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2 weeks ago had teeth cleaned. Since then...mouth will not open wide without hurting some.

32 male when i use to open my mouth all the way it pop but now it cracks and pop and hurts but only if i dont open it all the way in a week what is it?

After orthodontics treatment ,feeling pain in lower jaw bone when mouth closed.Due to this cant keep my mouth closed ,have to keep it open.please help?

Are both nostrils supposed to be open? Only one side of my nose is open at a time never both.. Why? What can i do its really frustrating

Are there any dangers from sleeping with my mouth open?

Are you supposed to try close your child's mouth if he is sleeping with his mouth wide open?

Can jra cause a jaw to pop in and out of place when owning your mouth to wide? This also causes some discomfort

Can open mouth breathing cause facial pain problems?

Can opening my mouth as wide as 2 fingers inside be enough for general anesthesia's mouth intubation?

Can taking too much Coricidin cause my jaw to pop whenever i open my mouth?

Can you tell me how i could be able to open my legs wider?

Can you tell me if i had lockjaw would i be able to open my mouth?

Can't open my mouth fully; could this be tmj?

Clicking in my left jaw when i open and close my mouth. Why does this happen?

Could you explain why do I sleep with my mouth open?

Could you explain why does doctor says to open our mouth and take out our tounge while examining us?

Could you explain why does my jaw make cracking noises even when i don't move it and just have my mouth open?

Daughter tenses face and jaw with her mouth open?

Does lockjaw freeze your mouth, so you can't talk?

Does sleeping with mouth wide open cause any problems?

Does sleeping with your mouth open cause problems?

Does the tongue ever stop moving? I see subtle movements when I open my mouth in the mirror. When closed, I can feel I overly aware of them?

Due to wisdom tooth trouble, i can't open my mouth more than what would accomodate one finger. The dentist prescribed antibiotics and after 2 days, the ache subsided but still can't open my mouth normally?

Every time i open my mouth specially for yawing my jaw gets stuck.....Then I have to push hard to close my mouth......Is there any cure for this?

Feel like hole/epiglottis at back of mouth is too open or being held open or being held shut. Can't breathe? Gulping air sensation

For the past month or so my 9 month old daughter has been like tensing her jaw and face with her mouth open?

For what reason does my temple hurt when i yawn/ open my mouth wide!?

From few days I am feeling that I am unable to open my mouth fully during eating. What can be the reason.

Hello,why when I open mouth too wide it hurts right side,around the muscle?How to relax muscle so can I open wide again?

Help, I can't open my mouth.. Are orthodontic elastics to blame?

Hi! what exactly does open sore means? Is this the same meaning as that of open wound?

How can I be diagnosed with misophonia? When ever somone chews w/ mouth open i just want to scream and tell them to shut up or even when they breathe

How can I check if my cervix is open or closed? & how will it feel when it's open or closed?

How can I get an open bite fixed?

How can I stop sleeping with my mouth open?

How can I stop the habit of chewing with my mouth open?

How can stop sleeping with my mouth open?

How can you stop sleeping with mouth open?

How come when I smile wide my mouth trembles?

How do you know if you have an open cut in your mouth?

How to stop sleeping with my mouth open?

I am a 58 yr old female who is having increasing cold hands ,difficulty opening my jaw very wide,my mucous membranes are dry.What is this?

I am getting an open reduction on my finger. Any advice?

I am recovering from a jaw injury. I had to sneeze. Will sneezing harm my jaw. I held my chin with my hand, but my mouth was only open slightly.

I can only open my mouth half way open or it hurts bad pain under ear

I can only open my mouth so wide, what can be done to open it wider. It doesn't hurt at all.

I can yawn whenever my lips are close to each other, but I can't when my open my mouth all the way?

I can't fully open my mouth. Is there anything i can do to fix this?

I can't open my mouth all the way (jaw is locked) for some reason. What can I do?

I can't open my mouth properly it gets stuck. Is this tmj?

I can't open my mouth too wide anymore. I had braces 1 yr. My orthodontist says it's ok. It's not. What could it be? Where to go and how can be fixed?

I can't open my mouth very wide. I think my wisdom teeth are coming in. Please help?

I can't open my mouth, it opens about 1 inch.I've face this prob since 2010.Is it due 2 tooth prob?I use 2 have pain in joints while opening mouth,

I cannot open mouth mouth as normal feela like my jaw is dislocated?

I cant open my mouth wide enough, 1 finger can only enter my mouth, it started when my lower wisdom tooth hurts and become swollen about 4 months ago?

I have a open wound that has been semi open/closed for about 6 months. I'm not sure what to do about it ?

I have a sore the outside corner of my mouth where lips meet. It's been there for about a month. It reopens everyone I open my mouth , help?

I have TMJ. I got Invisalign almost two weeks ago. It is difficult to open my mouth wide. Without Invisalign I'm fine, should I stop wearing them?

I keep involuntarily sucking my mouth shut at night, tongue sticks to my palate real tight, mornings can't open fully.Tongue hurts+ tremor.What can it b?

I may have displaced my jaw. My TMJ was healing. I put my finger in my mouth and that may have caused it.My teeth and mouth to not close all the way.

I notice that when i smile widely or open my mouth wide, my face would sort of vibrate or twitch. Is that normal?

I think I have bruxism and i can't open my mouth properly. What can I do to treat it?

I think I have TMJ. When I was a kid I had an underbite. If I open my mouth wide it clicks but I don't get any pain. My mom had it. What should I do?

I want to know why i can't open my mouth more than an inch and a half?

I'm 20 and my jaw pops 3-4 times when i open my mouth and one time when i shut it ! i've had it for as long as i can remember ! it pops every time i?

I'm having jaw pain when I open my mouth over half way I just had my tonsils out 13 days ago. Is there anything I can do?

If I am able to suck air between my two from teeth does this mean that there is still spacing there that needs to be closed?

If i had lockjaw would i be able to open my mouth wide open?

In patients with epilepsy, is it common for them to get lockjaw while their mouth is open?

Is a open cervix normal and ok I check it sometimes and sometimes it feels closed sometimes open alittle I had a child 2 years ago is that ok?

Is it an emergency to have inability to open wide on my tmj?

Is it bad that my newborn sleeps with his mouth open?

Is it normal not to be able to open your mouth as wide after a tooth extraction?

Is it normal not to be able to open your mouth when having a migran?

Is it normal that a baby of one month to sleep with mouth open?

Is it possible to rip open the scabs if I open my mouth too much after tonsillectomy for brushing and/or chewing.?

Is it possible to suck air through a hole/cut on Alveolar Ridge?Able to do so after seeing An Ent doctor who put camera tube through nose to mouth.

Is sleeping with mouth open caused by old age?

Is sleeping with your mouth open a dangerous problem?

Is there a relationship between sleep apnea and feeling dry where the nostrils open into the mouth?

Is there an over the counter mouth device to keep my mouth open at night? Unable to sleep while nose breathing due to recent pneumonia and have clenched my jaw at night for years

Is yawning bad to do when wearing elastics in your mouth?

It is sore on the left part of my jaw when I open my mouth?

Lately I have noticed that i can't open my mouth as wide as i used to be able to . What could cause this?

MY jaw has been locked for 5 days and I can only open my mouth halfway. WHAT do I do to fix it?

My 10 month old has a cyst under his tongue, it's not very big but you can see it when he opens his mouth, ?

My 17 month old occasionally stiffens up and his eyes are wide open sometimes clenching his mouth and fist. It always seems to happen when he is doing something active (reaching for something, or eating)

My 3rd molar is growing and it makes my mouth so sore as well as my jaw..Can't barely open my mouth. What should I do? :(

My 4 week son sleeps with open mouth is it something of concern?

My baby is 6 month old have snoring and open mouth in the night it does mean adenoid???

My cervix is always open and soft. And by open, i mean i can fit a finger tip in...all the time. Help?

My jaw clicks sometimes when i open or close my mouth. Why is this happening?

My jaw clicks when i open my mouth occasionally. Is this bad?

My jaw clunks everytime i open my mouth and sometimes locks. I have had this for years. What can I do? Do i need an operation?

My jaw does not open or close in a strait line what can I do about this?

My jaw has been stuck for 2 days and i can hardly open two fingers wide. What will the dentist do to treat me?

My jaw has locked up to where i cannot open my mouth all the way. I can open and close it, just not open all the way. It is also painful. Is this tmj?

My jaw hurts after cavity filling when I open and close my mouth it's been like 6 days since ?

My jaw hurts when I open my mouth wide?

My jaw hurts, but only when I try to open my mouth. What could be wrong?