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25 weeks pregnant .I eat food but can not get to the toilet, intestines seem to be block?!!!! What should i take??? Thanks

Afer eating a lot of junk food at night, i take medicine for constipation that makes me go to the toilet the next morning. Would that get rid of it?

After exactly one week of food poisining am i good to go ? Can i start eating seafood again ? :)

After getting food poisoning from a mussel i now can't eat other shellfish. Will i get better with time?

After having surgery to get a cyst out of my head i cant taste any type of food or drink. Also it makes me sick whenever i eat.What do i do to fix it?

After i eat i look like i'm pregnant. What causes that? Is there anything i can do to prevent it?

Almost every time I eat I get choked!! It doesn't matter how small of bite or how much I chew I get choked at least once during every meal! Why??

Almost every time i eat I have diarrhea within about 15 minutes. It happens no matter what i eat. This has been happening off and on for a few months.

Always get bloated after eating cereal. What could be the reason?

Am I getting more emotional while having anxiety because I'm on my period? Haven't been able to keep food down. Tried eating a pretzel and three up .

Am I going to give myself diabetes? Eat a bag of candy every night

Am I not going to get any blocked arteries eating 4 eggs a day?

Any harm done from eating barley if i'm allergic? Eat bread get stuffy nose. I try to avoid it everywhere else so i don't get the bowel issues.

Any ideas on getting rid of hungar pains without eating or just taking your mind of food?

Apologies for this question, is the regularity of bowel moments dependent of whether you eat enough food. If you don't eat much and go 2 weeks is ok?

Are their pills with all the nutrients, protein, and all to make sure I get everything I need to be heathy. And would it be safe to eat normally w/thm?

Are you able to get HIV from someone spitting in your food and eating it?

Been constipated for 2 days but when i go it looks big and fluffy my doctor told me it was my diet but can lots junk food cause that how do I treat it?

Began binge-eating after living w/ others who ate things I bought for me. Had to hide food so it didn't go missing. Advice on how to stop bingeing?

Can I get sick from eating mayonnaise thats been microwaved?

Can a chip can naturally get larger from safe and gentle eating habits?

Can a food intolerance suddenly develop? I love egg nog but suddenly I'm unable to drink it with out getting sick. Has happened more than once.

Can anyone help I am not eating proper meals will cook them when I go to eat I don't want or don't like the taste ?

Can anyone tell me what can I eat while suffering from norovirus?

Can anyone tell me what can I take for my stomach as i can't keep my food down?

Can eating unhealthy cause you to get sick a lot where the tonsils are

Can elevit with iodine stop u from eating and make u sick?

Can flu turn you away from food and make you lose your appetite?

Can hypothyroidism cause you to have trouble i cannot eat without a drink or get choke?

Can i eat before i get my cholesterol tested?

Can i eat lunch meat since im pregnant i've been eating it and haven't had any problems but some people are saying its bad

Can i get a boil from eating too much chocolate?

Can i get diarrhea from eating red meat if i don't eat it regularly but rarely? Because every time i eat red meat i sometimes get diarrhea.

Can i get sick on the hCG diet?

Can i start making puréed baby foods like carrots go my healthy 5 month old? I've already have him tice cere & he lives it. Any tips?

Can i take my immediate upper denture out before eating?? especially if i don't need them to really eat with.

Can i usually get the shakes from not eating at a certain time?

Can it be unhealthy to go without eating for two full days, then eat little for the rest of the week?

Can one get cdiff by drinking or eating after another infected?

Can someone tell me how long will it take for me to be able to eat solid foods again after getting braces?

Can the things you eat help control seizures at all?

Can u get a UTI from eating chicken?

Can you get a cavity from eating a ton of candy in one sitting?

Can you get appendicitis from eating a large orange seed, if so how long should i wait to know?

Can you get malnutrition by not eating anything like when fasting?

Can you get sick from eating off a charcoal grill?

Can you let me know how many days can you go without eating?

Can you suggest how to get full nutrition everyday in foods?

Concerned about flesh eating bacteria. Is there something that prevents or at least keeps them away?

Could eating another banana a few hours later be good enough for me to work out on if i've had nothing else?

Could i get fat if i eat one thing a day?

Could it be healthy when you get nervous you tend to do diarrhea?

Could it be true you'll start to burn your esophagus if you throw up after eating?

Could the thought of a certain food make you physically sick?

Do anorexic people tell themselves not to eat and just get used to it, or are they just unable to make themselves eat?

Do eggs normally make people sick within a few hours of eating them? I throw up from them? What's wrong with me?

Do people ever get sick by eating uncooked calf liver?

Do you really get more energy right after eating food?

Docs can you explain, is it true you shouldn't eat 24 hours before visiting the dentist?

Docs, wanted to know if I can get sick from food cooking in a slow cooker for a few hours?

Doctors can you tell me when should I start eating properly after being sick?

Does eating pecans make you less likely to get cancer? How many do I need to eat?

Does it happen that people get stomach ulcers from smoking without eating?

Does it matter what foods i eat when trying to avoid pimples and zits?

Don't eat a lot of sugar like deserts, but could it be possible to get diabetes if you're healthy?

During pregnancy, what causes a female to get nauseated after eating if she dost ingest some type of green veggie my pregnant fiance get's sick after eating if she dose not eat a green vegetable with every meal. Can you tell me why?

Egg? I can not eat it. Why? When i see it, it is good but after eat egg, i feel bad inside.

Every morning since last couple of years i get acid reflux, this happens as soon as i brush my teeth. No matter what i eat, i puke. ?

EVERY TIME I eat any kind of nut (even AFTER taking Lysine daily) I get a cold sore. Is there any way to avoid this? I want to eat in peace!!

Everything i eat gives me gas immediately. What can I do to prevent this?

Fear everything is going to make me go crazy, food i eat, tap water, mercury fillings i have, anything.It keeps giving me panic attacks, what do I do?

Food keeps getting stuck in the middle of my throat when I eat. I have to struggle to get it down and it take a long time. What should I do?

For a year now no matter what i eat i get the feeling like i can't take a full breath, it's driving me nuts! only when i eat though, any ideas? Thanks

For several days now I get a headache right after eating, regardless of what I eat. Any suggestions?

For the last 3 days anytime I start to chew food, no matter the food type I get very dizzy for about 5 seconds.

For what length of time can I go without eating and only drinking ensure supplements?

For what possible reasons have i gotten sick with diahrea from eating quaker oat meal?

Former anorexia patient: 2 years out of treatment. Why do I have no appetite or feel like I'm going to get sick every time I eat/try to eat?

Getting diarrhea everyday andy ideas why.....Eat well, exercise often?

Getting frustrated. I get so much mucous after I eat anything. What can this be? I'm a healthy eater also. No gluten, dairy, sugar...

Going to another country but little money for food. What is good to eat?

Have had all tests...Tried all new diets. Starving after eating full meal. If i don't eat it hurts. If I do eat it hurts worse. Help appreciated.

Haven't been able to become full whenever I eat, no matter how much I eat. Not too sure if that's something to be concerned about ?

Havent eaten meat in years, would like to try again. Will it make me sick? What is safest way to start adding it back into my diet?

Hello. Can eating fruits before going to bed be more beneficial for your skin since your going to get good sleep at the same time?

Hello. I wish to ask about healthy food that I should eat, i'm actually don't like diets because i like eating, i hope i did make yhe point. Thanks?

Help - if i don't eat i get heart burn, if i eat i get nauseous?

Help please. When i go out to eat at restaurants, what are the healthiest things i can order?

Help! i keep going crazy with food! i've had almost 9, 500 calories in 3 days! can't control it?

Help! i stop eating regular food and my belly just looks bigger. What can I do?

Hi , My lever is fatty . I stopped to eat all fry things but it's still the same . What else I can do to get rid of this problem ?

Hi i'm 24 yrs old, I have a problem i can't seem to get full after a meal i eat a lot scary amounts and can't get full and will eat again soon after done?

Hi im having anxiety after i eat food out of the home, or eat before i leave the house, i start coughing and cant stop it, i get thoughts i will vomit?

Hi. I keep getting headaches after eating lamb. Is it common or I cant eat lamb?Does it have other side effect(aside of headaches) if I still eat it?

How can a child get checked for PICA? She's two and eats everything but food! What else are signs and how do they properly diagnose

How can I determine what to eat and what not to eat when i'm traveling abroad?

How can i eat better food when im always getting home late?

How can I get malabsorption? Things or foods that cause it ? Thank you

How can I get my grandmother to start eating again?

How can I get myself out of eating mode? Need to get healthier.