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 my girlfriend gets pins and needles during oral sex on her body ? 

1night stand with female 2wks ago.I gave and received unprotected oral sex.Also vaginal sex with condom.Have sore throat and earache past4day.related?

2 days ago I gave oral sex to a girl who's had quite a few previous partners. My throat hurts but i've no redness or fever, is it too soon for an sti?

2 months ago i had unprotected oral sex with an open sore in my mouth to a guy i didn't know and now i am experiencing lots of symptoms of hiv.. he sa?

32 days ago, i gave unprotected oral to a ts csw with ejaculation in my mouth. Now I have sore throat. What antibiotic should I take for gonorrhea, strep or syphilis?

A girl oral a month ago, couple days later I felt I had sores in my mouth but seen none and my lips were tingling n sorethroat. Went for STD negative

A week ago, i had protected vaginal sex and unprotected receptive oral sex with a sex worker. Two days later, i became ill with a mild fever, body aches, and sore throat. This lasted three days or so. The fever and sore throat have subsided but i've been

After gave girl oral sores symps, but no sore in mouth, sore throat after, then sty infection, STD test negative HIV clamydia n gonorrhea, syphaliis?

After rough oral sex I saw herpes bumps on his penis. What's the chance of throat and mouth getting herpes? I rinsed and cleaned mouth with Listerine.

After sex I got a white tongue that won't brush off plus soar throat. What STD can it be?

Anxious about oral cancer. I have been treated for HPV warts in the past. I've had regular dental check ups. I do get a scratchy throat some times. No tobacco use, light drinking. Should I be concerned?

Are oral thrush, dry mouth and vaginal thrush common ARS symptoms for HIV? & what are the chances that I contracted HIV from RECEIVING cunnilingus?

Awaiting tests, but today I noticed sore throat when I swallow. Performed oral sex on woman 7 days ago and unprotected sex. No other symptoms. If it's oral gonorrhea, does the soreness get worse? What are characteristics of sore throat? Come and go?

Bf did oral sex on me after kissing.hour later I had a cold sore(red burning)on lip 4 1st time.Is it possible I transmit it to him,him to my genitals?

Boil under tongue in 2 hrs on frenulum after oral sex given to a woman. Discomfort but not painful. Is it std? How do I treat it?

Boil under tongue in 2 hrs on frenulum after oral sex given to a woman. Discomfort but not painfull. Is it std. How do I treat it?

Boyfriend had red spotches all over his face after performing.Oral sex. On me. Next morning.His tongue was sore and felt raw. No stds. What is it?

Boyfriend threw up hours after performing oral sex on me first time. Could nausea result from oral sex...or maybe just something he ate?

By swallowing an ecstasy pill, can I get hiv?

Can a guy get a yeast infection in his mouth after oral?

Can a guy get strep on his private area from having oral sex with someone who has strep throat?

Can a man get strep throat from giving oral sex to his female partner who has tested positive for vaccinal strep b?

Can a man get strep throat from giving oral sex to his female partner who has tested positive for vagunal strep b?

Can a man get throat cancer by having oral sex with a wo?

Can awoman get HIV by haveing oral sex with a man and he doesn't even comes all the way in her mouth..

Can awoman get HIV from giving oral sex to a man ..Not even comes in her mouth sorry.

Can canker sores come from giving oral sex?

Can cumming in my partner's mouth, she swallowing it , we French kissing and me giving her an oral cause pregnancy?

Can gonorrhea cause a sore throat if you didn't do oral sex?

Can gonorrhea cause a sore throat if you didn't have oral sex?

Can hiv symptoms pop up the next day after sexual intercouse like a coated tongue?

Can i get a strep throat from giving oral sex?

Can I get an infection of HIV from tongue kissing a girl who has a tongue ring?

Can I get an STD or HIV if I swallow sperms or perform oral?

Can I get an std such as oral ghonnorea or syphllis from sucking on females nipples ?

Can i get herpes in my throat? My boyfriend has had some dark spots for many yrs on his penes. He was diagnosed today with herpes. He did not know he had it till today. We have had sex for 5 yrs as well as oral sex. I have had a bad cough for 4 weeks,

Can i get HPV /oral warts; from giving a female oral sex? And how common is it? Because I have a strange feeling in my mouth and I am paranoid.

Can I have sex/oral sex while I have a vaginal boil that is healing quickly and is rather small?

Can kissing cause cancer of the throat, or would you need to have had lots of oral sex?

Can my boyfriend be experiencing some kind of allergic reaction after he performs oral sex on me?

Can my boyfriend catch my strep throat on his penis from oral sex? My tonsils are not swollen, just have a couple of small white vein type lines

Can my girlfriend get strep throat from my penis through oral sex?

Can my husband's chewing tobacco cause my bladder infection or my UTI through oral sex?

Can oral mouth thrash that's really bad alter a DNA test? I read nothing is supposed to get on the swab and thrash gets on the swab so could it?

Can oral sex cause cold sores?

Can oral sex cause strep throat?

Can oral sex give you a sore throat?

Can oral sex irritate tonsils? Had oral sex a few days ago, no semen, & Tonsils are swollen w/white patches. Has happened multiple times before

Can oral sex with someone who ended up having strep throat cause a UTI? Or could the cause be something else?

Can oral thrush affect a buccal swab paternity test? My child has thrush all over the mouth, and we went in for DNA testing. Should I do it again?

Can people have gonorrhea or chlamydia in their throats from oral sex? Is this dangerous if you don't know? If a cut in mouth is it in your blood?

Can performing (unprotected) fellatio cause a female to get strep throat? It seems too related to just be a coincidence but it has happened 3 times.

Can performing oral sex on a guy that is infected with chlamydia cause sore throat and blisters inside throat?

Can rough oral sex cause a sore throat?

Can semen allergy cause white spots a day after oral sex in back of throat or is this an std... HELP PLEASE ?

Can someone with oral herpes on both mouth and vaginal area go through a natural birth? Or do they need to have a c-section?

Can stds from oral sex make your stomach hurt from swallowing infected semen.. ?

Can strep throat infection be passed on via oral or vaginal intercourse? Any answers appreciated!

Can there be a connection between oral sex and a swollen salivary gland...? Could i get it from a girl...? Dental surgeon had no idea of the swelling.

Can there be a such thing as a permanent sore throat from oral sex?

Can u get canker sores or any type of mouth sore from giving oral sex to a person with NO STDS?

Can u get chlamydia in the mouth from giving oral to somebo?

Can u get chlamydia in your mouth from giving oral?

Can u get herpes in u mouth and throat from performing oral sex, or does it have to b cold sores on the outside?

Can u get strep throat from oral sex?

Can you get a STD from giving oral sex and did not have a cut in the mouth?

Can you get any form of infection by sucking on a sex toy?

Can you get gonnarhea for recieving oral and does it really only take 5 days for symptoms to appear?

Can you get HIV from oral sex without them ejecting in your mouth and you don't have any cuts or sores in your mouth?

Can you get mouth thrush giving oral sex to a female who has vagina thrush? 1pill clears thrush in 3 days can my partner go down on me during 3days

Can you get pregnant swallowing cumulative during oral?

Can you get strep throat from swallowing semen? I ask because every time I have oral sex with a new partner, I either get a sore or strep throat.

Can you get strep throat or any other throat condition from giving oral sex to a male that has no current STI/STD?

Can you still have oral sex if you are prone to cold sores?

Can you tell me about HIV from oral sex, muscle ache?

Can yougive oral sex with a sore thriat?

Clear bump under tongue after giving girl oral sex. Same spot every time.?

Cold sore after performing oral sex 2 days ago. Is this indicative of anything bad?

Cough for two weeks. Some sputum. Occasional nausea. Developed after having oral sex with someone who has had multiple sex partners. Do I have an std?

Could a cold sore result from an abrasion on your penis after sex and oral?

Could I get Ureaplasma Urealyticum infection in my throat if I gave oral sex to someone who had it? Is this scary? Worried I may have gotten yrs ago!

Could I have an std? Sore throat. Inflamed uvula. Coughing. Didn't have unprotected sex. Worried

Could I have herpes? I've given oral to my boyfriend twice and i don't know if he is std-free I have had a sore throat now for over two weeks, and im waiting to see a doctor. What are the chances that I have herpes?

Could proteus mirabilis infect my throat or mouth? I had it in my vagina. My husband has it too. I gave him oral before i knew he had it. Could it be in my mouth or throat since it was in my vagina

Could you get a infection in your throat from having oral sex? If so how?

Day after oral sex with another man then i got red bumps back of throat, and off and on sore throat for month. Still won't go away.

Dear doc...I like to let cum in my mouth during oral sex..Is that gud for me?

Deep kiss with a girl with sores on my tongue could it spread any kind of STD no intercourse or oral sex.

Deep kissing,brest sucking and fingering with a girl of unknow HIV status, no oral or vaginal sex can it spread Hiv, i had tongue sores also that time?

Did not have oral sex, but my partner has warts. I stuck his finger in my mouth. Now throat feels dry , tingles, i sneeze raspy som tims?

Do any STDs have inflamed bleeding gums as a symptom or is this from oral sex?

Do I have HIV or herpes? A week ago i kissed a guy and two days later my mouth itch, then my gums started aching two more days later. Im a virgin

Do oral sex cause sore throat?

Does a cut or sore in the mouth have to be bleeding for there to be a risk of a possible HIV infection during oral sex?

Does oral sex cause throat cancer? How to avoid that?

Does oral sex give people sore throats the day after?

Does the chances of a guy getting mouth thrush after giving oral sex to a girl with a yeast infection increase if the guy regularly smokes?

During oral sex no cut, sore, painful, bleeding on my mouth. I used to kiss vaginal fluid. I get herpes on next morning and bleeding. Any change HIV via mucous membrane? ( if my partner is positive)

Every time a guy performs oral sex on me he begins coughing excessively right after. Do you think it could be hiv/std?

Every time after I give oral sex, my throat swells up and has white spots on them. Is this due to oral sex?