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how to raise my eyes of down that they to look more size??? Can you suggest me any fruit or vegetable ???...

(1) Best time(s) of the day to eat fruits? (2) Should they be consumed before/after/during meal? (3) What are the best fruits to eat and why?

(1250 caloric deficit) losing 15 pounds in 6 weeks. Food choices being: chicken, fish, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, whey protein, and water. ?

1 week on this diet? 4 protein shakes, 2 servings of fruit, 4 servings of veggies =1000 cals only water and tea. No health issues

10 weeks pregnant. Grains n veggies make me nausea. Can only eat a cup rice/day.But I do eat lot fruits, snacks, milk, n taking prenatal suplements. Ok?

2 Question. 1) The paleo diet says no beans/legumes. Why? & 2) If i abandon beans how do i get 20-25g per day of soluable fiber?

24 weeks pregnant, having gestational diabetes. Should i avoid fruits intake completely? If not what r the fruits i can eat & quantity to eat? Pls help

9m baby eats all her servings of formula but due to schedules she doesn't eat all req servings of fruits&? vegetables. Any harm? Multivitamins needed?

A SNF says patients there are not allowed to eat any kind of food brought in from the outside. Their food has no fresh fruit or veggies. Why?

Any suggestions on how to get in my daily fruit?

Any suggestions on which fruits/vegetables should be put into a juicer for healthier looking skin?

Anyone know what is a healthy breakfast besides fresh fruit, yogurt and high fiber cereal?

Are any vegetables or fruits good for color blindness?

Are calories important to count when it comes to vegetables? I eat 1, 500 calories per day but they seem to run out on vegetable snacks

Are canned and frozen vegetables just as good for you as fresh. And is there a more nutritious value between fresh and can ?

Are dried fruits ok with sick liver?

Are fresh baby carrots better than full sized carrots?

Are fresh fruits bad for those with fructose malabsorption?

Are fruit juices not healthy if you're diabetic ?

Are fruit smoothies healthy?

Are fruit smoothies really healthy? I drank a fruit smoothie thinking it was healthy but then realize there were over 80g of sugar.

Are fruits and salad okay to eat after a cardio workout?

Are fruits really that healthy for you?

Are fruits still healthy after they've been dried?

Are green seedless grapes healthy for you? I know they have natural sugar in them but is it considered bad sugar I only eat a cups worth after exc.

Are low carb diets healthier than diets with whole grains, vegetables, fruit and lean proteins?

Are multi vitamins worth it? centrum1x day type. I barely eat veggies&fruits (I know, horrible) so I want to make up for it &start slow with veggies

Are multivitamins or fruits and vegetables healthier for kids?

Are organic fruits and vegetables better?

Are organic fruits and vegetables really better than non organic? What are some of the differences?

Are potatoes a starchy vegetable?

Are smoothies better than trying to eat the fruits individually?

Are the meats and vegetables in frozen meals / processed foods less healthy than fresh ones?

Are there any disadvantages to eating fruit only & nothing else as a way to curb junk food? I am considering a 5 day diet of strictly fruit (oranges)

Are there high carb veggies like high carb fruits? If so what are they? What fruits and veggies are the most best to have? Thanks :)

Are there ways to make my throat stop itching when i eat fruits, nuts, vegetables?

Are tomatoes a good fruit substitute?

At what month can infant start intro into smash fruit and vegetable?

Banana, apple, orange, dates, all healthy fruits but got sugar. What is the max daily allowance to consume of these for healthy and diabetic person. ?

Because after boiling ,vegetables lose nutrients in water. Can I drink that water ( veg stock) to get nutrients in my body?

Blackberries are they good for 16months old to eat?

Boiling vegetables is better or steaming them ? Which process doesn't make veggies lose their nutrition?

Both myself and my son get short of breath when we drink fruit juice or eat lots of fruit. Why?

Breastfeeding 3m old.Safe to go vegan?Can I change my diet to fruits,vege,whole grains,nuts,legumes + seads.I take b12/prenat.will I detox/ hurt baby?

Can any vegetables or fruits contain cholesterol?

Can anybody overdose on b-carotenes from eating veggies or that isn't possible?

Can eating ALOT of fruits & vegetables in one day & no other food (approx. 4cup fruit, 4cup vegetables) cause diarrhea that evening? Or mild cramping?

Can eating nothing but fruit and veggies most of the time cause constipation?

Can fruit juice cause diarrhea in adults? When i eat certain fruits or drink any fruit juice i get diarrhea, dizziness and extreme tiredness.

Can fruit when chopped in blender have same health benefits?

Can fruits and veggies boost one's erection?

Can going on an all veggie and fruit smoothie diet affect the pill and my protection against pregnancy?

Can i add grinded dry fruits to my 9 months old baby's food?

Can i become constapated for eating to many macadamia nuts being that they have fiber?

Can i depended on just fruits in breakfast ?

Can I drink vegetable stock? What time I should have it?

Can i eat canned fruit while pregnant if i drain off the syrup and rinse it real good? I know fresh fruit is better, but right now i want some fruit.

Can i eat fruits and vegetables when i have diarrhea?

Can I eat only fruits and veggies while breastfeeding ?

Can i eat only fruits for 8 days as a diet?

Can i eat small amount of fruit and veggies at the same time while taking coumadin (warfarin)?

Can i eat vegetable or fruit to shrink my enlarged spleen?

Can I gave birth to a healthy baby if i dont eat fruits and vegetables?

Can i give some fruits and vegetables to my 10 m baby with mild diarhea? Any examples?

Can I increase my sextual power by vegetables and fruits??

Can I just rely on just Kale and blue berries to meet my nutritional needs from fruits and veggies? or do I have to incorporate dfrent types?

Can i mix vegetables and fruits for smoothies?

Can my 6 months baby eat egg yolk 5 times a week ? And drink fresh juice of any kind ?

Can sleeping early and eating plenty of fruits help skin?

Can there be such a thing as a fruit & vegetable diet?

Can veggies have more calories than meat?

Can you be healthy if you only eat fruits and vegetables?

Can you count one fiber one bar a day to add to your 40 grams of fiber a day along with your fruits ,vegatables and whole grains?

Can you eat canned fruit that has been expired since 2011?

Can you eat fruits and vegetables when on ketosis?

Can you eat fruits if you are prediabetic?

Can you eat raw frozen and raw fresh vegetables as long as you rinse them first? I don't see the issue since we don't cook our raw fruit.

Can you eat vegetables while on inderal (propranolol) are there any foods you can't 50 year old female.

Can you get hep a and b from eating unwashed fruit and veggies?

Can you get hep a and b from eating unwashed fruit or veggies?

Can you get too much vitamin A or C by just diet alone? I eat one or 2 oranges and a few cups of carrots and sweet potatoes daily in my diet

Can you incorporate into your diet 3 days a week of just eating fruit and vegetables without it being unhealthy?

Can you meet all of the nutritional requirements without raw fruits and vegetables?

Can you name the 5-8 veggies to eat to avoid nutrition deficiencies?

Can you overdose from eating too much of green leafy vegetables?

Can you please discuss the other healthy snack alternatives to fruit?

Can you please list fruit and vegetable alternatives to unhealthy foods?

Can you still get same nutrients from fresh frozen fruit in the freezer section of store vs. fruit in the produce section?

Can you tell me how fruits and vegetables help keep the blood pH balance?

Can you tell me how i can reduce pesticide intake from fruits and vegetables?

Can you tell me how I could test fruit for pesticides?

Can you tell me what you suggest to get enough from just eating fruit and veg?

Can't one get their prenatal vitamins from fruits, dark green leafy vegetables too? Fish etc

Celeb chefs and food scientists are creating funky foods. What vitamins can replace fresh fruits and vegetables?

Consumed about 33 grams of fiber today (we eat a lot of whole grain). Will i be ok as long as i drink a bunch of water?

Could eating fruits every day benefit you looking more handsome?

Could it be alright to eat different kind of fruits at the same time?

Could not eating leafy vegetables can lead to grey hair ?

Could you tell me if fruit peels have any sort of nutritional value?

Could you tell me what fruits and vegetables are low in carbs?