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9 weeks & 2 days pregnant and can't eat anything only things I can eat hot dogs, Bologna, and pizza and some fruit and yogurt what should I do?

Advice? Would one slice of pizza make me fat?

After i eat sweets like cupcakes or chocolate i crave carbs, like bread or perogies. Why do I do this? I am healthy and very active and not overweight

After I eat yummy soup, what else should I eat to cancel out all that salt?

Any advice? I have stopped eating bread, cakes, sweets etc. Should i avoid eating chips too?

Any suggestions on which is healthier for your heart, butter or margarine?

Are 2 grilled marinated chicken legs, 2 big grilled potatoes and a salad plate too much for lunch (no bread) ?

Are bananas unhealthy to eat? Are there any fruit that are bad for you?

Are canned baked beans healthy? Why or why not? If not, how can I make them healthier?

Are carrots a good substitution for other snack like foods?

Are carrots with ranch dressing a healthy snack to have?

Are cornflakes or rice krispies healthy? Is cereal healthy in general?

Are egg whites cooked in a frying pan without butter or anything else healthy?

Are five guys burgers and fries bad to eat for lunch? Is it unhealthy?

Are french fries counted as a vegetable or starch?

Are ham sandwiches and chips for lunch healthy?

Are leafy greens healthier cooked or raw?

Are meals with grain, veg, meat and spice every day good? I do a lot of stirfry meals like mexican, asian.

Are nuts and seeds healthy snacks?

Are onion rings healthy? If not, are they healthier than french fries?

Are pancakes fattening?

Are potato chips and french fries still considered vegetables? Are they bad for you even if they are cooked in "vegetable" oil?

Are potatoes good for you?

Are salt-free beans healthy? Are sweet potatoes healthy and is whole wheat bread healthy?

Are sugar-free cookies and other sweet snacks okay to eat during the induction phase of the Atkins diet?

Are sweet potato fries a healthy substitute for french fries? What's a good, healthy recipe for them?

Are sweet potato fries healthy or just a healthier choice than regular french fries?

Are there any ways to make healthy (or healthier) cookies and cakes?

Are there too many fat calories in one slice of vegan pizza from whole foods?

Are these sweets good for you? Sweet potato? Dark chocolate? If sweet potatoes are good for you, are they still good even if they are made in pies?

Aren't foods healthier microwaved instead of fried?

Ate 3 week expired potato salad, what to do?

Baked chicken brest, garlic bread, and brocolli. Was this a healthy dinner for a 16 year old?

Breakfast: 1/2lb grassfed steak+3 eggs+steam spinach, Lunch: 3 sausages + 2 eggs+salad, Dinner: 6 chicken breast fillet+steamed brocolli. balanced ok?

Can a ceoliac eat bacon !

Can a nine month old eat strawberrries?

Can a sweet potato constipate you and are they fattening or healthy food?

Can diabetics eat veggie pizza?

Can eating sautéed onions and vegetables for lunch and dinner everyday become a problem?

Can eating tortillas cause whiteheads . I wanna enjoy a steak burrito?

Can having a hard boiled egg on a toast with lettuce and tomato for breakfast fattening?

Can homemade baked desserts made with fruits and berries be ok to eat? They're not unhealthy and fattening are they?

Can i eat chocolate cake in 2nd trimdmester?

Can i eat hamburger?

Can i eat oatmeal at night?

Can i eat oatmeal at night?

Can i eat raw ginger daily?

Can i eat raw rice washed?

Can i eat totino's pizza every now and then?

Can my 16 month old eat feta cheese?

Can soaking the grease out of fast food fries help with calorie intake?

Can tuna and chicken salad be healthy for you to eat?

Can u eat a raw avocado ?

Can we eat onion at night ?

Can you eat cinnamon toast crunch cereal at 4 weeks?

Can you eat cookie dough when nursing?

Can you eat ham while pregnant ? Like ham and cheese sandwich ?

Can you eat laffy taffy before a colonoscopy ?

Can you eat mashed potatoes during pregnancy?

Can you eat raw pizza dough?

Can you eat to many carrots in a day?

Can you eat too many nuts? I eat about a cup of raw peanuts and almonds a day. I'm not overweight so the calories are okay.

Can you eat turkey sausage if you have diverticulitis?

Can you explain if it's unhealthy to eat all natural peanut butter for breakfast 5 days a week?

Can you give me suggestions if i eat sausage and eggs everyday for breakfast, what can I replace the sausage with?

Can you have have meatloaf and cornbread on a diet?

Can you tell me how i can cook oatmeal?

Can you tell me is a banana-oats shake healthy?

Can you tell me is chicken, broccoli, corn and rice healthy good dinner?

Can you tell me is cooked chicken with broccoli, corn and rice a healthy and beneficial dinner?

Can you tell me is having porridge with a piece of fruit a healthy breakfast?

Can you tell me is it okay to eat 2 bowls of cereal a day only?

Can you tell me is it unhealthy to eat all natural peanut butter for breakfast 5 days a week?

Can you tell me what is the normal amount of candy to eat a day?

Could i still eat a subway(sandwich) on my detox diet?

Could it be healthy if i eat 1 slice of ham for breakfast every morning?

Could it be healthy to eat a bag of chips once a week?

Could soybeans lose the phytoestrogenes when boiled or cooked ?

Could you tell me what is the healthiest kind of bread you can eat?

Dietetic what kind of cookies i can eat?

Do you know if any tasty yet healthy smoothie recipes?

Do you know which is healthier to eat: almonds or walnuts? Any other healthy nuts?

Docs can you explain, is sweet and sour pork very unhealthy?

Does baking kale(kale chips) have the same nutrition as eating it raw or steaming?

Does it work to eat kfc grilled chicken on introduction to a low carb diet?

Does sweet potatoes constipate adults?

Eating subway veggie delight wheat bread with only vegs no cheese during 14 week of pregnancy is safe or not.Please advise?

Eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, which is healthier?

For dinner I have: Chick-Fil-A grilled nuggets, small fry, & yogurt. For lunch I have an Ensure. & breakfast I usually have nuggets. Is this healthy?

He eats burgers pizza fries mashed potatoes and pasta and that's it are there health programs to help him learn how to eat better?

Healthy to have veg for breakfast? I find that cereal is too sugary, I have sandwiches for lunch (@work) so i don't want toast & fruit doesn't fill me

Hello, i ate a little bit of brocolli and a whole sweet potatoe, was that a healthy dinner? And are sweet potatoes healthy? I heard they werent

Help please! is eating a bran muffin bad for breakfast?

Help, how much calories does pan frying add to meat?

Hey doctors is it ok to eat raw tomatoes, onions bell pepper, everyday with my meals? And is it healthy or not? Have about 1 each a day with meals

Hoping you can tell me, is 300 calorie subway sandwich ok for a diet?

How can a sweet potato be healthier than a regular potato?

How can I make a home-cooked pizza healthy?

How can I make grilled foods healthier?

How can I make my pasta dishes healthier?