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Are chapped lips and dry skin symptoms of low intake?

Around my mouth it is red, dry and itchy. Dr told me to use Vaseline it is now worse. Help.

Brown dry lips when i wake up in the morning.

Can braces cause dry lips?

Can extremely dry lips be a sign of pregnancy?

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Can you tell me what are the best balms for extremely dry lips?

Causes of dryness around the mouth ? Note, the lips are not chapped and the dryness is only around the mouth.

Chronic chapped lips, dry mouth and throat while sleeping. Help?

Corners of mouth have been dry and burning on and off for three weeks with no redness and no signs of blisters or cracking.

Could you explain why do I have dry mouth all the time?

Could you explain why does my mouth/nose dry out every night?

Dear sir, i have the problem of dry lips , my lips get dry and are always dry.. Why is this so and what is the solution..

Do allergies cause dry/chapped lips and thiristiness? I am constantly clearing my throat and re mositurizing my lips. Is this alleriges?

Dry lips in pregnancy.Is this common?

Dry rash on my lips. What is it?

Dry, cracked, and bleeding lips ever go away?

Dry, red skin over upper lip. crusts over& drys out& flakes. not a cold sore or impitego. started out as chapped lips& has been there for 2 months ?

Due to the cold and dry weather my hands are dry and cracking. What to do?

Experiencing symptoms for 10 months. Dry itchy skin. Rashes all over. Dry cough. Dry chapped lips/mouth. Cuts and scratches won't heal. Nail changes?

Extremely dry cheeks! how can I keep it from getting dry?

Extremely dry mouth and dry lips?

Feeling dry lips from last two months and still not healing?

For over two weeks now my lips have been continuously cracking on the corners and have been extremely dry and the skin flakes off of them.

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Help, what to do about severe dry lips?

Hi docs! what could I do about my dry mouth?

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How can I prevent dry skin around my lips? My upper lips skin which is connected to my nose is constantly dry. Any suggestion on how to cure this?

How can I stop my lips from always being dry and cracked forcing me to wet my lips constantly?

How can I treat dry lips?

How can I treat extremely dry and chapped lips?

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How to.Prevent dry peeling lips?

I get dry lips and i don't know why, any ideas?

I got dry tongue for about 2 months now?

I have a dry patch at both corners of my bottom lip. What could be the cause & how can I treat it?

I have continuous dry lips for 3 years?

I have dry lips?

I have dry skin on my vaginal lips, what is it ?

I have dry skin, chapped lips, fatigue, and nausea. What causes these symptoms?

I have skin cracking in the corners of my mouth?

I have super dry lips and mouth, what do you recommend?

I have very dry lips with little bumps on them. the corners of my mouth are also very dry and flaky. what is this and how do I treat it?

I keep getting dry lips and scabs in the corners of my mouth?

I keep getting dry skin that cracks and bleeds around my mouth-help!

I woke up this morning with 3 bumps near the corner of my mouth. It has been really dry so I've been using aquaphor and neosporin. What is this?

I'm cracking at the corners of the mouth from a sunburn please help?

I'm having dry lips because of accutane, what can I do for this?

I'm worried because my lips are dry not chapped burning and hurt, what do you suggest?

If your on medication for shingles can it dry your lips and face while trying to dry the shingles?

Im having severe dry lips with some bumping what could be causing this

Incredibly dry and cracked bleeding lips help?

Is it normal to have dry lips after making out with someone?

Is it normal to have dry lips on accutane?

Is it ok to let face air dry after shower?

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Is there a link between dry eyes and dry lips?

Is there a medical condition that could cause dry / sticky lips?

Lips are always dry and recently the bit above my lips (above cupids bow) have been dry and cracked and it won't heal. What's wrong?

My 4year old son has very dry cracked lips all the time.What can it be?

My bf and i both have burning lips and dry mouth what is it?

My daughter has dry pale and painful skin around her mouth. What is wrong with her?

My daughters skin is very dry and dark around her mouth and eyes.

My hair is thinning, my skin is breaking out and dry, and my lips are severely dry and chapped?

My lips always feel dry, always using Chapstick. What could be causing this?

My lips are dry all around the rim of it, how can I keepit hydrated?

My lips are getting dry day by day?

My lips are getting dry when seasons change. Can i solve this?

My lips are really dry. What should I do?

My lips are super sensitive, but are not dry or chapped in anyway. What could it be?

My lips are swollen and burning and constantly dry what can i do ?

My lips are very dry cause me a lot of embarassment?

My lips feel tight and dry, almost burning but not chapped?

My upper lip feels really rough and dry but lipbalms and lipscrubs don't work.?

Once cold sore scabs over, should you keep it moisturized or dry out?

Please recommend the best balms for extremely dry lips?

Please tell me how to fix dry lips/face?

Should scabs be kept moist or dry?

The area around my mouth and lips have been very dry, rough, and peeling a lot. I wear a lot of moisturizer daily, but doesn't help? What could it be?

The corners of my lips are very dry and itchy, and around my lips it is dry and itchy, I don't know what is causing this?

The corners of my mouth have been dry and itchy for a week or two? Anything I should be thinking about?

The little bit above my lip is so dry. What should I do?

The skin under my lip is really dry for no reason what do I do?

Went to dentist and I have dry flakey skin around my mouth what is that called?

What are some causes of dry mouth?

What are the causes of dry and numb lips?

What can I do about extremely dry lips?

What can I do about extremely dry skin at the corner of my mouth?

What can i do about my vegina being so dry?