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my friend is watching her carbs and colostrol can a bowl of Quaker Oats and Blue Berries every day cause both to rise ?

11 month old girl had urticaria on face (lasted 40min) after eating pasta, courgettes, apricot yogurt, soya yogurt (1 tsp, 1st time), apple. 1st epis.

16 female trying to lose weight. Sometimes after dinner i drink smoothie of 4 oz soy milk, 1 banana, 1 tbsp unsweet cocoa and 2 tsp sugar. Is this bad?

17m baby,eating 3 meals only,3 cups yoghurt daily 100 gm each,no bread,1or2 tbs pasta or rice,1oz chicken/meat,3 tbs veg.,200 ml sugar/salt?

18 male, i avoid all bread and sweet potatoes (even tho i love them) i'm about 166 from 190, 5'9. I only eat white poultry, veggies, beans, nuts. This ok?!

18 month old only eats: cheese, yougurt, cream of wheat, oatmeal, pb&j, crackers, pancakes, and fruit. Is this ok? When do I start worrying?

200 ml toned milk, 2 egg whites and a medium sized banana. Healthy breakfast or not? Anything I should add or remove?Cornflakes healthy or fattening?

21 weeks pregnant. Can I eat coleslaw during pregnancy? I am aware not to eat premade and prepackaged coleslaw from a store or fast food restaurant but what about a sit down restaurant- like Cracker Barrel?

2year old eats oatmeal or anything with oatmeal and throws up and lays around for about 2 days. Is he allergic?

3 milkyway yougurts and a slice of pizza and a cup of tea that's what i've had all day does this contain iron?

3 milkyway yougurts and tea for a whole days nutrition until I have dinner.. Any of this contain iron?

30 w pregnant and craving rice with bottled sweet and source sauce (La Choy or Kikoman). Is the rice and sauce safe? Should I worry about ingredients?

54 yrs.Female allergies are wheat oats rice almonds tomato and I have had the skin test. Need help with breakfast use to eat a bagel with cream cheese?

6 months old baby started solid food but not favourable for her.Can i add sugar in her rice cereals so as to improve taste?adding sugar is harmful?

7 month girl drinks roughly 400ml of milk per day and eats cerelac 3 scoops once and rice/raggi porridge veggies once this sufficient for her?

A chocolate bar or a packet of crisps, what's healthier?

A little butter and homemade reduced sugar blueberry jam with a glass of ovaltine milk, is this healthy?

About cakes and fat. I heard that pound cake is called pound cake because it takes a pound of butter to make one cake (of what size?). Is it true?

About cookies, cakes, and fat. What does the "short" mean in shortcake and shortbread cookies. Does it mean there's lots of shortening in those foods?

All my friend had today a was bowl of vegetable soup with brown bread and a slice of pizza is she taking in the recommende daily iron intake?

Am i dieting correctly? At work, for breakfast & lunch i only take a bowl of oats + cornflakes + milo/horlicks (7:7:1 teaspoons)?

An autistic boy, 12 years, 90 kg. He eats chocolate spread, biscuits, white bread sandwich, burgers, juice, apple. Less physical exercise. Does this af?

Any ideas for high fiber cereal that will keep me regular?Both wheatbran & oatmeal give me terrible cramps! my cornbran cereal is not longer available

Any tips for preparing tasty, healthy sandwiches?

Anybody have any idea how many carbs there are in a slice of delivered pizza?

Apart from healthy eating,to gain more nutrition-good idea to make hot chocolate with nutritionally rich cocoa powder,vanilla extract & stevia daily?

Apart from nuts,seeds,yogurt,cracker,fruits & vegies, Looking for more options for healthy snacks that are also tasty & not too difficult to prepare?

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. # of calories please. Thanks (from Cracker Barrel)?

Are apples instead of applesauce healthy?

Are belvita chocolate crackers, coconut soup (had lemongrass), and thoroughly cooked italian sausage safe during pregnancy? I had those today @ 7w1d.

Are cereals such as Cinnamon toast crunch that contain trisodium phosphate, safe for my family and I to eat? There's an uproar about it!!!

Are cheerio cereal healthier than most cereals? I want to lose weight and was also wondering if snacking on dry cereal was ok. (cheering being my fav)

Are commercially prepared smoothies healthy?

Are frosted mini wheats and raisin bran healthy cold cereals i know oatmeal is best but it seems to cause digestion problems with my system?

Are instant oats recommended for breakfast? Is it heathy?

Are jello and puddings considered "liquids"?

Are luna bars a healthy option for a snack bar? What are your thoughts on it? If not, which snack bar do you recommend? Thanks dr.

Are plain ritz crackers a healthy snack?

Are processed chicken slices as unhealthy as processed ham slices, in terms of causing cancer or other diseases?

Are raw vegetables from restaurants like subway safe to eat or full of pesticides?

Are steel oats really that much better than eating oatmeal like quaker ?

Are the carbohydrates in greek yogurt considered good or bad carbs?

Are there any downsides to eating 100 gr of chocolate every day?

Are there good food substitute options for snacks?

Are those "fat free" salad dressings bought in the store really fat free? Which salad dressings are really fat free? I like ranch and zesty italian.

Are veggie sausages containing soya protein isolate n soya protein bad to eat say if u had 4 would that be too much soya. Also chocolate in one day?

Because of very disrupting postprandial hypoglycemia I'm considering eating vegan protein powder (soy, pea, hemp, rice...) with every meal. Good idea?

Bread (toast) in the morning and bread (sandwhich) for lunch .. Is it bad since its the same type of carb?

Breakfast- apple lunch- bowl of all bran golden crunch cereal with milk dinner- grilled chicken and salad wrap would this be good a good diet?

Building muscle need 3000-3300 calories a day. Is it health if its good foods like chicken, whole meal pasta, lots of veg and fish etc?

Butter crackers, beef jerky etc. Do you have some good/creative high protein snacks?

Can eating crunchy peanut butter in a pb&j sandwich make you constipated?

Can gas be a sign of food poisoning in pregnancy? Ate pancakes breakfast, avocado and chicken at lunch, and plantains with stew for dinner clif bar

Can gout people takes wholemeal bread?

Can I add a dash of vanilla extract to my 6 month old's oatmeal if I make sure to "cook" the alcohol out?

Can I crush 1g azithromycin and put it into a smoothie that has fruit and frozen yogurt in it and it will stil be effective?

Can I eat a 1/2 cup of old fashioned oatmeal and some raisins with gestational diabetes?

Can I eat a bagel i've cream and toacs on a high cholesterol died?

Can I eat Alouette soft cream garlic cheese during pregnancy?

Can i eat cookies or homemade cake if i suffer from hepatitis a?

Can I eat egg rolls from a Chinese take out or pork fried rice?

Can i eat foods with chickory root while pregnant? Specifically it's in artic zero ice cream and protein bars.

Can I eat smoked salmon while being pregnant? (like thin slices on crackers)

Can i eat tofu 2 days before my colonoscopy?

Can i feed my 7 month old a few bites of refried beans?

Can i make boxed banana bread without eggs?

Can i offer tofu to my 9month instead of meat as a protein source? How should I prepare it?

Can i try yasso greek frozen yogurt bar as a post-workout snack?

Can I use a greek plain yogurt with 4 grams of sugar for the yogurt tampon everyone is talking about?

Can I use regular quaker oats oatmeal to make an oatmeal bath for eczema?

Can I use white bread in breakfast time?

Can kashi cereal bars cause any whiteheads/acne etc. Or are they fine?

Can marinating skinless boneless chicken in olive oil add calories?

Can my 9month old have regular vanilla yogurt? Or should I just stick with the baby yogurts?

Can my wife have fried rice that I have made that contains sesame oil for flavor? ( 3 tsp total in 4 cups of rice) We've heard different things in reg

Can pregnant women eat soft-serve ice cream or milkshakes from fast food restaurants? I've heard conflicting answers.

Can ranch dressing contain milk in it?

Can you eat dried cereal after food poisining ? Almost 48hrs & when can I drink milk ?

Can you eat frozen yogurt or frozen sherbet while pregnant ?

Can you eat greek flavored yogurt..Pomegranate, blueberry, pinapple....If you are trying to eat gluten free? Never ending info, its crazy.

Can you eat Honey Nut Cheerios while pregnant?

Can you eat jello brand cook and serve butterscotch pudding when pregnant?

Can you explain to me in French if you plain?

Can you get sick from eating too much yeast such as english muffins or bread products? Say you eat 2 english muffins a day or a lot of bread?

Can you tell me are flavored quaker oats bad for dieting?

Can you tell me healthy snacks to put in my mini fridge?

Can you tell me how come 1 cup of oats has around 600 calories and 1 cup of oatmeal has 160?

Can you tell me what number of calories are there a potato curry puff contains?

Can't be good just to eat mash potatoes and a few chips for a whole days nutrition would dis effect her?

Chocolate oatmeal cooky causes constipation, how do I treat this?

Cholesterol 5.1 Eat oily fish chicken veg fruit brown rice eggs yogurts cottage chese wholemeal bread olive oil pulses Do I avoid eggs?Walk daily 55yr

Cooked brown rice and it says every 1/4 cup is 160 I made 1/2 cup so it's 360 the rice doubled in size to 2 cups did the calories increase too??

Could diabetics safely eat cinamon toast crunch?

Could it be alright that i've lost 12 lbs in a month from cutting out snack cakes?

Could starbucks light caramel frap be a healthy option for my diet?

Could you tell me what happens if you eat yogurt with granola on hCG diet?

Could you tell me what happens to the body if you eat nothing but tomato soup and muesli?

Dcts.can u tell me if i soaked nutrella soyabeans chunks in water,does they loose proteins?and what happens to the protein content when i boiled it?

Dietician/Nutrition: Eating equal portions of brown fried rice will have the same sugar gram effect in the average persons body as white steamed rice?

Dinner later at a chinese restraunte i'm going to ask for boiled rice instead of fried but what main meal should I get if i'm watching my weight?