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2 days ago i recieved oral sex some reason i fear genital herpes my testicle area itch now could it be just in my mind?can symptoms occur this early?

2 days ago i recieved oral sex some reason i fear genital herpes testicle area itch not penis could it be in my mind?can symptoms occur this early?

20/f..3 lumps in groin not hernia not STD not thrush not infection what is it? Tested for all above. Lumps for 5 months now.

22yo gay male presents with c/o a "fishy" odor from his anus. BV? Anyone with experience here?

24f I have external hemorrhoids and want to be intimate with my partner for the first time. Anything I can do to get rid of them? Quite self conscious

30 yr old male. diangosis with genital herpes and hpv.Do these std's cause extreme fatigue? Will antivirals combat this fatigue? Not rec'ving tx/meds now

33 yr old female, herpes but no breakouts. Treated self for yeast, still itching. Why?

64 year old female .....Non sexuallyy active......Contracted herpes 2...... What are possible ways of aquiring.......Thank you kindly?

A 40 year old male has developed two penile sores, a week after unprotected intercourse. I have photos but can't identify the lesion. Please advise.

Am I at risk for any infection if I had somebody else's urine come in contact my genitals? (I'm a female)

Am i likely to get facial acne when my sexual partner has it?

Are genital ulcers always related to a certain type of std?

Are the results of a PAP smear restricted only to the genital area, or can they present signs of a virus elsewhere in the body?

Are their any other causes for painless vaginal sores besides syphilis?

Are there males out there been diagnosed with HPV with the only symptom of itching in the genital region?

Are there other conditions that resemble chlamydia but that are not sex related?

Are there symptoms of genital warts that occur outside of your privates?

Basically, can a genital wart show up on penis one week after a sexual encounter? is that possible? I have no major health or immunity issues.

Burning in anal/prostate shortly after ejaculation during sex. Going on for 2 history of stds.would herpes cause such a quick reaction?

Can +HSV2 culture be associated with MCV? Never had blisters, only itchiness and painful urination-once. Family member (child) had MCV at the time.

Can a man in md 30s get lichen sclerous if he were circumcised at birth?

Can a stye be STD related?

Can ance be associated with an sti?

Can chlamydia/gonorrhea live outside the body? If it exits the body via penile fluid, and comes in contact with the vagina through means such as touching- is there a risk of infection?

Can herpes make you itch a lot with males?

Can HPV disappear completely? So that it is not contagious. Can it cause pain during intercourse in my vaginal opening.

Can HPV itself cause penile cancer? I generally keep my penile area clean(no smegma) and also tale immune boosters. Whats my penile cancer risk?

Can HSV1 genitally cause one swollen lymph node in the groin during primary outbreak? Also, is it rare to spread HSV1 to partners during vaginal sex?

Can I get any STDs(other than rash ones like herpes) from simply licking a man's anus?

Can I have gential warts that aren't caused by an STD or sex? They've been there for over a year and I am not sexually active. Haven't seen a gyno yet

Can i tell me how i can tell my mom about an itching in the female genital area.?

Can men get genital rashes and sores due to step?

Can my new, clean, boyfriend get any STDs from my pelvic inflammatory disease?

Can mycoplasma genitali cause bumps in the penis to men?

Can neck lymphadenitis tuberculosis affect female's fertility ? White cheesy discharge present. Does TB lymphadenitis affects female genital organs?

Can papillomavirus cause me urethral irritation and pain? I had a cystoscopy, just a small irritation, i was negative for papilloma one year 1/2 ago.

Can scabies present themselves on the penis? How could I have acquired them if haven't been out of town or had not had sex (other than with wife)?

Can shaving pubic hair around the genital/scrotum cause inflammation in the region? Urinary hesitancy symptoms seem to be flared up. Any correlation?

Can sweat and panty liner irritation/rubbing during sport cause vaginal blisters? No history of herpes same partner for a while monogamous relationshi

Can syphilis spread without a chancre present after oral sex with a male? Would it present as an upper respiratory infection 3 mos later?

Can u get a tract infection if the person has no history of any stds/stis but really used their teeth during oral?

Can you contract an std like syphillis or ghonnorea via sucking on females nipples?

Can you get an STD from a dog licking your vagina? (or what other problems can occur)

Can you get trichomonas anywhere else besides the vagina and penis?

Can you get ulceration on vulva from friction from intercourse? No pain at the time. And behcets has been mentioned previously bcArthritis and colitis

Can you please describe the first visible sign of herpes on a penis?

Can you recommend a remedy for itchiness and cracking in female genitals?

Can you tell me are sex diseases always in the genital area?

Causes for penile lesions that are non sexually related?

Chances a painless recurring spot on penis is genital herpes? Every 5-7 weeks a single spot shows in exact same place then goes away. Unknown status

Could a singular wart between the testes and anus be an STD? Is it contagious and under what circumstances? Is it necessary to have it burned off?

Could a woman develop type 1 herpes through non sexual contact?

Could anal sepage be related to std?

Could herpes produce a discharge from the penis?

Could lichen planus skin disease transmit through sexual intercourse ?

Could masterbating get you any sypmtoms or any sign of herpes?

Does a chancre on genitals always mean than an STI is present?

Does anavar create any type of STD?

Does being circumcised reduce the change of catching STD's like herpes ?

Does the first symptoms of HIV after exposure (with condom of unknown persons status ) can include candida on men's penis? Or this shows up later?

Does the penile discharge due to any STD or infection make a person weak?

Does urethral syndrome mean I have herpes?

Dose sexual intercourse with my husband make normal change i vulvar mucosa sach as small tag or ptojrction or small papellomitus ???

Dx. With abnormal pap at age 55. 34 year monogamous relationship. We both had 2 partners at age 17 and 18. Could this just be appearing?

Everyday i doing 4 time masturbation. In my home and it caused hiv+?

F/56 postmenopausal in a monogamous marriage for over 20 years. 4 weeks ago develop small itchy vulvar bumpy sore. no other symptoms. Is herpes likely?

Female genital itching help needed?

Female genital mutilation. What is your reaction to this topic?

For guys with genital problems which doctor need to consult?

For what length of time can a man have genital warts without showing symptoms?

From where did STDs originate?

Gave sexual intercourse on the 14, said he didn't have any STDS, but nervous. What should I do? Nothing suspicious on his private parts

Genital warts since young (no sexual contact). Could it be due to very poor hygiene or is it an STD?

Had a bacterial infection. Now I have pimples near my clitoris. Any correlation? No new sexual partners as well.

Had protected sex with call girl year ago. No varicoceles, no infections, no hernia. But have pain in both testes cord. Could it be a std, STI or hiv?

Have balanoposthitis, fungal identity unconfirmed but sexually acquired. It is present around urethra too.Cause for concern for internal associations?

Have not shared clothes or bed with anyone except family. Not sexually active. Can sometime itching of pubic hair be crabs?

He has some kind of irritation and itchyness in his penis what can it be? Knowing he has been sexually active

Hello I am a 32 yr old female in quite a difficult situation. My bf finally told me he may have genital herpes. Can a dr. Please advise on protection?

Hello, I just found out that my friend has Herpes but she said it was only vaginal. However, we shared drinks and I'm wondering if i could have it. ?

Hi dr. I have molluscum contagiosum on penis, any topical cream to treat it? Can't i have sex untill they go away?? Will they affect my sexual health?

Hi I've been having symptoms that something is wrong with my female genital can you help?

Hi, i'm 33 and i've been diagnosed with herpes zoster. I had unprotected passive sex 3 weeks ago with a man who might have syphilis.Are the 2 related?

Hi,I suffer from this diease linked to hiv? or aids.I also have a internal genital cyst.what bacteria or viruses cause this?.

How are genital ulcers contracted? And can I still have children? What does it mean when they randomly appear I haven't had sex since March

How are men tested for HPV if no symptoms appear?? For Both genital & throat.

How can I tell if I have an STD on my genitles? I can't tell if I should seek medical help after sleeping with that last girl

How can I treat a male genital rash?

How can I treat male thrush contracted from my ex?

How come humans get infected with diseases like STDs or stis if sex is a part of nature?

How common are vaginal type of cancers in 16 year old for the most part healthy female virgins?

How common is the oral HPV? I have genitals high risk. But was wondering about the oral type. How often does it occur? Is it as much as genitals?

How do hpv oral symptoms look like in men?

How do I pass a STD if i'm on steroids?!

How do STDs cause testicular atrophy, is it sudden onset or over time (if the person does not know he has a STD)?

How do stis develop ?

How does a male get genital psoriasis if he has never really had it before?

How easy is it to pass herpes from a woman to man? And what about if both are on anti viral medication?

How is tobacco related to stds?

How is trichamoniasis actually transferred? Some places say vaginal-penile and vulva to vulva only. Some say these plus oral sex. Some say anal too.