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I have very poor digestive system.I can't digest gluten, outside and heavy food.I am 30 years old .How good is to plan pregnancy with poor digestion?

I have very poor digestive system.My stomach couldn't digest food properly. My age 23 and weight is 45 kg. ?

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I'm skinny until today. Is bad bacteria damage intestines cause nutrient malabsorption? Can probiotics absorb nutrients and therefore gain weight?

I'm wondering are digestive enzymes and pancreas enzymes the same thing?

Ibs: if I eat same food can I adapt my intestine eventually?

If a sweet dissolves in your mouth does your stomach have to digest it?

If a teenager was given digestive enzymes and ingested the enzymes even though she has no digestive problem, will she be harmed by the enzymes?

If medications are absorbed through the bowels, why aren't bacteria absorbed also?

If we can not digest cellulose then how do we digest the beneficial molecules of vegetables and plants?

In the digestive system, is it possible for a person to digest food without a stomach?

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