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heartburn-sign of shrimp allergy?ate piece of fried shrimp&ended up with very severe heartburn that antacids didn't help fried foods dont bug me

20 min after I eat my stomach feels like it's eating itself like I haven't eatin anything or so. (I'm a raw vegan.)What's wrong with me???

30 y old.I ate a lot of fried food 2 days ago and I have GERD since yesterday.Do I need to take medicine?or I can eat or drink something to remove it?

Acidic and starchy foods (corn, potatoes, coffee) make me really sick with stomach cramps and diarrhea for the last year. What is wrong?

After being grain & gluten free for a while by choice I ate lasagna and had diarrhea, stomach pain, and feel flushed/hot. Did body forget to digest?

After briefly chewing food i lose the taste and texture of the food getting worse in the past 2 months?

After eating a lot of even the least harmfull food like apples i get stomach bloating?

After eating certain foods mainly rice bread pastry n some dairy i feel very nauseous could you pin point a few reasons or are there too many options?

After eating peanut butter tonight my stomach hurts and I keep getting some lightheadedness. why does this happen when I eat peanut butter?

After eating several blueberries I developed stomach cramps ? I eat blueberries daily and this is the first time. Why ?

After eating so many oranges my teeths have become so sensitive that i eat the first thing of the day trigger and feel pain i should leave oranges?

After having open ventral hernia and a vac pac i can't eat diary, fried or greasy food without getting nauseous and sometimes throwing up.What can it b?

After I eat certain foods, I burped for maybe 2 to 3 hours nonstop and it hurts my stomach this is been going on for a month but GF Foods I'm OK with?

After I eat I get nauseating pain. I feel bloated crampy and gassy. These symptoms have made eating not very pleasurable. Meat/fresh veggie are OKAY on tumy?

After meals i feel sick after about an hour its like i want to bring up and its like i swallowed oil what could it bei try to stay away ftom oily foods?

Am i allergic to nuts if a feel sick and throw up after eating hazlenut chocolate?

Am i allergic to wheat? When i eat wheat it leaves a foul sour taste in my mouth and makes my stomach roll. However it i don't eat it with in 48 hours i feel panicy, anxious, heartburn, cold, blue fingers, and paranoia.

Am I lactose intolerant? I notice every time I eat cheese I feel disgusting, sick and bloated and it lasts for hours

Anyone have explanation as to why spicy foods make your poop burn you?

Anything I eat, my stomach will later make gassy noises. Its annoying & uncomfortable. I don't really eat junk food. Embarrassing to lay with boyfrien?

Anytime i eat spicy food or even mildly spicy food soon after I have severe back pain until i make a bowel movement, and that doesn't always cure it.

Are warhead sour candies really bad for u? It's a candy Ik but are they worse than any other candy since so sour? What risk comes with eating them?

Ate pizza with pineapples on it.With no red sauce (avoid because of ulcers). I feel nauseated with belching, what can I take? No vomiting.

Ate canned chili earlier, now pressure at pit of stomach, nausea, sweaty palms, chili acid type burps. I know the chili was safe but spicy.

Bad gas, rumbling insides but no bloating if I eat bread products, both types. This only started recently, can anyone help me work out what's wrong?

Bad stomach pain just ate a chocolate brownie I'm lactose intolerant pain is so bad I can't sit up in bed?

Been having excess mucus after I eat almost anything. Is it an allergy to the food? Had it tonight with sweet potato. Or could it be bc of GERD?

Burning feeling in back of throat after drinking beer or eating spicy food?

Burning sensation on rectum as if I ate spicy food when I go but I didn't eat spicy food. I feel grrr sound from intestine. Solid stool for now. No acidity. What is going on?

Burp constantly, y?On a dairy & gluten free diet. No fried food, citrus or spicy. I take Prilosec 40mg, no help. Feel food when swallow. Thick mucus.

Burps taste like eggs(I don't eat eggs),queasy, dark watery stools.Last thing I ate was butter cookies. feeling full in pit of stomach and lower rt ab?

Can acid indigestion cause farts to feel physically hot? Can it also cause your poop to feel hot? I dont eat anything spicy whatsoever...

Can an allergic reaction to food be as mild as a stomach ache? I eat most nuts with no problems, but felt ill after eating pistachios

Can Cannellini beans cause burping, nausea & upset stomach? I had 3 bowls of homemade Cannellini bean soup tonight and I feel sick! Possibly fullness?

Can cole slaw make you gassy?

Can eating food affect your bladder like liquid can?

Can eating really fast and not chewing food properly be the reason my food comes back up for hours after I eat and tastes the same as swallowed before?

Can eating spicy foods such as very hot salsa really cause/make you more likely to have bad dreams or is that an old wives' tale?

Can eating too many sunflower seeds lead to a bad stomach ache?

Can food poisoning feel like flu? Ate food from bowl lots of people touched, next few days body aches/fatigue. I think food was sitting for while too

Can having milk first thing in the morning (on its own or with cereal) make you bloated/gassy? Especially if you were actually pretty hungry?

Can i eat a peice of cheese I have been gasey and some stomach lain all day. I have not eaten very much all day. I take metdorman twice a day I am 60?

Can refrigerating and reheating meals cause you to have bad gas? Or would it be the actual food you ate itself that gave you bad gas?

Can spicy food cause a crumbling stomach when lying down or is this a normal thing. It's going nuts and is very loud.

Can spicy foods and coffee cause UTI like symptims the next day?

Can spies food hurt your stomach?

Can too munch pepper be bad i been eating it everyday for years sometimes if i eat too munch i get stomach pain but only for little should I stop?

Can tuna and eggs cause stomach to hurt?

Can you get food poisoning from eating food cooked on a grill near meat if you are vegetarian for years? Sudden body aches like flu next day

Can you poop green stools if you haven't been eating right ? Like no more meat , fat things like that ? I've been sick & stressed out i bearly eat

Can you tell me is it ok to eat a weed brownie while having stomach problems ?

Can't keep food down I think my ulcer is bad what you think?

Coughing for years. Seems triggered by tart foods or rough textured foods.?

Could diet coke be causing my stomach problems? I feel sick after eating almost anything. I drink diet coke constantly. Could i have an ulcer?

Could eating old tortilla bread, deep fried last night at about 8:30p be the cause for or the reason why I am experiencing diarrhea w/ upset stomach?

Could eating too much sunflower seeds cause chestpains? Everytime I'm eating them, everynight I'm having chestpains.

Could use your help docs! my gallbladder hurts after i eat spicy stuff, why?

Could you tell me what happens when your stomach burns food fast?

Crohns is flaring bad and I can only eat a handful of rice and beans if im lucky. what se is bland but also nutritious?. I feel weak in alot of pain

Dizzy a lot but when i eat yougurt or something sweet it subsides. What does this mean ?

Do york peppermint patties calm the stomach?

Doctor i have a burning feeling in my stomach after eating potato chips...what is the cause for it?..

Doctor said my back pain is because of food i eat. How is that possible? What kind of food can cause this?

Does child with tonsillitis usually like to eat soft stuff she eats yogurt and pudding a lot wants to eat other food but scared?

Does eating sour candies help with motion sickness?

Does we got any kind of acidity causes of eating pineapple regularly? ?

Does wine make you gassy?

Eating beans make my stomach upset.What can I do? I like beans

Eating hurts and rash for the past week, is it from eating meat?

Eating junk food, fast food n like bad diet everyday cause my vagina2smell somedays?No itch, no pain during sex/urinate.Maybe it's just my normal odor.?

Eating peppermint patty candy seems to make me nausea, could it be gallbladder?

Eating spicy foods or acidic foods makes my chest/heart hurt..Possible cause?

Every time i eat at this pizza place my stomach gurgles before we are out the door and I have to rush home. Eaten there for years with no problems.

Every time I eat bell pepper I get bad stomach cramps and diarrhea. Is this a food intolerance?

Every time i eat chinese food for dinner, i end up waking up with severe abdominal pain and bad diarrhea. Does that make me allergic to chinese food?

Every time i eat food that isnt chips i feel like throwing up but can't. Is this something serious?

Every time i eat green beans, broccoli and now lettuce. I'm awaken to really bad stomach pain that seems to go around to my back also. What is this?

Every time I eat heavy food such as meat rice beans even bread I'm getting very bad cramps in my upper abdominal area. I can eat fruits with no issues?

Every time i eat spicy food, i get hiccups for about 2 minutes, and then they go away. The spicier the food, the longer the hiccups last. Normal?

Everytime i eat any meat i get ill and get lose stools like water , I have IBS so i can't eat dairy n spicy things but y am i ill when I have meats?

Everytime i eat dairy products i feel like I have to vomit.Why?

Everytime i eat spicy food i get a stomach ache and gas. Why does this happen?

Everytime I eat spicy food like jalepeno peppers I get an upset stomach is this normal?

Everytime i eat weetabix cereal i get acid stomach/reflux for hours afterwoulds I have since a kid. My rast test said (1) to wheat, could it cause it?

Everytime I eat, I feel like throwing up the foods I eat and my stool contained undigested vegetables. What problem might I have?

Everytime l release all the bad food I ate through bowel movement, will that give me a fresh start at putting healthy food in my body to be healthy?

Everytime my boyfriend eats he gags. Its not from choking on food its just from eating. It makes him nausious. Is it acid reflux?

Feel yuck & weak in stomach after eating pizza & packet fried fish, also a bit gassy. How do I relieve this nausea and upset stomach?

Feeling funny after eating chinese food for the first time. Could my stomach be trying to get used to it?

Feeling ill after eating leftover chinese food that was reheated in the plastic to-go container. Upset stomach, gas, bad taste in mouth. What's wrong?

Feeling like i have diarrhea i feel it all the time and especially when i have dairy products as well as waffles and pancakes?

Feels like a swallowed something sharp when I was eating fried chicken. Would I have anything to worry about?

Few days ago, i don't eat rice for a day and the day after i ate really spicy food, i felt my stomach hurt. What exactly happen to my stomach?

Food and water comes back up No heartburn or chest pain do I really have gerd or is this something else ?I ate a meal and food came up like 50 times

Food doesn't feel like it's digesting properly last day or two?

Foods make me want to throw up even just the smell.Foods that i've had no problems with before.Is there something wrong with me?

For about a year now, I have been experiencing a soap like taste in my mouth when I eat certain foods. The foods that I have specifically noticed it happening with are oatmeal and wads crackers. It happens from time to time with random things but not with

For the last 5 years, I vomit a few times a week. No nausea, forcing, or bile; it's just my chewed up food (veggies/fruits come out, not bread/cookies?

For what reason does my stomach hurt whenever i eat greasy food or fast food?

Girlfriend hardly eats. No appetite, nausea and food tastes bad. Has fever. Tried bananas, bread, easy foods, hard to stomach. Body trembles. Cause?