Every time I have intercourse i get an uti. I pee before and after and we both are clean. What can be causing this? I'm scared to have intercourse.

Every time I have intercourses with my boyfriend i get cystitis. How can I stop having this?

Every time I have sex I get a yeast infection, I've been tested for STDs w/ or w/o condoms I use the bathroom after and wash a few days later I itch?

Every time I have sex I use condoms ( the guy) and when we are done having sex i get an yeast infection, what could it be?

Every time I have unprotected sex with my partner my vagina starts smelling fishy for two weeks then slowly goes way. Why?