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Always have bloating on lower abdomen i don't eat any gluten wheat dairy or flour i'm a pesco veggie too . I also eat organic and nothin processed?

Am I going to give myself diabetes if I never eat whole wheat?

And what exactly are the differences between whole wheat white and whole wheat brown bread?

Are 100% whole grain cereals and peanuts good for us? If they are, why do they have more calories than than non whole grain cereal and chips?

Are 2 bananas and a bowl of oatmeal too much to have for breakfast for a diet?

Are apple carbs just as bad as carbs in other things like whole wheat bread?

Are baked beans and bread good types of proteins and carbs for bodybuilding?

Are beans considered a grain? Should they be avoided on a grain free diet?

Are beans full of starch?

Are breads and noodles egg free (I have an allergy)?

Are chocolate oat bar good for diet?

Are corn flakes a healthy cereal with skim milk would they be considered a complex carb?

Are frosted mini wheats healthy.

Are Mung bean noodles a healthy source of carbohydrates?

Are potatoes and starches constipating?

Are sprouted grains like Ezekiel bread safe during pregnancy? I had a sprouted wheat bagel this morning and Ezekiel sandwich later - is there a limit?

Are the commercials where they say some whole grain cereal lowers you cholesterol really true?

Are these healthy suppers? Farmers mkt veggies + chicken + potato or corn; beef stirfry; pork + sweet potato; vegetarian + whole wheat. Yogurt. Fruit.

Are whole grains good for you?

Benefits of wheat grass powder or juice?

Can a celiac eat buckwheat?

Can a diabetic eat low GI whole wheat brown bread?

Can a whole grain bread that's made with nofat milk and eggs cause acne?

Can any doc tell me what's the difference b/w oat and oat bran?

Can eating beans or nuts cause gout?

Can eating whole grain cause osteoperosis?

Can i eat 1 sweet potatoe every day in replace of breads/whole grains/pastas? Do i need to? Usually only eat veggies/avacodo/nuts/white poultry/fruit

Can i eat quinoa if I have diverticulosis?

Can I have bertolli butter on bread at month pregnant?

Can I have cereal with almond milk after an upper wisdom tooth extraction? The cereal is honey bunches of oats. What about yougurt with fruit in it?

Can I know if wheat bread and popcorns are bad for my gouty arthritis?

Can I skip rice cereal/oatmeal/whole grains for my 6 month old and go straight to veggies & fruits?

Can I stay healthy if I substitute other grains for wheat?

Can i still eat whole wheat banana pancakes for weight loss?

Can loaf bread trigger gout?

Can oat bran be less bloating than rolled oats.?

Can people with type 2 diabetes consume whole wheat flour products?

Can we mix oat fiber and oat bran ? And what is the %

Can you eat shredded wheat if you have gout?

Can you explain if it's too much fiber eating flax seed oatmeal and frosted mini wheats?

Can you tell me are oats and bran good for diabetics?

Can you tell me are porridge oats good for you?

Can you tell me in wheat intolerance diet potato has been included where as in wheat allergy diet it has been avoided.why?

Can you tell me is a potato includes in a gluten-free food?

Can you tell me is corn good or bad on a diet when you quit eating all carbs like potato, rice, pasta, gluten bread?

Can you tell me is gluten airborne in baking bread?

Can you tell me more about raw vegan dishes and making my own nut milks?

Can you tell me what number of calories in whole wheat seed bun?

Could I be wheat intolerance? Can eat reduced wheat rye bread but get stomach pain and gas when I eat white or whole wheat products?

Could it be too much fiber eating flax seed oatmeal and frosted mini wheats?

Could you list the nightshade veggies please?

Diverticulitis food plan? Grains?

Do beans generally have gluten?

Do doctors recommend soylent?

Do most bagels contain soy?

Do oats contain gluten?

Do porridge oats contain a lot of carbs?

Do refried beans have gluten?

Do you know is wheat gluten ok in bagels?

Does eating whole grain may cause osteoperoisis ?

Does honey bunches of oats almond give you gas?

Does oatmeal contain gluten?

Does oats , oatbran or oatmeal increase uric acid ?

Does wheat/whole wheat make you age faster?

Does whole-wheat bread cause hair loss?

Doing AIP diet for hashis. If I don't eat nuts,egg,some fruit,dairy for more than over a year do I have a chance for allergy when introduced again?

For a whole year, i would eat bread with hfcs in it.Would the hfcs in sliced bread be significiant enough to cause weight gain?Not bread or hfcs ingen.

For type 2 diabetes, if someone has to choose between whole grain sorghum flour and whole grain wheat flour, which one of the two would b better?

Fresh mozzarella cheese causes constipation?

Good substitute for grain? As grains are inflammatory and not all that useful minus fiber. Or is a little bit of grain still good? (cereal/toast)

Healthiest type of bread?

Help please! is eating bread (%100 whole wheat, whole grain) everyday bad for you?

Help! harder to find 100% stone ground whole bread. Labels are deceptive using "wheat flour" any suggestions?

How can I remove (most) starch from pasta and potatoes?

How can I use amaranth other than cereal?

How does whole wheat pasta metabolize differently than regular pasta?

How effective is the oatmeal and tuna diet?

How healthy is corn chex cereal?

How many calories in chapati with kidney beans ?

How many calories is a subway turkey breast 6 inch on 9 grain whole wheat bread with no cheese is it 280 ?

How many grams of carbohydrates are in whole wheat bread?

How many processed foods contain soy?

How many servings of whole grain or whole wheat bread should I have or limit each day to get a flatter belly?

Hwo can you follow a diet ?That is free of wheat, milk, egg, potato, soy, tree nuts and peanut?

I am allergic to dairy, wheat, peanuts, corn and soy. Can I survive solely on fruits, vegetables and fish ?

I am dairy and yeast intolerant, can I eat regular pastas?

I am intolerant to all grain based carbohydrates.. What else can I eat?

I am vegetarian and gluten free. I consume eggs, fish, lentils, beans and greek yogurt for protein. Any other alternatives?

I ate whole wheat cereal now i'm having loose stools is it normal ?

I bloat on wheat, but I love nuts and juice. Are they ok for breakfast with my tea?

I bloat whenever i eat bread, but not pasta. It only seems to happen when i eat bread. Could I have an intolerance to wheat or gluten?

I don't take any kind of processed food,white bread,pastas anddon't take ant refined sugar.My only diet is fruits,homemade chappati,veggie. my diet ok?

I eat bread with flaxseed, barley, rye, wheat . Are flax seed and rolled barley safe to eat during pregnancy? Should i stop eating multi-grain product?

I have a rice allergy, can I eat items with bran oil?

I have been vegetarian for 10 years. I eat nuts and quinoa and other sources of protein. Some say being veggie is bad for you - is this true?

I have high cholesterol. Can I eat skim milk feta cheese?

I have nothing to eat, im allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, rye and soybeans, what's left to eat?

I have read that even whole wheat bread and pasta is not good for your body , whole wheat also quickly turns to sugar and fat, only good is fiber, true?

I like eating dietary products that are high in protein (such as protein cookies)i also eat veggies, meat, fruit...Is it ok to eat those cookies?

I mainly eat veggies, berries, lean white meat poultry, nuts, 1 boiled egg a day, i cut out all bread/oatmeal/grain/potatoes, is this ok? I'm 18 male