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BV goes away and keeps coming back after every time me and boyfriend have sex. Why?

Had a cyst removed about 2 monthsvago, sincevthen i have no sex drive. This is soooo UNLIK me, what can i do UNLIK?

22 weeks pregnant. How to overcome urge for sex during pregnancy? It is irritating very badly.

28 weeks pregnant, is it safe to have oral sex like sucking / liking the vagina by my husband? Today we did it but worried now. Help me.

31yrs old and for the past 3 years I have very little to no interest in sex, not on bc for the past 2yrs. Not good for my marriage:( What could cause?

A friend and i were fooling around one night and we are both pretty sure the only thing we did was oral sex...Is there any way i could be pregnant?

After any forms of sex with my girlfriend even just oral sex she comes away with stomach pains and she says my seamen sometimes smell fishy. What's up?

After having sex my partner noticed i bleed quite a lot never happened before I have been on the pill for 5 years sometimes take them back to back?

After having sex, the lady vomits what does that mean?

After I get stitches on my finger is it safe to have sex?

After I have a miscarriage me an my boyfriend we try to have sex but I don't have no feelings at for him why is that so..sometimes I even have bad?

After the period of my wife when we had sex she's virgina get damage and it hurts her a lot. Is there have any solution for this??

Anytime I have sex with my bf, it results in major anxiety attacks. I've never had unprotected sex but i freak out anyways, thinking I'm preg. Help?

April 22 i was a month which mean it go back to march 25 but i didn't have sex around that time so was i pregnant on the 25? If i had sex the march 11

Are there pills that can hurt my sex life?

Are there ways to keep myself from getting too wet when i'm having sex with my boyfriend?

At 31 weeks went in for contractions from having sex now 33 weeks had sex first time since then scared ill have contractions again! Honest answers plz?

Bf gave oral sex on Fri eve. Sun eve saw he had the start of cold sore. Scare of me getting it below. 2 day gap between sex and sore, should I be?

Both in 60s regular sex, but in last month Husbands Penis has started to have a bend in it any reason thank you. Happy New Year to All?

Boyfriend and i are in our 40s it is like we can't get enough sex he says I have a problem but he is the same way is this normal?

Boyfriend gets mad if I turn off to or don't want sex. Just fake it?

Boyfriend hasn't been able to finish during sex in 2 weeks..Should we see a doc?

Burning during and after sex with husband. Had this problem 3 weeks ago.

Can a girl virgin grow back if she did not have sex for a long period like 4 year.Is it possible that hymen grow back.I sex my bf100 times back 4 yr?

Can coming to fast during sex have anything to do with infertility?

Can having rough sex mess up your stomach?

Can i drink my girlfriends wee. I like it whilst having sex?

Can my bf have BV cause everytime we have sex i get it again even after treatment and when he cums in me it burns afterwards can it b somethigelse?

Can rough sex mess up your stomach?

Can we have unprotected sex when my husband has suffering from cold and cough?

Can you find out your pregnant the day of sex like 20 hours later?

Can you get a VD without having any kind of sex like on the job?

Can you tell me how i could get my partner to come to gym with me?

Can you tell me how to sexually please my fiance without turning myself off?

Could she be pregnant? My girlfriend and i were having foreplay, we never actually completely have sex, for personal reasons and fearing pregnancy, we are only 15. However, yesterday morning, we were fooling around and my penis accidentally went inside he

Could use your help docs! my wife is throwing up after we had sex for the first time.?

Could you vagina get toght again after not having sex in 1 month ?

Dating 4 over 7 years, regular sex until 3 years ago she's been crying during sex due pain. Dif positions don't work. Sex always hurts her now. Help?

Dating guy 5yrs. Can't stay hard thru vaginal sex. Cums by bjs and anal? Hate anal! Always been a prob. Recently gotten way worse is it me? Him?

Dear doctor i had sex with gay and now i feel that something came out from my pens ?

Didnt had sex for two years and didn't bleed when had sex for first time ll I b tight enough like virgin now?

Doctor I had sex with my girlfriend two months back without condams 6times. The same evening she had its late by 2 months.

Does Sex change after having an ablation? My boyfriend said it does not feel the same.

Does tension leads to ed? My first time sex it happened as i was tensed and i didn't get erection as i get while wanking. I am worried for another sex.

Dr. Plz help me i m 23 yr old .. Done sex before 2 yr back nd nd after that i never do sex is it possible this thing for h.I.V please help?

During intercourse I doubt whether my husband has inserted correctly r not, coz I only get lot of pain but dint get any feel, hez geting pleasure feel?

Ever since oral sex with girlfriend my voice has changed I I can't scream or hit pitches I used to all STD are negative she gets checked out reguarly?

Every time me and my husband have intercourse I itch really bad for about a week this has been happening for a couple months now ?

Every time my husband and I have sex my vagina always seems to be dry recently and i don't know why?

Everytime I have sex with my wife, my body odour changes. What can be the reason for this?

Everytime me and my boyfriend have sex and he breaks in me when it comes back down it smells awful. Is something wrong with me or my boyfriend?

Everytime me and my boyfriend have sex I brake out in hives on my face real bad. Why is that?

Everytime my boyfriend and i try to have sex, we can't get his penis in because its extremely sore for me, what could b the problem? N i'm not a virgin

Everytime myself and my partner have intercourse i get very aired and sore down below is there anything i can do to stop this?

Exessive sex is good or bad?

For the last three months i've gotten a yeast infection prior to my period. New sex partner for the last 3 months. My boyfriend. I've also been sick for the last three months. Today he ejaculated inside me, and it burned so bad. Help

For what reasons everytime i go to the dr they ask me about sex?

From the details I've given below can my girlfriend be pregnant? Ok so me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex. Im worried if maybe my precum can get her pregnant. But heres the thing. We did a 4play before hand and when i put it in i only lasted 15 seco

Getting married 5/9/14 have been with him for 4 years have tried to have sex mayb 4 times in the last yr it's really to painful for him to go in why?

Girlfriend always has to take a break in the middle of sex. What could be wrong?

Going for a labiaplasty tomorrow! when can I have sex?

Had an etopic on 8th of april an still not come on .had unprotected sex with me fella 28 of april an my breast are leaken milk plus got hart burn?

Had sex one day with wife after going 4months without sex. Put penis in her vagina and now my penis head hurts and it been 10days since sex?

Had sex w/2 guys in one month. After the second had a very weird discharge & now I have chlamydia. Is it safe to say the 2nd gave it to me??

Had sex with boyfriend, for the first time had stomach pain after sex. This never happen to us before and been together for a year. Should I be worry?

Had unprotected sex 9 days ago and have glue like cm?

Having sex with my boyfriend leaves me very sore this has never happend before what could this be?

Hello ,my fiance was virgin when we first had sex ,but she gets excessively too wet during sex till I feel a little bit lost.why this is happenning?

Hello all. Ok, first started having sex when i was 16. I was rock hard and sometimes never even climaxed during intercourse. Now i'm soft. So confused?

Hello Doc, Im really having problem about having Hives and its been 6 weeks now.also worried coz having unprotective sex 6 months ago. Please help me?

Hello doc. I had sex with my husband the first night and on the third day I saw this big thing on my private part. Since then I have not enjoyed sex. ?

Hello erm I had a obortion 7 years ago and since then I Havernt been able to get pregnant , my partner comes in me everytime we have sex but?

Hello I am 19 years old and my husband and I usually have protected sex but recently decided that we want to start a family. About two weeks ago we had unprotected sex and a few days later I began to have backaches and my breast begin to hurt and I had a

Hello sir hope u are right I have ejeculation problem when i touch my girl friend i cum i don't enjoy my sex life after long time i don't like sex?

Hello, i had anal sex 2 days ago i have been bleeding since then i dont want to tell my parents because they would get mad and i cant go to the doctor?

Hello, I have been thinking about this lately; me & my bf usually have sex without any condoms and he always comes in me, why am I not pregnant ?

Hello. I am a virgin, i am 16 years old and i am really worried about my sex life. Me and my boyfriend have tried it and his penis just doesn't go in?

Helloo doc pls. help me i am having little doubt about my sex life..

Help please! is getting dry during sex with my husband another sign of perimenopause?

Hey Was just wondering if I could still have still have sex with my partner even though he broke his leg? And how?

Hey My partner broke his leg Yesterday and I was wondering is it still possible to have sex?

Hey doc, my girl bled while we where gaving sex. It was 5min into it when it happened. Wja could this mean?

Hey i am 20. I am fat. I feel as if i have loosen my vagina when i have sex. I have been in the relation from past 4 years. But i havnt done much sex?

Hey I had my bleed on the 26 of January and I had sex on the 8 of feb and i lost my son about 8 mouth ago can I be pregnant as getting the some think?

Hey I was wondering if a doctor can see if you have had sex before?

Hey me and my gilfriend are both planning on having sex for the first time but i heard it can hurt the girl the first time which i really wouldnt want for her. is there any way to get around this ?

Hey me and my girl had an oral sex she keeps telling that she can feel those sperms still in her throat and she can still has the taste?

Hey, I vomit immediately after sex, what does it mean? Am I sick or something? Kindly advice vomit after sex

Hi i m sathya,myself and my hubby married before six months.till now i m feeling pain during sex..but we had intercorse at vagina,can i get pregnant?

Hi dear Dr, I am sorry to say, I have sex problem, when I want sex with my wife 1 minutes my sparm come out. I mean my wife, she is not stisfy. ?

Hi doctor I circumcised on the 6 February this year and my stitches are all gone does it means I can start having sex again....this is my third week?

Hi doctor so I had a uti before and I'm ok now been awhile since I had sex but I was masturbating a lot land the next morning I had blisters. ???

Hi Doctor, glad to meet you. I have bee off sex for a while but exactly 1 week ago had it. At first, its was without a condom before we ended with o?

Hi doctor, my husband doesn't have sex with me since 2 months is ther aproblem with that or its normal ?

Hi dr .Im pregnant in week 16 is it safe if I have sex every night and im on my back my boyfriend on top is it safe for baby or I have to stop sex?

Hi everytime I have intercourse I'm getting very sore and have to wait a few days or weeks before having intercourse again and really getting fed up?

Hi I am 20 years old i recently became sexually active over the summer in august to be exact the 2nd time my boyfriend and i had sex he got scared and?

Hi i had a sex with an aunty without condom.. but aftyer that im having tiredness, itching all over body. This happened 50 days back.. any reason?

Hi I have been in a relationship with my husband for 5 years since 2007 I have never had sex with anyone else since we have been together I have just ?

Hi i want to. Have sex with my boyfriend.What are some safe sex in. Good description.I am pregnet I do not want to hurt my baby.I need to pee alot?