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1 yr old genetically predisposed to PCOS. Trying to minimize environmental triggers for down the road. Would whole milk in moderation be okay? Avoid?

10m baby w mild diarhea can i give him fried food with oil or i should avoid fat?apart from brat diet what else i can give & what to avoid

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Besides alcohol, what foods, beverages and medications should be avoided or limited while nursing?

Besides avoiding beef & alcohol, what should one with diverticulitis do?

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Can anyone tell me what can I do to avoid constipation on a diet?

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Can GERD be avoided or prevented?

Can I avoid getting GERD by avoidinc spicy foods?

Can I have some college advice on how to avoid stis?

Can i use eat meat on daily basis?

Can you suggest foods to avoid with total collectomy?

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Diarrhea after crunches always ? Why ? How to avoid?

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Food to prevent dysmenourrea

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How can I avoid dehydration?

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How do doctors avoid being sued?

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I am a crossdresser and how can I avoid?

I am asthmstic slightly what should I avoid in my meals?

I am having fillers done on face.I have to avoid garlic to avoid bruising.What about salad dressing that has garlic in it, is that to be avoided, too?

I have diverticulosis and need to know what foods to avoid.?

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I have toxic goiter what food should I eat and avoid?

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I just found out I am pregnant. What are foods I should now avoid?